Grim Fairy Tales Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: This story is a bit different than some of my others, not having any long-winded plot and only written in a day. It is merely a short (for me at least) spank story. Some may like it, some may not. It is merely a hot wife type story and a cuckold, so if you do not enjoy such things, move on…



My wife is extremely beautiful and sexy. I know every story like this one starts off that way, but imagine Ashley Benson with a 35C-23-32 athletic figure—and not afraid to show it off. When she was in college, Jessica was a wild child—the word ‘promiscuous’ not even holding a match to how she described herself, but I did not know her then. In fact, I never pried into her past, merely happy a girl as gorgeous as her could fall for a guy like me. I knew she had slept with other men—in fact, she had hinted the numbers being more than I could possibly guess—but again, although my curiosity was piqued, I decided to let the past remain in the past, again merely happy she ended up with somebody like myself.

It is not that I am not a good catch. Professionally I am the youngest senior partner at a prestigious law firm dealing in corporate law, making almost seven figures, and only in my mid-forties. Our practice specializes in mergers and acquisitions—our lawyers and legal representatives being the intermediaries to verify both sides of the equation are treated equitably.

Due to the time involved in such projects, I have spent more than my share of time both at the office and travelling, and as a result, have had to leave my wife alone many times. Work has therefore impacted our sex life, although Jessica has never complained. She always states she is happy with the attention she receives; however, little did I know it was not necessarily attention I was giving her, but that she received from others. I state this not to condone her actions, but to admit I may have had a role in what has happened over the years to cause her to get attention elsewhere.

Gainfully employed and job well-in-hand, I am an average guy, not necessarily in the best of shape—being stocky with a minor beer belly and slightly premature grey hair—but I am not ugly either. I could get a more svelte figure by spending my spare time working out like some of the other partners; however, as I spend enough time at the job, I do not need to neglect my gorgeous wife any more than she already has been.

I had originally gotten into the firm through a couple of buddies I knew from law school. At the time of my application and interviewing process, I had not known they had gone to undergraduate school with Jess, so knew nothing of them having ever known each other. In fact, several of the partners had gone to the same college during her four-year tenure, and I now know that had played a big part in me being considered, but I get ahead of myself.

I had met most of my buddies during law school at Columbia, and it was during that time I met Jessica and we fell in love. As I look back on it, even knowing several of my friends had gone to Northwester as Jess, it was a large university, and I could not imagine the chances of them meeting. Having gone to the local Community College which was much smaller and not knowing many people, It was unlikely for all of my friends and my wife to have been acquainted at a university five or more times the size, so I had no awareness of anybody knowing my wife—socially or otherwise.

That they did know her shows what a small world it is, as our practice in New York is a far cry from Illinois, having lawyers from all over the world working at the firm.

But I digress. In brief terms, I have found out my wife is a slut, and that I am a cuckold. She is not a slut in the sense of ‘hangs out in bars and picks up men’ all the time or even the homebody who fucks the neighbor or delivery man as soon as I am out the door. My wife often remains faithful for years between her transgressions, but like a recurring alcoholic goes on binges once in a rare moon where she completely lets down her hair—or in this case panties—and overindulges.

Jessica has always had a large libido and is very open with her sexuality. I had mentioned how in undergraduate school she was quite the deviant, but again, never pried into her past. I knew she had gotten around a bit, but had never thought it would interfere with our marriage. Again, the past is the past and should best be left buried.

The stories I am relating to you I have learned over the course of quite a few years. In some cases I found out purely by accident, in others, I was told directly. My wife is not aware of my knowledge of her indulgences, and as you’ll see, I am in turmoil as to what to do. To be brutally honest, even at the chance of you thinking lesser of me, I am excited that other men find her so irresistible and sexy, while in other ways I feel betrayed. Some men would have kicked her out long ago upon hearing of her first transgression, but I am honestly in love with beylikdüzü escort her, and even in light of her transgressions, she is in love with me. I have come to grips with knowing for her it is purely a physical release, and once it happens she does not stray for a considerable time.

Judge me how you will, I hope you see my view as I relate these happenings.

The first incident I discovered actually occurred almost fifteen years ago. I did not know if it was a one-time occurrence or something that had been going on for years, but at the time it had occurred I had already been married to Jessica for several years and was up for a possible junior position in the firm…

******************** Chapter 01 — Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

It was a Memorial Weekend Saturday—one of the few weekends I had off, and Jessica was getting ready to head to a bachelorette party out of town. One of her old girlfriends from Northwestern University was getting married, and Jessica was going to spend the three-day weekend with her and several other girls she knew.

As Jess came downstairs I was going over my ‘Honey Do List’ for the weekend, determining where to start. The sound of her dragging her suitcase behind her caught my attention up and I could only stare at my lovely wife. Jessica was an open exhibitionist and always dressed provocatively, showing off her body to maximum potential, and today was no different.

As she stood in the kitchen getting a cup of coffee I could only stare at her with desire. Today she was wearing something of a cowgirl motif—a purple and red plaid shirt tied to show off her waist with tight jean shorts and ankle-high cowboy boots. The lower parts of her ass cheeks were struggling to come out the bottom of her shorts, the frayed edges seeming to purposely draw your eyes to her ass.

Turning around as she sipped her coffee I saw she had her plaid shirt completely unbuttoned, wearing a tight white tank sports bra beneath it. The sports bra held her breasts together nicely, her fleshy mounds pushed up and out revealing considerable cleavage.

The cowboy boots accentuated Jess’ long toned legs, and that was when I noticed her wearing a large purple Wildcats belt buckle, the color matching the purple and red plaid of her shirt.

“Are you sure you’ll be alright for the weekend?” my lovely wife asked, the concern noticeable in her voice.

I smiled nodding my head and smiling at her worry.

“You are only going to be gone for a couple of days; it’s not like I haven’t fended for myself before,” I laughed. “Besides, you’ve given me enough to do that I’ll be headed to the office Tuesday morning just to get away from the chores,” I laughed, holding up the note as she smiled at me in return.

“It’s nothing you haven’t said you would do already,” she mockingly told me as I held my hands up in surrender.

Jess moved towards me and I wrapped my arms around her, feeling the firm smooth skin of her bare waist against my hands. While my body may have gotten out of shape working a desk job for so long, Jess had kept her athletic build, working out at the gym, jogging, and keeping herself occupied aerobically. While I worked hard to bring home the proverbial bacon, she worked hard to keep her body as fit as she could for my pleasure.

I looked at the suitcase—the largest we owned—and asked, “You sure you got everything packed? You’re going to be gone for three days,” I told her in mock seriousness. “Maybe you should take two suitcases,” I said with a grin.

Jessica laughed as she playfully slapped me.

“You know I don’t know what to wear until the mood hits me,” she said with some exasperation. “And I don’t know what the girls are planning—I have everything from demure married spinster to sleazy party girl in that bag,” she teased.

I pulled her closer, grinding my hips into her ass as I said into her hair, “And what might you do in your sleazy party girl clothes?” I asked seductively, my slowly hardening cock pressing into her ass.

We both smiled, me having confided to her once about my fantasy of her pretending to be the slutty promiscuous wife. I knew Jess loved me and had always been true, but the fantasy turned both of us on as she playfully said, “Well, if I come home completely worn out, you’ll know what happened,” she teased.

I smiled, knowing she was playing with me, our verbal banter being a long played game between us. I enjoyed the looks other men gave her, proud of having such a beautiful woman to come home to each night waiting for me. Although work had interfered with our sex life being gone so much, when we were together we never failed to satisfy each other. Jessica’s libido may be more aggressive than mine, but we made do with what we had.

I gave her a firm kiss on the lips, my hands again sliding across the smooth skin of her waist as I nudged her towards the door. “Go, before I change my mind and keep you here beyoğlu escort all weekend to myself,” I chuckled, as she playfully swayed her hips out the door.

A few minutes later I heard the Mercedes’ engine fire up, smiling as I realized she was taking the convertible. Jess always was in a playful mood when she drove that particular car, saying the 300-plus horsepower got her hotter than being surrounded by a bunch of hunky guys. Knowing she had over a three-hour drive to Washington, I grinned understanding she would have plenty of time to let the horsepower rev her up.

Turning back to my ‘Honey Do List,’ I decided the garage was the first item to tackle. Jessica and I had renovated the house since we had moved in after being married, but we had never thrown out any of our old items. After fifteen years there were quite a few boxes of both mine and Jess’ junk that needed to be explored. The decision on what was junk versus something to keep had been given to me, my wife granting me full permission to throw out anything of hers I deemed unnecessary, saying she trusted me with everything she owned, and after items being boxed for this long, she probably would not miss anything. But that did not mean everything could go into the trash, as there were quite a few family heirlooms and items that even if we did not use them, could be sold to make some extra money.

I started out with my own boxes, as it would be easier to recognize the wheat from the chafe so-to-speak. Even going through my own old trophies, certificates, books, and various knickknacks I had gathered over the years, it took most of the day.

The worst part was going through the stacks of papers I had accumulated over the years. Thankfully I had a somewhat organized system, so was able to discern what should be sent to the recycler versus keeping a few more years in storage for tax purposes.

By the time I hit Jess’ side of the garage I already had four black Hefty garbage bags full of crap ready to be put on the curb on trash day, another two bags with recyclable paper, and another containing things I was still in a quandary whether or not to get rid of.

To take my mind off my junk, I began working on Jess’ boxes.

Jess had always been a few steps ahead of me and more technologically advanced, so many of her documents had already been converted to CD’s. Unfortunately, beyond backing up her documents to computer media, her organizational skills fell short. She rarely labeled the CD’s, so I took a brief respite to get my laptop in order to start digging through the contents of every single one to determine what to keep and what to throw away.

I could have just set the several spools of CD’s aside for Jess to go through, but knowing her she would just put them back in the garage and they would sit here for another fifteen years. Also, we had been missing several documents I knew she wanted recently such as old family photos and such, so I knew she would really appreciate me finding them.

Although Jessica’s method conserved space, it took twice as long as having the paper copy to go through each CD. I did not know what files were important or not without opening each and every one, and her naming system was something less than normal. Thankfully being in a document-oriented business, I had a preview program that allowed me to quickly see the contents of a file and decide whether to keep them or not.

With the responsibility of throwing away something important on my shoulders, I paid close attention to what the files contained, so it was late in the evening by the time I was through most of the first box.

I had finally moved from CD’s to DVD’s, coming across documents that were now dated after 2000.

I had just gone through over 3 GB of random bills scanned during the time Jess and I had first been married when I came across another blank nondescript DVD, no different than any of the other dozen I had already reviewed.

If I had known then what I would find, I wonder if I would have looked at it; however, at the time, I merely inserted it into my laptop.

My first surprise was Windows Media player starting instead of a simple Windows Explorer file list. Before clicking the ‘Play’ link, I opened up Explorer and saw the file was an actual WMV file labeled ‘Halloween,’ seeing the date was 11/10/1996.

I realized it was the Halloween of the year I had become a junior partner in the firm. I had been an associate for several years and it was rumored a new position was opening for a junior partner, so every associate in the firm at that time had been jockeying for the spot. Although atypical, at our firm it was tradition for the other junior partners to vote upon potential junior candidates, the senior partners believing it was good practice for them to know the process and select a suitable candidate whom they would then review and make the final decision.

I had high hopes for the position, as I was bizimkent escort friends with four of the eight Junior Partners already indoctrinated at the firm; however, friendship did not necessarily mean anything, as Jason Melvin, one of my closest friends had explained to me.

“There’s just too much competition James,” he had told me. “And we can’t show favoritism. The Big Three (our term for the Senior Partners) are using this to gauge our own careers, looking closely at our reasons for selection. We’re up for possible promotion ourselves,” he told me, “so we can’t just glibly say ‘James Thomas is the man for the job because we’ve known him for years’ and expect to be considered professional.”

I told him it was fine, what would be would be as he told me I was definitely a candidate, but they had several aspects to consider.

“All seven of us Junior Partners need to be on the same page, and although four of us are in favor of you, something needs to happen to sway the other four,” he had told me.

I told him he was in a better position to know what to do to get me on the good side of the other partners, telling him it was all in his hands. All I could do was work my ass off and hope my worth ethics might impressed them.

As I reminisced, I recalled it being a good time for making impression within the firm, as it was the time of the big telecom explosions. I had been assigned to the team for the Bell Atlantic/Nynex merger, so it was understandable my name was in the spotlight, as it was a high profile transaction. As such, I had pulled extra-long hours at the office as well as weekends to show everybody I was willing to do what it took to get the job completed.

Everybody had known Jessica and I had only recently been married, so I hoped to earn extra points by showing that I was even willing to leave my recent newlywed bride alone to get the job done.

I had been out of town that Halloween for the contract, having to convince Jess to attend the party alone. I had told her she had to make a presence and show herself to some of the partners and their spouses in order for them to get to know us. As it was iffy whether I would get elected to Junior Partner, if both of us did not appear at the Halloween party it would definitely have be noted. In the fast-paced world of corporate law, work-life balance meant the two often intertwined, and it have be noted highly in my favor that even though I was out of town working, my wife was willing to socialize and place the firm as a priority.

I looked once more at the file on the screen, wondering what it was doing in Jess’ office supplies, finally clicking the Play ‘button’ to see what it was.

I somewhat expected a home movie video showing various people at the party, so was confused when the image faded into what was obviously a hotel suite, the camera off to one side showing the bed in the main portion of the screen with an open bathroom directly across from it.

I wondered what the hell was going on as the video showed the same thing for over two minutes before something happened.

Over the laptop speakers I heard a door opening and closing as a woman giggled.

To my surprise Jess walked into the room, closely followed by Jason, my best friend at the law firm.

Jess’ hair was a shiny black and made up in curly waves around her head, and I remembered her dying it for her costume.

Jess looked around the room, her voice clear over the speakers, as she said, “This room is nice!”

I grinned in amusement at her words. Back then, yes, the small hotel suite would have been considered nice for us, but over the years working at the law firm we routinely stayed in rooms three times as big.

“Not as nice as you look,” Jason said to her, causing Jessica to once more giggle in response.

My eyes widened in surprise as Jason moved up behind my wife, encircling her waist with his arms as he pressed his pelvis against her ass!

“What the fuck?” I muttered as I stared at the video in shock.

Instead of moving away in outrage as the proper response of a married woman would be, I watched as Jess giggled once again, turning in Jason’s arms. I then watched in horrid fascination as my wife of fifteen years—although not at that time—put her arms around my best friend’s neck and started French kissing him!

“What. The. Fuck.” I said again to the empty garage, watching as Jason and Jess both groaned on the screen, pressing their bodies against each other.

I watched in stupefied amazement as Jason began to move his hands down my wife’s back to cup Jess’ firm ass as their mouths continued to assault each other, their moans of arousal clear over the laptop speakers.

Finally they broke apart and Jess once again giggled and said, “Watch it Mr. Melvin. I am a happily married woman,” she told him, noting a slight slur to her speech indicating she probably had a few drinks.

I mentally sighed in relief, willing to forgive a kiss that had taken place fifteen years ago, my heart thankful Jess had returned to her senses.

“That only makes you more desirable,” Jason told her to my amazement, pulling her body against his once again.

This time Jess did not pull away, merely grinning at him as she looked around the room.

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