Greg’s Stress Relief

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Greg had had a rough day at work. His boss was being a total dick & no one was backing him up in his department. Feeling really depressed, he called his friend, Trish when he was on break, asking if he could come over after work. Luckily, she was home & would not busy around that time so she told him that he’d be welcome. He told her about his day thus far & Trish told him that she’d help him relax.

Later that afternoon, Greg pulled up to Trish’s house. Seeing that her car was in the driveway, he got out & knocked on the door. The door opened & Greg saw Trish standing there, wearing a robe, her hair damp. She was grinning from ear to ear at the sight of Greg, giving him an affectionate hug. Hugging her back, he noticed that she wasn’t wearing anything under her robe. She invited him in, offering him a drink to start getting him loosened up. Greg grinned back, asking for a margarita if she had any mix lying around. Grinning, she went into the kitchen & soon, the sound of a blender filled the air. Greg joined her & helped her pour them out.

They carried them out to the living room & sat talking while they sipped the potent drinks. Trish listened as Greg told her about his terrible day, nodding with understanding. As he talked, he seemed to relax a little but his hand still shook slightly when he raised his glass to his lips. Giving him a sympathetic look, she stroked his arm, feeling the tension in it. Frowning, she asked him when was this last time he had gotten a massage. Greg knew that Trish was a licensed massage therapist & advocated massages as part of stress treatment. Greg blushed & said that he really didn’t have the time for a massage anymore with his work schedule. Giving him a dirty look, Trish shook her head & told him to get into the bedroom & to get undressed. She took his glass along with hers & the pitcher of margaritas & carried them into the bedroom.

Greg protested, saying that he really didn’t need a massage at the moment. Trish didn’t buy that at all & after getting the drinks & pitcher transferred to the bedroom, she literally pushed him into the bedroom & started to undress him. Her strong hands quickly undid his shirt & pants, leaving him in his boxers & socks. Trish gave him a hug, feeling how stiff his body was. He hugged her back awkwardly & grinned nervously. Greg looked at the huge bed, taking in the colorful quilt, the many pillows & the table beside the bed with all sorts of massage lotions & oils set up in a row. Trish rubbed his back gently, feeling his tense muscles. Greg’s moderately hairy chest pressed against her silky robe.

Looking at his face, seeing the trepidation in his expression, Trish urged him on the bed, telling him that he’ll feel much better after she works on him for a while. Greg sighed & got on the bed, his feelings extremely mixed. He liked Trish a lot & you could even say that he loved her & even added to that that he lusted after her but never really had the guts to pursue her in any way. Her hands touching him made him nervous but it felt good too.

Sighing a little, Greg crawled up on the bed, lying on his tummy with his arms over his head & his legs spread slightly. Trish patted him on the ass, telling him not to feel like he was facing a firing squad. Closing his eyes, he decided to let her do whatever she wanted, no matter how strange, trusting his friend. She had been known to do some odd things during a session. Trish smiled as he lay down & ‘assumed the position’. She knew how shy he could be around her at times & was gratified that he had the courage to undress & get on the bed for her. She would make sure that he wasn’t disappointed.

Directing him to get in the middle of the bed, she dropped the robe. Only dressed in an over sized T shirt, she grabbed her favorite bottle of massage oil & climbed on the bed, straddling Greg, her ass resting on his. For some reason, Greg found this to be funny. Pouring some of the oil into her hand, Trish started working on his neck & shoulders. He groaned as her fingers pressed & rubbed, gripping his flesh in the attempt to loosen his muscles up. As she massaged him, Trish commented that he was really up tight for just having a bad day. Greg just grunted & offered nothing else. Greg was all too conscious of the heat of her body, painfully aware that under that T shirt, she was naked.

Her strong hands worked his muscles, making him moan & groan more. Slowly, he started to relax. She started working on the middle of his back, kneading his flesh methodically. A few times, her fingers slipped to his sides & he jerked & let out a soft giggle. Trish grinned & stored that info for later. All the while, she silently massaged his back, slowly moving down to the lowest point, right above the waistband to his boxers. Whispering in his ear, she asked him if he wanted her to continue. Surprising even himself, he simply nodded. Grinning, Trish got off of him long enough to pull off his boxers. Greg reached under to ‘readjust’ himself. Trish grinned again, knowing Sakarya Escort that he was becoming excited. Pouring some more oil into her hand, she smoothed it on his ass, working it into his well shaped cheeks. Greg’s hands gripped the blanket as her fingers kneaded & caressed his ass. He stiffened slightly & gasped as one finger slipped between his cheeks to touch his asshole briefly. Taking note of his reaction, she slid down to massage the backs of his legs.

Greg was in heaven, his body throbbing & tingling under Trish’s skillful touch. A part of him still felt weird about being in this position with her, being that they were only friends but for the moment, he just put that thought away. What she was doing felt so incredible that he just went with it & whatever might come later. Her hands felt so incredible gliding over his sensitive skin that he couldn’t help getting at least a little excited. He was human after all. Trish was a very sexy lady & what she was doing to him could make any guy horny.

Now working on his calves, she told him that she had never known that he had such a nice body underneath all his clothes. Greg blushed & mumbled a thank you. Finally, she got down to his feet. When he felt her fingers start massaging there, he lifted his head & called out to her, telling her to be careful, that his feet were a little ticklish. Grinning, she tested that by trailing a fingernail up the center of one of his feet. His reaction was violent & immediate. His foot jerked & he let out a yelp. Pleased, Trish returned to massaging his feet thoroughly. During this, Greg did giggle a little, jerking occasionally but nothing like his reaction earlier.

Finishing his feet, she slapped his ass playfully & told him to turn over. Greg blushed & hesitantly said that he was good just where he was. Trish shook her head & commented that she never gave a half assed massage & that she wasn’t finished yet. He didn’t budge so she jumped back on top of him, straddling his ass & tickled his sides, telling him that she would stop when he agreed to roll over. He bucked & jerked, laughing hard, begging her to stop. At length, he stuttered his agreement to roll over if she would only stop!

Grinning, Trish got off of him, letting him breathe. His face was red, his eyes tearing from laughing so hard. He rolled over still more or less spread eagled. Trish kindly covered his now raging erection with the towel, liking the little ‘tent’ that formed there. He was blushing really bad now, his whole face beet red but he was grinning too. Smiling at Greg, she straddled his thighs & again poured some oil into her hand slowly. He watched as her hands rubbed together to warm the oil. Then, spellbound, he watched her hands descend to his chest. As she leaned forward, the weights of her body pressed delicately against his hardness, making him tense up & groan. Her fingers caressed & stroked his well muscled chest. Greg could see that her nipples were hard, poking through the thin material of her shirt.

Already knowing the answer, Trish asked him if that felt good. Greg could only nod, not trusting his voice. Her fingers found his nipples, brushing them gently. He groaned softly, trying to hide his excitement with little success. As she rubbed the oil into his skin & kneaded his muscles, she leaned harder against his erection, scooting up a little further, practically sitting on his towel covered dick. Greg struggled to keep from just grabbing her & fucking her brains out, sort of enjoying the obvious teasing that she was doing to him. Her hands soon moved lower to massage his tummy. Greg stifled a few giggles as his tummy was really sensitive to being touched like that. He started wiggling at her touch & Trish told him that if he didn’t stop moving so much that she would have to tie him down.

With devious purpose, she dug her fingers into his sides under the guise of massaging & Greg went ballistic, bouncing around & giggling loudly. With that, Trish quickly jumped off & brought up the ties that were attached already to the legs of the bed. She restrained him before he realized it, spread eagled to the bed. Sputtering, Greg protested that she had tickled him & that he couldn’t help moving around so much. Trish told him that she would release him as soon as she was done with the massage. She did tell him that he still had a lot of tension in his body that needed to be worked out. She then told him that she had to take off the towel. Before Greg could say a word, she whipped it off, revealing his throbbing dick.

Greg blushed when he saw the way Trish was looking at him, her smile slow & sensual. Her hands slipped down to his groin area, massaging all around his dick but never touching it. Greg held his breath, waiting for her hand to grasp him but it didn’t. Her hands went to his inner thighs, massaging & kneading, her mouth was teasingly close, and her lips just inches away from his dickhead. He could feel her breath teasing it, making him incredibly harder. Sakarya Escort Bayan He thrashed around, telling her that he didn’t want to be tied up. She gave him a kind look but told him that it was for her safety as he might kick her without meaning to.

Trish continued down his legs back to his feet. After that, Greg quickly said that he was ready to be untied. Shaking her head, Trish said that he was still really tense & that she had to take it to the next level of treatment. Stuttering, Greg asked her what that would be. Grinning, she said that she would get to that in a minute. She went back to his feet, massaging each one for a short time, giving Greg time to really wonder what she was going to do. Oddly, his erection was getting bigger as she massaged & caressed his feet. She knew exactly the effect that her massaging was having on him & the one thing that she wanted to hear was him asking her to make him cum. Until that happened, he wasn’t going to get any satisfaction. She got back on top of him, her body resting against his hardness while she massaged his chest. She made a point of playing shamelessly with his nipples, teasing them to erection. He moaned but didn’t beg, yet.

When her body made contact with his dick, Greg gasped, knowing now that she was totally naked under that shirt. He gave her a shocked look & she just grinned & kept massaging & leaning back & forth, her body rubbing sweetly against his dick. He gritted his teeth, forcing himself not to give in to the possible pleasures that moving his hips could give him. Whispering through clenched teeth, he told her that she knew exactly what she was doing to him. Trish nodded & said that that was part of the treatment. Her fingers strayed down to his tummy & traced random patterns while she leaned on him a little more. Greg moaned & giggled a little. Trish added that she wanted him to relax & go with it instead of fighting her all the way.

Sliding down a bit, she started massaging around his groin area again, not touching his dick. She stroked all around his inner thighs, thigh creases, running her fingers through his pubic hair but leaving the one thing that he was almost dying for her to touch alone. Going a step further, she cupped his balls gently, fondling them while she leaned down to kiss his inner thighs. Greg’s breathing speeded up as he felt her get near his dick but never touched it.

Stopping for a moment, Trish got a black scarf & tied it around his eyes. When Greg discovered what she was doing, he thrashed his head around, telling her angrily that he didn’t want to be blindfolded. Trish told him in a calm, loving voice that he had nothing to fear, that she wasn’t going to hurt him in the least. Watching his body, she saw that after she secured the blindfold, his dick was still erect & throbbing, maybe even a bit more. Grinning, she grabbed a stiff feather & got back on the bed. Kneeling beside him, she leaned forward & let her tongue graze his sensitive nipples. Greg moaned & arched his back, seeking more contact. His dick waved in the air like a tree in the wind. She let the tip of the feather play over the sensitive head of his dick while she licked & gently bit his nipples. Greg gasped at the dual feelings, wondering what was touching his dick. She went from nipple to nipple, teasing them as she teased the head of his dick.

Making strangled, inarticulate noises, Greg moved his hips, making his dick wave even more. Then he felt something stroking the length of his shaft, lightly, barely there. It was maddening to him. He wanted more than anything to ‘feel’ something solid like her hand, mouth or pussy on his dick, not this wisp of whatever, teasing him. Her mouth on his nipples was driving him crazy with sexual frustration. The need to cum was getting stronger for him, almost maddening in its intensity. The massage had only kindled his need; the teasing had brought it on fully. He was close to begging but his will & stubborn nature kept him from letting the words come out.

Knowing that Greg was close to begging, she decided to put it up a notch. Leaving him briefly, she took a shoestring & tied it around the base of his dick & then circled it around his balls. As she did this, Greg cried out in protest, sputtering curses. Trish smiled & told him that he’d love this if he relaxed. Now, Trish could do just about anything to his dick & he wouldn’t come.

Trish asked him in a sweet voice what he wanted most at this very moment. Breathing heavily, he paused, almost letting the words out but instead said that he wanted to be untied ‘all the way’, meaning his dick too. Grinning, she told him that that wasn’t an option at the moment & to pick something else. Gritting his teeth, he said nothing. He barely stopped himself from begging like a woman. He grunted that she was driving him crazy. His mind was filled with his need to cum, taking over all his thoughts, filling his body with that tense, pulsing need that only cumming would satisfy.

His Escort Sakarya hips started straining upwards, his groans & grunts more frustrated as Trish continued to feather his dick. She moved her mouth slowly down towards the object to which she was paying such rapt attention. An inch at a time, she licked & kissed every inch of his chest & tummy, one hand gently tickling his sides & the other teasing the head of his dick with the feather.

Greg jerked & giggled through his groans & moans, in agony. His attention shifted from the anticipation of her getting him off to the dreaded tickling sensations at his sides. His need didn’t back off at all, in fact it seemed to increase as her mouth still drew closer to his throbbing dick. He felt her mouth just above his pubic hair, licking him. It tickled in a way but it was also extremely erotic. She had stopped tickling him but he had a feeling that that wasn’t going to stay that way. Greg’s breathing increased as he felt her mouth approach the base of his dick. By now, his whole being was aching, centered on his now swollen member. Then he felt it!! A wet swipe on the underside of his dick!!! He gasped then moaned as he prayed with all his heart that she would take all of him into her mouth & finally let him cum. He had lost track of time since the blindfold went on.

Trish saw the way Greg was reacting & knew that he would start begging sooner or later. She let her tongue circle the head lightly, just barely touching his skin. He tried thrusting his hips but she was leaning on his thighs & he could do nothing much. She watched as he contracted his muscles, making it move against her tongue. Pleased, she gave his head a little suck, just to get him going more. Greg felt her mouth, hot on his dick, groaned with need. Still, he didn’t beg as she wanted him to. Getting off him for a moment, she turned so that her naked pussy was resting wetly on his chest, close to his face. She continued to brush his dickhead with her tongue.

Greg could feel her wetness & smell her secret smell close. That smell, combined with how she was teasing his dick was driving him crazy. More than anything, he wanted to cum. Trish felt his tongue making random swipes at her pussy while she sucked on his dickhead. Grinning, she sensed that he might be getting close to begging. Backing her pussy into his face, Greg eagerly licked & sucked on it, making slurping noises & moaning. She sensed also that he was trying to lure her into making him cum by eating her so enthusiastically. Trish got up & whispered to him that if he wanted to cum, he had to beg for it. Seeing the frustration on Greg’s face & in his movements, she knew that a large part of it was pride, on his part.

Wanting to break through that pride, she teasingly told him that if he begged that he’d have one of the best orgasms that he’s ever had. With that, she slid down his body & without any warning, she took his whole dick into her mouth & started sucking hard. With the shoestring around his dick, he couldn’t cum if he wanted to. Knowing that that was pure torture for him, she kept it up, sucking noisily, making sexy noises while stroking his balls.

Finally, Greg almost screamed that all he wanted was to cum. He yelled that over & over, pleading with Trish to untie his dick. Taking her mouth off his dick, she let him ‘cool down’ for a few minutes & then untied his dick slowly, letting the excess blood escape back into his body. He lay there, panting from screaming, his dick throbbing still very visibly. After he had calmed down, she bent down & took his dick back into her mouth & sucked on it very slowly. Her mouth was only on the head, her hand stroking him gently. Greg moved his hips in time with her hand, groaning loudly. His whole being was centered on the motion of Trish’s hand & her mouth, slowly working his dick. He was literally hypnotized by what she was doing to him.

Trish could hear his moans as she nibbled & sucked on his dickhead. Greg’s mouth worked as he got closer by degrees to his orgasm. Trish skillfully edged him closer & closer to his climax. Greg’s hips thrust, trying to get her to take more of him in but she backed off, keeping her mouth only on his head. Finally, she stroked his shaft fast & hard & sucked his dickhead as hard as she could. With the other hand, she gently tugged on his balls. This sent Greg over the edge. Pumping his hips, he exploded into her mouth, crying out in mixed pleasure/pain of such a powerful orgasm. Trish eagerly swallowed as he shot into her throat, her hand continuing to stroke him even after he came. After licking his dick clean, she untied him, letting him rest for a bit.

Greg fell asleep for a little while & Trish left him to rest. When he got up, Greg felt completely calm & relaxed. To Trish, he even looked better than he did when he came into the living room. Fully dressed, Greg was the picture of health & well being. He grinned at Trish, thanking her for helping him out. He did give her a rueful look, asking her how she knew that the tickling would get to him. All she did was wink at him & say that she’s had a lot of experience with stressed out clients. They hugged & Greg left, telling her over his shoulder on the way out that he would let her know how the next day went for him.

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