Greg’s High School Reunion

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Let’s just say that Greg didn’t have the most amazing childhood. He was much smarter and much younger than everyone else all through school, graduating at just fifteen, and he was a small guy and wasn’t good at sports. His parents expected great things from him and pushed him pretty hard, and he was bullied at school regularly, and never really figured out how to talk to girls.

Despite all of that, or maybe because of it, he breezed through a dual Bachelors in Physics and Biochemistry at Stanford, and then finished his Master’s in Biotechnology at John’s Hopkins at just 21 years old. He was offered dozens of six-figure jobs all over the world, but decided to create his own startup Biotech firm, which was hugely successful, and he was on track to be a billionaire before 30. Even with all that success though, he was still nervous about his impending 10-year High School Reunion, which was in just over a week.

Greg still saw himself as that pathetic kid that everyone teased or ignored, and he knew his former classmates wouldn’t even understand his business, no less appreciate it. He wasn’t bitter about his childhood, but he didn’t want to go back to his hometown as the same nerdy wimp that they all knew. So he kept thinking he needed to find a better way to impress them. He wanted to blow them away. To transform himself into a man that other guys would respect and/or be intimidated by, and that women would drool over. But how?

Just like he always did, Greg approached his problem scientifically. He knew there had to be a way to remake himself, and he explored various types of gene therapy and chemical and biological agents that might get him results. After a few weeks of trying, and a bit of testing on lab animals, Greg found something he believed would work. He kept it hush-hush, with only a handful of people having any idea what he was doing. He built a glass capsule roughly the size of a large coffin as his delivery device, and coordinated with his assistant to monitor his vitals during the procedure, and then he stripped down and got ready to climb in.

Greg walked over to the wall mirror across from the capsule and took a long look at himself. He was 5’7″ and very thin, lacking muscle tone, with stringy brown hair that was receding, and a cleft chin. Not that anyone knew, since he was still a virgin, but he had a small dick, barely 4″, thin and weak, and often struggled to maintain an erection, even when he was just masturbating. He grimaced, determined to make a change, and he opened the hatch to the capsule, set to climb in.

The attending Nurse would be the only other person in the room during the procedure, and she would respond to an emergency situation if she noticed something, or if Greg’s assistant saw something potentially dangerous in the readings. She came walking in as Greg was opening the hatch, and Greg politely smiled at her, hoping to get off on the right foot with someone who he might need to save his life. Her reaction to Greg’s naked form could best be described as thinly-veiled revulsion, and Greg was embarrassed and disgusted, hopping into the capsule as quicky as possible. Luckily, the capsule was opaque and air-sealed, so he couldn’t see or hear her after that.

The capsule was easily large enough to fit someone twice Greg’s size, and the platform he was lying on was fairly comfortable, so Greg was able to relax as much as someone in a glass box could. The only sound Greg could hear was the oxygen regulator pumping away, and his own heartbeat. A speaker in the corner of the capsule asked Greg if he was ready, and he replied that he was. He closed his eyes as the sleeping gas slowly filled the capsule, and he faded to unconsciousness feeling sour and thinking of the look that Nurse had given him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The fog in Greg’s head was slowly fading as he heard the automated latch on the sealed edge of the capsule click, releasing the entire upper half of it to gently swing open. It was designed to do that once the procedure was complete just in case the oxygen regulator malfunctioned. He groggily climbed over the edge and found he didn’t need the steps there to reach the floor. The capsule opened to the side facing the monitoring room, which was currently vacant, and Greg found his eyes were finally clearing. He walked around to the other side of the capsule, eager to look himself over in the mirror.

Greg was absolutely stunned. He had made markers on the wall next to the mirror to mark out a height scale, and his head now lined up almost perfectly with 6’6″. His hair was dark, thick and wavy, running down to about collar-length, and his features were classic and strong. He even had a strong jaw now, and his eyes were a clear sky blue. His shoulders were broad and square, and his body was packed with sculpted muscle. But that wasn’t even the best part.

He finally noticed his new cock and was even more amazed. It was enormous, hanging just past his knee, and was as big around as a Maltepe Escort can of coke, his balls as big as plums. He could feel his new virility bubbling up from those big balls, and he stroked his long shaft a few times to see how it felt. The sheer size of his massive dick was astonishing, likely the biggest cock in the world, and he could feel the substantial weight of it in his hand. No one would ever question his manhood again.

The Nurse was mostly looking at the ground as she walked into the lab. “I have a fresh set of clothes for you Mr. Paulsen,” she said, and her voice drifted off as she glanced up at him. Her jaw dropped open, and she stared at him for several seconds, her eyes crawling over him hungrily, finally settling at his gigantic cock. Greg moved his hands to his hips to give her a better view, and she tilted her head a little as if judge it from another angle. She stared at it for several seconds more before she shook her head and looked down at the ground. “Who are you? Where is Mr. Paulsen?”

Suddenly a voice came in over the speaker. “Seems like it worked.” Greg looked over at the monitoring room to his assistant and smiled. “Seems like it did,” he said, and then glanced at the Nurse and back at his assistant. “We’ll talk more shortly. Why don’t you go compile the data so we can discuss it.” Greg knew damn well that the data was automatically recorded and organized on the server, but he wanted a moment with his favorite Nurse.

His assistant took the hint and left. Greg turned back to the Nurse, who was back to studying his incredible body, most notably his humongous dick.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name,” he said, leaning against the capsule. His cock made a thudding sound as it slapped against it, and the Nurse jumped a little, still staring down at his jackhammer. “Your name, miss,” he politely repeated, and her eyes slowly rose to meet his.

“I’m Katherine,” she said, trying desperately to maintain eye contact. “Kat to my friends,” she said, with a nervous smile.

“Well Kat, I would love to be your friend. In fact, I need your help with something,” he said, standing back up and taking slow, sauntering steps toward her. His cock swayed impressively, Kat’s eyes following its every movement, and she looked as if she might swoon. Somehow, she kept her composure and barely flinched as he approached.

“How can I help you? You don’t look like you need any help at all. With anything,” she said, and her eyes crawled over him again. He continued his slow approach.

“Believe it or not, I’m a virgin, and I would like to change that. So what do you say?” He stopped a few feet away from her and spread his hands out as if to give her a hug, and he intentionally swiveled his hips just enough to get his huge cock swinging again. Her mouth dropped open again, and she twitched uncomfortably, watching his huge swaying dick, and drinking in his manly musk. She was entranced for several long seconds, and then meekly made sideways eye contact.

“I don’t think my boss…”, she started, but he cut her off.

“Your boss will be fine with it. I promise,” he said, and gave her a beaming smile.

“Well if he won’t mind, I guess,” she said, already taking her scrub top off to reveal an excellent pair of fairly large breasts. Turns out that Kat had a nice figure, as well, and when she turned around to kick off her shoes and scrub pants, a pretty nice ass, too. Her face was cute, even without makeup, and Greg thought that she’d do pretty well for his first.

He closed the space between them as she was taking off her bra, and she took several frustrated breaths as she was trying to take her underwear off. Greg reached over and simply tore her panties apart like tissue paper, and her eyes blazed with excitement. His cock was already stiffening, and he stroked it slowly to assist. There was a desk for the Nursing station next to Kat, and Greg sat on it, stroking his massive dick more vigorously, immensely enjoying the feel of its weight in his hand. He still couldn’t believe the sheer size of it, and Kat seemed even more impressed than he was.

“Just to be clear, I don’t believe you’re a virgin for one second. But I will probably never see a dick that big again, and I’m taking my shot.” With that, she turned away from him and stuck out her butt, backing up toward his monster.

Greg smiled as she guided his huge meat into her, and she grunted as the first few inches went in. Kat gasped in pleasure as he was roughly half-way in, and grunted again as he reached her capacity, with about two-thirds of his jackhammer within her. Then she slowly began working up and down his long shaft, moaning and shuddering occasionally as she went. Greg was enjoying himself and wondered if it would have felt this good with his much smaller dick.

Greg got a bit excited and decided to start helping Kat, so he began thrusting up to meet her mid-stroke. She grunted and then shook and swayed a bit, and Greg felt cum Anadolu Yakası Escort wash over his huge cock. It took him a moment to realize what had happened, and he smiled in pride. He stood up and turned Kat around to grab the desk, and he started pumping Kat with a purpose. Kat immediately came again, and Greg’s cock was dripping wet, and he was splattering his abs and Kat’s ass with every thrust.

Kat started moaning almost constantly, and Greg was picking up the pace, pumping her hard enough that the thumping sound was echoing through the lab. Kat came again and her legs buckled, but Greg kept her steady as she slumped down on the desk. Greg kept pounding away, and she kept cumming, a small puddle of which had formed on the floor nearest the desk. Finally, Greg could feel a tightening at the base of his big balls, and he realized it was almost his turn.

He pumped a few more times until the tightness was noticeably stronger, and pulled out of Kat, aiming his huge dick at her lower back. His cock exploded like Old Faithful, covering her ass and lower back in thick cum, and Greg grunted in pleasure. This was worth the wait, he thought, stroking his cock a few times to push out the last of his cum. Then he reached for his new clothes and quickly got dressed.

As he walked out the door, he made a mental note to give Kat a bonus the next time he dropped by accounting.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Greg didn’t feel sleepy that night, so he decided to go to the company gym to test himself. First, he headed for the squat rack, starting off with two plates on each side, and then adding more after every few reps. He finally maxed out the bar, and it was literally bending from the weight, but it felt like he was lifting air. He literally did dozens of squats with the full bar and it didn’t faze him at all.

Next, he tried the bench press, and had the same results. Then he pulled himself up the rope like he was pulling at air, and then did it again with one arm to see if it made a difference. It didn’t. He went to the basketball court and jumped up and sat on the backboard with almost no effort, and easily long-jumped from one end of the court to the other.

People started coming in and Greg caught them staring at him. At some point he had taken off his top and shorts and was only wearing spandex underpants, which did a marvelous job of outlining his enormous dick. Finally, he decided to go home and try to sleep again.

Despite his crazy workout, he was still unable to sleep, and he thought there were other ways he could test himself, so he went in to work to talk to his social media guys. He had them build him a Tinder account that would attract tons of hotties, and he had two “dates” in under an hour, one on each of the next two days. His pictures showed how buff he was, including one in spandex bottoms that showed off his huge package, and they weren’t shy about listing how rich he was. Not the toughest job ever.

His two dates were Asara and Kennedy. Asara was a pretty, slim girl of East Indies descent, with a quirky sense of humor and healthy sex drive. He gave her pussy a real beating, and it only took him about twenty minutes to leave her in a pleasure coma.

Kennedy was a pretty brunette with big tits that was a bit of a new age type. She had rocks and gemstones all over the place to improve the flow of energy, or some such nonsense, but Greg had fun playing with her tits, and she gave great head, so it wasn’t a waste of time. Once he got to pounding, she only lasted about ten minutes.

After Kennedy, Greg decided to start scheduling a bunch more “dates”, since he had boundless energy, and wanted to test the limits of his manhood. His three tries so far had barely made a dent, and he wanted to get in as much practice as possible before his trip, as well. With just five days before he flew home, he scheduled a total of twenty one more “dates”, and he plowed through them all with abandon. None lasted more than twenty minutes, and he only came for two of them, his control and strength growing with practice.

He had gone from no previous lovers to twenty four in just a week, and had ruined all of them, and his confidence was high. He was excited when he boarded the plane Thursday night and headed home.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Greg took the red eye into Dallas, and then picked up his rental car and drove just over an hour to the small town where he grew up. He checked into the hotel around 7am and didn’t bother to call or message anyone. He didn’t speak to his parents much these days, and had no friends left here, and he preferred to leave his new body a surprise for his former classmates. He had a several hours to kill, since he wouldn’t need to sleep, so he looked up some of his former classmates on social media. Most of them were leading fairly boring lives, but he found a few interesting tidbits.

Shannon Connelly had married her High School sweetheart, İstanbul Escort Jack Dawes, who was the starting Quarterback and team captain, and they were in the middle of a bitter divorce. This was significant because Shannon was easily the hottest girl in school, the one that everyone drooled over, and Greg had always had a crush on her. She was pretty, and had very big tits, to the point that the boys had got to saying, “Shannon’s got cannons”, and she had this incredibly sexy way about her. She was also one of the few people that had been kind to Greg, so she was at the top of his list.

There were various events scheduled all day, but Greg only really cared about the gala party, which kicked off at 7:30pm. It was about a quarter to eight, so he changed and headed out, not wanting to get there too early. He parked in the old student parking lot and walked the long way around to the front entrance, memories flooding back to his mind, some good, some bad.

Just inside the entrance, past the stairwells was a reception desk with a man and a woman waiting to welcome the former classmates. He didn’t recognize the man, but he knew the woman. She was Alicia Kent, a former student class President and the sort of overly happy person that always came across as fake. She tried too hard at most things, needed a little too much attention, and was a bit of a slut, but not a generally bad person.

Alicia had dark hair and dark eyes, and her skin was a bit darker than the average, and she was tall and very thin. Her face was noticeably pretty, and her medium-sized boobs looked a bit big for her frame. She’d never really had much of an ass, but Greg thought she was fairly good looking, if not quite his type. She had mostly ignored Greg in school. She wasn’t ignoring him now,

The moment Greg walked in the door, Alicia caught sight of him and her conversation trailed off. Greg was wearing a tight shirt that showed off his bulging muscles, and tight blue jeans that clearly showed the outline of his massive dick. Alicia looked him up and down, her eyes settling on his giant package. As Greg swaggered up to her table, she turned back to the woman she’d been talking to, saying, “Gotta work! I’ll catch up with you later. Go Wildcats!” And then she turned back to Greg with a big smile.

“Hey Wildcat! Welcome back! Which one of these name tags is yours?” she said expectantly, pointing to the neatly spread out tags on the table.

Greg pressed his hips gently against the table, which brought her eyes back to his huge bulge, and he leaned over to tap his tag, smiling. Alicia looked a bit confused but recovered quickly. “Greg, you look so…different. Very…different.”

“Good different?” Greg said, with a cocky smile.

“Definitely. Very good,” Alicia said, a dreamy smile on her face as she looked him over again.

“Well, if you get some time I’d love to catch up. I can show you exactly how different I am,” he said, thinly-veiled innuendo in his tone.

Her eyes snapped up to meet his suddenly, and then she started looking around. After a moment she called over to a nondescript brunette wearing way too much makeup that was chatting with some equally nondescript dude by the far stairwell. “Sheila. Hey, can you hold down the desk for a minute? I need a break.” Then Alicia stood up, chewing her lip as she looked over Greg again, and then she smiled again. “Let’s catch up in private,” she said, and grabbed his hand.

The gym was dead ahead, but Alicia was heading for the side hallway on the left. Greg looked into the gym briefly, and sure enough, Shannon was standing next to a table near the temporary stage, chatting with some older man. She looked as good as ever, her face even more gorgeous than he remembered, and her huge tits straining the limits of the dress shirt she was wearing. Her body didn’t look even a tiny bit different, and his cock was stiff almost instantly. She definitely noticed him, too, taking a long look at him as he passed. He’d make sure to bump into her later.

Alicia jiggled a couple of handles until she found a classroom that was unlocked, and they walked to the back of the room. “So…” she said, rubbing her hands on his chest.

Greg sat back on the closest student desk and pulled Alicia to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and they started making out, and she was trying to press every inch of herself against him. His cock had already been hard thanks to Shannon, so he didn’t waste time. He stood up and pulled his pants down below his knees, and his huge cock sprang out and thumped against Alicia’s leg with a thud. She laughed at how solidly it had hit her leg, amazed by its weight and incredible size.

“Jesus! That is a really big cock,” she said, almost whispering, as if trying to keep a secret. Greg smiled, and he tilted his head down to his monster, encouraging her to begin, and she obliged.

She dropped down to her knees and grabbed Greg’s huge beast with both hands, struggling to fit his over-sized cock head into her mouth. She started working her head up and down, trying to take more and more of him with each attempt, but struggling to even get halfway. She backed out to breathe for a moment and then went down again, and Greg gently pushed against the back of her head to assist.

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