Greenwood Cop Ch. 05

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The Oracle

The Greenwood house. It was a cornerstone of the community. It was a blight. It was a safe Haven and a house of ill repute. Some even said it was haunted. Regardless, it was the last place I wanted to be. I had been avoiding it since my arrival, but it seems anyone who comes to Greenwood has to wind up here, sooner or later.

I had come back to Greenwood, the town of my youth, to investigate my mother’s sudden and mysterious murder. In that time I had discovered plenty that I didn’t want to know.

Greenwood was a strange place. The air was different here, the colors more vivid, and old ways held on more stubbornly. Old ways, old traditions and old terrors seemed to haunt this place, and like an idiot I had fallen right into them.

Since returning home, no, this wasn’t my home, ever since returning to Greenwood, I had discovered one strange thing after another. Not only was my mother dead but covered in tiny, strange cuts, like bite marks. I had been given a police file containing a prophecy about my mother’s death from two weeks previous. My mother’s best friend might be an accessory to murder, my mother’s sister could care less and only wanted to marry me off to my cousin to keep an ancient bloodline pure. I’d been sucked off by a police department rat named Galda and a tattoo parlor owner named Fae, who both worked for my main suspect in this murder case, the green haired woman who may or may not be entirely…human. My cousin Dakota had filled her mouth with me too, and I in turn had dived head first between her legs, and now she was missing, along with my mother’s cell phone, a cell phone I had received a text from the day previous luring me into a trap by the green haired woman, her name was Savage. I was not yet ready to admit to myself that all I had seen was true, but that was why I was at the Greenwood house.

That prophecy I had ignored, see, it disappeared when my cousin Dakota did, right out of my bed at the Airbnb. The high class, socially acceptable, and mysterious prostitute who had made the prediction worked here, at the Greenwood house, and so I was coming back to the source. I had a feeling that if I wanted to find Dakota, I needed to first hear this prophecy.

I finished my call with Sarina, my sweet transgender wife back home, as I pulled into my destination. I would need her soon, in more ways than one, but mainly to crack the case. The call was short and sweet, like her.

The house was three stories tall, with a wrap around porch, green shingled roof and shutters. Its walls shone white as a wedding dress. A soft, cool wind blew the tree swing hanging from the tall willow in the front like a ghostly child returning to past playgrounds.

I sighed, raised my fist, and knocked. The door opened before my knuckles could rap once and I was staring into the predatory, calculating, emerald green eyes of the Greenwood House proprietor, Liza Stone.

“Took you long enough,” she snapped, “get in here, quick.”

She grabbed my jacket and jerked me inside. I stumbled over the entryway and when I looked back Liza was hanging half out the door, looking around like some snooping neighbor.

Or perhaps she was looking for a snooping neighbor. One with green hair and undulating tattoos covering her semi-divine body.

“Liza, what’s going on?” I asked.

“Shut up. You’ve caused a lot of trouble since you came back,” Liza snapped again, slamming the door shut and pulling a switchblade from between her large, pale breasts.

“You should have come to see me first,” she said and thumbed the knife into sharp presentation.

“Woah, Liza, what’s with the knife,” I said, hands going up defensively.

“Shut up, we don’t have much time,” she said and cut her thumb before smearing the blood over the door.

“What the hell?”

“Protection spell, though I don’t know why I bother. She already knows you’re here.”

“Protection spell?”

“Fuck it all, Gunner! What was the last thing I told you before you left on your stupid ass journey of self discovery as a big city cop.”

“Detective,” I corrected her. Liza’s hand was on my shirt, smearing blood across the fabric, but I didn’t care. See, the knife was at my throat before I could blink. Liza was pressed up against me and I was pressed up against the wall. I’m not a small guy, average is my preferred self description, but Liza was no sweet soft suburban girl and I was caught off guard by her strength.

“What. Did. I. Tell. You?”

I struggled with my memories. My eyes darted back and forth between her’s. Desperation raced through my mind as I tried to remember what she was talking about.

“Think,” she urged, her breath washing warmly over my ear, her face so close that her platinum blond hair tickled my nose. Her scent overwhelmed me, the feel of her heavy breasts pressed up against me, and I felt myself begin to remember.

I had been nineteen. My bags were packed. The day had been sunny, the grass green. There was a wind that day, making the willow branches sway like a loose woman’s skirt.

I was tuzla eve gelen escort the son of a Founder. Of the seven families who had founded Greenwood, the descendants of five still lived in town. The Olympias ran business, the Redcloud’s managed the land, the George’s ran the police, we Burghs ran the government, and Liza Stone knew all that happened in town and beyond. Before beginning on their career path, many Founding parents sent their sons and daughters to the Greenwood house, and I had visited the day before I left for the Big City.

The memory was vague, faded around the edges but growing clearer in such close proximity to Liza. As I looked at her pinstriped suit with high heels a red corset and blouse that clung tight to her heavy breasts. Plenty of cleavage was on full display and her platinum blonde hair was done up in a messy bun at the back of her head. Distant colors bloomed in my recollection as color bloomed on my cheeks. I started to grow hot and feel a pressure in my pants.

“Calm down, Gunner, and think! What did I tell you?”

I tried to search my thoughts, wading through the flashing scenes, the hurricane orgy of soft flesh I had been the center of. A few words returned, words at the door on my way out. Words whispered through red lipstick next to my ear as the wind blew platinum blonde hair across her face…

“Don’t forget,” I said.

“Yeah, but you did,” Liza snapped, taking a step back and closing the knife. It disappeared between her breasts.

“Then why tell me to remember,” I asked, adjusting my shirt.

“It’s important you know I’m always right,” said Liza with a crooked smile beneath her hawkish nose. “Come on, you need to talk to Blue.”

“How did you know?” I asked, already knowing the answer. She did not deign to answer me with more than a derogatory look. Liza knew everything. Liza always knew everything.

“Oh, and Gunner.”


“I’m sorry for your loss. I loved your mother.”

“Everyone did,” I said, frustrated. Everyone in town had held my mother, the mayor, in high regard. They knew her, grew up with her, voted for her, and yet she had been killed. I knew now, if Savage had not lied, that the monstrous person who had done this was still at large. I thought I knew who it might be, but I had to be sure. However, she could not have done it alone, and I doubted strongly that a cock sucking secretary and a tattoo artist were the only two involved in my mother’s murder.

“We’ll find her murderer, honey, and we’ll make her pay,” said Liza, drawing close and brushing a stray hair behind my ear. She cupped my face in her hand and, for the first time since arriving in Greenwood, I had the sense that it was going to be ok, that we were going to find the murderer, and they would pay the price for killing my mother.

“I, uh,” I cleared my throat of emotion, an unwanted impediment to all men, “I just need to talk to this Blue girl and hear what that prophecy said. The file, uh, it was stolen.”

“Yes, along with Dakota, right,” said Liza. She wasn’t asking. She knew. How did she know everything? “Regardless, you don’t need the prediction, that’s old news. You need to be prepared for what comes next. Come on, I’ll introduce you to Blue.”

Blue was waiting for me on the sweeping central staircase, and I saw why she was called Blue immediately. It didn’t take a detective.

Her eyes were big, bright, and blue as the sky out west. Her lips were full and blue as berries and they matched her hair to a perfect hue. Even her eyebrows were blue and I began to wonder, to borrow a crass term, if the carpet matched the drapes.

“Detective?” She asked.

“Yeah, Gunner Burgh,” I said, putting a foot on the step and reaching my hand up for her to shake. She took it and descended a step closer to me, guiding my hand to her stomach. Surprised, I did not resist. It was soft, flat, and warm. I did not interfere as she stepped closer, twisting my wrist until my fingers were pointed downward. She took another step, until she was within my intimate zone, and slid my hand down inside her frilled black thong. My fingers found her soft and warm, but dry. She slid me inside her for a brief, breathless moment, and then pushed my hand down, removing her thong and exposing herself.

“Does the carpet match?” She asked. I stepped back, frowning.

“How did you…how did you get in my head?” I demanded. “What the hell is this, Liza?”

“Blue is gifted, Gunner. All my girls are, as you would know if you could remember.” She sighed. “Give it time. Blue, take Gunner upstairs. He needs to remember.”

“No, no I need to find Dakota,” I said, “and hear that prophecy about my mother. I’m here because of my mother, that’s the only reason I came.”

“What do you know about the reason for why you are here, Gunner?” Demanded Liza. “First it’s Dakota, then your mother, then what? You don’t even remember who you are. How do you expect to stop what killed your mother, before it kills your cousin, if you refuse to remember?”

“I’m not refusing to tuzla otele gelen escort remember anything, I can’t,” I spat back, pulling my hand away from Blue and stepping down off the stairs to face Liza.

“What does any of that nonsense have to do with catching my mother’s murderer?” I demanded.

Liza glared at me, crossing her arms beneath her breasts. They almost burst out of her top.

“You know what, Blue, bring him downstairs. Come on, Gunner, we don’t have time to do this the slow way. If you want help you have to do things my way. It will make sense later.”

“No, not until you tell me how she got in my head,” I demanded, still freaking out a little. The girl called Blue descended the stairs and wrapped her arms around one of mine. She leaned forward to whisper in my ear, pressing her breasts against my arm as she said, “Parlor trick, love. Now come on, doesn’t do to keep madame waiting.”

I had never been to the basement of the Greenwood House before. I had heard rumors, of course, and as we went down the stairs I decided the trip would be quick and not oft repeated.

A plush, red carpet covered the floor. The walls were concrete. The ceiling was soundproofed. Chains hung from the walls. Chains and whips, prods and canes and riding crops. The frame of a St. Andrew’s Cross stood in one corner. There were cages and boxes and stocks and more and more chains, padded in leather, or fur or not at all.

In one corner of the room I saw a projector and movie screen flanked by floor to ceiling shelves filled with more dirty movies than I knew existed. An uncomfortable looking wooden chair wrapped in chains sat in front of the screen. A ball gag rested on the projector table. In another corner stood a magnificent, luxurious king sized bed, with accompanying chains of course, and a side table hosting an old gramophone.

“I don’t think you ever came down here before, have you, Gunner?” Asked Liza. She stood in the center of the room, arms crossed again beneath her breasts as they strained at her red hot corset like horses at a race, so eager to break free.

“No, I have not,” I said honestly, “not really my, uh, scene, I suppose.”

“A lot of men have found they like it quite a bit, but that’s not why we’re down here. Blue, sit,” said Liza, pointing at a spot on the red carpet near her high heels.

I watched as the woman walked to where Liza had ordered and sunk to her knees, hands resting on her thick thighs as she waited for her next command. That was when I noticed the gold threading patterns in the red carpet. Every spell circle, occult protection, Nordic rune, and guardian symbol of Western antiquity was laid out on the vast rug. Blue herself was kneeling in the exact center of a familiar looking, seven pointed star.

“Liza, what is this?” I asked, my foot edging toward the stairs.

“You saw some of it earlier,” said Liza, reaching down absentmindedly and stroking Blue’s hair as she spoke. “Blue’s power manifests on sexual contact. She can discern the thoughts from afar of those to whom she has shared this bond. You touched her earlier and she was able to read the topmost thought on your mind. I’m guessing it was about her, ‘carpet?'”

“Uh, yeah,” I said, blushing sheepishly.

“I thought your mother taught you better, Gun,” Liza rolled her eyes and snorted as she slid her hand forward to dip two fingers past Blue’s full, azure lips. Blue obediently sucked on the fingers like they were candy and softly moaned.

“Fine, great, I don’t see why we had to come down here though. I need to question her about that prophecy.”

“Founders Breath, you don’t need that old prediction, Gunner,” Liza swore. “I already told you.”

“Yeah, you said I need to prepare for the future or something, so what, you’re going to chain me up down here and have Blue fuck me until she knows all my secrets? I’m not following your train of thought here, Liza.”

“You never could,” she sighed, squeezing her eyes shut with two fingers. “Gunner. Your mother’s…your mother’s passing is over and done with. It happened. That is what Blue’s prediction was about. You don’t need to know what was in that stupid file, it’s already happened. Knowing what has happened is not as important now as remembering who, and what, you are.”

“Cool, no new prophecies, predictions, whatever, just remember who I am, great, do I stick a coin in and Blue pumps out some knowledge or…oh…” I trailed off as Liza raised a silver eyebrow.

“Not quite a coin, but…” said Blue with a wicked grin.

“He’s getting it, folks, he’s getting it,” said Liza, smoothing Blue’s hair behind her head. Blue giggled, looked up at me with her azure eyes, smiled, and dropped her jaw.

“The seed is the power, Gunner. It’s why Galda wanted it, it’s why Fae wanted it, and why Savage wants more. She doesn’t want you dead, she wants you like a child wants a soda fountain in their room. To some, vague and forgotten extent, that is why Dakota wants you too. And Brandi wants you for Dakota. The power is in your seed.”

“What tuzla sınırsız escort power?” I demanded.

“The sustenance needed to maintain life.”

“Ok, sure, yeah, but why?” I demanded as all this came crashing on my head. “Why me? Why does Lola, Fae, Savage, Dakota and whoever else want to eat my…seed?”

Liza sighed again, her eyes flat as she shook her head in frustrated disbelief. She placed a hand on her hip and absentmindedly pulled the switch blade from between her breasts and flicked it open. Looking up at the ceiling, she played with the knife while trying to think of a way to explain this so that I would get it. Blue looked nervously at the knife whizzing around at her eye level and I thought about complying then and there just to save the girl some discomfort.

Finally, Liza sighed again, closed the blade, and slid it back between her breasts, a location I would have loved to be in under any other circumstances.

“There’s no easy way to say this, Gunner. Right now, if my information is correct, they’re going after you like wolves after a yearling.”

I stared at her with a blank expression on my face, still not following.

“Oh come on, you haven’t been a city boy that long. Why do muggers go after old folks and lonely pedestrians, or drug dealers target kids, huh?”

“You’re saying that I’m, what, a weak link? Vulnerable?”

“No. You are the last living Burgh. Im saying you are the weak link. If Savage kills or corrupts you the number of Founding families drops to four, and then where will we be? The government is up for grabs. The infighting itself might destroy one or two of the other families, and then what does Savage have to do?”

“Hunt down all those who remain,” said Blue, her eyes no longer half lidded and sultry, but showing true fear. I frowned.

“Look, Liza, I don’t mean to sound like an ass, but then you did just call me a weak link so here goes; I don’t care. I don’t care about this stupid town. As soon as I get Savage, if she is my mother’s murderer, then I’m gone. My life is an eight hour road trip from here, in a skyscraper made of stone, metal and glass. My wife is waiting for me to finish this up so we can fuck each other senseless for a week straight. I’ve got a career, a life, friends, back in the city. Why would I, or really anyone, give a shit about this stupid little town?”

“You’ve forgotten more than I thought,” sighed Liza. She slapped the back of Blue’s head. The girl dropped her jaw again, waiting for my cock, but her face was no longer eager, but sad and scared, though not of me or Liza.

“This is insane,” I said.

“Shut up. I can’t tell you anything more. You aren’t listening. You can’t listen. Just whip it out and stick it in, asshole.”

I’ve never been so reticent to get my dick sucked. Rolling my eyes I dragged my feet over to stand in front of Blue. I did what I was told. I whipped it out and stuck it in. I can’t say I was hard, or anything more than half flaccid to be honest. However, Blue was more than game.

“I’ll help you remember, Mr. Burgh,” she said past the limp dick sitting in her mouth, smiling hopefully up at my face as she took my limp shaft in her cool hands. Even her nails were blue I noticed.

“These are fake,” she said, holding up one hand.

“Get your mind out of my mind and put my cock in your mouth,” I snapped and immediately felt Liza’s hand connect with the back of my skull. Hard.

“Be respectful to my girls. And don’t make me gag you,” she warned in a low, breathy voice. “I would enjoy it too much. Continue, Blue.”

“Yes, madame,” said Blue, her right hand already stroking me, her left hand pressed lightly against my thigh for balance as her tongue wet my balls and her nose ran up and down the underside of my shaft. She breathed deeply and moaned, which confused me slightly. I do t care what Sarina says, I know I can’t smell good down there all the time.

For a few moments my cock got none of her oral attention as she slid both of my balls in and out of her mouth, licking, sucking, and playing with them while her hand did little more than hold my cock out of the way. By the time I felt more of her mouth that just warm breath, I was positively quivering. Even then, she was not quick about it, teasing with the tip of her tongue, running up and down my shaft. She kissed the very top of my head. Then kissed again, her lips sliding a little lower. Than again, going lower still. I could hardly take the tension anymore and reached for her head.

Another whack upside my head.

“Keep your hands to yourself, boy, or I’ll tie you up,” she sounded like she wanted to. “For the love of nature, you’d think you forgot your manners along with your family history,” swore Liza. I dropped my hands, but Blue had not dropped me. She was kissing lower and lower until her mouth enveloped my whole cock. Her right hand moved to make a ring around the base of my shaft as her left hand slid up my leg and over my stomach under my shirt. Her head began to bob up and down, faster and faster until she was slamming me against the back of her throat. She closed her lips then, slid up the length of me and then all the way back off, trailing a thick rope of shining saliva. She sucked the liquid into her mouth, spit it on my cock, and slid her hand up and down as she returned to nursing my balls with her tongue and lips.

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