Green Room 01

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The green room is the space in a theatre or music venue that functions as a waiting room and lounge for performers to relax before, during, and after a performance or show when they are not engaged on stage. Green rooms typically have seating for the performers, such as upholstered chairs and sofas. The origin of the term is often ascribed to such rooms historically being painted green. Modern green rooms need not necessarily adhere to a specifically green color scheme, though the theatrical tradition of the name remains.

Chapter One:

Playing the blues at The Basement was a surreal experience, a Hip, clubby spot featuring upscale plates, craft cocktails & live blues in moody, underground digs. The place feels dirty and unafraid to be what it is, Angela Martin ft. Verzatile band asked me to fill in, play a little rhythm guitar, a little harmonica, some background vocals, I eagerly agreed.

After soundcheck the band hung out in the green room waiting to go on listening to the warm up band. Our waitress, Riley, was a short slinky brunette with brown eyes, small perky breast and the cutest little ass. I flirted with her while she serve us cocktails, she had the nicest laugh, a beautiful little mouth.

When it was time to go on stage Riley said in the sweetest voice “I’m excited to here you play, break a leg.” ending with the cutest giggle. The place was packed, the crowd was fantastic, It was great to jam with a real blues band. As usual my panties were dripping wet from performing, finally finishing our set and giving last call I sang “Happy trails to you”.

Returning to the green room Riley brought me a Jameson on the rocks. We laughed and drank, the members of the band drifting away one by one, until it was just me alone in the green room. I watched Riley cleaning up, wiping the tables, loading her tray with beer bottles and dirty classes.

“You need anything else? Cheri,” she asked smiling.

“Just you sweetie,” I said flippantly.

She giggled, setting her tray down and locking the door, Riley returned to where I was sitting. Climbing in my lap, throwing her arms around my neck, “You were so hot up there,” she said excitedly, grazing my lips teasingly, I stroked her hair softly, Staring into her big brown eyes.

Kissing, tongues dancing, my hands roamed freely over her body. My hand slipped inside her shirt to play with her perky breast pinching her nipples. My mouth lowering to her chest, flicking and licking at her breast, her moans filled my ears. “Annette, you done in there?” came a voice outside the door as the door knob jiggled.

“Just finishing up,” Riley replied.

“Why is the door locked?” The voice asked.

She jumped off my lap to open the door “Sorry, must of hit the lock by accident,” Riley explained.

“Oh, hey Cheri great show tonight,” the bar manager Greg said cheerfully.

“Thanks I enjoyed playing here,” I replied.

“Hurry up were all ready to go,” he told Riley.

Riley finished her worked, I downed my last Jameson, walking out into the night with the other bar staff. “Breakfast?” I asked Riley.

She smiled “A bite to eat sounds great.”

“Come up to my place I’ll make us some eggs,” I offered.

We walk the short distance on the downtown streets to my apartment building. Arriving at my place I showed her in, kicked off my shoes, I headed into the kitchen to cook some eggs.

“Veggie omelet? OK,” I asked.

“I think I would rather eat something else,” Riley said laughingly.

Turning “What do y………..,” is all I got out, standing there naked, Riley has such a hot little body, mesmerized, transfixed, scanning her body. Nice breast, flat stomach, pubes trimmed in a cute little heart, my eyes roamed down her legs to her cute little feet. I was on my knees in flash worshiping her gorgeous body. Kissing her feet slowly sucking her toes, kissing up her smooth calves, licking her thighs, feeling her tremble, burying my nose in those heart shape pubes.

Parting her pussy lips with my fingers, plunging my tongue inside her wetness, tasting her warm juices. Yes she was right this was much better then eggs, her hands entangled in my long red hair, I continued my journey up to suck each breast in my mouth. Finally finding her mouth as she fumbled to remove my cloths. Standing naked in the kitchen Kissing, holding each other. so warm, so wet, so much fun.

We walked to the bedroom climbing into my king size bed, hands, fingers rubbing each others cunts, tongues inside each others mouths. Her body was soft and smooth, warm pleasure filled my brain, laying her on her back. I climbed on top of Riley, my face diving into her wet pussy, my cunt grinding into her mouth, sensations everywhere, tingling, I glanced at the reflection in the mirror on the back of my bedroom door. What a wonderful sight the star of my own porno movie “69 with Riley” starring Cheri.

Her wetness growing, tasting her, my own orgasm building, grinding down into her tongue and mouth riding her Anadolu Yakası Escort face. I wanted us to come together, curling my tongue inside her, reaching a finger to her hooded clit. Our orgasms shaking our bodies, shaking the bed, like a giant earthquake. Exhausted I collapsed down into my sweet Riley, after a few minutes I turn around, hugging and kissing her. Mixing our juices into a wonderful flavor exploding in our mouths.

“How about those eggs?” She asked.

“Anything you want babe,” I replied.

Chapter two:

Auralism: By definition, auralism means that you are aroused by sound. How this looks, though, can vary from person to person. “People that are specifically aroused by sounds are practicing mindful sensuality without even realizing it.” A study from Indiana University Kinsey Institute suggests that the euphoria you experience while enjoying music is triggered by the same brain chemical system that gives humans pleasurable feelings associated with sex and recreational drugs.

I walked into the Radius for a Saturday night gig, chatting with the staff and sipping a Jameson on ice. Doing a soundcheck getting the mix just right for tonight’s show before retreating to the green room with another Jameson on ice. Radius is an old steel factory, the space has been transformed into a modern artistic venue, showcasing mural work by local and international artists and equipped with stunning light fixtures which highlight the uniqueness of the venue. Radius utilized the open floor plan of the building to produce an exploratory experience for guests, where they can flow between the various areas, creative photo opts, and change their viewpoint by ascending to the mezzanine level. The knock came “five minutes” I finished my Jameson and headed to the stage called to the spotlight again.

Radius has been in a process of evolution for the last four years, progressing through multiple concepts and structures before finally solidifying into a multipurpose venue focused on elevating the East Pilsen area of Chicago, Rich in Latino culture, Pilsen is a neighborhood that overflows with music, art, culinary tradition, and nightlife. It’s home to award-winning restaurants, iconic music venues, and sensational murals as far as the eye can see. Maybe that’s why it was named one of the coolest neighborhoods around the world by Forbes.

Radius is becoming an artistically driven experience for all music lovers, local and international alike. The place was packed, I was in heaven performing in such a wonderful venue to a large crowd of music lovers, there was a bachelorette party sitting right down front so I called the bride to be up to the stage, Lynne was a dirty blonde maybe early thirties, short and fit, I sang Jewel’s “I was meant for you” too her. When I finished I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek and wrapped up the first set, thanked the crowd, and headed for the green room.

One of Lynne’s friend catching me just before I entered the green room. A tall brunette with brown eyes and large breast, “Come have a drink with us,” Crystal asked.

“OK. just one though,” I replied, “I’ve got another set.”

The group of eight woman already intoxicated Crystal order a round of Patron’ tequila for the table. I sat there sandwich between Crystal and Lynne one shot turned into two then three. A fun group, laughing easily, enjoy themselves immensely. Before I knew it was time to take the stage again.

Feeling the effects of the Patron’ I performed my mix of covers and originals to the large crowd. The bachelorette party sending more shots to the stage which of course I had to drink as not to be rude. After my encores were done I waved to the crowd and stepped off the stage.

Waiting there for me was Crystal and Lynne with another shot of Patron’. Somehow they talked me into taking them into the green room my head spinning from the alcohol. Inhibitions dangerously low, I took Lynne’s face in my hands kissing her, lips parting, tongues dancing. Crystal working my breast from behind, lifting up my shirt, unclipping my black lace bra, squeezing my small breast, teasing with my nipples.

Lynne was on her knees in flash, kneeling on the floor in front of the couch, licking my smooth thighs, I trembled in delight, pulling down my jeans, burying her nose in my red pubes. Her long tongue licking my wet pussy.

Her long tongue swirling inside my cunt, my hands gripping her head, I stroked her dirty blonde hair and she looked up into my blue eyes, my mind distorted in pleasure. The bride to be lapping my wet pussy with her tongue, called to the spotlight again, curse of the good performer.

Crystal sucking on my breast flicking my nipples with her tongue. My little body flooded with pleasure as the two woman pleasured me. I was so wet juices dripping down my ass crack sending a shiver up my spine. My moans becoming screams of orgasmic pleasure a sensory bliss encompassing me.

Kissing one then the other my fingers Avrupa Yakası Escort caressing Lynne’s pussy. Hands, legs, feet and arms intertwined as the three of us fulfilled our sexual lust in a primal dance. I laid on the couch Lynne straddling my face bucking and riding my mouth and long tongue with her sweet smooth bald pussy.

I felt Crystal tonguing my ass a wonderfully erotic experience of joy. Lynne’s scent filling my nostrils her pussy juices covering my face. She rode my face moaning and squealing in a state of rapture. Crystal’s tongue deep in my tight little ass sending shocks out my nerve endings to my brain.

Lynne working to the crescendo the grand climax the beautiful sounds filling my ears. Her pussy juices flooding my mouth her body trembling and shaking in a satisfying orgasm. She crawled down next to me caressing my wet pussy as Crystal kept exploring my insides with her tongue.

Fingering my cunt while Crystal tongued my ass finally spinning around to lower her pussy on my mouth. Crystal cunt was so wet my tongue working it’s way inside her as she sucked on my clit Lynne fingers working in and out of my wet pussy.

My brain struggling to keep up with everything going on. Pleasure radiating throughout my body, Crystal shaking, wiggling, squirming her pussy contracting on my tongue. Orgasmic bliss a grand climax the crescendo to a wonderful night.

A week later I attended Lynne’s wedding at the Holy Trinity Church one of the oldest most beautiful churches in downtown Chicago. She was a lovely bride her maid of honor Crystal by her side.

Chapter Three:

Danielle is forty-three years old, divorced, mom of one, she lives up interstate ninety, just over the state line in Wisconsin. She is a gorgeous woman, curvy in all the right places, with big round eyes that seem to stare into my soul. She likes to be called Danie that’s how she introduced herself to me after my show but I knew her she had been coming to hear my music for awhile.

The first time she was with two other woman sitting at a table right up front. I was Playing my regular Saturday night gig at the Lakeshore Tavern playing my mix of covers and originals. I noticed the hot outfit she had on tight black leather pants, with a drop shoulder top, two inch black heels. She looked like her picture should be on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. During my second set, I looked out into the audience, Danie was touching herself under the table, no, but yes, she was rubbing herself, being at the front table, I could see her movements under the table, strangely erotic, making my dampness grow in my panties.

Between sets back in the green room I let my hand slide down slowly over my stomach, into my wet panties, through my red pubes, to my wet pussy. Rubbing softly, caressing, making love to myself, letting my fingers play with with my labia. Inserting one, then two fingers inside me, slowly moving in and out my wetness growing. My other hand following the same path to find my clit rubbing it gently, my juices making a slurping sound as my fingers thrust in then out. Thinking of the lady touching herself in the front row, pleasure flowing, tingling, toes curling, screaming.

The second time I saw her was maybe a month later, this time she was alone, wearing ripped jeans and a Nirvana t-shirt, again she sat at a table right upfront. Through my first set Danie stared intently with those big eyes, I felt naked, I was of course turned on by the attention from such a hot lady, would she touch herself again? For me.

About half way through the second set, my eye caught her hand under the table, she was rubbing her crotch. Watching me, I couldn’t look away, was she was wet, excited, just like I was. When I finished the set I rush into the green room. Laying on the cough, exploring every inch of my body, softly touching my breast, pinching my nipples, writhing in pleasure as my fingers explored my wetness, disappearing inside me. Slowly moving in then out my juices flowing, my scent filling the room, rhythm increased, my cute toes curled, moans escaped my lips, thinking of the woman at the front table touching herself, waves of pleasure crashed over me. When I came out for the last set she was gone.

This same seen played out time after time, as she got more brazen over time, undoing her pants, slipping her hand inside. She was performing for me as I was the only one who could see her movements under her table. Did she know how much she turned me on, but She was always gone when I came out for the last set.

I saw her come in and find her usual table, I had a groupie, a masturbating groupie, but I had different plans for Danie tonight. I took the stage to open the show, playing that old guitar and singing with all I had. When the set was over I walked up to her table, taking her hand, without a word, and leading her to the green room.

Securely inside, I kissed her, tongues dancing in each others mouths, as my hands roamed her body. Undressing İstanbul Escort her and laying her down on the couch, I crawled between her spread legs, her wonderful scent filling my nostrils. I licked the length of her pussy lips, tasting her warm juices. Entering her with my long tongue, sucking her clit, I didn’t have long between sets, I wanted to give her an orgasm before I had to back up on stage.

Her hips started bucking, her hand pushed the back of my head into her wet cunt, her juices covered my face, she screamed in delight. Satisfied with my work, I kissed her, whispering “I’ll be back soon, you can listen from here, enjoy the room”. Taking the stage my face glistening with pussy cream.

I rushed back to the green room when I finished my second set. Seeing her on the couch fingers buried in her cunt and ass, working both holes frantically. I watched her perform for me, her face distorted in pleasure, moaning loudly, a beautiful sight. Danie’s orgasm was a wonderful dance brought to a crescendo with shaking, screaming, thrusting deep inside herself, Kissing her I returned to finish my show.

After the show I rushed back to the green room to find my groupie gone, on her way home up interstate ninety. She still comes to my shows about once a month, sometimes we actually have a conversation, share a laugh, I gave her an autographed picture, she gives me orgasms between sets….

Chapter Four:

I love performing me and that old guitar, singing, performing, pouring my heart out for a live audience. What a high some snort for it, smoke for it, stick needles in their veins for it all I need is a stage a guitar and a microphone called to the spotlight once more.

I received my first guitar for Christmas when I was five other girls were playing with Barbie dolls while I was learning cords and keys and progressions. Music became a big part of my life first performing Amazing Grace at Church when I was seven. I was in the pep band, talent shows, even formed a band so we could play at parties and dances.

When I went off to Depaul University summer music festivals became a big part of my life. I would perform anywhere they would let me I was a slut to the music. The act of performing for a live audience is such a great high. I was 20 the summer I loaded my old jeep and headed to the Bill Monroe music park for a week-end of playing music, performing..

The drive was relaxing and fun down those Indiana hi-ways around those Indianapolis bi-ways to those curvy country roads through Brown County. I had my tent and camping supplies this was going to be a great week-end at the Bluegrass Festival. This annual event is held in beautiful Brown County, Indiana at the historic Bill Monroe Music Park & Campground. The Bill Monroe Bluegrass Festival is one of the longest running bluegrass festivals in the country. Rhonda Vincent and the Rage were the headliner I loved their music and looked forward to seeing them perform. I was playing the first night at seven a warn up act but I would get a pass for the entire week-end.

Stopping at the gate I got my pass & badge and was given a map. Finding my campsite I unloaded the jeep, set up my tent, set out the chairs. Music already playing from the stage, people wandering around, the smell of beans cooking filled the air. I passed the time playing my old guitar, I took a nap, then headed down to the stage. Sound check went well people setting up their lawn chairs on the hill preparing for the show.

When I hit the first note as the lights came up I was already turned on to be performing chairs and people has far as I could see. The applause caused the usual warm feeling has my juices started to flow. What a great audience when they got up on their feet, well, that was sweet, Finishing my set, I thank the audience.

I hung around backstage listening to the other performers sipping on a cold beer. Then there she was standing at the bottom of the stairs Rhonda Vincent, yes, I was a little star struck. She is gorgeous, luscious blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, perfect breast, long legs. I just starred at her as she passed me headed to the stage.

“Your set was tight,” she said in that beautiful voice of hers as she passed me.

My mind trying to catch up to what had just happened. I watched as Rhonda Vincent and the Rage took the stage they started with “When the Angels Sing” a beautiful song I loved the crowd erupting.

Watching them perform from backstage was a dream come true. Rhonda has such a stage presence she owned the crowd. As their set was winding down Rhonda said this “For are last song I would like to bring out a great young performer to help me Sing,” turning to the back stage area, “Cheri will you join me?”

Taking the stage we sang their hit song “Homecoming” my head spinning. At the end of the song Rhonda grab my hand raising our arms in the air the crowd exploding in cheers and applause. Exiting the stage Ronda still holding my hand we walk the short distance to her RV a mobile green room.

Once inside she embraced me kissing my soft lips, I felt Rhona Vincent’s tongue in my mouth. Was I dreaming? I slipped off my flip flops and wiggled out of my faded ripped jeans. Dropping to my knees finding my way under her dress I took my first taste of fame.

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