Greek Neighbours

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I got back home exhausted that evening dreaming of a warm meal and a few lazy moments in front of the telly, so I was rather upset to see that the next door neighbours had come to visit.

Maria, my thirty year old wife and myself had moved into the block of flats quite recently and Thanasis, a fairly handsome tall man in his mid forties with a well built body and graying hair, had been the first to greet us and offer to help with the moving. He also offered to take us a ride around the neighbourhood to familiarize us with the area, an offer, which we gladly accepted as we had just moved to that area of Athens and knew very little about it. His wife Tonia who at her early forties was equally attractive got on very well with my wife Maria and they often went out to the shops together since we moved in. Thanasis and Tonia had a daughter, Niki, who was not drop dead gorgeous, but who would certainly be popular with her schoolmates, especially as she seemed to have inherited her mother’s big tits and round ass.

I tried hard to hide my disappointment that my plans for a quiet evening had been ruined and walked into the living room, greeting our guests and kissing my wife. What she wore really caught me by surprise, as she rarely liked to be so provocative in front of people she knew. Her short skirt was only few centimetres below her butt and her tank top stretching around her big tits did not hide the fact that she was not wearing a bra underneath. The thin fabric stretched around her erect nipples and her whole appearance was yelling, “Fuck me” out loud. Turning to our guests I realized that they bursa escort were also trying hard not to stare at her body, and Thanasis was even sporting an erection, which he tried in agony to conceal.

I sat at the couch opposite our guests. Thanasis was sitting on the left side and Tonia on the right, their daughter in between them. After serving us drinks Maria came and sat on my lap and teasingly said, “Don’t you like my new outfit? We got it today with Tonia.” I could not lie, especially as I felt my cock stir, and saw Thanasis trying to sneak a look up my wife’s legs.

“It’s great manari mou,” I said, “but sit next to me now as both Thanasis and I are starting to feel rather hot, not to mention the presence of children in the room.” I added jokingly. “No, don’t mind, me.” Said Thanasis and tried to sneak another look up Maria’s legs, which were now wide open giving our guests a perfect view of her silk panties. “Yeah, don’t mind us,” added Tonia to my surprise “besides, you are still young and horny, and Niki is used to seeing me in such attire!” she added with a laugh. “I have a couple of sexy ones myself.” Came Niki.

I do not know what drove me crazier, my wife’s games, or the fact that these game took place in front of our neighbours, who seemed to be provoking them. Ignoring their presence, I slipped my hand under Maria’s top and fondled her breast as I gave her a wet kiss, my tongue finding hers. I drove my other hand up her skirt and after spreading her legs so that our “friendly” neighbours could get a perfect view of her panties, I fingered her wet pussy bursa escort bayan through her silk panties. Our neighbours got the show they wanted and Maria the showing off she craved, I thought as I slid her panties to the side while at the same time lifting her top baring her charms to the view of our hungry spectators. I was half expecting her to react; yet she kept kissing me passionately and she started to move her hips a bit indicating how much she wanted this to happen. She had even moved her hand over mine and was guiding my fingers in her hot wet love tunnel. The whole scene was making me extremely horny and my swollen cock was struggling for freedom.

It seems that all this time our neighbours were just staring at us, all sporting smiles and lusty looks. Thanasis had his cock out and was wanking himself slowly, whereas Tonia and Niki had lifted their skirts and were caressing each other’s pussy. I kept playing with my wife’s pussy and nipple while I stared ecstatically at the mother-daughter duo across me. Maria had also focused on the family sitting opposite her as she bucked her hips to meet the thrusts of my fingers in her cunt. Soon a shiver run through her and she got up, removed all her clothes, got on her knees and crawled all the way to Niki, removing Tonia’s hand and burying her face in the teenager’s cunt. At the same time, Thanasis kneeled behind my wife and shoved his cock in her wet pussy. Niki was moaning loudly as Maria was licking her young clit and fingering her teenage pussy, moaning and grunting at every thrust of Thanasis bursa bayan escort cock.

Tonia was sitting right next to her daughter, her fingers working her naked cunt and tweaking her hard nipples, her eyes glued to her daughters pussy being abused. She then got up, striped and crawled right under my wife, and started eating her clit while still fingering her wet pussy.

I stood there watching the family game with my wife being the centrepiece of the action. I was quite sure that this had happened a lot during the hours I was at work and that Maria’s behaviour tonight was just an excuse to get me involved, not that I would have had a problem with that though!

I quickly stripped and went to join the group action across. I sat next to Niki who was clearly lost in ecstasy and my wife’s attention to her little used cunt. I lifted her blouse and sucked her erect nipples guiding my hand between her legs, shoving two fingers along with Maria’s. The young girl arched her back and started shaking as an orgasm hit her. She turned to me and planted a wet kiss on my lips before collapsing on the couch breathing heavily. At the same time both my wife and Thanasis were coming, her bucking against his cock, him unloading in her while Tonia drunk any of the juices overflowing.

Both my wife and my neighbour collapsed on the floor, struggling to overcome their orgasms leaving me and Tonia unsatisfied. That would soon change as quickly stuffed my cock which was pulsating after witnessing my wife being fucked by another guy, and gave her a fast fuck before unloading in her dripping wet cunt and driving her to a climax.

The rest of the evening was filled with carnal pleasures between the five of us with Thanasis and me fucking all three females in all holes and ending with me coming into Niki’s ass while Thanasis filled her pussy with his hot sperm and Maria and Tonia sucking her holes clean.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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