Great Reception

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Had I known Denise was going to be there, I don’t know that I would have done anything different to prepare myself. What I was unprepared for was how incredible she looked. Other than a shorter hairstyle, she actually didn’t look all that much different from the last time I’d seen her; it was mainly what she was wearing. That night she was in a strapless cocktail dress where I was used to seeing her in turtlenecks. A tight turtleneck always did a fine job of showing how big her tits are, but to see their jiggly flesh practically spilling over the top of her dress, now that was another story entirely.

I think I did an admirable job of keeping my eyes off her cleavage while talking to her and meeting her husband, but I was stealing glances wherever I could. If I could only get her to lean over to pick something up! We made small talk during the cocktail hour, her and her husband joining Rob, Dana and me at a small table. Her husband didn’t give any indication that he was aware of our history, though it wasn’t much of a history anyway. We’d made out once or twice, and had the potential for more, until my future wife came along and swept me off my feet. I was glad to see that Denise was happily married; I hadn’t even seen her in several years.

When the party was invited to move upstairs and the wedding reception officially began, I was pleased to see that the table I was seated at also accommodated pretty much everyone else I knew at the wedding, including Denise. I kept my eyes peeled for ogling opportunities without being to blatantly obvious. Later in the night, after a big meal and several cocktails, I actually asked Denise to dance, seeing as I was stagging it and her husband had yet to ask her. I hoped that if he asked any questions about us around the table while we were gone, everyone would play dumb.

As we slowly swayed to the music, our bodies pressed against each other, Denise told me how pleased she was that I’d asked her to dance.

“Feeling you against me makes me think of a cold night outside your apartment when you walked me to my car,” she remarked.

“I remember that night,” I told her, “but I don’t think it would go over very well if we started making out like we did then.” The truth was that I would have made out with her in a second.

“True,” she replied, “I guess we’ll just have to slip off somewhere if we want to do that…or anything else.”

I pulled away from her so I could look into her face to see if she was serious. She just smiled a naughty smile and pulled me close again. I slid my hand down for a quick grope of her ass, bringing it right back up to her waist hopefully before anyone on the crowded dance floor noticed. I heard a soft moan and it felt as though she pushed against me harder when I did that, which was very encouraging. When the song ended and something more upbeat came on, we separated and began to walk back to the table. I had to button my jacket to cover the rise in my slacks.

“We should probably wait half-an-hour or so if you want to disappear for a little while or it will look too suspicious,” she said, softly. I told her that I’d locate someplace where we could go and suggested that she work on an excuse for her husband. We sat back at the table and I got a fresh beer before getting up to “use the bathroom.” I did use the bathroom but then began to poke around, looking for an empty room, a closet, access to the roof, anything we could have used. One of the wait staff saw me trying a locked door and asked if there was something she could help me with.

I explained that I was looking for someplace to get away from the party for a short time, some place quiet, private. She got my drift and led me back toward the kitchen. There was a door there, hidden behind a curtain, that led into a small room with a couch, desk and chair. She explained that it was sort of a green room for when they had presentations or speeches or other ceremonies where the speakers could collect themselves before facing the crowd. I asked her if anyone else at that wedding reception, other than staff, was aware of it. She said not that she knew. I thanked her and slipped her twenty bucks.

I stopped at the bar to drop off my empty and paused long enough to draw a simple map to the green room on a cocktail napkin. Back at the table, when her husband wasn’t paying attention, I balled up the napkin and threw it at Denise. To the untrained eye, I hoped it looked like innocent enough horseplay. I could see a minute or two later when she opened the napkin in her lap and looked at it. I’d written a time on it for her to meet me that was still about 15 minutes away. She caught my eye and nodded, smiling. Ten minutes later, I was back in the room waiting for her.

She told me later that she’d started acting as though her stomach was bothering her and finally told her husband that something from dinner hadn’t agreed with her and that she was heading to the ladies’ room. No one was kaynarca escort nearby when she’d slipped behind the curtain and into the room. I was leaning against the desk but quickly stood up, going to her. My arms went around her waist and hers around my neck as our lips came together and our tongues quickly found their way into each other’s mouths. My cock was growing hard, pressing against her stomach, as I pulled her against it, my hands moving down to her ass.

Finally, she pulled away, reminding me that we had limited time, before turning around and asking me to unzip her dress. I did and she let it slide down far enough to step out of it. I admired her slightly wide ass, split by a black thong, as she hung her dress over the chair. I was removing my suit jacket as she bent over, sliding the thong over the garters connecting her stockings to her bustier. My cock was ready to burst out of my suit pants as I saw the smooth lips peeking between her thighs. I admired her as she turned to face me, while I was unbuckling my belt. Her nipples were still hidden as her massive tits jiggled atop the bustier, but I now saw that she had a neat triangle of brown hair topping the shaved lips of her pussy.

She told me she needed my help again, so I quickly opened my pants and let them drop to my ankles. She showed me how the bustier was hooked up the back, so I helped her get it unfastened as she released her stockings from the garters. She breathed as sigh of relief once she was free and turned to me saying she hoped I appreciated what she’d gone through to look good for me. I was surprised by this comment but didn’t want to pursue it further just then. She was naked but for stockings and looking voluptuous, so I pushed my boxer briefs down to join my slacks, allowing my rigid cock to peek out between the tails of my shirt. She took my cock in her hand, gently stroking as she started pushing me back toward the couch while I brought my hands up to her big tits, covering her large aureoles and feeling her hard nipples against my palms.

“I have just one favor to ask,” she said as I sat on the couch and watched her pussy approaching my cock, “I can’t go home with a pussy full of cum, it might look suspicious, so let me know when you are getting close, okay?” I mumbled some kind of affirmative as she guided my cock into her pussy and sat on it, her tits settling right in my face. Her pussy was incredibly slick and felt very snug, so I moaned softly before going to work on her tits. My hands roamed over them while my tongue and lips worked on her nipples. Denise’s hot pussy slid up and down my cock, feeling absolutely incredible. I was lucky that time was limited, because she was going to have me cumming in a matter of minutes.

She was riding me pretty hard, pursuing her own orgasm, and by the sound of it, it wasn’t too far off. I was glad the air conditioning in the little room was pretty intense because otherwise we’d have been pouring sweat from our vigorous fucking. I slid my hands around her ribs and down to hold her ass, pulling her down on me as I pushed upward. I could feel an incredibly intense orgasm building within me, getting dangerously closer as I felt her pussy suddenly flooded with additional lubrication. Just as I was thinking I might have to stop her, she slowed down and seemed to shudder as her orgasm passed through her.

Once she regained herself, she stepped off of the couch, my cock popping free of her pussy and glistening in the light. Denise dropped to her knees and lowered her head into my lap, engulfing my cock into her hot mouth. She slid her lips up and down my shaft a few times, then, while pumping it in her hand, licked my balls. I was quickly on the verge of cumming, so when she started sliding her lips up and down me again, I was raising my hips, pushing into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down, faster and faster, sensing my urgency. Her mouth felt so incredible, the warm wetness and the softness of her tongue. Finally, I just let go and was soon spurting into her mouth.

She sucked me until I had nothing left to give, then grabbed my arm and looked at my watch. I was surprised to see that only about half-an-hour had passed since she’d entered the room. She stood and I admired her body some more as I caught my breath and she grabbed her bustier. I helped her into it, disappointed to have her tits covered again, but kissing her on the neck once it was fastened. As she reconnected her stockings and garters, I got my pants and underwear back in place, making sure my shirt was neatly tucked and my tie was straight. Denise pulled her thong back on, hiding her pussy from my admiring eyes. I told her I wished I’d had time to eat her. As she reached for her dress, she asked how long I was going to be in town. It had been a Friday wedding, so I had arranged to stay in town until Sunday morning. She asked if I had any free time the following day as she stepped into her dress and pulled it orhanlı escort up. As I zipped her up, I told her that I did, in fact, have a couple of hours the following afternoon that were free.

“Sounds like a date to me,” she replied, facing me and leaning up to kiss me again. We made out for a few minutes before making sure the coast was clear and slipping out of the green room. She headed to the elevator to go downstairs and “get some fresh air” while I headed to the bar again.

I had told Denise where I was staying, so I wasn’t surprised by her phone call the next morning. I had some things to do that morning, so we set a time for her to come by. I told her to make sure she brought an extra pair of panties because I was planning to keep the ones she wore over. Other than that, I told her she didn’t need to doll herself up like she had for the wedding reception because her clothes were going to spend most of the time we were together on the floor next to the bed. She told me she couldn’t wait and hung up. I couldn’t wait either.

The front desk called my room to let me know when Denise had arrived, so I okayed her being sent up. I heard Denise’s voice in the background, then the desk clerk said, “She said to make sure that you are naked,” before hanging up. Luckily, it didn’t take much to get naked, so by the time she knocked on the door I was ready. She was dressed pretty basically, I guessed not to arouse any suspicion in her husband. She came in and once the door was closed and locked, we were in each other’s arms. As we made out, I picked her up and carried her to the bed, crawling up on my knees until I could lay her in the middle.

Instinct would have had me go right for her tits, but I figured every guy probably focused on them first. I was still anxious to eat her pussy, so I went right to unfastening her khaki shorts instead. I slid them down and off, revealing her pink bikini panties with a damp spot on the front. I kissed her abdomen just above her panties, inhaling the musky scent emanating from nearby. As she raised her ass off the bed, I slid her panties down and off, giving them a sniff before tossing them toward my luggage.

“I hope you remembered an extra pair,” I said as I lowered my head and began kissing along her inner thighs. She didn’t answer, just moaned softly, her eyes closed and a big smile on her face. When I reached her pussy, I licked up her smooth lips, which were stubble free and obviously recently shaved. She was secreting copious amounts of pungent excretions, which I slurped up with relish. Her soft moaning was getting slightly louder as I ran my tongue up her slit over and over, enjoying the juices she was providing me. As I settled onto my stomach between her spread legs, I allowed my tongue to finally contact her clit, eliciting an even louder, prolonged moan.

I ran my tongue over her clit as she writhed on the bedspread, indicating to me that what I was doing was appreciated. As I licked and sucked her clit, I slipped a finger into her, easily penetrating her lubed channel. Her warm, slippery softness embraced my finger momentarily before I commenced sliding it in and out. I knew I was going to enjoy fucking that pussy again. Denise was really into all of the stimulation, demonstrated by her moaning and gyrating, which were both picking up in intensity. For my part, I was really into providing the stimulation. Her pussy was so tasty and hot and slippery; when she finally came with a fresh burst of nectar, I continued to slurp it up.

Denise never indicated that she wanted me to stop once she had cum, so I continued to eat her with the same enthusiasm I’d started with. My cock was so hard it was about pushing me up off the bed, but I knew there would be plenty of time to fuck her. I was just really content to be running my tongue over her clit while pumping a finger in and out of her slippery pussy. What finally caused me to quit after eating her to her third orgasm was tongue fatigue. I just wasn’t used to eating pussy for such an extended period of time. The desire was strong, but the tongue was weak, so to speak. After I was certain she was on her way down from that third orgasm, I began kissing my way up her abdomen, pushing her shirt up ahead of me. As I reached the bottom of her bra, I raised my head and moved the hem of her shirt above her tits. Her hard nipples were pressing out insistently against the thin fabric, so I leaned down and alternately sucked each of them through the material.

I raised my head again after a minute or two and brought my lips toward hers while simultaneously guiding my rigid tool to her waiting pussy. She moaned into my mouth as I finally penetrated her with my cock. Our tongues intertwined while I began pumping my cock in and out of her slick pussy. I started out with long, slow strokes, enjoying the pleasurable friction of her pussy and the taste of her mouth. I could feel her raising her hips to meet my incoming thrusts tepeören escort while her hands moved down to start pulling her shirt up and off. I moved my face away from hers as she pulled the shirt over her head, then brought my lips down to her neck as she tossed it aside. I kissed her neck and along her jaw line while fucking her before bringing my lips back to hers. As I started kissing her again, she paused to ask me not to cum in her then corrected herself with a smile, saying not in her pussy, at least.

I kept pumping her sweet pussy, going from long, slow fucking to a faster pace as my orgasm approached. She was right with me the whole way, grunting lustily as I drove as deeply as I could into her. When I knew that I’d have to be pulling out soon, I slipped my hands behind her back and unfastened her bra. She took over and pulled it free, tossing it aside, pulling her lips away from mine only long enough to do so. I forced myself to pull out of her pussy when I knew I was as close as was safe, then rose to my knees and crawled up to straddle her ribs with my cock waving before me. Lowering myself down, I lay my cock between her fleshy globes, which she then squeezed together. Leaning forward with my hands planted on the bed above her head, I slid my cock in and out between her sweet tits.

I watched as my cockhead peeked out of her cleavage with each thrust and as she started to raise her head, darting out her tongue each time the tip of my cock emerged. I thoroughly enjoyed the feel of my cock slipping between her tits, appreciating how unlikely I would have found the possibility of being in this position 24 hours earlier and how unlikely it was that I’d ever be in this position again. Looking down upon her big tits, the aureoles and nipples I had yet to lick and suck, and feeling my cock slipping between them while my balls dragged along the smooth skin below her rib cage, I brought myself right up to the edge of spurting onto her face and neck. At the last minute, I pulled my cock free and moved forward to slip it into her mouth.

Releasing her tits, she grabbed my ass with one hand and my shaft with the other, both seemingly to pull me deeper into her mouth. The hand on my shaft pumped as she bobbed her head up and down on my cock. It took only a few passes of her soft lips and a couple of pumps with her smooth hand before I was releasing my seed into her mouth.

When I was finally spent, I reluctantly pulled my cock from her mouth and moved down the bed to lie next to her. I played with her hair and stroked her cheek as we talked, initially about the amazing thing we’d just experienced but soon about other things. I even asked her if she was happy in her life, happy with her husband. She said she was and I told her honestly that I was glad for her. It wasn’t long before my hand found its way to her tits again as we talked. I hadn’t actually done much in the way of fondling them yet, so I went from absently running my hands over them to actually caressing them, tracing my fingertip around her aureoles and toying with her hard nipples. As this was progressing, we started kissing again until I worked my way down to lick and suck her nipples. I slid one of my hands down over her stomach to the trim bush and finally to her smooth lips. I slid my finger up and down, feeling the juices collecting there and stimulating her clit.

Raising my head back up, I went back to kissing her while continuing to stimulate her clit. She reached out to find my cock only semi-erect and, after playing with it for a few minutes, she started kissing her way down my body. When her pussy moved out of reach, I lay on my back with my hands behind my head and enjoyed her attention. She kissed her way over my chest and down my stomach, closer to my cock, which she was still fondling. I was at about half-mast as she lay between my legs and once again engulfed me in her warm, wet mouth. I moaned in pleasure as she slid her lips down my stiffening shaft, pulling on it on her way back up. She gave my balls a few licks once my rod was completely rigid before raising her head and crawling up to straddle my hips.

I reached down to guide my cock into her slippery pussy as she leaned forward with a hand on either side of my head, her big tits hanging right in my face. As she went to work riding my cock, sliding up and down, forward and back, I started out with both hands fondling her tits while I licked and sucked her nipples once again. Her pussy was heaven, sliding up and down my cock again, so warm and wet and snug. She found a rhythm and began to ride with a steady motion while I continued to work on her tits. Keeping in mind that I wouldn’t be cumming in her pussy again, I started to raise my hips along with the rhythm of her fucking when I felt the stirring of my distant orgasm. Her pace was gradually increasing as she began to moan again. I let my head drop back onto the pillow and, while looking up at the ecstatic expression on her face, slid my hands down to hold her ass, pulling her down on me as I pushed up into her. I admit, my eyes also dropped back to her swaying tits, committing their smooth flesh, large aureoles and hard nipples to memory for future recollection.

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