Grands and Friends Ch. 01

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This is as strange a story as I have ever told, but truth is stranger than fiction.

I’m a 65-year old man, widowed and living on my own in a house not far from the high school. My daughter attended there, and now her children have and do. Her oldest, Hannah, and I have been close friends ever since the time she could crawl up onto my lap. Hannah’s 23 now and we’ve had some unusual and amazing times together. We can talk about anything, which has taken us from science and technology to anatomy to sociology to drama.

It’s also included frank discussions on sex. We’ve never had sex, let me say that right now, but I can’t say we haven’t wanted to. We’ve restrained ourselves but we have seen each other come, in person.

Hannah has brought friends from time to time, some of whom I have gotten to know fairly well. Madison was in Hannah’s class at school and they stayed in touch after graduation. Hannah told me that Madison’s interest in sex was similar to ours, and consequently, a visit was planned last summer at which the three of us talked very openly — after we had managed to break the ice with a couple of board games.

Nothing happened that evening, and Madison stayed over with Hannah in the guest room, a common occurrence. Next day, however, we talked over breakfast and into the morning, making plans. Hannah had to go home to her parents at lunch time, leaving Madison and I alone. It was again awkward at first without the common bond of Hannah to mediate Ankara travesti but after lunch, I said that we should decide to go ahead or it all off.

Madison said, “No. Don’t call it off!”

“OK, then let’s start.” I stood up from the couch and held out a hand to her. She took it and stood with me. That first touch was life-changing. I felt rejuvenated and renewed that a young 23-year old woman would choose to take me into her personal, intimate space. I drew her to me and we kissed, the action we had already decided should be the beginning of it all. Her lips on mine were like velvet, soft and inviting. Her tongue reached out to my lips and I opened them. Our arms drew us closer together and we began to meld into our own world. After only a minute, we had both relinquished everything to do with the world outside and were aware only of each other’s body and how it made contact with our own.

Desire grew quickly into passion and when we separated from that first kiss, it was to shed the layers of clothing that we wore simply to hide our bodies from the sight of others. Clothes were no longer needed, and we helped each other out of T-shirts, jeans and shorts. Left only in our underwear, we embraced again, this time enjoying the intimate touch of flesh to flesh. Her breasts, still hidden in her bra but so nearly visible; her panties, minimal and only able to just cover the strip of pubic hair that I could make out; my briefs, holding back the erection Konya travesti so visible in outline.

We had decided on no penetration for this first encounter. I wanted to give her first pleasure, because for one thing, it would help to encourage my erection along. At 65, I don’t get opportunities very often and self-masturbation is less satisfying than it ever was in my twenties. I eased her backward to the arm of the overstuffed couch and she leaned her butt against it. Lowering myself to one knee, I gently tugged on her panties and lowered them to her thigh, admiring the closely trimmed strip of hair, the runway to her pussy below. Subconsciously, I worked her panties to the floor for her to step out of them and then nestled my nose in that short hair, kissing the top of her pussy. She shifted her weight to part her feet and give me a little more access. I responded by pushing my tongue as far as I could between her thighs, drawing it back along the length of her closed slit, right up to the front end where her clit was still buried. She sighed contentedly and I put my palms onto the front of her thighs, thumbs reaching into the dent either side of her clit. Gently, I separated her lips and tongued her again from back to front, pressing in as best I could to slip between to her labia within. She sighed out a full breath.

I spent the next ten minutes in a concentrated regimen with my tongue against and inside her lips, licking and flicking against her clit İzmir travesti whenever I could. Her gentle sighs turned to more intense sounds and she rocked her hips forward to give herself to me. Every time forward, she exposed her tight, shiny and smooth, bright pink nub for me to caress with my tongue. I aimed to never disappoint and she voiced her excitement and pleasure over and over.

I could tell her arousal was complete, and she was on a plateau where I needed to continue without hesitation to advance her to the goal. I lapped at her with gusto, tasting fresh dribbles of her spicy and sweet juice whenever her body released more, and our reward was close. A few minutes into the plateau, the orgasm made a flurried entrance into her consciousness and she panted out words of “ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, yes, yes, yes, yes, ahhh, ahhh.” She tipped her hips forward, jamming her pussy into my face and held fast there. She was quivering with excitement as the orgasm raced through her senses, and then with a big gasp, she jerked her hips back and then forward again two times and lifted one leg across the other to bar the door to her pussy. I held her to give her balance and she twitched her hips and rocked a few more times.

She settled fairly quickly and laughed, and when I looked up, I saw she was clutching her breasts in both hands.

“Wow, that was good,” she said with a big smile.

“I certainly enjoyed it,” I agreed.

She beckoned me to stand, and with a little difficulty I got up. She pulled me to her and we ended with a kiss, tongues chattering and lips sliding as the residue of her lubrication was put to good use between us.

“Good start,” I said when we separated.

“Mmmmmm,” she chuckled. “More, more.”

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