Grab a Graduate

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‘Grab a Graduate’

The time of year when students go to university (I do feel sorry for them with restrictions in our Covid-19 World) reminded me of the time I did a master’s degree, way back in 1982.

Because I was doing a master’s it was going to be a full year and I arrived about a week or so before the undergraduates. At my previous university I had started to dive and I was keen to do a lot more diving. I contacted the university dive club soon after arriving and I found myself involved from the start, even helping out on the club stand at ‘fresher’s week’.

This is the time new students decide on what clubs and activities to join, as well as meeting new friends. I’m sure some readers will remember one of the ‘terms’ used for the week – ‘Fuck a Fresher Week!’ There was always that chance getting laid, but the week was a great chance to meet new friends before, a few weeks later, they were into a ‘circle’ of friends.

Little did I know it would be ‘Grab a Graduate’ rather than ‘Fuck a Fresher!’

On the stand various students came up to enquire about diving, some wanting to try for the first time, some who had done a few dives on holiday, and experienced divers. One girl came up who had a gorgeous smile, piercing blue eyes, who introduced herself as Sarah. She had tried some diving on holiday and wanting to learn to dive properly.

Sarah was of medium height and had short ‘boyish’ hair. But that was the only ‘boyish’ thing about her, she had one of those amazingly sexy hourglass figures with big boobs, a narrow waist, and wide hips to rest your hands on. She was also wearing a tight sweater that showed off her boobs and she was one of those women that seemed totally relaxed with her appearance and her figure, rather than hiding it, or being a ‘barbie’ girl with long hair and lots of make-up. Combined with that friendly smile and ‘cute’ appearance, she was gorgeous.

I was happy to explain to her that the university club was a great way to learn to dive and that we meet once a week in the swimming pool for practical lessons, followed by theory lessons.

I told her she could sign up now and could decide whether to do the training or not after the first couple of pool sessions, where we would be around to help. As Sarah filled out the forms, I explained the first pool session would include some swimming lessons, and how to snorkel, and I asked her whether she a good swimmer. Sarah explained she used to be in swimming competitions in her early teens, then gave up.

I asked why and she laughed and looked at me with a smirk.

“Isn’t it obvious, I’ve got these,” and she briefly posed in front of me, pointing at her boobs.

Her comment made me laugh, but I couldn’t think what to say next. I was a bit embarrassed and tried to avoid looking at her boobs. Then, out of the blue, I said “Well, you’ll keep warm in cold water,” and immediately regretted it, thinking I’d overstepped the mark.

But Sarah just giggled, “Cheeky Boy! At the pool session you will find out I’m still a good swimmer.”

Over the next couple few days I bumped into her around the campus and she was always keen to chat, had that lovely smile, and told me she was looking forward to her first pool session and showing off her swimming skills. She was wearing outfits that showed off her hourglass figure in a subtle way, and with her engaging smile, I was smitten!

Well, I was looking forward to the pool session, hoping I might be the person to look after Sarah. Was she just being friendly, or was there something else, a spark between us? On one hand I wanted to make a move, on the other hand, since she would be part of the dive club, I didn’t want to push my luck.

The day of the pool session arrived and by the pool she came up to me and asked if I’d be her training partner. How could I refuse! She was wearing a black one-piece swim suit (with her figure a bikini would have struggled to keep everything in place!) and it was very difficult not to stare since the costume made her cleavage very obvious, as if her boobs were saying ‘look at me!’

At first Sarah swam a few lengths and it was obvious she was an excellent swimmer. The first test (no longer carried out these days) was to swim a length with a weight belt on, a 5Kg weight. I showed her how to put on the weight belt and adjust it, then gave it to Sarah to put on, looking the other way to avoid looking at her boobs and her glorious cleavage!

But Sarah had other plans!

“I’m having difficulty tightening the weight belt, could you help to tighten it up.”

I swear she had a slight smirk as she said this.

I went to adjust the loose weight belt but realised I could not see the weight belt, or even my hands, all hidden by her breasts, perfect, large, round, and pert, squeezed together in that black swim suit! I was like an animal dazzled in car head lights.

“Can you hold the weight belt tight around you back” I asked her. I then had to kneel down, below ‘breast height’, to tighten the weight belt!

I then looked up, and all I could see was the ‘overhang’ of the chestnut man izle her costume thanks to those glorious boobs! Her female form towered above me and it was such as sensual feminine vision and even now, many years later, it gives me an erection just thinking about it. At the time, a quick thought went through my mind, to slowly stand up and nuzzle my face in her cleavage. I was also aware I was starting to get a semi-erection in my trunks thinking about it. In the end I just stood up (having to lean back first not to ‘bump’ into her boobs!) and, hopefully, without Sarah noticing, adjusted my trunks. I must have looked rather ‘dazed’.

“Good to see you again,” she smirked.

I let out a slight giggle and she asked what I was laughing at.

“I think you know; you are a bit of a tease!”

Sarah laughed back “A bit distracted were you?” she said with a grin, and promptly gave me quick tickle (and I am ticklish), then she set off for her swim. Not only did she do the length with the weight belt on, she swam back the other way. As she did so I put on my mask and watched her swim, supposedly to observe her technique, after all, she was a very good swimmer. But also just to admire her, there is something about women swimming in the water and the way the body quivers and wobbles in a feminine way, especially for women with an hourglass figure like Sarah.

“Well, what do you think?” she asked, and I was impressed …. by her swimming!

Everyone was then called together in a group before trying out the snorkel gear, one of the team giving instructions to everyone from the pool side. Sarah was just in front of me, literally, just in front of me, and she asked if I could see OK.

I told her yes, looking over her head, and smelling her damp hair. As everyone was listening to the instructions, I was suddenly aware of a slight touch of Sarah’s bottom against me. Assuming I was too close, so I pulled back a bit, but she then stepped back so that her bottom brushed my crotch again. At first it such a light touch, but she subtly moved her bottom, this way and that way. At one point she raised her hand to ask a question to the instructor, and, at the same time, she pushed her bottom firmly onto my crotch and must have been fully aware of the ‘stirrings’ she was causing.

I was trying to keep cool, but my cock was having other ideas and it was quickly starting to swell. This could not happen with everyone in the pool! I tried to move back again, but Sarah just stepped back again so that her bottom pushed against my crotch once again.

“Stop it!” I half-heartedly whispered, to which Sarah proceeded to brush my crotch with her hand under the water. My cock started to take over proceedings at this point and I just pushed forward, and she gave my cock a slow squeeze through my trunks before subtly brushing her fingers over the contours of my erection.

My god, this woman was so forward, so brazen! I was frantically trying to keep cool, but my cock had other ideas, getting excited, with a mind of its own, with her touch.

At this point the instructor told us we could collect the snorkel gear. I immediately took the chance to swim into the deep end and ‘pretend’ to do a couple of duck dives. I was a tad worried my erection would not go away, for all to see, but it started to subside. Without anyone noticing (apart from Sarah!) I managed to get out of the pool and grab the rest of my snorkel gear, including my fins, gear that I held in front of me until everything had fully subsided!

I then re-joined Sarah who looked at me with a naughty looking grin. “What’s been distracting you then?” As if she didn’t know!

I then proceeded to show her the best fining technique and how to dive to the bottom of the pool, she was very good at this and I was able to watch her underwater and give advice, but also admire that stunning body ‘wobbling’ in such a sensual way underwater, knowing full well she wanted be to be looked at and admired! She was such a flirt.

Next we spent some time spiralling around each other, and for those around us it looked like we were just trying out our underwater technique, for us it was a sensual dance around each other, without touching. At the surface we were both smiling at each other, huge smiles as two people that fancy each other start to ‘connect’.

There was the final whistle to warn us all it was a couple of minutes before getting out. Sarah asked if she could try out her life saving technique and tow me back. I happily agreed, assuming she would tow me at arm’s length. Instead she used the technique where she was almost underneath me but to one side, ‘holding’ me high in the water. As she swam along, towing me, I could feel her soft boob on the side of my head, like a lovely soft squashy pillow!

“Did you like my technique,” she asked as she got out of pool. There was a queue for the shared shower area, right next to the pool, so I stayed in the shallow end for a little bit longer, pretending to do breathing exercises, but waiting for a certain swelling to go the climb izle down that had started to grow again!

At the communal shower we were all laughing and talking together, and I was able to admire Sarah as she had her shower, the water cascading down over her ‘hourglass figure’. On one hand I was elated, what might happen later the evening. But there was that nagging doubt as well, what about if she was just a very provocative flirt, out to tease me, nothing more!

Outside the pool I was desperately trying to think of what to say next. Sarah led the way by asking if I wanted to have a drink at the student bar with her friends. I happily agreed and we all walked in a group, chatting away, but the two of us glancing at each other with big smiles, like two flirty teenagers, unsure what to do next.

The bar was a throng of people, busy and noisy, and it was a while before we found somewhere to sit down and chat, just the two of us. Sarah was sitting next to me and as I finished sipping my pint I would put my arm on the back of the chair behind her, trying to ‘look’ casual. But I must have had an inane grin on my face. Sarah looked divine with her smile, those eyes, and a tight top that showed off those perfect breasts that I tried to avoid staring at!

Sarah would also occasionally touch me on the knee as we chatted, our legs ‘accidently’ touching. It was one of those delightful moments when two people that really fancy each other are flirting and ‘testing’ each other out – which was a bit daft considering the extent of flirting earlier in the pool!

Sarah finally asked if I was impressed by her swimming during the pool session.

“I was impressed by your swimming, but tell me, did you really need help with that weight belt?”

She admitted she had deliberately asked for help, just to see my reaction, and told me it was so funny to see the expression on my face, trying not to stare at her boobs.

I leant across, “Well, you do have the most amazing figure and boobs that seem to be saying ‘look at me!’, and you looked stunning in the pool in that swimsuit. Like a goddess towering above me as I adjusted your weight belt!”

“Thanks for the compliment, I noticed I was causing you a bit of a commotion, shall we say you were getting a bit excited!”

I told Sarah that it had been a struggle to stop things from ‘growing’. And Sarah replied that said she was getting turned on in the pool, knowing I was struggling to remain composed in her presence!

She then leaned across and whispered in my ear “I did enjoy teasing you in the pool but realised things might get …. ‘out of hand’!”

As she did this, she slipped her hand under the table to give my cock another squeeze. Then she whispered, “Let’s go back to my place, you won’t have to worry about, shall we say, getting excited!” And she then gave my cock another squeeze.

Nervously I mentioned I might need to get some ‘protection’, but Sarah said not to worry since she was on the pill. It was pre-Aids and since I had no idea where to find a condom machine (I should have done my research!) and I was happy to go along with her plans.

We ‘casually’ left the bar but soon were in each other’s arms. Looking down I gazed into her eyes and kissed her on the forehead, whispering “You’re beautiful,” then briefly kissed her on the lips before going into that first French kiss and a tight embrace. We would have continued like this, but the door to the bar opened again, shining a light on us, so we stopped embracing and headed off down the road, holding hands.

I assumed we would be heading toward some of the student residences, but it turned out she had a room in a shared house. This was unusual for first year students and she explained she wanted her independence. Back home she had been in a relationship with her boyfriend since school, but they had grown apart and she had felt trapped by the relationship and was looking forward to being the independent girl at university.

Further along the road we found a secluded spot and soon we were cuddling once more, tongues intertwined, our bodies tightly pressed together. As we cuddled I could feel those lovely boobs, squashed against me, and my cock was erect in no time at all. Sarah then stood back a bit, looked up at me and smiled.

“Good to see you getting all excited again!”, and she gently started to squeeze and caress my erection through my trousers. I couldn’t believe how forward she was and, at the same time, I felt the side of her boobs, touching them ever so lightly through the fabric of her tip before feeling the underside of each pert but large breast in my hands. Then I squeezed both boobs that filled my large hands and I sighed in lust at the touch!

Sarah, as she continued to feel the outline of my cock, bit my ear lobe, and whispered, “Keep touching them Kevin, my boobs are so sensitive when I’m randy.”

We were in utter lust, thrusting up to each other. As I continued to squeeze her breasts through her top, Sarah continued to feel my cock through my trousers, sometimes with the devils hour izle quite a rough squeeze, other times with the light touch of her fingertips.

Then she suddenly stopped caressing my cock and started to convulse and gasp. I couldn’t believe it, she was having an orgasm, fully clothed, with me caressing her boobs!

“Keep Going'” she gasped, then started to cry out before pressing her lips against my neck, to muffle the gasps and she shuddered to an orgasm. It felt so amazing to have this sensual woman quivering against me. With her ‘biting’ my neck I also had a picture going through my mind of the sensual vampire sucking the life out of me (well, I had grown up on 70’s horror films where rather boring and frumpy women turned into gorgeous sensual and sexual creatures when they were bitten!).

I had to hold Sarah up with the intensity of her orgasm, then she finally got her breath back. “It felt so naughty to have an orgasm in the open” she said with a giggle, “Let us get back to my place.”

We walked the rest of the way, hand in hand, smiling at each other in anticipation. It wasn’t far and once there she unlocked the door, took me by the hand, and led me up the stairs into her room. Once inside we flung our warm coats on the floor and were immediately all over each other.

We went into a very deep and very wet French kissing session as I squeezed those gorgeous boobs. At the same time Sarah unzipped my fly, slipped in her hand, and felt my cock through my underwater. Feeling the warmth of her hands through the thin fabric was incredible and I started to ‘hump’ back against the grasp of her hand. With the delights of Sarah feeling me as I caressed her breasts, I let out a slight murmur of elation, then giggled, “It’s like Christmas and my birthday rolled into one!”

“Time to unwrap some presents!” Sarah replied.

As she said this, she half unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off the top of my head. Then I pulled up the sides of her sweater, up and over her head and was able to admire her ample cleavage and boobs in her bra, a bra that struggled to contain the delights within! I had not been with a girl with such large boobs. I just grinned as I gently squeezed them through her bra.

Sarah then smiled, pushed me down onto the bed, so that I was sitting and gazing up at her. She put her hands behind her back, expertly unclipped her bra, and let it fall to the ground, leaving me to gaze at this amazing woman. With her brazen nature, short hair, and those ample boobs, she towered over me like a goddess!

Her naked boobs were large, but also pert and proud, with huge areole, like saucers, and such erect nipples. I was in heaven with this vision of womanhood! Looking deep into her eyes I whispered, “You’re amazing!”

With that I pulled her towards me and kissed her and started to squeeze and caress her naked breasts. It was my first touch of her naked breasts, giving them a gentle squeeze with my fingertips, then feeling the weight and softness of her breasts that amply filled my hands, then an extra squeeze, her breasts wobbling in a delightful way. Then I brushed my thumbs across her nipples, those gloriously erect and swollen nipples. Such nipples were made for sucking and I started to suck on one nipple, then the other. They were so large I could suck on each one like a teat and ‘roll’ each nipple with my lips. As I kissed sucked one nipple, I continued to caress the other breast and tweak the nipple. Then I would swap nipples. I had always been a breast man (well, a breast man and a leg man) and I was in heaven.

I continued to play with her breasts and started to kiss and lick the underside of her breasts. Then I buried my face into her ample cleavage, enthusiastically kissing and licking her boobs as I felt the lovey squishy feeling of her boobs around my face. As I ‘came up for air’ I giggled like a spoilt schoolboy and said, “I wanted to do this when you were standing above me, teasing me with that weight belt on!”

As I said this Sarah smiled, stood up, and, looking down, gave me such a ‘naughty look’ as she held her boobs in her hands. My hands naturally slid down her sides at the same time to rest on her broad hips. She still had her jeans on, and I unbuckled the belt, unzipped them, and tried to pull them down. But they were tight fitting and difficult to pull down over those lovely hips. Sarah smiled, stepped back and pulled down her jeans.

At the same time, I quickly pulled off my jeans, then both of us quickly got rid of our socks (never the easiest things to get rid of in a romantic and passionate moment!). Then we embraced tightly together, her breasts squashing against my naked chest felt, her nipples on mine.

At the same time, as we kissed, I was griding my cock against her. Both of us were still wearing underwear but it a real turn on to feel her ‘heat’ through the fabric. Sarah then slid one of her hands down over my belly to gently caress my cock through the fabric of my underwear. After brushing my cock in this way for a while, she slid her hand inside, both of us murmuring as she felt my naked cock for the first time. It felt exquisite to have Sarah’s feminine hands on my cock and she had a gentle but expert touch, and she knew just the right places to lightly brush my cock with her fingertips, expertly feeling around the helmet and that taught stretch of skin leading down to the shaft, my cock feeling so erect with her touch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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