Good Neighbors Ch. 03

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Chapter 3

Liz Begins Her Class

This is Liz again. Abbie thought I should tell about the beginnings of this next part since I picked the suggestion up from Jeff and sort of ran with it. To be shockingly honest, the idea of teaching more than one student made my pussy all warm and tingly inside. It had been eight years since my husband Ned had passed. We had enjoyed a wonderful sex life and then, suddenly it stopped. I had PTA meetings, trips to Benjamin’s orthodontist and so many other responsibilities that were thrust upon me as a widow that I forgot all about how delicious and comforting a man’s devoted attention to pleasing me could be. Jeff’s big ever-stiff young erection had reminded me with a high voltage shock just how much I was missing.

Abbie and I talked over iced tea on her patio later that afternoon. We weren’t honest with each other at all. I mean, how do you tell your best your friend her son has a lovely cock and that you just spent the entire night with that cock buried deep in your belly?

Still, we were close enough that I could tell there was something different in the way Abbie behaved. She smiled a bit more and her body seemed more relaxed and graceful in a way I couldn’t quite explain. Abbie said almost the same thing about me later when we were finally able to be open about it.

“It did go really well, didn’t it?” I agreed as we talked in glowing terms about our success. We were speaking in the most general terms — carefully avoiding any mention of the liberties we had each taken with one another’s sons.

We were such close friends and we had always shared so much of our lives that several times I just wanted to blurt out the glorious details of my night with Jeff to her. After all, Abbie had raised him and she deserved a lot of the credit for his gentle, considerate, polite nature. I wouldn’t learn until later that Jeff had also inherited his knee-wobbling sex drive from his mother too.

“And you think we ought to spread our training out to some of Benjamin’s and Jeff’s friends too?” Abbie asked.

She didn’t sound skeptical or apprehensive at my suggestion, just guarded. I began to suspect there were things she wasn’t telling me. Of course, there was a lot I wasn’t telling her either.

“How many young men do you think you can do — er, handle in a lesson?” I asked. I corrected my slip of the tongue quickly and hoped Abbie didn’t notice.

“Three!” she snapped.

“You think you can handle three students? That’s a lot of work, Hon!” I countered. Her quick answer caught me off guard. My pussy still ached from the stretching Jeff’s big, wonderful cock had given me over the past night.

“I was thinking more like two might be my limit. I want to make sure I can give each of my students a proper amount of time with my lessons,” I countered.

My words were a lie. Much as I had loved every second of my time with Jeff, I was pretty sure any more than a double-measure of his brand of single-minded male attention might put me in the hospital. I was still recovering from Jeff’s zealous attention to higher learning even now.

“Well, I guess it’s decided then. We are going to take on our son’s friends and give them the education they all need,” Abbie said.

“I only hope they will appreciate all we’re doing for them,” I added with a grin that may have been a little too eager.

Abbie very quickly spoke up, saying, “Well, I think I’ll call Benjamin and ask him to invite a couple of his friends for tomorrow evening. They can decide where we’ll hold our lessons and they can pick me up around 6:30. Is that ok with you, Liz?”

“Oh sure!” I agreed. I had some serious shopping to do before tomorrow evening’s lesson. As an afterthought I asked as casually as I could, “Same arrangement as last night? Have our boys home safe and sound by 10:00 AM?”

Abbie grinned and replied, “You bet!”

We finished our tea, chatted as casually as we could manage about church and college for the boys coming later this Summer and I made my way home.

My first call was to Jeff.

“I think including one of your friends will be a good start for tomorrow evening. You invite a friend and decide on the place and I’ll be ready at 7:00,” I told him. I could tell he was beside himself.

My second call was to the beauty shop. It had been awhile — well maybe longer than awhile. I told my favorite beautician I needed the works. I was getting a new hair style, perhaps some tinting and my nails done.

The next morning, I was a like a madwoman on a mission. After the beauty salon I headed for the mall. My first stop was a high-end lingerie shop. I found a couple of new bras and several pairs of nice, colorful and lacy little panties. I even found a silky red kimono that covered most of my ass to replace that stodgy old robe I’d been wearing for too long. I put on one of the little push-up bras and a pair of the new panties right there in the store. I left Gültepe Escort my old granny bra and the graying panties I’d been wearing right there in the store’s trash can and moved on. My new hairdo and the sleek feel of my new underthings only ramped up my excitement.

Next, I headed for one of the department stores for a nice dress. I didn’t want anything too revealing or brazen. After all, I didn’t want to be seen as ‘fast’ (if they use that term anymore) and I didn’t want to explain why I was wearing something too short or too low-cut to Abbie if she saw me in it. I did want something easy to get out of, though. Not too many buttons, ties or snaps. I just knew there would be moments when I would need to shuck every last stitch I had on in a hurry.

I found a nice, bright, robin’s egg blue suit and a nice sheer blouse. The suit skirt did an incredible job of accentuating my trim waist, my broad hips and that heavy load of junk in my trunk. The blouse was a sheer pale blue and with my new, dark blue bra underneath, I thought my new, updated look was quite- well . . . both stirring and educational.

The last thing on my list were shoes. I wanted a particular kind of shoe. I had shoes with three-inch heels but I was looking for something much more daring. I wanted shoes that made a statement. Years ago, Abbie had a name for the kind of shoe I wanted. She called them ‘knock-me-down-and-fuck-me-pumps.’

I had glanced at the shoes in the department store and they didn’t come close. I began to roam the mall, not really sure where or if I would find the kind of shoes I wanted. I covered one complete end of the mall without success and was beginning to get desperate. It was then that I came upon a small shoe shop down in a remote corner of the mall. There wasn’t much foot traffic but the store window told me everything I needed to know. Every single pair of shoes in the display window had at least a four-inch heel and some were even higher. There wasn’t a pair of the shoes in the window that didn’t scream ‘knock-me-down-and-fuck-me.’

I practically ran inside. I found a sinful pair of black open-toed shoes with stiletto heels that begged me to try them on but before I could even plant myself in a chair the handsome young shoe salesman stopped me.

“Sorry, but you have to wear socks or stockings if you want to try on shoes,” he told me and then added, “It’s a Board of Health regulation and they’re cracking down on us about it.”

The salesman’s name was Adam and he was cute. He was only a little older than my Jeff. He seemed to be eyeing my loafer-clad and unstockinged feet with disapproval. He had every right to question my appearance. My brown loafers looked simply horrible with the new outfit I was wearing. I was a little embarrassed by them.

“If you really want to complete the look of this outfit,” he suggested, “A lovely pair of these might be perfect.”

He presented me with a small packet containing what appeared to be very sheer white stockings.

“Why don’t you try these on. Then you can try on any shoe you like. If you find a pair of shoes I’ll throw in the stockings — just to complete your lovely outfit.”

I kicked my loafers off, extracted one of the stockings and placed a foot on the stool. The stocking was quite sheer and had a wide lacy elastic band at the top.

“Wow . . . Oh my, but this looks lovely and it feels so . . . so elegant!” I purred when the first stocking was on and I could savor the sensation the nylon encasing my calves and the snug way the lacy tops hugged my thigh. I had never worn stockings like these before. I liked the sensation of them on my legs so much I almost forgot about the shoes.

“That looks truly lovely,” Adam purred, “And they will make your legs look even more shapely!”

“Um-hum!” I agreed before planting myself in the fitting chair. “I’d love to try on a pair of those,” I told Adam, pointing to those open-toed stilettos I’d fallen in love with.

Adam proceeded to measure my feet in a most thorough fashion. He had me stand with my left foot in that metal measuring thing shoe stores have, all the while caressing my ankle and calf. When he was finished with my left foot, he repeated the process with my right foot. This time though, he eased his hand almost up to my knee to ‘steady’ me as he explained, as I shifted my weight. I did not mind. His touch was very gentle, even calming, and helped slow my fluttering heart.

Adam set off for the backroom the second I was back in my seat. I’m afraid when he sat down on his little stool in front of me again and pulled the first shoe out of the box, I giggled like a schoolgirl. I hated laughing like that but I’d done it a lot with Jeff and things had turned out — well — more than alright.

I threw my own foot up on the fitting platform, anxious to get my foot into something so sleek and downright sexy. Adam didn’t hurry the process. He cupped my ankle lovingly, lifted Gültepe Escort Bayan my foot and eased my toes into the shoe carefully. I could tell he enjoyed his work by the way he smiled and paid so much attention to my comfort. He eased two fingers gently around the back of my heel to make sure it wasn’t too loose and even stroked the top of my foot with his warm hand to reassure me.

He took every bit as much time with my other foot and even caught my hand and lent me support when I stood a bit too quickly. I had never worn heels this high and it took some getting used to. I walked slowly, deliberately to the front of the store, my confidence ballooning with each step I took. By the time I pivoted to make my return, my gait had become an easy, almost cocky strut.

Adam’s mouth was open, a faint but vacant smile on his handsome young face as I neared him once more. You will never be able to understand how confident, how in control, how absolutely desirable I felt in that moment. Abbie’s term to describe this kind of shoe suddenly took on new meaning for me. I needed to be knocked down and fucked!

“I think I’ll buy these!” I told him. I was suddenly out of breath. Adam was still staring at my feet and legs.

Though he never looked up, he replied, “If you don’t buy them, I will give them to you. Da-a-a-mn!”

Again, I should have protested this sort of rough language, but it only made me feel more desirable. “I think I’ll wear them home,” I told him.

“Wear them out in public at your own risk!” Adam announced, “They’re so hot your feet may catch fire!”

I know that his words were probably some stock compliment he used all the time but in that very moment I felt that my whole being might well catch fire. I felt hotter than I had ever felt in life.

I was in a daze as I paid at the register and made my way to the door. I’m not sure my feet were even touching the floor as I walked.

About halfway to the car I realized I was strutting. I couldn’t help it. Men were stopping to stare at me as I passed by. These heels forced me to walk a bit more slowly, a little more deliberately. My back was straight and my chest was thrust out. My breasts were jostling from side to side with every step in my new pushup bra and I unbuttoned my suit jacket to free them a bit more. I couldn’t help but strut. When I reached the car, I saw my chest reflected in the car window. Both nipples were hard and plainly visible through the material of my bra and blouse. I hadn’t realized just how flimsy my new bra was. I made a mental note not to let Abbie see me in this blouse with this bra. She had never seen me dress like this and she would be sure to know something was up.

Jeff and my new student, whoever he was, were certainly in for a treat. I decided not to tell them what Abbie called shoes like these — at least, not until later after they had knocked me down and fucked me.

Evening came at last and I was ready. The doorbell rang and I opened it to discover Jeff and a young man several inches taller than Jeff beside him on the porch. The tall young man was, if this was possible, even more muscular than Jeff. He was also black and strikingly handsome with sharp features and a straight jawline that jutted out like the bow of a ship. I did it again. I let out a giggle!

“Mrs. Nobbing, this is my friend Eddy. Eddy, this is Mrs. Nobbing,” Jeff said by way of introduction.

He nodded, shyly and I spoke up, “Come in, both of you!”

After a minute or two of pleasantries (and another damned lapse when I giggled one more time like a teenager), I turned my attention to my new student and the corsage in his hand.

“Is that for me?” I asked, gazing down at the flowers in his hand.

“Yeah,” he told me bashfully.

“Well, why don’t we begin with your first lesson right now, Edward — It is alright if I call you Edward, isn’t it?” I asked, all the while smiling sweetly.

Edward nodded and answered, “Sure,” before lifting the corsage box and fumbling nervously with the pin.

My little suit jacket, I thought, would make it easier for him. He was being dreadfully timid about the whole thing, though. I finally took his hand, placed it, along with the corsage, against the lapel and gently guided the hand wielding the pin to the proper location. Thankfully, he succeeded without bloodshed.

“Where are you handsome young men taking me off to?” I asked.

Edward spoke right up this time. “My folks have a cabin up on Soapstone Lake. I thought that might be nice. I hope you approve,” he said.

I’d heard of Soapstone Lake. It was fairly exclusive. Edward’s parents had apparently done well in life.

“That sounds lovely,” I told him and we all trooped out the door.

My first bit of panic came when I discovered what we would be riding in. Edward had a new and absolutely huge pickup truck. I suspected it was a graduation gift and I was right. It sat several feet Escort Gültepe off the ground, with big rough-looking tires and a good deal of chrome at both its front and rear. There were big, imposing lights bolted to the roof of it. Getting up into the seat would require a stepladder — or the strong, helping hands of these young men. It seems I would have to be manhandled just to get up in Edward’s ‘monster truck.’ Wearing my lovely new suit might make this little climb quite an adventure.

“Um . . . How do you two gentlemen propose that I get up into your lovely, shiny new, truck?” I asked with a coy smile as I stood beside its open door and gazed inside. I was barely at eye level with the seat. “It certainly is big and impressive,” I added.

A silence fell over us as I smiled patiently at the two of them. I had expected my young escorts for the evening might offer a helping hand and that with a modest show of strength on their part and the exposure of a bit of my new stockings I would be helped up and into the truck. I wasn’t prepared for Edward’s solution to the problem.

“Let’s try this,” he said after a pause that was growing awkward.

Before I knew what was happening, Edward wrapped his big, strong hands about my waist, clasped me by the broad swell of my hips, lifted me up, turned me slightly and settled my bottom into the truck seat. I didn’t even have time to protest before it was done. I did shriek a bit after this was all over, though.

“Oh!” was all I could manage as I sat there in the truck facing them, stunned by how suddenly this had all happened. My skirt was hiked up to the middle of my thighs, my legs parted in a most unladylike pose. From their vantage point, both young men were staring almost directly up my lovely new skirt.

“You look absolutely lovely tonight, Mrs. Nobbing,” Edward announced, grinning.

Jeff nodded his agreement, also smiling. Both my students, I noted, continued staring and smiling at my open legs the entire time.

“Why, thank you Edward — but I think we need to work on improving your manners. You’ve been quite helpful, but you really ought to warn a lady before you give her a boost up like that,” I explained as I closed my legs and smoothed my skirt. “It might have been better for you to offer me your hand first,” I added.

“I’ll remember that from now on,” Edward said before repeating dreamily, “You do look lovely.”

I couldn’t tell whether he was complimenting my outfit or the panoramic view up my skirt. Before I had time to think about that, Jeff was urging me to scoot over toward the middle of the seat. Edward had climbed behind the wheel and had the motor rumbling at a low hum before I could find my seatbelt and buckle it. I suddenly found myself wedged between two of the hunkiest young men imaginable. I looked to my left at Edward and then to my right at Jeff. I could feel the masculine heat from those big bulging muscles washing over me like an ocean and I did the only thing I could under the circumstances: I let out another of my empty-headed giggles.

Riding between these two did positively nothing to help clear my head. Each time I looked to my left and then to my right, I giggled. I wanted to slap myself. I glanced left and right on the way to the lake cabin a lot. More than once on our drive to the cabin, an almost uncontrollable urge came over me to shuck every stitch of clothes I had on and invite these twin towers of gorgeous young muscles to do the same.

“I’m glad you’re so happy tonight, Mrs. Nobbing,” Edward said after what seemed like my ninety-ninth giggle.

“Oh, I’m happy alright,” I told him, “And I’m awfully nervous too.”

“Why would you be nervous?” he blurted out, “You are so lovely and so experienced! I’m the one who should be nervous. Jeff has already had one lesson and you are already so experienced and so worldly. I just hope you’ll be patient with me. I want to learn! I want to learn everything you have to teach me!”

Edward was brimming over with excitement by now. It warmed my heart to know he was inspired and eager to learn. I only hoped I could meet the challenge.

At that exact moment I let my gaze drift down to Jeff’s lap. I could just make out the outline of his lovely big cock where it lay stretching out to the left across his lap. I longed to rest my hand on it to see how much effort it might take to awaken it. Instead, I let my eyes roam to my left. I let myself recall the solid heft of Jeff’s cock in my hand from two nights before. I was only half conscious of my surroundings at this point. Gradually my eyes settled on Edward’s lap and I actually managed to focus for the first time in more than a minute.

“Oh, m-y-y!” I shrieked in the same high voice as I had in my bouts of giggling.

“Are you alright, Mrs. Nobbing?” both boys asked almost at once.

“Y-yes-s . . . I think so,” I answered cautiously. I was staring straight ahead now, with a lump in my throat. I had just gotten a glimpse into my future. There, resting in Edward’s lap — and not spread across it but quietly arranged down the inside of his trouser leg stretched something monstrously long and thick. I felt lightheaded. If Jeff was packing a pistol, then Edward, my eager new student, was carrying a shotgun.

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