Good Morning Sweetheart

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My eyes opened slightly. I turn my head over to look at the alarm clock to check the time. My alarm is set for 5:30am; it is 4:55am. Shit! There is nothing worse than waking up before the damn alarm goes off. Especially this early in the morning, I absolutely hate that. It has the possibility to turn a perfectly good day into a shitty day in a heartbeat. I roll over to look at my husband, James, lying beside me. He slightly wakes up and mumbles a weak, “morning”. I slowly start to smile; he is a little bit awake, but not much. I plan to take full advantage of this and him.

The job that I have is physically demanding, but rather boring aside from the hand eye coordination that is required. There is a lot of time to think and daydream. James got me started reading erotica online, so I have all kinds of things to think about. I daydream a lot during the day. Needless to say, I am on a very horny streak lately. I cannot think of any guy that would mind if his girl is horny 24-7. Right now, that is me, and my hubby loves it.

I scooted over to James and reached out with my hand and touched his low stomach. He lets out a deep sigh as my hand moves down a little further. I am softly running my hand up and down his cock. I lightly touched his balls and felt how smooth they are. I really like how James shaves himself just for me. As my hand fondles his balls, he can’t seem to control the ark izle the sound that came out of his throat. I wrapped my hand around his beautiful cock and started to stroke it. I lowered the quilt from his upper body so that I can have better access to him. As soon as the quilt is out of my way, I move down to suck on his cock. The moan that came from him was definitely one of pure pleasure. As I am sucking on his gorgeous cock, his hand reaches for my head and is guiding my movements. He is really enjoying what my mouth is doing for his cock.

I don’t want him to cum just yet, so I do not spend too much time with his cock. I kiss my way up his stomach and stop at his nipples, kissing, sucking, and licking. I continued to kiss my way up to his neck and then to his mouth. Then I stopped and looked at his face. He was smiling with his eyes closed. When he opened his eyes, he could tell that I am smiling down at him.

“Do you want something?”

“Well, yeah. You don’t expect me to go to work like this do you?”

“Oh, well, we can’t have that now can we.”

I have the biggest smile on my face now. James reached out with his hand and touched my smooth mound. Oh my god, that felt so good. I really want this. His fingers move very well around my clit. Sending shock waves through my body. I am already so wet that he has no trouble the catch izle sliding his finger into my pussy. I am moaning my approval at what his fabulous fingers are doing to me. I can’t take much more of this. I push him back and move my leg over his body. I plan to use him this morning for my pleasure, and if he gets something out of it too, that is even better. I move my hips around on his cock as I listen to him moan as he grabs my hips. I sit up a little and guide his cock into my dripping wet pussy. As I move back, his cock slides further into my tight pussy and we both moan at the same time. I stop moving when his cock is all the way in, so that we can revel in the amazing sensation. I feel like I am in heaven, this feels so good. Slowly I start moving up and down, moving my hips back and forth at the same time. This little movement provides me with the most pleasure that I could ever imagine. I eventually pick up speed, as our moans are almost non-stop now. His hands are on my hips as I am getting close to my release. His hips are thrusting up into me to get as much of his cock into my pussy as he can. We both pick up speed, as we are getting closer to our own orgasms. All it took was a couple more thrusts and we found our release.

It is like fireworks going off. It is incredible. We could not contain the sounds that came out of our the chemistry of death izle mouths if we tried. We are in bliss as we ride out our orgasm together. We are coming off our high when I lay on his chest. I am able to move my hips a little, as he let a sigh escape his lips. I lifted my head and kissed his lips as his hands abandoned my hips and grabbed my head and gives me a very passionate kiss. One that is laden with hunger and lust.

“Are you better now,” he asks.

“Oh yes, thank you so much.”

I roll off him and stretch out at his side. Before I get too comfortable, I sit up and lean over his body. I cannot resist a soft cock; I have it in my mouth. My tongue comes out of my mouth and touches his gorgeous cock and he inhales quickly. I know that he enjoys my mouth on his cock; it does not matter if he is hard or soft. I lick on it gently knowing that it is very sensitive now. As I take his pliable cock into my mouth, he is moaning more now than he was earlier. I can feel him twitching in my mouth as I run my tongue around his cock. The taste of our combined juices on him is almost sending me over the edge again. After a couple minutes of this pleasure, I sit up and look at his face. He has a big smile on his lips still; he really enjoys how I use my mouth on him.

I get off the bed to get cleaned up and ready for work. As I return to the bedroom to retrieve my clothes, I notice that he is asleep already. I must have really worn him out this morning. He is probably trying to recuperate from last night as well. That’s okay; I will have a fabulous day at work with more than enough to keep my mind occupied all day. I love mornings like this. I can’t wait until to next one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32