Good Morning Sunshine

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The sunlight filters through the curtains as I stretch and open one eye. Groaning at the unwanted intrusion, I sit up and rub my eyes, casting a glance at you lying next to me…still sleeping—looking so peaceful and boyish. Faintly I smile, remembering the passion of the night before, knowing how deep our desire pulled us…together…spiraling… toward a climax we could only know with each other.

Slipping from the bed, taking care not to wake you, I softly pad out of the room and downstairs. I start a pot of coffee and walk out to the patio. It’s such a lovely sunny spring day. I inhale the aroma of freshly mowed grass and feel wonderfully content.

Suddenly I feel your arms come around my waist and it makes me a moment of thought to make me smile. You turn me around as gaze deep into my eyes, the black clouds of last night’s passion replaced by the twinkling eyes I love so much.

We stand there together, your arms holding me close, resting underneath my breasts…your head resting atop mine…just watching the sunrise together. Slowly you turn me around to face you…caressing my face with your palms…trailing your fingertips over my lips to part them slightly. Leaning into me, you slide the tip of your tongue across my lips…nibbling lightly…smiling…easing your tongue inside to touch mine.

Slowly and gently twisting your tongue with mine…moaning softly as you pull me close, pressing your body up against me, your arms circling my waist…moving up my back and then down again to cup my buttocks.

You break the kiss, tenderly picking me up in your arms and carry me back upstairs.

After you set me gently onto the bed, you untie my robe…parting it and slowly pulling it from my shoulders. Your head dips to press soft kisses along my creamy bahçeşehir escort shoulders, my long neck, and down the valley between my breasts. Arching my back and moaning softly, I wind my fingers into your hair…pulling you toward my nipples, now straining for your touch.

You cup my breast, squeezing it gently before lowering your lips to my nipple. Taking it between your teeth…nibbling…slowly teasing…erotically sending sensations through my body. The heat begins to soar between my legs and becomes so intense my juices rapidly flow.

You notice my eyes closed, my face flushed with pleasure, and you whisper to me, “Open your eyes and watch me.”

I do as I’m told, locking my gaze with yours as you bend to my straining nipple again…it drives me wild…my fingers passionately coursing through your hair, my body arching toward you.

Very slowly, you let your fingertips travel downward, over my torso down to my navel…following with little kisses…gliding your tongue along my skin…dipping your tongue into my navel, swirling it around…your hands sliding across my waist and hips.

My body shudders as your lips follow your hands. Your tongue is wet on my hot skin…moving toward the source of my heat. Gently you part my labia lips, sliding a finger between them…teasing me…taunting me. You know the effect you’re having on me…knowing how much I love you. You graze your thumb over my swollen nub of my clitoris, stroking it and making it harder, making it throb with lusty desire.

I rock my hips toward you as you slide that finger into my wetness, probing deeper until it is all the way inside me. My body quivers and shakes as you bring me to climax, my juices flooding your finger.

You whisper lovingly…”Yes, bakırköy escort baby…cum for me.” You know I am spiraling out of control, you bend down and touch the tip of your tongue lightly to my swollen clit…causing me to jump and squeal with delight.

A smile appears on your face as you work your finger slowly in and out of my hot wet pussy. Then you probe my anal sphincter…gently…before just barely sliding it in. I purr from low in my throat now as I ride your finger to another earth shattering climax.

Pulling your finger from my anus, you lower your mouth to my dripping wet pussy…licking slowly along my slit…capturing all of the sweetness I have made for you. When you’ve cleaned me thoroughly, you slide up my body and lower your lips to mine, dropping some of my juices into my mouth…letting me taste what you do to me. How hot you make me feel.

My body is alive with passion as I rock against you, feeling your hardness against my pubic mound now…probing the opening ever so gently. You position yourself over me, my knees at your shoulders…slowly sliding the tip of your shaft along my slit…teasing…causing my juices to pour forth again…flooding around your cock and balls.

You groan and slide your cock deep inside me, one long, smooth thrust. Then, holding still for a moment, relishing the sensations of pleasure coursing through our bodies. You begin to move slowly now …gently…sliding in and out so easily…watching me as I meet your every thrust. Slipping your hands under my ass, you pull my pussy closer. You are moving faster now. Every moan you hear form me only intensifies your desire for me.

Soon you are slamming your cock into me with wild abandon…as if you can never get enough…groaning başakşehir escort as my pussy tightens around your cock, gripping you, not letting you go. My hands grip the headboard on the bed. Moaning louder now…my breasts bounce to their fullest length as you pound into my pussy as if your life depends on it.

I scream out your name as my pussy tightens around your cock like a glove, feeling the rush of juices over you, holding your cock still now…letting me ride my climax to its fullest extent.

As I spiral back to earth, I can feel your cock throbbing inside me…knowing you are about to cum, I want to do something totally erotic and send your orgasm to a greater height. I wrap my legs around your hips, locking them at the ankles. I pull you close to me and kiss you passionately, lovingly, and then whisper into your ear that I want to taste you.

You slowly withdraw your cock from my pussy and move your body around so I can slip it into my mouth. Sucking the head of your cock, I tickle the underside of your balls with my fingertips…I know it drives you wild. I want your climax to be as intense for you as mine was. You begin to thrust wildly into my mouth. Faster and faster…deeper… harder…watching intently as your cock disappears between my full pink lips. It strains against the back of my throat, and fight back the sensation to cough or gag.

With a loud groan and one deep thrust, your cum fills my mouth…sliding down my throat. There is so much of it that some trickles out and over my lips. I hold you deep in my mouth until the last of your cum has emptied. Giving you one last loving lick, I take your cock out of my mouth and seductively lick the escaped cum from my lips.

Grinning at you, I rise up into your arms and kiss you again with passion, sharing with you the flavors you have left on my tongue. You wind your arms around me, my head against your chest, listening to our hearts beat, gradually slowing. I sigh in contentment and close my eyes.

We lie there for a long while until the both of us drift off into a satisfied sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32