Good Morning Daddy

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I love the way he touches me. The way his hands caress me every morning as I wake up. Sometimes it is my hair, often it is my breasts but every time it makes me purr with contentment. Snuggling closer his warm naked body he presses into mine. The memories of the previous night begin rolling through my mind awakening a tingle between my legs. Somehow after being gang banged for hours I do remember being able to walk in the door, shower and collapse into bed. I am sore but I am still becoming aroused just having him so near. Daddy is my aphrodisiac. Every other man I have been with has always ended up asking me “is sex all you think about?” Daddy just fucks me again instead of asking such a stupid question.

“I want breakfast baby girl. Be still,” he whispers in my ear. Throwing back the covers he slides down between my legs breathing me in deeply. Pulling my poor abused pussy lips open wide his tongue begins circling my clit so gently. He knows that he did not have to tell me to be still. When his tongue is working its magic I am paralyzed, sometimes it feels like I stop breathing. Alternating between sucking gently and circling my clit his hands wander up to my breasts and grab a hold of them. He presses his chin firmly against my hungry cunt.

When daddy eats my pussy, he doesn’t just eat. He consumes me. He growls and savors me. I have never felt so görükle escort wanted or desired as when he is doing this. It’s not just a physical pleasure. It extends to an emotional level. I never dreamed someone could want me so completely. His exploration of my pussy is like a journey he takes, pushing with his tongue, pulling with his lips, testing everywhere for my reactions.

Daddy’s fingers skillfully twist at my nipples and squeeze my breasts as his tongue dips deep inside of me. He murmur’s something about ‘the sweetest honey’ then proceeds to tongue fuck me deeply before sucking my clit back between his lips again. This is absolute perfection and sometimes I wish I could remain in this state forever.

Daddy skillfully throttles me forward as visions of the previous night’s gang bang fly through my mind. My body involuntarily raises and head presses back as the release hits. My pussy contracts hard over and over, and I am gasping and crying out in mind exploding orgasm. Panting hard, extremely content and blissfully in love after that I drift to sleep and he allows me to.

Drowsy, I awaken to cuffs being locked to my hands and wrists. Smiling up at daddy he helps me to sit up and sends me off to the bathroom to freshen up with a sharp slap to my ass. When I return the bed is covered in soft sheep skin throws and he motions görükle escort bayan me to lay down. “Spread those beautiful thighs for me baby girl,” he instructs and like always I obey and become wet with anticipation.

Climbing over the top of me he drops his glorious cock into my mouth and I accept it with a hungry moan, lavishing it with my tongue, sucking his man sword deep into my throat. I love how daddy tastes. I can devour his cock at the drop of a hat but add this view of his sexy ass as I stare up and damn, it sends me escalating in pleasure.

“Smack!” Suddenly a sharp pain stings my swollen pussy lips as daddy delivers ten flat handed spanks. Each one landing on my hungry wet cunt in quick succession, I hardly have time to think or react other than the loud moans funneling out around daddy’s cock down my throat. He quickly lowers his head and tongues up and down my snatch, licking my sweetness before sucking my clit into his mouth to massage it with his tongue. His hips start to pump his cock deeper into my mouth and despite being unable to talk, my moans convey my need to feed. He knows I want his cum and my mind is screaming, “feed me daddy, feed me please, please feed me.”

Daddy has other things in mind and he pulls out leaving me whimpering and pouting. Turning around he locks my knees over his arms and bursa escort mounts me swiftly, pushing his cock in full hilt and locking his eyes to mine he pours his daddy seed deep into me. I feel it exploding inside and my pussy involuntarily contracts and my hips buck with each shot.

Slowly pulling out with a smile daddy moves to each side of the bed securing my cuffs at the corners. I stare at his cock, covered in my juice and still thick with arousal. Using ropes he pulls my knees upward and straps them to my elbows making me very exposed. He then ties a blindfold on me and leaves me for a while to enjoy my state of vulnerability.

Enough time has passed to allow his cum to slowly slip from my cunt. I am sure it has dripped onto the bed under me. He returns and I hear him shuffling around in our toy box. The next thing I feel are clothes pins being placed on my pussy lips making them opened wide. There must be at least four on each side and then the last… he places securely on my clit.

I am panting and I start to sweat, thrilled with the pain mixed with pleasure, and the exposure of my femaleness for anyone to see. I hear him relax in his favorite recliner near the end of the bed and feel the heat of the reading lamp readjusted on my clothes pinned pussy. It twitches as I writhe in pleasure under his gaze and I know he is watching his own cum continuing to leak out of me.

This is my morning under the care of my daddy dom. The day has just begun but when he is near it is always guaranteed to be heated, sexually exciting and one that meets the needs of his nastiest desires. I never want it any other way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32