Good Morning

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I walk quietly into your room, closing the door softly behind me, and walk naked over to your bed. I see you sleeping peacefully, so beautiful. I lay down next to you on the bed, careful not to disturb you yet. I watch you sleep, your face calm, your breathing deep and regular. I drink you in with my eyes, memorising every feature, every line, every curve.

I reach a hand up to smooth your hair, then to caress your face lightly. I run my fingers over your forehead, your eyebrows, eyelashes, over your cheeks and then to your lips. I trace my fingers over your soft lips savouring the feel of them, as you start to stir slightly. I lean in to replace my fingers with my lips, pressing them to yours ever so gently. My eyes are on yours as I see them slowly open to look back at me. I love to look into your eyes. You smile sleepily at me beneath my kiss and reach your arms out to hold me. I slip under the covers and put one leg up and around your hip, an arm around your waist. My other arm is supporting my head as I continue to kiss you awake. My hand caresses your body, feeling your warm skin. Eyes still on yours, kissing more deeply as my passion for you increases.

You respond to me immediately, holding me to you tighter, pressing your body to mine, and I feel your need for fixbet me. I wriggle my groin against your hardening cock and moan slightly with desire. We are kissing hungrily, more desperate for each other as our hands grope at hot skin. I move to straddle you, leaning down to kiss you deeply, before moving my kisses down your body. My lips suck gently on yours before releasing them and kissing their way along your jaw to your earlobe, which I nibble for a moment until I kiss further down your neck. I pause at the base of your neck to suck harder, nipping you gently with my teeth, feasting on your flesh.

I eventually leave your neck and trail nibbling kisses down your chest, teasing each of your nipples with my tongue, sucking on them, biting softly. My hands caress your sides as I continue to move my lips further down, kissing your stomach and abdomen. My hands now on your hips as I kneel between your legs, my mouth teasing around your groin with wet kisses, light tongue. Lower still, and I nibble softly at your inner thighs with my lips, feeling you shiver as I get closer to the object of my desire.

I look up at you then, your eyes are closed and your mouth is open, breathing heavily with the teasing pleasure I give you. I pause a moment, my mouth hovering fixbet giriş over your crotch. You can feel hot breath on your dick and tickling your balls. I lean in and lightly caress your balls with my tongue, feeling them move under my touch as you flinch at the sudden sensation. I continue to lick them, teasing and playing with them, listening to the gasps coming from you. My tongue then makes its way further up, licking lightly from the base of your shaft with teasing strokes, up to the tip. It circles the tip of your cock and my lips kiss you softly, tenderly. I can feel you twitching beneath my lips, the pleasure intensifying.

I tease you some more, wanting to heighten your sensations. My tongue flicking lightly then firmly up and down your very hard cock. Your moans and whimpers excite me and soon I decide you’ve had enough teasing. I move my lips to the tip of you, running my tongue once more around the head, then sliding my warm wet mouth over you, taking you in as far as I can. You moan deeply and raise your hands above you to grab the bed head. I stay there a moment, my tongue massaging you inside my mouth. Then I start to pump my head up and down, sucking gently as my tongue continues to work on your cock. Slowly at first, then faster… I can feel your tension building, feeling you start to throb inside my mouth. I back off a couple of times, slowing down when I sense you getting too close, then increasing the pace again a while later, building you to an amazing peak.

I taste the pre-cum that oozes from you, and cannot wait a moment longer. I remove my mouth from your dick and move quickly up your body, kissing you desperately as I slide my dripping pussy down onto your throbbing cock. I sit there a few seconds, just enjoying the feel of you inside me, breathing heavily and staring deep into your eyes. Slowly I begin to ride you, but slowly does not last. My need for you is too intense and my thrusts soon become hard and fast. You lower your hands to my hips and pull me down onto you hard in time with my thrusting. We are both moaning, whimpering and gasping with the sensations. It is not long before I feel you tense up beneath me, your face a picture of ecstasy as you pull me down hard onto your dick, cumming deep inside me.

Your pleasure blows my mind and my orgasm breaks just seconds after yours. My muscles are spasming around you, hips are jerking and I am crying out and gasping loudly with the power of pleasure. Still shaking, body shuddering, I collapse on top of you, exhausted and satisfied, as you wrap me in your arms and hold me close to you. We lay together, you still inside me, cherishing our time together. Eventually though we must get up, and head for the shower together…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32