Good Little Churchgirl Pt. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


19 year old Brooke took a couple of seconds and then hit send. She quickly flicked her cell over so the screen wasn’t showing but almost immediately turned it back so she could see what happened.

But nothing did.

She continued to stare, waiting for it to light up but stubbornly the screen remained dark.

Frustrated she turned off her bedside light and pulled the duvet up to her chin and resigned herself to yet another night of broken sleep. One where thoughts and questions constantly flashed through her mind. A mind that refused to switch off, to allow the sleep to take her, sleep that her body desperately needed.

Had she done the right thing? What will he think? Should she pretend it was just a joke?

Brooke’s hand wandered down her body as she lay there in the dark. Naked apart from her purple panty boyshorts that clung to her young hips. Slipping beneath her waistband her fingers quickly found her target, to begin her nightly ritual. Her lips already slightly swollen in anticipation, nub proud and hard as she swiftly rubbed round and round with her fingertips.

She opened her legs a little more to allow better access to her sensitive opening. Dipping the tip of her middle finger inside, a silent moan escaped her lips. She pushed deeper as her walls gripped the intrusion tightly. Her thumb circling her clit, pushing down meeting her hips as they rose to meet her invading finger. She slipped a second one inside and curved them both up until she found the sweet spot on the front of her wall. Her moaning became a little louder as her body responded to her stimulation and she finally grasped the bedsheets as hundreds of tiny explosions shot through her body.

Her beautiful small breasts were now exposed after the duvet had been thrown to the floor. Hard dark nipples proudly erect as her mind rushed to him. She pictured her fingers running through his soft dark hair as she guided him to her curves, waiting for his mouth to fasten on her hard nipple. Waiting for him to take her swollen centre between his teeth, gently nibbling before flicking his tongue across the tip, sending shivers down to her gaping pussy.

Warm juices flooded between her open legs, soaking her fingers as she plunged deeper inside. Urgent as her climax rose from deep within. She felt his tongue creating trails down her skin, leaving goosebumps behind as his warm breath kissed her softly. His slim athletic body effortlessly sliding lower. Her hands on his pale skin, pushing him down and guiding him towards her opening between her legs.

She had shaved a few days earlier so her skin tingled at the slightest touch. Her mind focused on his mouth as he paused just above her waiting sex. She could smell her anticipation as her fingers pushed deeper inside.

Wanting him, needing him.

Her hand grasped a swollen nipple pulling and twisting it, causing her hot juices to coat her fingers as they slipped in and out of her wet pussy. Her breathing increased as a long moan began to rise from deep inside her. Her heart racing and body trembling as heat radiated from her core as her body reached it’s orgasm.

“Oh Kyle!” she whispered as her nerve endings exploded around her fingers buried deep between her legs. She shivered at the intensity and her mind wandered, wondering what it would finally feel like to have somebody replace her invading hand.


Brooke slowly opened her eyes, cursing slightly under her breath that her alarm had disturbed her from the slumber that had finally taken her. As her deep brown eyes looked around her bedroom she pushed the final remnants of sleep from her mind and remembered that her cell needed checking. Sitting up in her bed, Brooke pulled her duvet to her waist and reached for her phone. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw an unopened message waiting for her.

Morning Brooke, hope you are well. Thank you so much for your email that you sent yesterday. I must say we were a little surprised that you had shown interest in applying for the position as we both know how busy you are with your studies at the moment. However we both feel you would be ideal for the job. We have noticed how well you interact with the children etiler escort at church and feel that your natural ease will prove to be ideal in the role. We would firstly like you to attend a short interview at our house tomorrow evening at 7pm. If this is not convenient then please let us know. If not we will see you then. If you need directions then just ask but I think you were at the garden party we hosted this summer for the church youth. Until then, Kyle & Desirèe.

A big smile spread quickly across her face as the meaning of the message sunk in. Not only had her application been taken seriously, but it seemed that it was very close to being accepted. Ever since she had seen the request for a personal maths tutor to help the eldest daughter of the Youth Pastor in the church bulletin last week, she had been mulling it over in her mind. It would be a great way to earn a little extra money to help towards the running costs of her car as well as building her confidence in the run up to applying for her teacher training course next year.

Kyle Rammage had been Youth Pastor at Brooke’s church for the last year. He had caused something of a stir amongst quite a few of the girls when he was first introduced. He was very different from the previous incumbent who had retired at the age of 72, feeling the pressures of looking after the church’s youth had become too much for an old man. At the time he was just 43, tall, lean and definitely very easy on the eye. The hushed gossip amongst the girls had reached fever point in the weeks leading up to his inauguration and had only been subdued with the realisation that he was married to Desirèe, a blonde, curvaceous 39 year old who certainly complimented him completely. They were the stereotypical ideal couple. She was quiet, attentive and dutiful; the perfect partner to this dedicated man of God. They had a couple of young children, Rachel now aged 13 and her 15 year old sister Abby. Kyle had spent many hours getting to know the youth of the church, creating a Sunday morning youth choir and successfully developing the Friday night Youth Meet so that on some evenings the church was overflowing with local youngsters who flocked to be part of the buzz. There was no doubt that he and his wife were very well respected by the elders, pastor and general congregation of the church for all the hard work and dedication to their calling.

Her girlfriends still commented secretly about him, but Brooke didn’t participate in the idle gossip, much preferring to keep her thoughts and feelings to herself. She constantly battled with the powerful urges that came to her whilst she masturbated every evening, trying so hard to suppress her lust for him, but inevitably she would fail and succumb to the secret desires that threatened to overwhelm her. Before she knew it, she would have two or three of her long slender fingers frantically pushing in and out of her soaking pussy whilst picturing the many things she would like to do with her Youth Pastor. However no matter how high the orgasm she achieved, she would always feel slightly guilty afterwards and then the crushing disappointment would hit her, as the realisation that nothing was ever going to happen, hit her hard.

But at least now she was going to meet him and if things went well in the interview, she could console herself with the fact that she was going to spend some extra time with him.


The next day eventually dawned after yet another restless night. One that had been interspersed with fleeting images of her handsome Youth Pastor towering above her or smiling secretly in her direction during Sunday service.

Brooke yawned slowly and stretched her lithe body before heading for the shower. Her fingers checking her stubble and quickly deciding that she needed to shave herself smooth again. It always made her feel extra sexy to have her pussy bare, and despite desperately wanting to sink her fingers deep inside, she washed away the soap and stepped out of the cubicle and began toweling herself down.

Wiping the mirror free of the condensation that had built up, Brooke gazed wistfully at her reflection wondering when she would finally get to feel someone else’s gaze linger over her body, taking in her flawless smooth dark etimesgut escort skin, the soft curves of her small pert breasts, her taut flat stomach and powerful athletic legs that framed her freshly shaved pussy.

She busied herself with her creams, smoothing them over her cleansed skin and watched as they were absorbed, leaving her with an all over glow that accentuated her deep brown colour perfectly. She plucked her eyebrows and brushed her long luscious locks before tying it back into a simple ponytail and slipped into her pale blue sundress that she wore around the house. Her mind kept drifting to the forthcoming meeting that night wondering what questions she would be asked and how she should answer them. She was nervous, not only about what might happen, but also about how she would react around the man that she so regularly used as the source of her fantasies whilst masturbating each night. She was convinced Kyle would take one look at her, read her filthy thoughts, and immediately throw her out of his house in disgrace. To say she was worried would be a massive understatement and busying herself around the house only partly helped to keep her mind from wandering back to her upcoming appointment.

The hands on the large retro timepiece on her bedroom wall finally reached 6 o’clock. Taking one last glance into her mirror as she grabbed her autumn jacket from the back of her bedroom door, Brooke flashed a smile at her reflection and left her room. Picking her keys out of the wooden tray on top of the bookshelf in the narrow passageway that led to the front door, she announced her departure to her parents who were busy clearing the dishes away after the evening meal.

“Be careful!” her mother called from the kitchen as she left, “It’s been raining for hours and the roads will be really bad!”

“Yes, of course mom!” she called back, rolling her eyes as she dismissed her words as yet another unnecessary attempt to control her life. “I always am!”

The door slammed shut behind her as she made her way down the drive to her car. Her moms words ringing in her ears as the rained poured from the leaden skies above. Dusk had fallen earlier as the rolls of black clouds had swamped out the daylight’s feeble attempt to hold back the impending darkness. Climbing inside her trusty seven year old Volkswagen Beetle, she swept her damp hair behind her ears and started the engine. Her heart was racing a little as the anticipation of the upcoming meeting began to build inside her. The engine spluttered a little and then fired into life. Breathing a sigh of relief she pulled away from the house and headed off towards Kyle’s house and her upcoming appointment.

Fifteen minutes later, the tail to tail traffic showed no signs of moving and her impatience was beginning to build. Glancing at the time she began to panic that she wasn’t going to make it in time.

“I just can’t be late for this appointment!” she worried aloud, as the car infront finally moved forward a fraction before grinding to a halt again.

“It won’t look good. I need to set a good example and being late now will ruin my chances of getting the job!” she muttered to herself, convinced the evening was going to be a total disaster.

The rain continued to pour onto her windshield, her wipers frantically trying to clear the deluge from the glass. The Beetle’s fans blasting away, in a constant battle with the condensation that threatened to block her sight completely. Still the traffic barely moved. She desperately tried to think of a way to escape the queues that would enable her to reach her destination in time. Spying a side road coming up on her right she checked her sat-nav and saw that the road threaded itself through an industrial area on the edge of town before rejoining the freeway a couple of miles ahead where hopefully the traffic would be flowing more freely. She glanced at the time on her dashboard and decided that if all went to plan she could make her appointment with a few minutes to spare.


The road was poorly lit. Deep potholes and broken glass competed with the tarmac in equal measure. Her car bumped and shuddered as her journey through this run down part of town continued. The rain was incessant, pouring down from the leaden sky above. etlik escort The gutters and drains were overflowing. Occasional flickering street lights highlighted many derelict buildings crowding in on the road and overhead cables swayed violently as the wind gusted in the howling storm. Litter was everywhere and the puddles were getting deeper. She frantically searched the buildings for any signs of life but they all appeared to be deserted. No neon signs advertising their occupants, just drab exteriors daubed in ancient graffiti, razor wire and warning keep out signs fastened to run down fences surrounding empty parking lots.

Brooke rounded a corner and ground to a halt. The road was partially blocked by the rubble of a collapsed wall. Bricks and masonry lay strewn across her path. She didn’t know what to do. Her sat-nav said her destination was 23 minutes away. To turn around and drive back would take nearly as long and then she would have to rejoin the traffic jam that had caused this detour. She flicked her hazard lights on, pulled her jacket together and opened her driver’s door and stepped out into the street.

Working her way methodically through the debris that lay in her way, she began to make a passageway to the clear road ahead. Bricks and rubble were tossed to oneside. She carefully picked her way through, avoided the rusty nails and broken glass as best she could. Her hands were filthy, caked in sodden dust that spread everywhere. The pouring rain quickly began to snake its way beneath her jacket. Cold fingers ran down her neck and soon she was soaked through. Her tight slim fit jeans were covered in mud and building debris and her shoes were ruined. Finally after 20 minutes or so, she reached the far side of the rubble and her path was now clear. As she stood up she realised that she really needed to relieve herself as her bladder was telling her in no uncertain terms that it was full and in need of release. Glancing around her she spotted a small shelter to the side of one of the abandoned buildings that would provide a little more privacy in the faint chance that someone else would be crazy enough to venture down this road. Stepping over the small wall that surrounded the parking lot of the building in question she headed for the small shelter ahead. She could still see her car with it’s hazard lights flashing just across the way and worked out she could sprint back in 30 seconds or so if needed.

Pushing against the metal door of the shelter she was relieved to discover that it opened first time. Brooke quickly pulled her jacket up away from her waist and slipped her fingers into the waistband of her jeans. After a short battle with her button and zip she was able to peel her sodden clothes down her long legs until she was able to crouch without fear of peeing on herself. Not that it would have mattered too much considering the state she was already in. She checked her panties to see what condition they were in and discovered, much to her relief, that they had escaped the worst and besides being thoroughly soaked were still suitable to wear.

Glancing through the open doorway, back towards her car, she finally began to release her golden stream from her freshly shaved pussy. She watched as it flowed, fascinated by the steam as it rose from the pool of urine that was growing between her feet. She couldn’t resist and stuck her forefinger into the stream of pee. It was lovely and warm. She placed her fingers around her pee hole and spread her lips wider so she could watch her piss exiting her hole. She felt that familiar feeling beginning to grow and quickly plunged two fingers into her pussy and begin to fuck herself as the golden stream sprayed all around her hand. She loved to masturbate as she peed. Her whole body tingled, and despite her surroundings, or maybe because of them, her orgasm quickly ripped through her body and she moaned loudy as her body trembled, her pussy gripping her invading fingers as the warm pee trickled to a stop. She removed her fingers, gave them a brief suck and pulled her sodden jeans back up and made her way back to the car. Once inside she took off her jacket and draped it over the back of the passenger seat and turned her heating onto full and carefully drove through the passageway she had created through the remains of the wall.

The dashboard clock showed she was already 15 minutes late for the appointment but she decided to continue on as she was sure that they would understand once she explained what had happened. Besides, Brooke was looking forward to the prospect of a warm house and some friendly faces after the ordeal she had just been through.

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