Good Girl

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A thin blade of soft light peeked through the blinds and fell precisely on her left eyelid. It was almost tangible as it shone across the room, as if trying to nudge her awake. Her head moved slowly and her face twitched, sighing as she rolled over to burrow deeper into the covers and glance at the clock on the side table. 8:34 on a Saturday morning was a more than reasonable time for them to be in bed, so she yawned and closed her eyes again, snuggling backward into the warm body she knew was there behind her.

She smiled lazily to herself when she felt it. The smirk slowly changed into a mischievous grin as she slid her hand under the covers and along the swell of her behind. The hard length she loved so much was resting on his thigh as it pressed into her soft skin. Closing her fingers around it, she eased herself gently away and rolled over to face him. She nuzzled her nose gently against his cheek and kissed it softly before wriggling downward under the sheets to kiss what her fingers were wrapped around.

Lifting the blankets up behind her, she propped them on her side to allow some breathing room. Her head and upper torso felt cool from the morning bedroom air while his morning wood felt hot against her cheek. She kissed it gently on the tip, then the underside all the way down to his balls, feeling the soft skin on her lips. Her tongue extended as she brought her head back upward, dragging along the underside of his shaft before curling around the head and flicking the tip. She felt him swell and twitch in her mouth and she giggled softly, loving the feel of it becoming hard. And he always got SO hard. The contrast of the soft, flushed skin and the firmness that gave slightly when she squeezed was delicious. She loved feeling it inside her while she orgasmed. Her walls would grip him and her muscles would ripple around him; he fit perfectly and made her limp with cascades of pleasure. She shivered in anticipation.

Licking her lips, she wrapped her mouth around him with new determination, wanting him to wake up so she could beg him to take her. Sucking firmly, she flicked her tongue rapidly on the underside and steadily lowered her head down until he was in all the way. She raised her head and did it again. On the third time, she moaned as she heard a sharp inhaling noise and felt his hands move to rest on her head.

He awoke with a startle, but his alarm quickly faded when his eyes looked at the mirror propped up next to the closet. He saw himself, groggy and bleary-eyed with the covers half tossed on him, and a familiar set of messy locks next to his crotch. His chest was exposed, and his fingers were wound in softness. It only took him a half second longer to notice that something very, very nice was happening to him and he moaned quietly as one hand moved to cup her cheek. He heard her purr in response and felt a squeeze on his rear as her hands began wandering along him to work their way up to his chest.

He sighed and pulled the blanket away and off her, watching the curves of her ass wiggle in the mirror as she moved around. He bit his lip as he admired the taper to her waist and stroked her shoulder, wishing he could reach further down while she kept doing whatever marvelous things she was doing with her tongue. He watched her for a few moments, groaning softly and petting her neck and shoulder. He grabbed her arm and tugged her up gently, muttering the first gravelly words of the morning: “Good girl. C’mere.”

He was smiling down at her as she looked up and released him from her mouth. Smiling back, she slid upward along him, feeling her nipples graze along his chest. He settled more firmly onto his side and watched her as she moved her way up. He grabbed her leg to pull over his and wrapped his arm around her, cradling the back of her head with his hand. He slid his now-damp length back and forth along her exposed and soaked slit, feeling her leg tighten around him. He moaned and pressed his lips to hers, working his fingers back behind her head and rocking his hips. He felt her melt into him and grip him back, her hands sliding into his hair along his scalp and her leg squeezing around him.

He felt her toes curl against the back of his thigh as his swollen tip nudged against her opening slightly and they both moaned. She broke the kiss to bury her face into his neck and whimper as she bucked upward, trying to get him inside her. He watched her back tremble in the mirror and grinned at their reflection, leaning his head down to nip at her ear. He held her still despite her squeezing and gently tugged her head back up using her hair. He watched her hungrily as he moved his hips into her, just barely letting the tip inside. He rocked gently, moving just a couple of inches in and out.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck,” her voice was strained and was almost a desperate whine as her hips pushed into him.

He held her, laughing softly, not letting her move. “You’re so ready so quickly,” he murmured into her ear and continued Tekirdağ Escort his tease.

“Yes!” her voice was shrill as her fingers curled and her toes clenched and unclenched against him. “Please?!” she begged desperately.

He stopped smiling and stared her in the eyes for a few moments, cupping her face and watching her expression contort with need as he began to increase the pace and intensity of his thrusts, but still only let his shaft slide along her wetness instead of within it. Just when she thought she was going to curse again, he slammed his hips firmly into her, pushing all the way inside. He knowingly caught her screech with his mouth and felt her nails claw down his back as she rippled around him. He moaned happily back into her lips as she shivered in his arms, stroking her back with his hand and soothing her as her body convulsed. He began to rock his hips back and forth as she calmed; she broke the kiss to look at him, her eyebrows furrowed as she gasped for air. Her eyes widened before they closed, and her head lolled back with a loud, long groan as he moved in and out of her.

He held her to him as he felt her tense again and watched her as she fell apart. He loved how much she enjoyed herself: this was exactly what she had wanted when she first wrapped her lips around him. One hand gripped the hair at the nape of his neck and the other slid up and down his back and over his shoulders, fingers trembling almost more than her walls spasming around him. Her head came back to lean forward and touch her forehead to his. He watched her eyelids flutter to match what he felt happening inside her and he leaned a few inches more to nip at her lips a few times. She purred happily and pressed herself against him, her darkened eyes held his gaze as she trembled with pleasure. He bit his lip at how good it felt around him and for a moment enviously wondered what it felt like to be her, rocking with pleasure over and over. He smiled at her as she just barely kept eye contact with him through her orgasms.

“You feel so good when you cum,” he leaned in to nip at her ear and his hands went to her nipples, flicking them.

“Aah!” she squirmed against him and pressed his head into her ear and neck, arching her back against him and pushing her chest into his hands.

“God, you’re fun,” he smiled into her neck, pressing kisses onto the sensitive spots he knew were there. “I love how lost in it you get when you just give in to it all,” he murmured as he pressed his lips against one of his favourite ones, the one in the hollow right below the hairline meeting her ear. He felt her body rattle from the extra stimulation and felt her fingertips grip him wherever they could. He lifted her leg up higher and started to get up to push into her from on top.

“Wait, wait, wait,” she gasped and leaned back, pushing away from him. He stopped, startled, and looked at her with concern. It quickly faded to a grin as he shook his head at her in disbelief when she continued with a smile, “I want you in my mouth again!”

He unlatched himself from her and gave her some room to move. Rolling over on to his back, he closed his eyes for the short lull, inhaling deeply and feeling her wetness all over his hips. The pause didn’t last long as his eyes opened sharply to watch her when he felt the familiar warmth of her mouth around his shaft.

He licked his lips slowly as he watched her suckle her way up to the tip. “You like sucking cock, don’t you?” he was smiling at her, but his eyes were dark and intense as they watched his length begin to disappear in and out of her mouth. Her head was bobbing slowly up and down, and he could feel her tongue pressing and rubbing against the sensitive underside, teasing and playing with it.

“Mmhmm!” she didn’t skip a beat as her head began to twist slowly side to side, grating the roof of her mouth along him as she kept up the suction.

“Good girl,” his eyes closed and his head lolled back on the pillow, loving every movement. Her mouth was so warm, so wet, so eager, so —

“FUCK!” he swore loudly and opened his eyes in shock as she abruptly took him in all the way. He looked down at her. Her nose was pressing into his pubic hair and her fingers were beginning to stroke his balls gently. His hand flew to her head and worked its way into her mane of hair that was falling over his right thigh. He wound his fingers into the soft thickness before resting his hand on her head, still entwined in the silky tangles. He heard her make a noise in response that he thought was supposed to be a moan but all he could hear was his own groan as he felt his entire shaft and head vibrate deep in her throat. “Oh my God!”

She pulled her head up, breathing deeply and gripping him in her hand. “You called?” she grinned at him wickedly.

He gazed at her a second: her eyes were alive, her lips were darker and swollen from the suction she had been expertly applying, and his fingers were still netted Tekirdağ Escort Bayan in her tousled waves. He closed his eyes and shook his head as he laughed at her retort, gently putting a little pressure on her head to encourage her back down to his shaft. “Your mouth is so goo-aaahhh…,” he groaned as she pressed her lips on the underside of the head and sucked on it hard.

“I’m glad you like it,” she smiled at him genuinely and sweetly. He watched her intently as the smile spread to her eyes and her slippery fingers began to stroke him. She pressed her lips to the head again and kissed it softly. He closed his eyes briefly at the feel of her hot breath washing over his groin. She planted kisses up and down his shaft before making him take the Lord’s name in vain again as she again slid him slowly all the way into her throat.

“Can you taste yourself on my cock?” his eyes never stopped following hers. She nodded as best as she could with her mouth full of him, holding his gaze. He used his free hand to brush more locks out of her face and into the pile of hair that he was now gripping harder. She began to slide him slowly in and out of her mouth, taking him all the way to the hilt each time and watching him intently as she did. Her tongue was working its magic and her eyes smiled every time he groaned.

“Fuck. That’s it. Put your ass in the air, I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.”

“Yes, please!” she scrambled to move off him and brushed her hair out of her face, grinning like the cat that ate the canary.

“You look pleased about this,” he scoffed, smiling back as he kissed her forehead and sat up.

She raised an eyebrow at him and bit her lip while obviously looking him up and down over her shoulder. “Uh huh. Why wouldn’t I be? Wait, we’re doing this wrong!”

He looked at her quizzically for a moment and then laughed as she spun around to face the mirror. He moved up behind her and couldn’t help returning her reflection’s grin as he let his fingers wander over her for a moment. He broke her gaze to look down and let his eyes linger over the shapes of her body. His hands moved to the slope of her hips and he groaned a little as she began to move them back and forth, rubbing the roundness of her cheeks against him and spreading her wetness all over them both.

She watched him looking at her and bit her lip. She loved seeing him enjoy himself and loved watching his pleasure, especially if she was giving it to him. The mirror made it so she could do it while still feeling the wonderful sensations that came with taking him into her from behind. She smiled at him as he looked back at her and waited patiently to see what he would do next, still rocking her hips against him.

He raised his eyebrows at her and leaned over to again work a hand into the wild hair that tumbled over her shoulder to her elbow. He used the soft fistful to gently pull her back up off of her hands so she was sitting up on her knees in front of him and wrapped his other arm around her waist. “I know I told you to get your ass in the air, but I changed my mind. I want to watch you first,” he explained as he eyed her in the mirror. His fingers stroked her skin and hair and he felt her tense in his arms as he pulled her head to the side and dove at her neck hungrily.

“Ahh!” her noise was guttural. Still high pitched and sweet, but it was the sound of her body contracting and forcing the air out of her lungs. She was so sensitive, so high strung and ready to release it all for him. He knew once she started to cascade again, she wouldn’t stop, so wanted to make her wait for it a little longer while he played with her.

She leaned into him and arched her back, wrapping her arms around his head as his lips nipping and kissing her neck made her blood churn. The brushes of his lips were like fire along her skin and her entire body felt like it had electricity moving through it. The tingles were all over and her nipples were swollen, begging for attention. She pressed his head into her neck, whimpering and shivering. She wanted him to touch her, touch her nipples, touch her neck, touch her all over.

“You’re shaking,” he nonchalantly murmured into her ear just before devouring it. He had no idea what you’d call the noise of pleasure she made in response, but it was somewhere in between a moan and a stifled cry of surprise. “You must be just dying to be fucked,” his voice dropped low and he let his lips trail back down her neck and over her shoulder. Her eyes followed his, searing into him. He felt her chest move as her breath got heavier and he saw the blush move along her skin.

“Ohhhhhhh…” she melted against him when his hand moved up from her waist to cup her breast and stroke her nipple with the pads of his fingertips. “I love it when you touch my nipples,” she murmured and let her eyes close. She felt him smile against her neck and begin to kiss it again as he started to trail circles around the nipple in Escort Tekirdağ his fingers. “I want you inside me,” she whined.

“I know,” he chuckled a little and pushed his hips against her, letting his length slide between her cheeks and up to the small of her back.

“I want that big fucking cock inside me,” she whispered.

“I know,” he whispered back and used the hand lost in her hair to guide her head so it was upright. “Open your eyes and look at how horny you are,” he murmured in her ear and grabbed one of her hands that had knotted in his hair. He pulled it down to put it on her clit and began to rub it with her and continued, “I can tell exactly what you want just from what you look like.”

She opened her eyes and looked at him in the mirror and made a soft noise of surprise when she saw the two of them. Her face, neck, and chest were flushed with her heat and her nipples were hard and darker in colour. Her breasts quivered as she touched her clit and her eyes were as dark as his were when she had her mouth around him. Her hair was a mess in his hand and she loved the feeling of being held to him and touched. His other hand was roaming over her, squeezing her curves and teasing her skin.

“Fuck,” she breathed. Her eyes looked over herself in the mirror and then settled on his. She bit her lip at him in the mirror and squirmed a little as her fingers moved against her swollen clit.

“Right?” he murmured and turned her head to kiss her lips. His free hand moved to her neck and he felt her body go a little limp as she lost herself in him again. His hand moved slowly up and down her side and ran fingers over her breasts, avoiding her nipples. She squirmed enough to break the kiss and he murmured against her lips, “You’re so soft to touch, I like my hands on you.”

He could smell her scent on her fingers as her hands reached behind his head to avoid squirming away again. “I love kissing you while you touch me,” she murmured in between nips at his lips and flicks of her tongue. She felt him let go of her hair and pull her closer, wrapping his arms around her and running hands all over her thighs, arms, neck, and torso as he deepened the kiss and made a quiet moan of agreement.

Her fingers wound their way into the short strands above his ears and gripped hard as she squeaked into his mouth from his fingers finding both her nipples. The squeak became a loud whimper and her body rattled against him as the fingertips began to circle and gently rub over her hard bundles of nerves. He knew if he kept it up properly she’d lose her mind, but he had to make sure he didn’t lose his first. Her shivering and writhing was sliding her soft skin all along him and he was gritting his teeth to avoid getting lost in it.

He nipped at her lower lip. “Why do you like me touching you so much?” he moved from her mouth to nuzzle and nip at her earlobe again. His voice was low and teasing, drawing his words out evenly and calmly. Using the mirror, he watched her hang on each one as her face began to contort with pleasure from his touches. The soft noises of enjoyment she was making from being petted and the sharper gasps when he found a particularly sensitive spot on her neck were also beginning to be too much. He loved how she sounded and he knew she’d sound even more delicious when it was him inside her that was making her do it.

“Mmm?” she let one of her hands go from his hair to grip his forearm as he moved. She gasped as she buried her face in his neck and pressed her back firmly up against him.

He stopped moving his fingers for a moment and listened to her deep breaths. “I said, why do you like my fingers on your nipples?”

“Gonnamakemecum,” she mumbled desperately into his neck.

“This is going to make you cum?” he began moving his fingers gently over the stiff buds again.

“Yes!” She yelped and threw her head back against his shoulder, arching her back in surprise from the sudden movement.

“When?” he smiled at the sight of her stretched out along him and lost in the moment.

She answered in the form of a squeak. One hand gripped the hair at the nape of his neck tightly and the other was gripping onto his wrist. Her knees were spread wide and her ankles were outside his, letting him see the wetness on her lips slightly in the mirror as she leaned back against him. He let a hand wander down to her clit for a second to see how wet she was.

“No!” she whimpered and tugged on his hand to put it back on her breast.

He chuckled, “You really want me to keep doing that, huh?”

“Yes!” her voice was tense and her eyes were clamped shut. Her breathing was heavy and he could feel the tension in her body.

“It feels like you’re close,” he extended his index fingers and stroked in small circles around her nipples and aureoles in time with each other.

“Aaaahh!” she moaned and tossed her head. He could feel her now slightly tangled hair brushing over his chest and shoulder as she moved.

“You are so close,” he whispered in her ear and began to kiss down her neck toward one of her sensitive spots.

“Yesss…sss,” she drew out the word in a hiss as she began to shake. An image came to his mind of a rubber band ready to snap as he watched her carefully.

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