Good Friends Ch. 1

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It’s not so unusual for a man or woman to be sexually drawn to the friends of one’s spouse. In fact, many of our fantasies involve making love to one of our spouse’s best friends or associates. Sometimes even with our spouse involved with it. And many times we are very much aware that the friend or associate may share the same desires. But to spare ourselves headaches and promote harmony in our house, we keep these secrets as hidden as possible. But sometimes these secrets become known. Then it becomes a matter of just how will we handle it? And in the circumstances when our spouse dies, it becomes even more of a thorny issue. It involves matters of friendship, trust and respect. Well I have had to deal with these issues and it presented such a story that I felt some of my readers would want to know how it turned out. I would appreciate as much feedback as possible on this one.

It started out with me promising to take Geri, my wife’s best friend to a dinner dance. We had known Geri for 15 years. She and Tomisina had worked together. From the first time I had seen Geri, I had fantasized about her. She was a tall slim woman. She was about 6 inches taller than my Tommie was and about 60lbs lighter. Where my Tommie had nice big titties, size 42D, Geri must have been about a 32C. But I could tell from the type of clothes she wore, that her nipples were much longer than Tommie’s nipples were. The night of the dance I went and picked Geri up at her house. When she answered the door my mouth dropped open in surprise. I had seen her dressed up on many occasions. This time however, she had outdone herself. The red gown she wore fit her like a glove. I could tell from the way that it clung to her skin that she wore neither bra nor panties. “What’s the matter? Is my gown too revealing?” I swallowed and turned aside trying to hide the instant hardon that seeing her had given me.

“No! In fact, I think I may have to beat off all the other men at the dance. Damn Geri! You are absolutely beautiful. I’ve never seen you look so vibrant and sexy.” Geri had creamy brown skin that was colored light enough to see her blush. And blush she did. “I thank you kind sir. I wanted to dress especially sexy tonight. I am feeling kind of devilish.” We went into her living room and she poured me a drink. I kept looking at her as I sipped my drink and Geri knew that I was undressing her with my eyes. I was trying hard to hide my throbbing erection but I don’t think it was working too well. I noticed that Geri did look down at my crotch a few times and when she did she smiled. We finished our drink and she handed me her wrap. When I placed it around her shoulders, it felt like sparks of electricity passed between us when my hands touched her skin. I would have loved to pull her to me and just hold her but I dare not. I knew that there had been an attraction between us since the beginning but we had both kept it as far from showing as possible.

The dance was fantastic. Each and every man in the place looked at Geri with longing. And she danced almost every dance with me. The fast dances were great. Geri’s tits, though smaller than Tommie’s, were much firmer. Seeing them bounce and sway as she moved around, kept my eyes riveted to them as she danced. And each time she turned around, I was treated to the outline of her smooth round ass wiggling within the enclosed confines of her tight dress. During the slow dances, I was surprised at how much Geri pressed into me as we danced. She would normally hold me just close enough for politeness. But now, she was rubbing her soft body against mine. I’m sure that the hardon I sported half the night made itself felt as we danced. All of Geri’s actions that night were out of the ordinary. Geri is one of those women who can’t handle too much liquor. By too much, I mean that after two or three glasses of wine she is done. But tonight, Geri had consumed at least three brandies. I guess the food from dinner and her constant dancing had kept her to just over a slight buzz.

By the end of the night, Geri was a bit wobbly. I had to put my arm around her as we walked to the car. For some reason, She shifted her arm and caused mine to rise up on her side. I found my hand covering her tit. I moved it reluctantly and slid it back to her waist. This time when she lurched, it slid across her ass. Damn but she was playing with me in a way that I didn’t want to stop. As we drove back to her house the storm that had threatened to come had arrived. The rain made it hard to see as I drove. Geri laid her head against my shoulder and the scent of her perfume was delicious. I pulled over to the side as a heavier than usual downpour hit us. Geri snuggled closer to me and her arm slid around my stomach. I could hear in her breathing that she was asleep so I just sat quietly. I smoked a cigarette waiting for the rain to let up. I felt Geri’s hand as she began to lightly rub my stomach. When her hand slipped lower and came close to my crotch, I lifted it up and placed it on her lap.

The rain let up and I continued to drive. When we drove to her block, there must have been a party going on. The block was full of cars. Cars were double and triple parked and the noise of the party was in the street. izmir escort I shook Geri lightly and told her we would have to walk the block to get to her house. She mumbled something and in a semi sleep, opened the door and stepped out. At just that moment, we got drenched. The light drizzle turned into a downpour and the water came quick and heavy. Geri cried out as the cold water soaked us both. I looked at Geri and she looked at me. Then we began to laugh. Hand in hand we ran down the block to her house. By the time I fumbled her keys out and opened the door, water was running off our clothes. We stood in the hallway, the dripping water forming a puddle around our feet. “Ah shit! I just got those rugs shampooed. I’m not going to walk on them and get wet mud all over them.” She looked at me and smiled. Tommie told me that you often would walk in the rain. Why?”

“You really want to know?” I asked her. She shook her head yes. “Look at your nipples.”

Geri turned and looked in the wall mirror. Her nipples were hard and erect. In fact, they looked like twin spikes poking thru her dress. Her hands came up and she brushed them both. Damn but I wanted to take her in my arms right there and then. She had been teasing me and fuckin with my mind all night. Before I could say another word, Geri reached behind her back and I heard the zipper of her gown being slid down. She peeled the soaking wet garment off and naked ran up the stairs to her bedroom. I watched as her panty clad body bounced up the stairs. Geri had the smoothest, softest looking ass as she ran up the stairs. I even caught a glimpse of her dark pussy hair between her thighs. I must have been mistaken cause it looked like a big forest of hair. I have always had a thing for hairy women. My Tommie would keep her bush thick just for my pleasure. When she came back down, she had thrown on a light housecoat. Standing in the light like she was, I could see her outline thru it. She tossed me a light robe. “Carl! Don’t you dare walk on my carpet in those wet clothes. Take them off and put this on.” At just that moment a loud clap of thunder shook the house. The lights flickered and then went out.

We’re used to blackouts in the suburbs so it didn’t frighten us. “Maybe I should make it home?” I didn’t trust myself in the same house with this woman. And I really didn’t want to ruin a friendship by trying to fuck her and having her get offended. The storm outside had intensified. “No way are you leaving me in this house alone with a bunch of drunken kids down the block Carl. Besides, with a storm like this, most of the roads will be flooded.” Geri turned around and walked over to the fireplace. Pouring a cup of some white liquid, she splashed the wood there. Then she tossed a match on it and it blazed up. “Viola! Instant fire.” She turned back to me. I hadn’t moved since she threw the bathrobe at me. “Well Carl, are you just gonna stand there and soak my floor?” I looked down at my feet. The puddle had grown much bigger. Shrugging my shoulders I muttered. “What the hell!”

Geri watched me as I unbuttoned my shirt. I took my jacket, shirt and undershirt and dropped them to the floor. Then I put her robe on. It was so thin, it felt like paper against my wet skin. I pulled it close somewhat and then unbuckled my belt and pushed my pants and briefs down my legs. I had to sit to pull off my shoes and socks and when I did, the housecoat opened enough for Geri to get a good look at my semi-hard dick. I noticed that her eyes stayed glued to it as I pulled off my pants. Then I stood up and we walked into the living room. It was hard trying to hide a throbbing dick as I walked. “Let’s sit in front of the fire,” Geri said as she went to her liquor cabinet and poured us both a drink. We sat there in silence for a few minutes. Then Geri turned to me. The light from the fire shinning in her eyes gave them a glassy look. Or maybe the liquor she had consumed had her eyes glassy already. Like I said, Geri isn’t a drinker. “Do you remember the trip that Tommie and I took when she went to find the “Black” burial grounds.

Geri had went with my wife when she went in search of the “Black” burial grounds in Washington DC and Virginia. They had made it a girl’s outing and the two of them spent 5 days driving and just hanging out. Tommie had come back relaxed and happy. She told me they had found about 5 sites and had walked around for miles. “Yea I remember. She told me that the two of you had a ball.” A sad smile crossed Geri’s face as she remembered Tommie. “We got to know each other better than ever on that trip. Tommie and I talked about everything. Including love and sex. Particularly the types of sex the two of you enjoyed. You would be surprised at the things that girls talk about when they have had a little too much to drink?” I took a slow sip of my drink as I watched Geri. The way she was turned, I could see the point of her nipple poking thru her housecoat from the back light of the fire. I had introduced Tommie to all the forms of sexual play that I enjoyed. Threesomes with other women, swapping with another couple, using toys and even making love to another woman were the things Tommie had enjoyed with alsancak escort me. “And just what did she tell you?”

Geri took a big sip from her glass. I guess she was trying to get her courage up. “She told me about the couple in Washington.” I had to smile. I had taken Tommie to Washington to meet a couple I had played with. After a night of drinks we all ended up making love side by side. Before the night was over Tommie had not only performed 69 with Bertha, her first time with another woman, the three of us had ganged up on her. She took me in her ass, Mike in her pussy and had used her mouth on Bertha’s pussy all at the same time. After that, her and Bertha made love each time they got together. And Tommie was most times the aggressor. “And what happened when she told you about them?” Geri looked up at my face then turned her face to the fire. “It got me excited and I had to ask her all about it. I had never even thought about being with another woman but the way she explained it I had to know more. Did the three of you really do all those things to her?” Geri’s voice had changed a bit. It was a bit huskier and her breathing was a bit deeper. “What type of things are you talking about?” I wanted to hear just what she had been told.

Geri picked up her glass and put it to her mouth. She didn’t drink from it, rather just used it to hide her face. “She said you ate her pussy until she was begging for more. That Bertha started licking her pussy and the two of them ended up licking each other’s pussies. She even told me what happened when the three of you made love to her at the same time. Did all of those things really happen or was she pulling my leg?” I let my gaze go to Geri’s legs. The housecoat had risen up until it was just below her crotch. The skin on her thighs looked as soft and creamy as her ass had looked as she bounced up the stairs. I chuckled. Then sipped my drink. “What?” she looked at me expectantly. “After looking at your legs, I was about to say that if she pulled your leg, you would know for sure if it was true.” She playfully slapped at my thigh. “Come on you ninny! Tell me. Was she pulling my leg?” This time Geri did take a sip from her drink. “No Geri! Everything she told you was the truth. But how did you get her to talk about it? I would have thought she would never tell anyone what she had done.” As Geri shifted to find a more comfortable position, her coat opened more. This time I could see her bush clearly. Geri had one very hairy pussy. Even thru the hair, I could make out her swollen pussy lips. She was wet and I don’t think it was from the earlier rain.

“Tell me what happened. I want to hear it from your view.” I sat with my back against one of her chairs. I knew that the way I sat allowed my now hard dick to poke up against the thin material. Geri could clearly see how hard I had become. Her eyes went to that lump often. “Are you sure that you want to know? I tend to be very graphic when I describe things sexual.” Geri smiled at me and I could tell it was more liquor than sense talking. “I’m big enough to handle it.” I handed her my glass and on slightly unsteady legs she filled it to the top. When I looked at how much she had poured, she laughed. “We’ll share it. This way you don’t have to stop for another drink.” I took a sip and settled back against the chair. I knew that this caused the housecoat to shift, exposing the tip of my dick. Geri didn’t avert her eyes when she saw it poke out. When she sat down, she sat with her legs crisscrossed. This not only exposed her naked pussy, it also opened her pussy lips and I saw how wet she had become.

“I won’t bore you with all the preliminaries. We took turns taking showers and the girls dressed in sexy lingerie. About 11:30 we began to watch some X-rated movies. Mike and Bertha began kissing and feeling each other up. I had Tommie leaning against my stomach as I sat leaning against the chair just like this. We could not only see the screen, we could see what Bertha and Mike did. Mike was busy working his fingers in and out of Bertha’s pussy. From pass experience, I knew that she was soaking wet. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning. Then she began to talk to him. “Deeper Mike! Shove them fingers deeper. Work them in my pussy.” Bertha had to know that we were listening to and watching them. My hand was rubbing and pulling Tommie’s nipples. Watching someone fucking drives her crazy. Even if I just stand before her and jerk my dick she gets hotter than hot.” Geri shifted around and scooted back against me. “Was she laying on you like this?” I almost came. Geri had to know how she was effecting me. My hard dick was throbbing against the crack of her ass. Instead of pulling away, she snuggled closer. Hell, if she wanted to play, I would play until she said stop.

I slipped my hands around her and rested them on her tits. I heard her sharp intake of breath. “From the way Bertha way lying, we had a good view directly at her pussy. Mike was using about three fingers and Bertha had thick juice oozing from her slit. Her pink lips were open and we could see plainly. Bertha shaves all the hair from her cunt.” I began to slowly squeeze Geri’s tits and I heard buca escort her sigh. “I whispered down into Tommie’s ear about how thick Bertha’s cunt juice was. I told her that Mike and I would take turns, sometimes licking and sucking it all night. Then Mike pulled his fingers out and sucked them clean. Tommie moaned because just as Mike sucked his fingers into his mouth, my hand slipped down and rubbed her pussy. Then Mike took his dick out. Mike is fatter and longer than I am. I told Tommie to watch as Bertha bent her head and began to lick and suck his head into her mouth. I was fingering Tommie’s pussy now and she was humping her hairy pussy to meet my finger.” Geri was breathing faster. One hand was still rubbing and squeezing her tit and nipple. My other hand had fell down in her lap and my finger was rubbing her above her slit. Little whimpering sounds were escaping her lips.

“Tommie told me you love to talk nasty to her. That you made her tell you all the things that other men did to her.” I pulled Geri tighter to me. When my finger slipped down in her slit, she pressed against me hard and pushed her pussy up off the floor. “Oh Carl!” I couldn’t believe how wet Geri was. When my finger pushed in between her tight pussy lips, hot, thick cum just oozed out. I knew that Geri wanted me to use those terms as I told her the story. “I told Tommie to watch as that hungry bitch Bertha sucked Mike’s long fat cock down her throat. As Tommie humped my finger, I told her that no matter what hole either of us fucked, Bertha would always be sucking the other guy’s dick while we fucked her. Then I pulled Tommie around and she got up on her hands and knees. I almost came when I felt her hot mouth close over my hard dick. No sooner did she begin to suck my dick, driving her mouth up and down my dick, than Mike and Bertha came over and began to rub her back. They talked to her as she sucked me.”

I had been slowly sliding my finger up and down Geri’s slit. I had taken it out of her pussy, I didn’t want her to cum just yet. But from the soft moans she was making, I could tell she was real close. Geri had been slowly grinding her ass against my throbbing dick. “If you keep grinding against me like that, I’m gonna lift you up and set you down on my dick.” Geri stopped grinding and held still. Then she lifted herself up a bit. I pulled the housecoat up around her waist and when she settled back down, my dick had slipped up into her pussy. “Ah! Oh Carl! It feels as good as Tommie said it did.” I felt her settle down until I was buried in her almost completely. “So Tommie told you how good my dick felt in her pussy? Did she tell you that I’ve fucked her in all of her holes?” Geri pushed down hard and groaned as more of me pushed up into her. “She said you loved to fuck her in the ass and listen to her scream into the pillow. Tell me the rest.” Geri had her legs over mine and this left her open and vulnerable. My fingers were between her thighs pulling softly at her hairs. Her pussy was gripping my dick hard. I could feel her muscles as they milked me.

“I held Tommie’s head on my dick so she didn’t know whose tongue was licking the crack of her ass. But instead of wiggling away, she reached behind and pulled her cheeks apart. I looked over her back and got harder as Bertha tongue fucked Tommie’s ass.”

“Oh shit,” Geri moaned. “Bertha really stuck her tongue up Tommie’s asshole?’ I laughed as I humped my hips. Geri moaned as I drove my dick hard up into her. “Mike and I used to have Bertha do that to us as we took turns fuckin her. She loved it. When I take my dick out of your pussy, I’m gonna suck you clean, then I’m gonna use my tongue on your ass to show you how it feels. Anyway, I lifted Tommie’s head off my dick and we went to the queen-sized bed. The girls lay side by side and I started fucking Tommie while Mike fucked Bertha. I had to keep stopping to stop myself from cumming. To my surprise, Tommie reached over and began to rub Bertha’s pussy while mike pumped into her. Soon both women were rubbing each other as we fucked them. I took Tommie’s hand from Bertha’s pussy and brought it to her mouth. She opened her mouth and licked it clean.”

“Carl I’m gonna cum. Oh fuck, Carl. I feel your dick throbbing inside my pussy and I’m gonna cum.” I pulled Geri tighter against me. I was humping my dick into her pussy. “You cum, you nasty little bitch and I’ll make you kneel down and suck my dick clean. You been teasing my ass all night. Now I’m gonna show you just how we treated Tommie and Bertha that night.” I began bouncing Geri on my lap. Driving my dick hard and fast up into her pussy, she kept up a steady moan. “Oh! Oh! Shit! Fuck! Ah! Oh!” over and over she cried out. “Reach down and rub that pussy while I fuck you. You want me to treat you like I did Tommie? Is that what you want?” Geri nodded her head vigorously as she continued to bounce on my hard dick. But she pushed her hands between her legs and I felt her fingers rubbing my dick and her pussy as I fucked her. Then I pushed her off me. Before she could say a word, I pulled her around and pushed her legs high in the air. I had to taste her pussy. As soon as my mouth closed over her hairy cunt, she screamed. “I’m cumming you bastard. I’m cumming in your mouth. Drink it! Drink it all! Just like you did to Tommie.” Geri shuddered as she pumped her thick crème out of her pussy and into my mouth. And I licked and sucked until I had all of it. Then I just pulled her up against me and held her as she continued to have tiny micro orgasms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32