Good Friends Ch. 02

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Thanks for all who gave me feed back on my last story. I went back and re-read it and couldn’t believe some of those mistakes I made. Every now and again I caught myself thinking, ‘What the fuck was I doing?’ Anyways I re-read this a couple times so hopefully it will be better. Still any feedback appreciated. Thanks again and enjoy!

Steve woke the next morning to the sound of a nock at his door.

“Yeah?! Who is it?” He asked wiping the sleep from his eyes.

“Hey you lazy fuck! Get you’re ass up!” Rick’s voice boomed through the door.

Steve turned and looked at the clock in the room. It was close to 10. He slept like a log. He was usually up early every morning but last night was a little exhausting. Last night he had the most fun that he had in a long time though as well.

“Ok I’m up!”

It took about ten minuets for him to get up and into the shower. A few minuets later he was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, and descending the staircase. In the kitchen the others were already there. Greetings of sleepy head and lazy were slung his way. He found a coffee cup set out for him and poured himself some.

Tina sat at the table reading a newspaper. She had showered and was dressed in a button up blouse and a skirt fell just to above her knees. For the first time he saw that she wore glasses as well. She hadn’t looked up at him since he walked in. A thought crept into his head that she might be regretting last night.

“Reading anything good today Tina?”

“Nothing too exciting,” Tina replied looking up at him for the first time. Her sexy smile crept across her lips as she winked to show him that she was not regretting anything.

“So who is up for Sherries for breakfast?” Rick asked.

“That sounds like a great idea,” Shelly said. She had a pair of jeans on, no shorts this time. She had a tight low cut T-Shirt on as well that showed a nice amount of cleavage. He could see a bra pushing through the tight material. He felt

Steve and Tina both agreed on breakfast at Sherries, and then Rick went to grab his wallet from his room. Shelly walked out of the kitchen to use the restroom leaving the other two by themselves. Steve looked over at Tina again who was looking back at him. That same smile was still on her face.

“Did you sleep well last night?” She asked.

“What do you think?” Steve now had a smile of his own. “How about you?”

“I did, thank you. I was so stressed yesterday. But I was able to relax easily. I think I had someone to help me out with that though.”

Steve walked over so that he was standing behind her. He bent over her and slid his hand down her shirt. He gripped her breast and slowly began to massage it.

“Hey don’t start anything you can’t finish right now,” Tina said to him.

“I just wanted to let you know that if you ever need to relive more stress you can give me a call anytime.”

“Ok, but not now,” she said pulling his hand from her shirt. “Besides you might get lucky again tonight.”

A few seconds later the other two were back in the kitchen and ready to go. They all headed out the door and too the car. The weather had changed completely. Yesterday had been bright and sunny but clouds moved in overnight and it was gray today. When they got to the restaurant there was only a small line so they were seated quickly. Tina and Rick on one side and Shelly and Steve on the other.

“What’s the plan for tonight?” Steve asked after they ordered.

“Nothing really, just was going to hang,” Rick said. “All the clubs won’t be jumping until tomorrow.”

“Besides, Shelly’s too young to go to any of the good ones,” Tina interrupted.

“Thanks for reminding me,” Shelly said.

They all had a quick laugh at this. Steve felt Shelly place her hand on his leg as they did. He didn’t say anything and the hand was quickly removed.

The day consisted of hanging around, talking and the consumption of adult beverages. After a nice dinner all of them sat down to watch another movie. Rick claimed his chair again; Steve sat down on the left side of the couch, Tina took the other side and Shelly sat between the two.

Shelly had retrieved a blanket from her room and spread it across the three. The she leaned against Steve snuggling up to him. He was surprised but let her do as she wished.

Half way through the movie Steve suddenly Yalova Escort felt something on his upper thigh. He realized it was Shelly’s hand. She stroked up and down the leg and at one point stopped at the now growing bulge.

Steve looked around at the others. Rick still had his back turned and Tina was passed out on the couch. Shelly was staring at the movie as if nothing was happening. She stopped as soon as his dick was hard and Steve saw her crack a big smile.

After the movie was over Shelly declared that she was going to bed and headed upstairs. A few minuets later Steve and Rick decided the same thing. They woke Tina up and Rick helped her to her room. Poor girl was a little drunk.

Steve headed to his room to retire. He read for about a half an hour and then decided to turn in. He figured Tina would not be coming tonight. He could see she was pretty drunk. So he was surprised when there was a knock at his door. He was even more surprised when it was Shelly who walked in when he said to. His dick stiffened also when he saw the outfit she was wearing.

Shelly still had her top on though he could now see her nipples poking through it, signaling that she had taken her bra off. Her pants were gone revealing a pair of black silk thong panties. Steve felt his dick twitch as he guessed what she was here for.

“Steve, I have to ask you something. Did you have fun with Tina last night?”

“How did you…?” His question trailed off.

“My rooms right next to yours. I could hear you guys despite the fact that you were trying to keep it down. I made myself cum three times just listening to what you were doing to Tina.”

Shelly walked over to the edge of the bed and stood there. Steve slid over to the edge and sat there with her standing in front of him. His eyes started to slowly run over her half naked body. As he got a closer look at her panties he could see a small wet spot already starting to form.

“Tina’s not the only one that wants to make you feel better.”

Steve pulled Shelly close to him, grasping her tight little ass, and kissed her belly button. He flicked his tongue around the small little hole as she began to giggle lightly. He pulled her to the side. Understanding what he wanted she sat on the edge next to him. They pressed their mouths together in a kiss, tongues pushing through each others lips.

Steve’s hands found Shelly’s breasts and began to massage them. She started to moan quietly, as he did. They were just small little whimpers mostly. They broke the kiss as Steve’s hands traveled to the bottom of the shirt and gripped it. Shelly raised her arms as Steve lifted the shirt up and off, and tossed it to the floor.

The b-cups now in plain view were perfect. The nipples were already stiff as rocks and stood out proudly. Steve pushed her back, her legs still hanging from the edge, and clamped his mouth around a nip. He began switching between the two as his hand found its way between her legs and began to rub her wet mound through her panties. Shelly was making full moans by now. Her pussy juices had now soaked through the thin material of her garment.

“Ahh…mmm…please Steve. Lick my pussy….”

Steve moved his way down Tina’s body, scooting off the edge, and in between her legs. He inhaled her musky scent through the drenched panties before planting a quick kiss. He then pulled them to the side revealing the tight young folds her pussy. They glistened in the light from all the juices that had seeped out already. The golden hairs above her crotch were trimmed and groomed into a soft little triangle. Steve stuck his tongue out and quickly found Shelly’s clitoris. She let out a muffled scream as his tongue came into contact with her flesh. Urged on by this, he drove his tongue deep into her, flicking his tongue around the inside, causing her body her body to start thrashing about. Her hips bucked as he sucked on her tight lips and folds. The torture endured for a few minutes. Shelly’s head thrashed back and forth. Her moans grew louder and louder.

“Ohh… yes… I’m coming!”

Shelly’s juices flowed from as she came. Steve continued to suck drawing even more out as she did. He stopped only after a few moments so that the lady could calm her self.

Shelly pushed his head off of her and told Steve to stand, which he complied. She quickly Yalova Escort Bayan slid off the bed and kneeled in front of him grasping the waist band of his boxers. She yanked it down and helped him step out of it, freeing his straining boner. Her mouth immediately clamped over it and began to suck. Steve gripped Shelly’s pig tails as she bobbed up and down on his cock. His eyes rolled back into his head as the pleasure washed over him. She surprised him by releasing his dick and then, after taking a deep breath, engulfing it all the way to the base. Steve grunted as she did this. Deep-throating when she was only 18.

“Holy shit Shelly! Where did you learn to suck like that?!”

“That’s my trade secret,” she said after releasing his cock, which was now slippery and shinning with her saliva. She engulfed it again and began to bob for a few more minutes before releasing it, gasping for air. “Now I think you’re ready for a better hole.”

Shelly climbed back up onto the edge of the bed, turning onto all fours. Her ass stood in the air, panties still pulled to the side, waving as if demanding that Steve come grab it. He obeyed that demand and stood at the edge of the bed where her ass pushed out to him. He positioned himself behind her and pointed his dick at her entrance and, gripping her hips, pushed deep into her. Sensations he couldn’t describe wrapped around Steve’s cock. It was another tight as hell pussy. Steve grunted and groaned while he fucked her. Shelly’s wet pussy covered his dick with her juices, as tight as her young walls were; they were wet enough that his cock slid easily in and out of them as he thrusted. The sloshing of the juices could just barely be made out over the sounds of her ass slapping against his groin.

Shelly was moaning loudly with her face buried in a pillow. She gasped for breath when she needed it before burying her face back into the pillow, usually in a scream. Steve moaned small grunts as well. He knew they both were getting close to coming, but he would hold off until she had a chance to come first.

“Oh god… yes Steve! Your dick feels so good! Fuck my tight little pussy!” She was trying to keep her voice to a whisper.

“Ahh…yes! Shelly… you feel so good inside too! You’re going to make me come!”

“Yes I’m going to come too!!! Oh shit!! I “am” coming! Oh my fucking GOD!!!”

Steve felt the walls of Shelly’s pussy clamp down on his shaft. She planted her head into the pillow to muffle her scream as much as possible. Steve never stopped, continuing to fuck her tight little cunt and sending her into multiples. His orgasm was now close. He pulled out, not wanting to risk whether she on the pill or not. After stepping back a few paces he began to jack himself. Steve was surprised when Shelly slid back off the edge of the bed and, kneeling in front of him, took his cock back into her mouth.

“Shelly… don’t! I’m… gonna…”

It was already too late though. Steve’s cum blasted from his cock slamming into the back of Shelly’s throat. He thought that he was going to get yelled at, and was surprised when she continued to suck as he continued shoot his load into her awaiting mouth. After his dick stopped coming, she gave the head one last suck and then opened her mouth to show Steve the cum still in her mouth. Using a finger she wiped the small amounts that had dribbled over lips back into her mouth, and then closed it and swallowed. She reopened it to show him that it was all gone.

“You’re just full of surprises aren’t you?”

“Maybe I’ll show you even more,” Shelly said climbing back onto the bed to the desk with the tissues.

Shelly wiped at her pussy with the little tissues. She felt her panties, which now did not have a dry spot on them, coated with pussy juice, sweat, or both. She slowly peeled them off giggling at how sticky they were and tossed them over to Steve. He in turn inhaled them deeply taking in the scent of her pussy one more time. He caught Shelly looking at his dick which was now on the rise again. She had a playful smile across her face and had her legs wide open. A hand was gently caressing her pussy indicating what she wanted.

Steve, understanding, crawled on to the bed and slid on top of her. Shelly’s legs opened to receive him as he adjusted his waist between her legs, then in the next instant she Escort Yalova wrapped them around him as he drove his cock back into her. He didn’t thrust at first but slid his arms under Shelly’s legs putting them over his shoulders. After bracing himself he started to shove his once again hard cock deep into her. Instantly Shelly’s moans and screams returned. Steve found himself shushing her and asking her to keep it down every now again when she started to get loud. She couldn’t it help it though, he knew that and did his best to keep her quiet. After a few minutes fucking her she pulled him down so she could whisper in his ear.

“I want… you… to fuck my… ass…”

“Your ass?” Steve repeated. He saw Shelly nod and a smile crossed his face. “Ok, turn to your side.”

Shelly did as she was asked, after Steve pulled out, rolling onto her right side. Steve slid behind her caressing her ass cheeks and brown eye with his hand as he did. He moved his hand to her pussy and pushed two fingers in and out a few times, getting them nice and wet, then moved back to the butt cheeks. He rubbed the little hole a few times before slowly pushing those fingers in. Shelly made a very audible gasp as he did. The ass hole was nice and tight just like Shelly’s pussy. Steve wriggled his fingers in an attempt to open her up, and get the inside slicked up, as much as possible. He positioned himself so that he could still get into her pussy and did so, pumping into her a few time to make sure his cock was slippery enough. Then he pulled out and pointed the head at Shelly’s tight backside. Slowly he pushed, and the head of his dick slipped in. Shelly winced and clenched her teeth as her anus expanded to accommodate Steve’s member. He moved into her slow so she didn’t have to take it all at once. He got it in about ¾ of the way before stopping and gave her a moment to adjust. His hand went to her chin and turned it up to him so he could kiss her as she set herself.

After a few seconds Shelly was the one to start moving. She bucked her ass back at Steve. He in turn began to thrust forward. He moved slowly at first, not wanting to tear Shelly in two. But she urged him on breaking from the kiss and telling him to move faster. He speed started to increase, moving at a pace that matched the pace of Shelly’s ass slamming back at him. He could tell by the way she was acting that she had done this before.

Shelly had grabbed a pillow and bit into it trying to muffle her screams of passion. It felt so good to have Steve in her tight little ass hole. She felt even better when left his hand moved over her body to play with her pussy. She was on the verge of coming already. This one was going to be much bigger then the others. Steve rubbed furiously at the clit while he fucked Shelly’s ass. He was getting so close and needed to get her off quickly. They both were sweating now. The musky scent off sweat and sex filled the room. They both were about to come.

“Shit Shelly… I’m gonna come!!!!”

“Yes! Yes! Come with me. Inside my ass… come inside my little ass!”

Shelly hit a second before Steve. She bit down on the pillow again as her body went ridged. Her hole instinctively tightened squeezing the prick inside her. This sent Steve over the edge, his cock spewing his seed deep into her awaiting brown hole with squirt after squirt. The collapsed together as their orgasms began to subside, and laid there for a few moments each catching their breath. Their hands ran across each others bodies as their mouths met in another kiss.

When Steve finally withdrew his dick his cum immediately started to spill out as well. He quickly reached for the tissues and began to wipe at Shelly’s ass crack. Being mischievous Shelly kept pushing it out. Steve had to keep grabbing fresh tissues to get all of it up. After the crack was clean Shelly reached around her back, found her ass hole with a finger, and pushed it in. After a quick swirl she pulled it out, with some of the leftover cum still on it, brought it to her mouth, and sucked it in.

“Don’t take offense to this Shelly, but you are a little freak,” Steve said with a chuckle.

“I know. I like to be though.”

Steve looked at the clock. A little after 12 again.

“God damn it! Time flies I guess.”

Shelly was already gathering up her things. Not bothering to put them back on she walked over to the door. She turned back to him as she opened the door.

“You know what this makes us right?”

“Umm… good friends?”

“Right. Just good friends.”

Then she walked out, shutting the door behind her. Steve was really starting to like this house.

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