Good Fences Make Good Neighbors Ch. 03

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Gina-Marie led me upstairs by the hand, swaying her ass in an accentuated way.

“Do you like what you see?” She asked playfully.

“Mmmhmm,” I replied. “I can’t get to get your pants off.”

“Not so fast, mister. I just want to take a quick shower first, but I want you primed and ready for me when I come out.” She said back to me.

I took off my clothes in the bedroom, and Gina-Marie started to open our toy box that we kept under the bed. First, she took out the handcuffs, and the blindfold. Then the paddle. I sat on the bed, giving her a questioning look.

She twirled her finger, gesturing me to turn around. I got on my hands and knees, facing away from her. First she put on the blindfold, ensuring that I couldn’t see. Once she was sure I had no vision, I felt her lift one of my arms to the headboard, and I felt the handcuff go around my wrist, and the other clicked in to place on the wrought iron headboard.

Her mouth came up to my ear and she heavily whispered “We can’t have you touching yourself while I’m not here.” I gave a throaty groan as a response.

I felt her bring my other arm up and repeat the process with the second pair of handcuffs, securing me to the headboard, my ass completely exposed. I felt her hand glide over my ass cheeks lightly at first, then a light spank. I could feel my cock starting to twitch, dangling between my legs.

She traced her fingers across my ass, moving closer to my hole, which was felt fantastic, exposed to the open air.

SMACK! A very hard spank made me squirm and try to hold back a scream of surprise. My cock started to get stiff below me, and I felt her fingers slide over my hole.

She asked in a stern voice “Can I trust you to not touch yourself? You are suck a cock loving slut. I am not sure.” I loved when she would talk dirty with me, teasing me and calling me names.

I nodded silently.

SMACK! SMACK! On each cheek. It really hurt. I tried to move away, but I was bound, and couldn’t see when they were coming.

Then a few hits with the paddle, which really stung. I was frantic to make it stop.

“Yes! Please! I am a good boy. I promise, I won’t touch myself while you are in the shower.” The words were tumbling out now, trying to find the right combination of things to say to make the spanking stop. I am sure my ass cheeks were red from the spanking, and my face red from humiliation and embarrassment.

She asked me “If Jim walked in this room right now, would you let him have you like this?”

I hesitated, not know what the right answer here would be, eventually saying “…. yes” in a quiet voice.

She was quiet for a moment and I felt something hard, cold and wet at the entrance to my ass. I wasn’t sure what it was, other than probably one of the toys. She pushed, the pressure increasing, and I tried to relax and let it in. It was bigger than the dildo that we normally played with. The deeper it went, the bigger it got.

“Just relax… and take it in your slutty boy-pussy.” She said, and she started to move the toy in and out of me. She was working it back and forth and I was pushing back on her a bit, trying to get more and more of it in me. I felt it stretching my hole, aching with the size of the diameter of it. Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, it popped in, and I realized it was a plug. I was raging hard at this point, precum dripping from my cock. I don’t remember a plug like this. She must have bought it as a surprise.

Gina-Marie gave Ümraniye Escort the plug a few tugs to make sure it was secure and then said “Okay, now stay like that until I get out of the shower.”

I didn’t move for a for a while, listening to the shower running. After a few minutes my shoulders and back started to ache a little, and I had a very full feeling of the plug securely inside of me. I tried to readjust how I was kneeling by bringing my knees forward but doing so made me feel like the plug in my ass might pop out, so instead I just stayed the way I was.

After what seemed like an eternity, I heard Gina-Marie get out of the shower behind me saying “What a good boy you are! I think you deserve a reward.”

She unlocked my arms from the handcuffs and said “…but keep the blindfold on for now. I want you to find your surprise.” And I felt her lay on the bed.

I moved my hand around a bit, feeling my way until I encountered her calf. I started to crawl up behind her and she said “uh uh. Just your mouth.”

I moved my mouth to her thigh and began kissing my way up her legs. When I got to her ass, I realized that she was spreading her ass for me. I began to kiss and lick around her cheeks, and I heard her moan a little.

She said in a low voice “oh, yeah. Eat my ass baby. Bury your tongue in there. Show me what a good boy does to a tight ass…”

I stuck out my tongue and began to tongue-fuck her ass, kissing, licking and slurping. I was desperate to get deeper. I laid on my stomach, really burying my face in her ass, making out with her tight hole. I moved my hand up under me and found her hard clit, and I gently rubbed it, driving her crazy.

“Oh, fuck!” She said. “Neil, that feels so good. I need you. I need your cock in my ass baby.”

She backed up her knees and I pulled off the blindfold. Taking hold of my cock which had copious amounts of pre-cum dripping from it, I rubbed the pre-cum on her already wet ass, and started to push inside of her.

It took a few moments for her to relax, but once the head was in, she gave a moan/squeal of delight. I moved slowly at first. Pushing further in, it now slid easily in her accepting ass. I stayed still for a moment letting her adjust and feeling the weight of the plug in my own ass. I started slowly at first, small strokes, and eventually longer and longer ones.

She started to buck against me, grinding on my cock buried in her tight ass, saying “Oh, fuck Neil. Your cock is filling me up! I love it. Fill my ass up. Use my ass, fuck it. Fuck it like you own it. Fuck it like Jim fucked you!”

That was all of the encouragement I needed. I began to really thrust harder now, and with every stroke, the plug in my ass was stroking my prostate. It felt so good, I felt like I was already coming, but I wasn’t having an orgasm. I could feel the cum running from my cock every time I thrust into her. Her ass was was soaking wet now, with lube and my cum.

“Oh, Neil!” Gina-Marie screamed “I’m…. coming! My ass is coming on your cock. Don’t….. STOP…. FUCKING… ME!!!!”

I was already close to the point of no return, so I fucked her even harder, feeling her contract around me. I clenched my ass, keeping the plug in, screaming “Aaaarrh. I’m COMING!” groaning and moaning and I felt one of the most explosive orgasms of my life.

After several shots of cum inside of her, I pulled out, shooting the remaining few on her ass cheeks and her back. My Ümraniye Escort Bayan cock was dripping cum and it was running from her slightly gaped ass.

She looked over her shoulder at me and said “That was hot…. But you made me messy. Care to clean up?” She had a devilish look in her eyes.

I leaned down over her back, licking up my cum from her back and ass. I put my mouth up against her hole, drilling my tongue in, searching for cum while she pushed it out into my mouth. It was so dirty, and hot. I was turned on all over again. I slurped and sucked as much cum from her ass as I could. She turned around, kissing me deeply sharing the taste of cum on my tongue. Pulling away she looked me in the eyes, licked her lips and said “mmm. I love that you are so dirty. So sexy.”

We cleaned up, and took turns showering, and I removed the extra-large plug. My ass was gaping for a bit, and in the shower, I slide a few fingers in and out of my hole. I couldn’t get hard again after coming a few minutes ago, but the stimulation still felt good on my sensitive ass. I turned off the shower, dried off and walked into the bedroom. Gina-Marie was laying on the bed nude.

“I’m exhausted from that fuck, Neil. I can hardly walk.” She said looking up at me. “I don’t know how you do it.”

I wasn’t sure if she meant how I fuck her so well that she can’t walk, or how I walk after Jim fucks me. The thought struck me as funny, and I laughed a little out loud.

“What’s so funny?” she asked.

“Just talent, I guess” I answered, hoping the non-committal answer would be good enough for either connotation of the question.

She rolled over and asked “So, when are you and Jim putting up the new fence?”

I knew where her mind was. I said “I don’t know. I will call him later and see if he wants to go buy the supplies this weekend, and maybe put it in.”

I didn’t realize the double meaning until after I said it. She looked at me and we both had a laugh.


I walked out to my truck around noon on Saturday, ready to go to the local Home Depot with Jim. We had a list of supplies we needed like fence posts, cement, fence panels etc. Jim was already at my truck waiting for me.

“Hey bud, you ready?” he asked.

“Yep, let’s go.” I replied.

The ride to Home Depot was typical, we talked about music, our wives, what type of fence we would get, and after about an hour we got to the store. The parking lot was packed.

“We may have picked a bad time to come here.” I said, trying to find any spot to park.

Jim nodded in agreement and pointed out a spot on the end.

I pulled into the spot, which was a little small because of the car next to me.

Jim said, “You really know how to fit this big thing into tight spaces.” Looking directly at me. I knew exactly what he meant. I smiled and nodded.

Inside the store was a typical Saturday afternoon at Home Depot. Very crowded, lots of men shopping, a few women, and families. We walked to the back of the store where the fencing was and started pulling fencing posts, and panels in the style we wanted. After about 15 minutes or so Jim turned said “Hey, I need to use the bathroom. I’ll be back in a minute.”

I replied “Sure, no problem. Take your time.” And stood by the cart as he walked towards the restrooms.

After about 5 minutes of waiting, I realized it would be a good time to go as well, so that we didn’t have to stop on the Anadolu Yakası Escort way home. I left the cart of supplies where it was and walked into the restroom. The bathroom had three stalls along the back wall and a single urinal. I couldn’t see Jim, so I figured he was in one of the stalls. The urinal was occupied, so I went into the middle stall. I could tell that the stall to my left was occupied, likely by Jim. I peed in the toilet, and then took an extra few moments to stroke my cock, thinking about some of the videos I’d seen online of guys having sex under the bottom of the stall. I heard the guy who was at the urinal leave, and knew it was just Jim and me. I figured I would give Jim a bit of a surprise.

I bent down a bit to look below the stall, and saw Jim’s feet, recognizing his shoes and jeans. I knocked on the stall wall lightly, then put my hand under a bit. At first there was no response, then I heard Jim cough. I guess he was unsure, not knowing it was me.

I said “C’mon, don’t make me beg for it.”

I heard some rustling, and then saw Jim kneel at the base of the stall, his cock poking out under the wall. I put my hand around it, stroking it for a few moments, feeling him get hard in my hand. I bent lower and started to suck his cock. He was raging hard at this point. As uncomfortable as it was for me to be in this position, the idea that anyone could walk in and discover us was arousing. It felt so dirty and taboo, giving a guy oral sex in a public restroom. I was salivating all over him, stroking his cock with my saliva, while bobbing my head up and down on him. I intentionally make a few gagging sounds when I took his cock all the way down to my throat.

I could tell Jim wasn’t going to last long, and I didn’t want to get caught, so I gave the most enthusiastic blowjob I could. I was a cock whore in a public restroom, working for a hot load of cum. I could feel him getting close, and I increased my efforts.

Just when he was about to start coming, I heard the door to the bathroom open and another patron walk in. I suddenly stopped, but it was too late for Jim. He was already starting to cum. His upright cock was twitching, glistening, and cum started to shoot and flow. I placed my mouth back over him to taste it. The first few pumps hit my throat, and when I backed off, some it flew towards me. Some of it ran down the length of his cock to his balls, some was on the floor. He backed up, and I heard him getting some toilet paper to clean up. I stood up, gave a courtesy flush of the toilet, and walked out to wash my hands.

While washing my hands, the other patron finished at the urinal and stood next to me, washing his hands too. I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed I had a big glob of cum on my shirt that I didn’t notice had landed there. I think the stranger saw it, but I just wiped it up with my finger as he turned away. I licked my finger clean, dried my hands and walked back out of the bathroom and back towards our cart of fence supplies.

A few moments later Jim walked out, a big smile on his face. I decided to tease him a little. I said “Everything ok in there? You were in there a long time.”

He suddenly looked a little confused, not understanding if I was joking or not.

“Yeah. Wait. Were you…?” he started to stammer. “Where you out here? Waiting? Not in there?”

I laughed a little saying “Hehe. Yeah. I was in there. But wouldn’t it be hot to think it wasn’t me? It was just some random stranger who decided to do that?”

He relaxed a little, adjusting himself through his jeans. He leaned in closer to me, and said “Dude, that was so fucking hot. I left a huge mess of cum on the floor in there, and my underwear.”

I smiled at him saying “I’m glad I can be of service. Now, let get the rest of the supplies for the fence.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32