Good Afternoon Ch. 17

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“Gather around,” Mel stood before the desk where the story board was placed, “Not many people in the porn industry use story boards, but I do. It helps me develop the camera angles and story line, and how I want the performance to progress. ” He picked up a poster sized sheet of posterboard where several rows of comic strip type black and white drawings depicted a series of scenes as he envisioned them. Justin stood to his right and Clark to his left looking over the pictures as he continued, “This is the outline for what I want to produce. You guys will be playing the part of these 2 fellows drawn in these cartoons.” He paused for a moment, pointing at the drawings first of one guy then the other.

“I don’t really care which one of you plays which part, so either of you can volunteer for one or the other part.” He put the story board down on the desk.

Justin and Clark continued to study the pictures for awhile before Justin spoke up, “I guess I could play this character.” He pointed to the guy in the picture he wanted to play. “Is that okay with you Clark?” He looked at Clark who was still studying the story board.

“Sure, that’s fine with me.” Clark replied without looking away from the story board.

“Okay, there isn’t much character development in this scene, it is just basically, you guys entering the room, getting on the bed, kissing, hugging and fondling each other. You will proceed to undress each other then go from there.” Mel took the unlit cigar out of the ash tray and started to chew on it again, “I’d like to do this in one take, so we can get this in the can, but I am realistic. I know you guys haven’t done this before, at least before cameras and lights like this, so Carl will be giving you instructions as the shoot progresses.”

Carl chimed in, “You boys will have to strip again, so our make up fellow can trim your crotch hair and otherwise make you ready for the shoot.

The door opened and a head peaked in through the barely opened door, “Carl, we are about ready for the talent.” He looked at Justin and Clark, “Are they ready?”

“No, send Michael in. He needs to do his thing to get them ready.”

“Okay.” His head disappeared behind the door and it closed quietly.

Carl motioned to Clark and Justin to follow him as he led them into the bathroom. “You can get undressed here,” He pointed into the large bathroom where, on the left of the door was the sink and a large well lit mirror, next to the vanity was the toilet. The other side of the room was where the walking shower was walled off by rippled glass sliding doors. Just inside and to the right of the door was a small redwood bench with clothes hooks on the wall about shoulder height from the floor. A couple of plush white towels hung on the towel rack which ran across the outside of one of the sliding glass doors. “Mike will be here in a second. He’s our make-up guy.” With that Carl backed out of the room and partially closed the door.

They both began to undress hanging their clothes on the hooks as they disrobed. When Justin pulled down his pants, the picture which was in his back pocket fell out onto the floor. He quickly picked it up and put it back into his pants pocket.

“What was that?” Clark got a short glimpse of the picture before Justin snatched it up off the floor.

“Oh, nothing, just a picture.” Justin pulled down Yenibosna Escort his underwear, then stepped out of them.

“Can I see it?” Clark was curious.

“What the hell, I guess,” Justin stood naked before Clark, “why not. At this point, I don’t think it matters much.” Justin hung his under wear on the hook next to his pants, then pulled the picture out of his pocket.

The door opened and Michael came rushing in. Justin quickly put the picture back into the pocket, then quickly turned around to face Michael and Clark with a bit of an embarrassed glow on his face.

“Oh, did I interrupt something?” Michael looked at Justin’s embarrassed face then at Clark who shrugged unknowingly. He put the make up box on the vanity next to the sink. “My, don’t we have a couple of beauties today?” Michael was one of those limp wrist, typical girly boy types who oozed gayness from every pore of his body. “My, my, this is my lucky day.” He fanned himself with his right hand as he lingered on the sight of their private parts. “Honey,” He took Justin by the hand and led him to the bench, “I think I will enjoy doing you first.” He winked at Justin who recovered from his embarrassment and now looked at Michael curiously.

Seeing Justin’s curious look, Michael beamed, “Don’t worry honey, I don’t bite,” He paused for a moment, “too hard.” He burst out with a loud laugh. With that he turned around to his tool kit and pulled out a cordless hair trimming clipper. “Come over here a bit where the light is a little better.” Michael motioned for Justin to come stand before him. Justin complied. Clark sat on the wooden bench behind them and looked wonderingly at Justin’s pants which concealed the picture. For some reason, he really wanted to see that picture now, in particular because of Justin’s reaction when Michael made his appearance.

Michael kneeled before Justin’s crotch and scanned it with pure enjoyment. “Sweetie, you are almost perfect just the way you are.” While still kneeling, he turned around to his tool box and pulled out a comb. “This won’t hurt a bit.” He began to comb Justin’s crotch hair so it stood out from his body rather than being crumpled. Justin’s dick began to shift and get hard while Michael prepared him for the trim.

The click and then buzz of the trimmer filled the room. Michael began to quickly and knowingly trim Justin’s crotch hair as though he’d done this a thousand times. He made a few delighted sounds as Justin’s dick became more erect and extended towards his face, but he continued working around it, humming an unrecognizable tune which really couldn’t be heard over the clipper’s buzz. It only took him a few minutes to be done. He leaned backwards a bit while still being in the kneeling position to appraise his work. “Beautiful.” He beamed. “Sweetheart, I’d love to get to know you better.” He looked up at Justin’s face which looked back down at him indifferently. “Can I give you my card?”

“Umm, I, I don’t know, I. . .”

Michael interrupted, “With a sweet dick like that staring me in the face, a girl has got to try.” He laughed out loud again in the same way he had before. He stood up, put the comb and clipper back in his tool box, then turned around again facing Justin who pretty much stood still all the while, his dick quickly lost its erection but remained somewhat extended. Michael Yenibosna Escort Bayan held Justin’s chin in between his thumb and forefinger, then turned his face from side to side, studying Justin’s smooth skinned handsome face. The lines of his boyish face were symmetrical and perfectly proportioned. His straight thin nose was centered on his face above full lips that filled Michael even more with a longing and lust to know Justin intimately. His blue eyes sparkled with the glitter of the bathroom lighting. His eye lashes curled up slightly on the upper eyelids and down on the lower eye lids. These eyes captured Michael’s heart as he continued to gaze deeply into them. His relaxed brow was free of lines which would have been present on the brow of an older man who’d seen hard times. All in all, Michael found his face to be angelic and a glory to behold. “I think a little powder will be all you will need to dampen the glare of the lights.” He released Justin’s chin. He stared longingly into Justin’s eyes, “You sure I can’t give you my card.” He fanned himself again, then patted his own chest as though his heart was going to jump out of his chest. He didn’t wait for an answer. He moved to his tool box, found a small box of facial powder and a soft brush which he removed, He opened the box, sat the lid next to the tool box, then applied a bit of the powder to the brush. Once the brush was adequately filled with the powder, he place the box next to the lid on the vanity surface, then turned around again to face Justin. “Close your eyes honey.” He instructed Justin as he once again took Justin’s chin, this time with his left hand repositioning Justin’s face has he dabbed the brush on Justin’s face here and there where the light might reflect off his soft smooth skin. When he was satisfied, he said, “Okay, I’m done with you,” pause, “for now. You and your friend can switch positions.”

Clark got up from the bench where he’d sat quietly observing Michael at work. Justin stepped back to the bench, then sat down. He brushed some of the loose clipped hair from his crotch as he sat there reviewing Michael’s work. He noticed that Michael had trimmed the hair so his dick appeared to be longer, and not as hidden by the crotch hair. He didn’t have too much hair on his balls anyway, so his balls area remained substantially natural as for as the hair being trimmed.

Clark positioned himself in front of Michael in much the same stance Justin had adopted during his preparation. Since Michael still had the powder brush in his hand, he decided to do that first. He took Clark’s chin between his left hand thumb and forefinger and turned his face from side to side just like he’d done with Justin. Clark also had a beautiful boyish face that, while being different than Justin’s face, still was alluring and symmetrically evenly proportioned as well. While Justin’s face was lean with stronger defined facial contours, Clark’s face had fuller cheeks and a slightly broader nose which turned up just a bit at its softly round end. His lips while also being full were a bit more poutty looking than Justin’s. Neither of them had any trace of having used a razor to shave their faces, nor did they really need to yet. Clark’s blue eyes sparkled with the same beautiful light that drew Michael into that lustful place he enjoyed being and wanted to be with every Escort Yenibosna pretty boy he’d ever seen or met. Clark smiled slightly as Michael stared longingly into his eyes.

A moment later, Michael hummed that same tune he’d hummed while working on Justin as he dabbed Clark’s face and forehead with the brush. He had to lift up Clark’s golden locks to place some of the powder there. He found the beautifully full hair to be soft and slightly wavy. Clark stood there eyes closed and unconsciously covered his private parts with his hands.

“God, when I get home tonight my little fella is gonna get a good work out as I lay in bed thinking of you two beautiful angels.” Michael laughed again. His black pleated slacks slightly tented out with his “little fella” standing at attention.

After closing the powder box, returning it and the brush to his tool box, he picked up the comb and clipper once again. “Let’s see here,” Michael said to himself as he kneeled before Clark’s groin area. The sweet sent of his crotch wafted into his nostrils as he moved closer and began to comb the light brown crotch hair. Once he’d surveyed the area, the click and buzz of the razor once again filled the air. With professional accuracy and speed he trimmed the soft curls that surrounded Clark’s plump dick. As he worked, he held Clark’s dick head between his left hand thumb and forefinger to move it out of the way of his trimming. As he touched it, it sprang to life and quickly began to get hard. “Now, control yourself sweetie. I can’t be trimming you and wiping cream off my face at the same time.” That same laugh erupted from his mouth.

Clark chuckled at Michael’s comment. Justin leaned forward and tried to see what Michael was talking about, but from where he was, he could mostly see Clark’s nice, full round butt cheeks. The few minutes it took for Michael to be done passed quickly and Justin took the opportunity to study Clark’s lean form from the rear. He thought if they were in ancient Greece, there would surely be a sculpture made in Clark’s image to immortalize is form and beauty.

As Michael returned the tools of his trade to his tool box, he said, “Okay, Dears. I’m sad to say I’m done with you.” In a couple of swishing steps he was at the door which he opened, then disappeared behind without further comments.

The door had no sooner closed than it opened slightly again and Carl’s head poked in. “Get dressed. And be careful so you don’t screw up the makeup.” He took a moment to look at them both, Clark still standing where Michael had left him and Justin still seated on the bench. “Come into the studio when you are dressed, then we will get this production on the roll.” His head disappeared behind the door and it closed once more.

“Let me see.” Justin got up and turned Clark so he was facing him. Once Clark was facing him, he took what seemed like an eternity to take in the front view of this Greek statue in living form. “Hot!” Was all he said.

“Oh, come on,” Clark shrugged of the complement, “Get dressed you pretty boy cock sucker.”

They both laughed. Then got dressed again. “Man, this is the most I’ve ever took off and put on the same clothes in one day.” Justin commented as he finished dressing.

“Yeah, me too. Now I know what a mannequin must feel like.”

“A mannequin?”

“Yeah, they are always changing the clothes on mannequins in stores.”

“Duh, they don’t change them that many times in one day.”

“Okay, forget I said that, it was stupid.”

With that final comment, they were both dressed and headed out of the bathroom with Clark in the lead and Justin one step behind him.

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