Golf Club Wives Ch. 05

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Group Sex

Simone threw herself down on the settee. “I’m bloody sick of being pawed by the local jocks who think they own us,” she complained. “I’m sick of being a bloody virgin. But I don’t want to loose it with some rough bastard in the back seat of his father’s car.”

“What are you moaning about,” Rebecca cried. “Jerry has come all over my hands three times this week; all he wants is a bloody blow job or a wank. Arties not much better he thinks he has a god given right to shove his fingers in my pussy. He’s so rough and uncaring it hurts. When I complain he sulks and tells me that that slut Sandy puts out.”

Rae stood up as she spoke, “alright all right, we have said all this before, we all know that we are browned off with the local jocks but when it comes down to it we do nothing and go back to dating those arrogant arseholes.” She shook her head. “Well this time I am ready to do something. I’ve been thinking and have decided that what I need is an older man. Some one who knows how to treat a woman properly.”

“Yeah that’s what we need,” Rebecca growled, “let’s find one like your dad and give ourselves a treat.”

Simone shook her head, “not one of our fathers for god sake. We don’t need to break the law or have some irate wife after us, we need a stranger preferably single.” They sat thinking for a minute when Simone screamed, “I know, what about Mark you know the one who is going to help improve our golf. He was so cool on the course the other morning my pussy was all wet. If he had asked I would have let him take me behind the trees and take my cherry right there and then.”

“Yeah he’d be good,” Rebecca cried, “he has just lost his wife. He’s probably starting to feel the need for a woman.” Simone was more enthusiastic, “If he is looking for a lover I’m available. Did you notice that thick chest and those abs? He has a great body.” She danced around the room. “The more I think about it the more I like it.” She stopped and waved her finger to make her point. “Don’t forget he has a big empty mansion where we could be alone and do it in comfort.” They sat back smiling at the thought of seducing Mark.

“There may be a problem,” Rae said breaking the silence. “I think he’s fucking mum. If he isn’t, she sure loves playing the back nine with him. I have never seen her so keen to play so early in the morning. Since he has started to join her every morning she flies out of bed and puts on her most interesting gear. Come to think of it she used to start later and work around the house when she came home, now she starts a lot earlier and comes home so worn out she just showers and goes to her room to rest.”

“Maybe he is doing your mum and may be he isn’t, who cares,” Simone said a gleam in her eye. She lifted her skirt and rubbed her pussy through her thong “If we offer him three beautiful young virgin pussies he’ll freak.” When they both started to talk she spoke over their voices, “Listen up, we must have a plan. We don’t want to compete with each other. Let’s work it so we share him. We must all do every thing we can to make sure one of us snares him. Who ever is the first to get him to bonk them must agree to share him with the others.”

Mark rang Madeline after lunch, “Are we on for tomorrow morning?”

“Yes,” she whispered. “I hope I’ll be on my own. Rae and her friends haven’t said they’re coming. Anyway make sure you keep your promise to coach them after school so we can have the mornings to ourselves.”

Mark remembered his promise. He more vividly remembered the sexual challenge that Rae had issued when he had asked were they old enough. She had flashed her bottom and called, “we are old enough if you’re good enough” before adding with a challenge, “Could you handle three young ladies old man.”

Mark had had a tough time that morning trying to hide his growing interest in Rae’s tiny young body. She had been an outrageous flirt flashing her hard bottom continually in front of his eyes at every opportunity. He would have loved to take up her challenge but wouldn’t do it to Madeline believing one sex partner in the family was enough. When Madeline suggested he coach the girls after school he had agreed so he could keep them from spoiling his morning sessions in the trees on the thirteenth fairway.

He was staring into space thinking of Madeline when reception rang through on the intercom, “will you take a call from a cheeky young woman who wants to know what time you will meet her at the golf club”

“That will be Madeline’s daughter,” he laughed put the cheeky young bugger through, no better still tell her four o’clock.”

“My god you’ll cause a riot,” Mark growled when he spied the girls waiting for him near the driving range. “What’s up,” Rae asked innocently. “You know what’s up your dresses are supposed to hide your body. Your skirts are so short I can see you’re…” he stopped not wanting to say pussy or even panties in front of the gaping crowd. He started again as someone whistled, “Bloody hell is that a bra or a piece of string”

“This is not one of those bursa eskort seedy lap dancing night clubs and you’re not here put on a show; you’re here to improve your driving at a members only Golf Club. Go and cover up or go home,” he thundered. A half a dozen men standing near by laughed and booed. To the girls delight one groaned, “Let them play, its time someone gave this old morgue a shot of life.” Others joined in surrounding the girls, “if he won’t coach you we will.”

Mark gave up and headed for the bar and ordered a beer. Deirdre the big barmaid that Stan had said was a goer looked at him sympathetically, “Hi Mark what seems to be the problem?” she asked as she gave him his change.

“I promised to coach Madeline’s daughter and her mates for a few afternoons so they could improve their game before some school golf matches. They turned up dressed…” he was loudly interrupted and slapped on the back before he could finish. He turned to find his mate Stan laughing, “My god lad they tell me you’re responsible for those young fillies. If they come back dressed like that again tomorrow you won’t have to worry, half the club will be here to coach them for you.”

Mark settle down as Stan joined him for a drink. One drink led to another as they laughed and talked till they were the only two left in the bar. Looking around and noticing the lack of customers Stan asked Deirdre to join them. “I may as well she said as she drew up a stool you are the only customers. The boss said I can close up and go home when you’re finished.”

Shortly after Stan winked at Mark, “let’s make this the last. I’ve got a wife waiting at home.” he looked at Mark, “seeing you’ve kept Deirdre so late you had better do the right thing and buy her dinner.” When she objected he overrode her objection. “At least make the bastard drive you home,” he said as he pushed them together and led them to the door.

Mark was surprised to find that Deirdre was much younger than she looked. When he admitted he though she was older she laughed, “It’s my big boobs and my big bum and the fact that these bar staff uniforms do nothing for people my size. I am a lot different without this on.” “Are you now,” he said with a sly grin, “I’ll have to check.”

Later when he told her he would walk her to the door of her bungalow he was expecting a good night kiss and nothing more. Deirdre was searching for her key when they heard a phone ringing inside. In her hurry to get to the phone Deirdre left the key in the door as she rushed inside, leaving Mark out on the doorstep.

Looking in through the half open door he was forced to take a closer look when he spied her leaning over towards the small phone table displaying what could only be described as a fine piece of arse. Watching her body as she talked and argued with her caller he came to the conclusion that Deirdre would be on the phone for some time. Not wanting to stand around outside while she argued on the phone he decided to remove the key from the door and take it inside, planning to give her a wave and leave.

Inside he put the key down where she could see it and made signals that he was leaving. His eyes drawn to the sweep of her large round butt he gave it what he thought would be a first and last pat and turned to leave. Deirdre stopped him when she took his hand and drew it back until it was once again resting on her backside.

The conversation on the phone became animated as Mark ran his hand lightly over the tight fabric covering her fine big arse. With no opposition and Deirdre locked in a heated conversation on the phone Mark brought two hands into play caressing both cheeks. Deirdre did nothing to indicate he should stop so he started to slide the heavy cloth skirt up her back until more and more of her legs and thighs were exposed to his gaze.

Deirdre said nothing and did nothing to stop him she just casually changed her stance leaving her legs further apart than before. Taking this as a signal Mark slipped a hand down and ran it up between her legs until he felt her very prominent mound. To his delight Deidre bent over and placed one hand on the phone table to keep her balance. This move left her pussy lips still covered in the cotton material of her old fashioned underclothes partly exposed to his gaze.

Oh hell what an invitation thought Mark as he pushed the clothes aside and liberated her large clean shaven pussy. A shiny sliver of moisture at the bottom of her pussy told him what he wanted to know and his probing finger proved it a moment later. She too was ready.

He heard a car drive past and looked around to see the door to her bungalow was half open but ignored the risk of being caught. Dropping Deirdre’s zip he freed up his now hard cock and ran it up and down her pussy lips. He could hear her saying she had to go when he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her back at the same time ramming his cock in to the hilt.

“Look I have to go; I have this urgent matter that only I can fix.” Deirdre cried as she slammed down the phone. bursa bayan escort And fix it she did, over and over again until Mark had to shower and leave for his early morning hit out with Madeline. Even then at the last minute she joined him in the shower telling him her mouth and tongue would help clean him up.

Wanting nothing to go wrong when he was with Madeline and the girls Mark decided to have another shower at the club to remove any lingering evidence of his wild night with Deirdre. After going to all that trouble he was a little disappointed when only Madeline was waiting at the tenth tee. “I think they know they went to far yesterday,” she told him as they hit off. “I have told them they have to apologise to you. It’s Saturday and they have the afternoon off so expect a call.” Three holes later Mark marveled at the recuperative power of his cock. It had to his surprise quickly grown hard and pulsed in Madeline’s hand when she bucked her body and came in response to his tongue and fingers in her pussy.

He had spent an hour or two after lunch resting in his bedroom when Ayaha woke him with a kiss. “Wake up master,” she whispered. “Three pretty young girls are here to see you.” Her hand ran down inside his boxers, “do you want me to send them away?”

He must have drifted back to sleep thinking he was dreaming because he woke with a start and remembered she had spoken to him when her warm mouth close over the head of his cock. “What did you say?” he whispered. She looked up at him as she raised her head from his cock. “Three pretty young girls want to see you; they are waiting downstairs in the lounge. Will you see them or will I send them away.”

He lay back for a moment while her hand and lips massaged his cock. Ayaha had said three pretty young girls but he hadn’t arranged to meet any girls and then he remembered Madeline saying she had told Rae and her friends to apologise. Yes he thought it has to be them.

By now Ayaha had his cock worked up in to a state where it would explode in her mouth at any moment. Bugger them he thought as he pulled Ayaha’s head closer pushing his cock deeper in her mouth, they can wait.

Downstairs Rae Simone and Rebecca had grown tired of waiting. “Where the hell has that little bitch gone,” Rae said as she started to wander around the lounge room. “We’ve been here for a bloody hour. I bet she has forgotten us.” She moved towards the stairs, “I don t know about you but I’m not sitting here any longer. I’m going to look around.”

Half way up the stairs she turned to the others, “be quiet I think I can hear something coming from that room at the top of the stairs.” On their tip toes they crept up on to the top landing where it became obvious that something was going on in the bedroom.

Signaling the others to wait she crept over to the door and slowly pushed it open. At first Rae could only see Ayaha’s shapely back but she didn’t need too see more. Mark’s grunts and the groans and the squeaking bed left nothing to the imagination. Ayaha was riding Marks cock.

Ayaha unaware of her audience leant her body forward so Mark could reach her breasts. As he reached up to pinch her nipples he spied Rae standing in the doorway with her hands on her hips. “Oh shit,” he cried “what are you doing here?”

When Ayaha heard his cry she became frightened. Reacting quickly she jumped off of Mark on to the floor frantically trying to find her discarded shift. Ayaha’s actions left Mark lying on his back with his cock standing up for all to see.

Rae pointed to his waving cock and whistled through her teeth, “My god I should have known when mum comes home tired out that you were a horny old bastard.” Noting the surprised look on his face she smiled, “we were sent over here to apologise for our bad manners.” She looked over at Ayaha who was still hadn’t found her shift.

“You should be the last to talk about bad manners when you deliberately left us waiting while you fed that whopping thing into your maid’s pussy.” She turned to Rebecca and Simone who stood gasping in amazement and whispered, “If he’s so bloody horny that he can’t keep his hands off the maid he’s the one we want.”

Mark lay flat on his back his mind working overtime. If these three young bitches spread the story of them catching him fucking his maid it would reignite the stories that he had hired Sally because of her pussy not her brains. His reputation was dear to him. Even though Sally had turned out alright he was not about to start the rumor mill going again.

He was starting to think of buying them off, offering them money or jobs, when Rebecca sidled over to the bed and looked down at his semi erect cock “please don’t get angry,” she whispered. “I am sorry if we caused you trouble we just want your help.”

Thinking she meant golf lessons he looked at her seeing her clear blue eyes for the first time, “I promised to help improve your game, but you girls, oh hell I don’t know,” he closed his eyes to blot out her pleading bursa ucuz escort face, “I give up.”

He pushed up on his elbows to look at her when he felt her hand take hold of his cock. “Please,” she whispered, “please don’t give up; don’t close your eyes. I want you to look at me. You are the one I want.”

Simone came and sat on the other side of the bed licking her lips as she watched Rebecca squeeze his cock. “We are sick and tired of the high school jocks that use our bodies and abuse our minds with their infantile demands,” she whispered as she took his big hand in hers. Rae crawled up to lie on his legs, “we like you. I have watched you and mum and even though you deny it I know that you make love to her every morning.”

“I have explained to my friends how mum comes home so mellow and loving after she meets you.” He opened his mouth to speak, “no don’t say anything let us finish. We want the first time to be something to remember not a quick poke from an adolescent ego maniac. Going by the way you affect mum we have decided you are the one we want.”

Ayaha had stood holding her shift still in her hands while they spoke. “Oh master,” she cried “this is so beautiful. You must do it for them. They are right, it should be lovely.” She looked at the girls, “he is a very kind and gentle lover. I wish I had met him first.”

They all turned to look at Mark when he didn’t speak Ayaha whispered “please.” He shook his head she was a little wonder. “Ok,” he growled, “but how will we do it.”

Rebecca continued to play with his cock as they worked out how they could each get away from home and come over to his house. “Its Sunday tomorrow it will be easy to convince our mums that we are at each others place” Rae said as Ayaha promised to set up a second bedroom for them.

Marks senses were fully aroused. He was noticing things about the girls that he had not noticed before. The loose swing of young tits unencumbered by bras the sensuous sweep of a fine young thigh the warmth of Rebecca’s hand on his now rock hard cock.

It wasn’t long before Rebecca was breathing hard her breasts trembling under her tiny top, “I love your old cock it’s beautiful,” she whispered, “Can we do it now.” He did not answer until she moved a hand to cup his balls. “You’re like a bull I saw at the farm,” she whispered.”

Ayaha had heard them whispering together and knew Rebecca was ready. “They are going to do it,” she said with a knowing smile as she led Rae and Simone away.

“Let me up,” he whispered when they left.” I want to take your clothes off one piece at a time.”

Rebecca watched him stand and asked “Why?” He groaned, “So I can look at you and remember your beauty on the day you gave me a girls most precious gift.” He wrapped his arms around her cuddling her close feeling the tenseness in her body. “Relax don’t worry,” he whispered. “We will do whatever you want.”

Their first kiss was soft and gentle. Then as the kisses continued he opened his mouth wider sucking her lips and tongue deep into his throat. Rebecca had kissed shyly at first but then her lips and hands became bolder, her tongue like a little hot poker setting him alight.

He had to cool himself down as his hands of their own volution roamed over her body. “Now,” he whispered as he stepped back and stood beside her, “Its time for me to remove those clothes. I want to see your body.”

Rebecca had never had anyone spend so much time whispering little words of praise and caressing her body like Mark did that afternoon. As he removed each item of her clothing he kissed her body crooning, “eighteen, only eighteen and so beautiful.” She giggled when he stopped crooning and heard him gasp as her top fell away exposing for the first time the fullness of her ripe breasts.

She waited and watched as he shook his head and licked his lips but did nothing but stare. Then as her pussy wept she whispered,” Are you going to kiss them?”

Mark’s hands moved as soon as she spoke cupping her breast lovingly and holding them up for his kisses. He was snuffling and snorting making noises like he was short of breath as his whole body responded to this magnificent young eighteen year old. He marveled at the heat she generated. Her breasts were hot in his hands. They were larger than he expected yet firm and at the same time soft to his touch. He tweaked a nipple groaning in appreciation as it immediately grew hard.

A shudder ran throughout Rebecca’s body as he gently and lovingly paid homage to each breast. This is what I wanted, she thought as she compared Mark with her boy friends from school.

Mark smiled when Ayaha appeared to close the curtains and turn on a bedside light before switching off the main lights. “Take your time it’s still very early,” she whispered. “Rebecca’s friends will wait for her so they can go home together.”

“I’m ready,” Rebecca groaned as he laid her on the bed. Mark smiled “so am I.” Minutes later Rebecca groaned “oh my god,” when Mark kissed his way down her body past her magnificent breasts and moved on to quickly kiss along her inner thigh next to her pussy. She had never had a boy even offer to kiss her pussy. Now this man old enough to be her father was going to do it. She was so excited that she did not want to wait any longer, “do it,” she moaned, “do it to me.”

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