Going Up?

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Arriving at the office promptly at 9:00am, Denise moved past her secretary, shared a “Good morning” and stepped into her private office.

As she went through the doorway, she felt that fate was dealing her a great hand today because Justin was in her office, sorting mail onto her desk.

Denise was middle aged and recently divorced. She had always been something of a cougar, in fact her interest in young men played a bit of a role in her divorce. She had made her husband repeatedly jealous with her attention to young men and he suspected there had been indiscretion with a neighbour’s son. This was something that was highly suspected but Denise never admitted to.

Now legally divorced, Denise was eager to indulge her desires, and Justin, the new intern would be a great place to start.

Justin, fairly new at the office, and all of nineteen years old, was taking his MBA in the city. Denise noticed his youthful good looks and his obvious athleticism the first day he arrived at the office. She thought she saw him checking her out a time or two and he did seem to hang around her floor a lot. Maybe the interest she had in him was mutual. She’d love to find out.

Mustering all the authority that comes with her position as the office manager, Denise opened their conversation,

“Good morning Justin.”

“Good morning Ma’am,” was his smiling reply.

“Oh please, Ma’am makes me seem so old.”

“Not at all, just a sign of respect. I sure wouldn’t consider you old,” he smirked. “I’ll tell you what though; if I see you out of the office I’ll be sure to call you…?”

“Denise. Please.”

“Ok, Denise it is.”

She places her briefcase on the floor beside her desk, consciously exaggerating bending over. Using the reflection in the window behind her desk, Denise watches Justin’s reaction. She was happy to see that he was checking her out!

“If I see you at the conference tonight, I hope you will remember my name Justin,” she muses while leaning close to him over her desk, pretending to look at the mail.

Discretely she brushes her arm against his and feels his initial respectful retreat, but only an inch. Reaching again, this time a shade more direct with her contact, his arm stays on hers. She feels the warmth of his contact right through her body and focusing in her pussy.

“Oh, you can be sure I won’t forget it Denise” he replies.

“I’m happy to hear that you are going,”

He is looking directly at her from only a foot away, she can feel the sexual tension starting to build in her office.

“I didn’t think anyone from the office was going to attend, and wasn’t sure if I would go, but if you are going to be there … Denise… , I think I will go.”

She can see the change in his eyes now and she knows that he is beginning to see something in hers as well. He is so young and not as experienced in subtleties, she understands that he is wondering if he is reading the situation correctly. Denise knows that she needs to make her feelings obvious or loose the chance.

She leans closer to him and breathes in his ear, “It would make my weekend if you would come with me… to the conference.”

If he didn’t bite at that hint, she knew that she didn’t need to pursue matters.

“Well there’s an offer I couldn’t refuse,” he replies with a knowing grin.

“Since we’re the only ones going from the office maybe we should arrive together.”

“Sounds great to me,” should we meet there, or…”

Denise feels the passion beginning to build inside her due to Justin’s closeness. She hopes the conversation goes where she intends.

“Ummm, why don’t we meet and then arrive together, say… my place?”

“That sounds even better, what time should I pick you up?”

“We need to leave my place by 8:00, so be there before that.”

“Great. It should be a fun night,” Justin smirks.

“It’ll be as fun as we want to make it,” Denise smirks back as she rests her hand on Justin’s arm.

“Tonight then,” Justin says as he moves to leave.

Giving his arm a gentle squeeze, Denise feels the taught muscles under Justin’s shirt; again she feels her pussy itch for him. Her eyes must be giving her away now because Denise notices Justin’s young passion is becoming obvious in his loose fitting pants.

“Since this is sort of a company function and we are going to represent the company, you can leave early today…say…4:00pm. You might need the rest,” she said as she let his arm go.

“Ok, thanks. I suppose that is a good idea, we may be up half the night,” he ventured as he moved toward the door.

“If I have my way you will.” Denise commented to herself after Justin had closed the door.

The rest of the day moved along at a snails pace for Denise. She was counting the minutes until she could leave. Thoughts of her and Justin alone tonight kept going through her mind, and her body. More than once in her closed office she found herself fantasizing about having Justin’s hard cock adana escort deep inside her where the itch of her passion was taking hold. Leaning back in her chair Denise couldn’t help but spread her legs and slide one hand inside her skirt, and under her skimpy panties.

Taking one finger, she slid it through the growing wetness of her juices. With her finger wet and slippery she gently ran the ball of her finger quickly over her protruding clit.

“MMmm” escaped her lips as she quickly tickles her most tender and sensitive spot.

She felt her juices really start to flow now, the wetness seeping down between her legs even to her ass.

With her eyes closed, she focused her mind now on what she imagines could happen tonight with Justin. She pictures it’s his tongue doing the tricks on her that her finger is now.

“AAaaahhhh,” she moans at her desk.

Normally Denise takes her time and enjoys the sensation of her own play but today doesn’t have that luxury. She doesn’t want to be caught. Increasing the intensity of her play she slides her finger up and down her lips and over her clit.

Denise is getting close to her orgasm and to increase the sensation she slides her other hand into her panties and spreads her lips.

Her trembling pussy is fully exposed to her manipulations. She quickly slips her finger over her lips and with her thumb rubs her tender clit as she slides two fingers inside her throbbing musky slit.

Picturing it’s now Justin’s throbbing cock inside her and his fingers tickling her clit, she feels her orgasm growing deep inside.

“AH AH AH!” She can feel the waves beginning to swell inside her fast and hard.

Her orgasm comes down on her like a waterfall!

“OH Fuuuuck!” she groans as her body convulses.

She bucks against her fingers as if it were Justin she were thrusting against. Her clit is too sensitive now for direct contact and she tickles and rubs above it as she thrusts her fingers inside as she rides through the terrific waves as she cums long and hard.

She slips her hands out of her panties and as she stands to go to the washroom to clean up she can feel how wet she is as she walks, it turns her on again to think that all these people were just outside her door as she was cumming.

Four o’clock seems to take forever to arrive, but finally her secretary informs her Justin would like to talk to her. Not wanting to let anyone in the office see her and Justin together very much she tells her secretary that she is leaving for the day, and will talk to Justin on her way out. She returns Justin’s knowing smile and starts walking with him.

“I’m really looking forward to tonight,” he tells her

“I sure am too. You might pick up some of this corporate stuff at the conference.”

“Who knows what you may learn tonight,” she adds coyly.

Nearing the elevator they compose themselves and maintain a respectable distance between them as they move into a more populated area of the office. The elevator arrives, of course half full of people for the ride down. Justin steps in first, Denise right behind him.

“Mmm, nice bum on him!” she thinks.

Justin moves to the rear of the elevator and Denise is just in front of him as everyone stares at the lit floor numbers overhead.

Denise has always fantasized about doing it in an elevator.

She wishes they were alone, “Wouldn’t it be great to have this young hunk for the first time in her elevator fantasy?!” Unable to help herself, Denise leans back to touch her ass against Justin.

Ah, there’s the reaction that she wanted – Justin is pushing ever so gently back against her… Mmm.

She can feel the bulge of his manhood nestled into the crack of her ass now and she ever so gently moves against it. She can feel the bulge growing against her and becoming harder. It is growing so fast! These young ones are so easily excitable, she thinks.

It’s not just the young guys that get excited easily, she thinks, as she feels her own passion growing and feels herself again beginning to lubricate.

The motion of her ass on his hardness, coupled with the motion of the elevator is a lot for young Justin to stand.

He pushes against her harder now and she against him. They are trying to be discrete among all these people but Denise is starting to not care if anyone sees… she wants to make him cum. Hard.

Denise is happy for the constant stopping and starting of the elevator on the way down letting people on and off. It is prolonging their secret encounter as well as rocking the elevator hard enough to allow their motions to be undetected.

Sadly, the elevator reaches the ground level, they are forced to get off, and not the way Denise would have preferred.

Luckily, Justin wore a jacket that should cover most of his arousal, Denise smiles over her shoulder at him and delays long enough to allow him to make the necessary adjustments before she starts out of the elevator.

“Lots adıyaman escort more of that to come later, Justin” she quietly says as they walk out together.

“I hope so, I could do with some more right now!”

“Well you get some rest, it could be a long hard night” she winks, “from what I could tell anyway”.

It is already past 7:30 when Denise finishes her makeup and goes to her closet to get dressed. She already has picked out what she is going to wear – her black evening gown. It was cut with a high collar, sleeveless, with a long cut up her right side – almost to her hip. In it she looks very sexy, but still classy.

As she completes the final touches on her appearance, she hears the door buzzer. “Be right down!” she answers into the microphone.

Alone in the elevator ride down she smiles, remembering her and Justin’s recent elevator ride together. She gives herself one more check in the polished surface of the elevator door before it opens into the lobby.

She sees Justin waiting for her outside talking to the doorman. He looks good enough to eat. And she intends to. He is wearing a sharp dark gray suit perfectly cut to match his youthful athletic body. Mmm he looks good.

Justin turns to the door and sees Denise coming toward him. His eyes grow wide at the sight of her. It is the best flattery a woman can get.

She knows how good she looks, she dresses well for the office, but she has pulled out all the stops tonight, with a trip to get her hair done on her way home, and wearing her most attractive dress.

He smiles at her as the doorman opens the door.

“Denise, you look……gorgeous!”.

“Just for you,” she smiles. “You too look very striking all dressed up Justin. Let’s go show off”, she laughs.

Stepping from the cab, Denise is impressed by the view of the building. The face of it is all chrome and glass and it shines in the reflected lights of the city. Walking arm in arm they enter the lobby and follow the flow of people to the elevators.

Smiling, Denise whispers, “Bet this elevator ride isn’t as fun as our last”

“It could be,” Justin winks back.

“Behave,” she replies, as she gently squeezes his arm.

Like sheep, the crowd huddles into the elevator. Pressed close together Denise can smell the scent of Justin’s cologne. That, coupled with his closeness begins to make Denise wish they were leaving the dinner, rather than arriving for it. She can feel her longing starting again and as she looks over to him. He smiles back at her and then unpredictably gives her bum a gentle squeeze.

Ooh! That caught her by surprise, and it fires her passion even more.

The elevator is all glass and runs on the outside of the building. As the elevator starts it’s ascent, the city begins to unfold in front of them. It is a spectacular view of the whole city and harbour. With the beautiful view from their high vantage point, and with the handsome young Justin on her arm, Denise feels like she is on top of the world.

The elevator stops at the top floor of the building and opens into a very extravagant banquet hall. The room is all marble columns, floor to ceiling windows and is dimly lit by crystal chandeliers. The subdued lighting provides a breathtaking view of the city in every direction.

Giving their names to the reception desk, they are escorted to a small table. It is set for four but only their place cards are on it. It seems that they will be the only ones here from their company, which is fine with Denise.

“I’ve never been to one of these things,” Justin volunteers.

“Oh, I’ve been to many. They can be fun or boring depending on who you’re with. I think we’ll have fun.” She smiles. “Would you help me with this nametag Justin?”


Justin takes her nametag and moves to pin it on. She is enthralled by his closeness again now accented by the dim lighting.

As his hands touch her gown she feels her skin flush and senses his own interest piquing with his slight hesitation near the soft flesh of her breast. Gently sliding two fingers under the fabric of her gown to prevent poking her they both are swimming in sexual tension. Denise must make a conscious effort not to reach out and pull his hand to her breast.

After carefully pinning the tag to Denise’s gown, Justin moves to his own chair beside her.

The waiter arrives immediately, offers them wine, and accepts their choices for dinner from the rich but limited banquet menu.

The Master of Ceremonies is beginning to speak, but Denise is not in the least bit interested in anything he is saying. The only thing on her mind is the handsome young man beside her, and what they will be doing after the banquet. She can’t take her mind off of the soon to be fulfilled fantasy of having a sexual encounter with Justin.

Taking her glass of wine she holds it up slightly and states, “A toast to us, and to a wonderful evening!” They touch glasses, Denise adds coyly, afyon escort “And a better night.”

Her lips wet with wine, Denise looks Justin in the eye and lightly touches her tongue to them for an instant. The sexual innuendo is obvious and Justin is obviously taken by it. A soft moan escapes his lips. Denise smiles and tells him “I hope you got some rest this afternoon.”

Justin is holding his wine in one hand and the other is politely off the table in his lap.

With one hand she reaches over, pulls the tablecloth out over her, and with the other reaches for his hand and places it on her thigh.

She feels his hand sliding down the outside of her leg and finds the slit on the side of her gown. He then slides his fingers over the tender flesh of her upper thigh over the elastic of her garter, sending shivers through her body. Falsely appearing calm, they look toward the speaker as Justin’s fingers leave hot traces on her upper then inner thigh.

Half unconsciously, she opens her legs to allow his touch to go where it will. Shivers continue to race over her flesh as he moves closer to her tender pussy.

She spreads her legs even wider as his fingers start to trace up her inner thigh closer and closer to her already wet pussy.

He teases her by sliding intentionally past her wet pussy and traces a line up to where her panties would be on her hip if she wore any tonight.

Out of the corner of her eye, she sees a smirk cross his lips as he discovers that she is naked under her dress.

His fingers continue to roam over her tender flesh and she is aching for him to touch her pussy. As she moves her leg trying to draw him between them, the waiter approaches them with their dinner.

Just as the waiter asks her if everything is to her satisfaction Justin makes a deliberate first contact with her wet aching pussy.

He slides a finger quickly down her wet lips instantly lubricating it and then slips it inside her just as she is about to answer the waiter.

“Mmm!” escapes her lips. The waiter looks at her oddly, “Everything looks delicious!” she covers.

As the waiter moves away, she sees the grin on Justin’s lips and has to smile herself as she is relishing the feeling of his finger inside her soaking wet pussy.

He slides his finger out of her pussy and makes a slow pass up and down her lips to get his finger as wet as possible then moves up and tickles her clit relentlessly.

She involuntarily slides down in her chair just a shade and opens her legs a fraction further loving the feeling of his touch.

“Mmm that is so good!” she whispers to him, “but I don’t want to cum here, it would make too much of a scene. You’d better stop before I cum, I am so horny I could cum in a minute if you don’t.”

“Awww, I’d love to hear you cum in front of all these people. On the other hand, I’d also like to know how horny you still are if you don’t.” Justin then reluctantly removes his hand from Denise’s lap.

As Denise watches him he takes his napkin, pretending to wipe his lips, but so only she can see he slips his finger into his mouth to lick off all her juices. “Mmmm, you taste good,” he whispers.

While they smile and look longingly towards each other the simple act of eating becomes a sexually erotic performance. Denise is driving Justin to extreme agitation by the way she sucks the food off her fork. Justin retaliates by making exaggerated licks of food. The simulation of the oral sex each would like to perform is making each of them increasingly horny by the minute.

As speakers come and go from the microphone, Justin and Denise are oblivious to them. They both wish the night was over so they could go back to her place, his place, anywhere, and have a night of what is certain to be great sex.

“How long do we have to be here|?” Justin asks her.

“Well, they should be breaking soon. When they do, you leave toward the men’s room, and I will wait for a second and then leave for the ladies room.Then we’ll meet at the elevator.”


Moments later the speaker announces that there is a few pages of information for distribution. If anyone wants any they are to pick it up now. This causes a general commotion as those people actually interested in the information start to mill about and go get it.

“Now’s our chance,” Denise states.

With that, they begin their walk apparently unintentional walk toward the elevator.

The receptionist calls for the elevator and bids them goodnight as the elevator doors open and they step inside. Alone.

Immediately upon the closing of the doors Denise grabs Justin and gives him a deep kiss. Their tongues roll over each other and lick each others mouth as the elevator begins to descend.

They are totally engrossed in their passion for each other now, as the opportunity to be alone together for the first time overwhelms them.

Denise falls back against the door of the elevator drawing Justin to her.

Her hand moves down his back to his tight bum and squeezes it while her other hand slips between them and she rubs his growing cock through his pants.

Following her lead he runs one hand down her back to massage her ass firmly while the other finds the slit on the side of her skirt and moves inside.

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