Going on Vacation Pt 6

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When we got back to the cabin, I ran right to the bathroom to turn on the shower. It’s an old cabin and sometimes the hot water takes a bit to heat up. While I was waiting, I went back to the kitchen, where Aaron was making sandwiches for lunch. He made mine with turkey and cheese, a bit of mayo, and mustard. Yeah, I like mayo and mustard together. Don’t judge, it’s good! After we were done eating, the shower was warm, and I hopped in, calling out, “Aaron, let’s save water, get in here with me!” Yeah, I didn’t have to say that twice. Before I could say Jimmy cracked corn, he was in the shower.

“Oh, I forgot my loofah sponge at home. Guess I’ll just have to use my hands.” With that, I reached for the soap, purposely letting it get slippery and pop out of my hands. “Oops! Let me just get that!” With a little laugh, I bent over at the waist, showing him my ass, parting my legs so he could see up to my pussy. Before I could even stand up straight, he had me around the waist with one hand, and with the other started fingering me, skipping over using one finger and going straight to three. With the hand that was around my waist, he reached down and started rubbing on my clit, and I could feel his cock growing on my back. He curved his fingers in me, by now knowing where my g-spot was, and if he hadn’t been holding me up, I would have fallen over.

“Oh God Aaron, that feels so good! Don’t stop, don’t ever stop fucking me!”

“I won’t, you’re mine ‘til the end sis.”

He turned me, lifting me up, so my palms were on either side of my face, against the wall, and I was only bent a little at the waist. Then he slowly sank to his knees, kissing my body as he knelt. The back of my neck, then one shoulder, then the other. The middle of my spine, then where my back met my ass. Each ass cheek, and then his tongue replaced his fingers in my tunnel. I could feel him shoving his tongue as deep into me as it would go, still rubbing on my clit with his other hand. He started tapping on my clit, then pinching it softly between his fingers, at the same pace his tongue was darting in and out of me. It wasn’t long before I had an orgasm. I started to kneel down in front of him as he rose to standing, but he stopped me, holding me up against the wall.

“I just want to be inside you. I need you now!”

He bent me over and lined his cock up, I could feel the tip slowly enter me, and then he put his hands on my hips, holding me still while he slammed the rest of his massive cock into my tiny pussy. I started moaning, pushing back onto his cock with every forward thrust he made. I could feel every inch of him inside me, could feel his balls slapping me. He reached forward with his hand again, and twirled my little clit between his two fingers, while plowing into me from behind. He would come almost all the way out, and then slam back into me, using all his force. I held myself up, my hands plastered to the wall, in a daze of sensation. I was pushing back against him as fast as I could, and he was hammering forward with the speed that only a teenage boy having sex can muster. Then I heard a door close.

“Aaron? Lisa? Are you guys here? The convention got out sooner than we though and your dad and I wanted to know if you guys wanted to do something?” It was my mom!!

Aaron had stopped, freezing up in fear, but I looked over to the door, verified it was locked, and continued fucking myself on his cock, yelling out “Hey Mom, I’m in the shower, but Aaron is outside somewhere, probably playing Indian or something, you know how boys are. I just got in here, but I’ll try to make it quick!”

It made me so hot, knowing my mom was on the other side of the door and I was fucking my brother in the shower. I guess it turned Aaron on too, because he finally unfroze and started fucking me again, going so fast, hammering into me over and over, that I Escort started cumming again. I muffled my mouth with my hand, so my mom wouldn’t hear me moaning. Then Aaron pulled out of me, turning me around, and lifted me up into his arms. He backed me against the shower wall, lining himself up with me, and started pounding into me again. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and thrust myself into him with every forward motion he made. We heard my mom walking up to the door, and it almost sounded like she was in the room with us when she spoke.

“Are you hungry? I can make us something to eat.”

“No thanks, Mom, I just had a sandwich, but thank you!” There is just something so hot about talking to your mom while your pussy is swallowing your brother’s cock. Aaron slammed my back against the wall, slamming all the way into me, and I was cumming again, feeling his hot jets coursing into my womb.

“Is everything okay in there sweetie? I thought I heard something?”

“No, Mom, I’m fine, just dropped something!”

“Did you get hurt? Your voice sounds like you’re in pain. Do you need me to come in there?”

“It landed on my toe, but I’ll be fine. Thanks though!”

Aaron and I quickly rinsed off, before getting out of the shower and drying off. We got dressed, and Aaron kind of froze.

“What do we do? You said I was in the woods, and Mom knows you’re in here showering. I can’t come out with you.”

“See that window? Go through it. Go out to the woods. Then walk back to the door. Easy peasy.”

Giving him a hard kiss, I shoved him out the window, laughing when he stumbled and almost fell. I then walked out of the bathroom, and almost ran straight into my mother.

“I thought I heard voices in there. Do you have a radio or something on?”

“Nope, just me. Are you hearing things? Are you getting a bit old?”

I ran away laughing as she tried to swat me, saying that she wasn’t old, it must just be that she wasn’t used to the cabin yet. Aaron walked in then, and we all sat down to watch TV. Aaron sat in the middle, with me and my mom on either side of him. Laughing, he put his arms around us, telling us we were his two girls. My mom just laughed and rolled her eyes. Sitting on the sofa, with Aarons arm around me, all I could think about was what had happened on this very sofa two nights before. My breathing was getting shallower and I was squirming around. I knew Aaron could tell, because his fingers started rubbing my arm in circles. My mom was on the other side, so she couldn’t see anything. His hand slipped lower and lower, and eventually he was caressing my breast. With my mom right on the other side of him! It was the hottest, best, most uncomfortable two hours of my life. I was so turned on by the time my dad got back from wherever he had been and it was time for dinner. We had decided to order out, so my mom called it in, and my dad squeezed onto the sofa on the other side of my mom.

When dinner got there, we all got up and went to the table, and it was both a disappointment and a relief not to have Aaron’s hand on me. Now it was payback time. As we ate, I slid my feet into his lap, and started rubbing his cock between them. I could feel him growing bigger, but you couldn’t tell by looking at him that anything was going on. My brother was an actor! At one point, he reached below the table and undid his fly, pulling his cock out so my feet could get even better access. I rubbed him up and down, side to side, harder, and then softer. Finally, he had to put it away because we were all done eating.

“Hey kids, want to go swimming with your mother and me in the little pond we saw? It looked nice.”

What could we say? We got changed into our bathing suits, and walked over to the pond with our parents. As we were swimming around, having family time, I had to admit it was nice. I hadn’t Escort Bayan really spent any time with my parents for a long time. We talked about silly stuff, my dad pretended to try to drown me, then my mom and I ganged up on him, until Aaron got involved, then it was the boys against the girls. After an hour or so, my dad said he was tired, and they were going to go to bed. What is up with parents and early bedtimes? Maybe they just wanted to be alone though, because my dad made a point of saying that Aaron and I should stay and enjoy ourselves, to not let the old “fuddy-duddy’s” ruin our time. They got out, and started walking down the path to the cabin. After waiting about ten minutes, I grabbed Aaron’s neck and started kissing him, rubbing myself on his cock through our clothes. He took off my bikini top, throwing it up on the sand, and sucked a nipple into his mouth, kneading the other one with his hand.

He had just taken off his shorts, and had his hand down my bikini bottom, when we heard footsteps. We tried to duck and hide, but the water was so clear, there was nowhere to go. If we had just had a little more time, we could have thrown our clothes back on, but before we could even get to the shore, a forest ranger was walking into view, looking straight at us.

“Well, well, what do we have here?”

“I’m so sorry officer, we just got over excited, it won’t happen again, we’ll get dressed and leave right now.”

The officer was staring at my breasts, which I hadn’t bothered to cover. Maybe they would help us to get out of this situation.

“I don’t think I can just ignore this, I’m sorry. There will have to be consequences for baring yourselves in the out of doors.”

“What are you going to do? Please don’t arrest us! I’ll do ANYTHING!”



He told us to get out of the water, but when we reached for our clothes, he stopped us, saying it was too late to cover up.

“I might have something you can do, to make me forget ever seeing this. Why don’t you take those bottoms off and put them with your top?”

Slowly, making a little strip tease of it, I removed my bikini bottoms, throwing them over the where the top lay. I cupped my breasts in my hands, looking straight at him, then slid one down to cover my mound. Slipping a finger into the slit, I started rubbing my clit, making sure that he was watching. His eyes were glued to my hand, so I reached further down, and shoved a finger up inside me.

“I’m sorry officer, I’m just so horny!”

I could see a sizable bulge forming in his pants, and I decided to take even more of a chance, walking forward and cupping him with the hand that I wasn’t using. He shoved my hand away, and at first I thought that I had made a huge mistake, but then he unbuttoned his pants and took his cock out. I leaned forward and licked the tip, causing him to moan. Opening my mouth, I slid him all the way to the back of my throat, sucking fiercely. Cupping his balls, I started rolling them around as I slid him in and out of my mouth, still fingering myself with my other hand. When he was hitting the back of my throat again, I swallowed him, so he was actually down my throat. I was trying not to gag, but I had to admit I loved this. Suddenly he pushed me back, and I thought he was going to spray on my face, but I guess he just wanted to change what we were doing. He told me to lie back, and spread my legs.

“Please sir, don’t fuck her pussy. You can fuck her ass, play with her pussy, eat her, and do anything else you want, but please don’t fuck her pussy.”

“Alright kid. I can fuck her pussy if I want. But because you asked so nicely, I’ll make do with other things.”

With that, he took his nightstick off his belt. I didn’t think that park rangers usually had nightsticks, but I guess this guy wanted one. Kneeling Bayan Escort down in front of me, he positioned the nightstick at my opening, and shoved it inside. I let out a little screech, but it didn’t really hurt. It actually felt good. He started sawing it in and out of me, using it like a dildo, taking it almost all the way out, then shoving it back in full force. I was shaking all over, I could feel the tingle starting in my legs, and then I let out a little screech as I started cumming.

“Oh God, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

As I was writhing there, he took the nightstick out, pulled me up by the hips, and put my legs around his neck. He lined his cock up with my back door, and before I was even done cumming, he had slammed himself home. He leaned down over me, holding himself up on his arms, and started jack hammering into my ass. Within minutes, he pulled out and spewed his cum all over my stomach, my face, and my chest. He got up, straightened himself out, nodded to me, still unable to move on the ground, and then walked away, not even saying another word. Aaron came over and helped me up; I was exhausted. He helped me over to the water and I could feel him hard as a rock against my side; I couldn’t help myself, I reached down with my hand and started squeezing him. Something about this mountain air I guess, but I just couldn’t get enough of him!

We walked into the water, until I was up to my neck, and using his hands, he wiped me off until I was clean of any spunk. Then he started kissing me, long passionate kisses, just holding me. I could feel him hard against my stomach, so I knew he wanted it, he was just being gentle. He started sliding his hands all over me, paying close attention to my chest and my ass, then he placed his hand over my mound, and pushed. Rubbing the heel of his hand against my clit, he inserted a finger gently into my tunnel. Slowly he worked his finger in and out of me, knowing I was a little sore after the nightstick, until I was trembling. I wanted him now! I wrapped my hand around his cock, sliding up and down, cupping and rolling his balls in my other hand. I pushed his hands away from me and sank under the water, until I was on my knees. I had never given head under the water before, but it was amazing. There was no resistance when I put him in my mouth; he just slid all the way to the back of my throat. I could only stay under a minute or two, so I made it worth it, working my mouth into a suction cup, bobbing up and down.

When I had to breathe, I popped back up, jumping even further, and wrapped my legs around his waist. I reached down, positioning him at my entrance, and pushed myself onto his cock, until it was all the way in. Using my feet on his ass as leverage, I pumped myself up and down, feeling him slide all the way in, then almost all the way out, before coming back in. We had worked ourselves over to the cave, but instead of going in, he put my back against the rocks. It hurt a little, but at this point, that just added to the pleasure. Now that he had me up against something, he started slamming in and out of me; I could feel him against my cervix with every thrust he made. He was like an animal, grunting and groaning, going as fast as his body would let him. The feeling of him inside me, and my back against the rocks, giving just pinches of pain, was too much, and soon I was spasming around his cock. With another heavy thrust, I felt his hot ropey cum all the way inside me, and he kept thrusting with every jet, until we couldn’t move anymore.

I stood there, between Aaron and a rock, still impaled on his softening cock, and I realized I had never been happier. This was my life, and I loved it. Feeling invigorated by that thought, I pushed him away, splashing water at him, and we swam for another hour, naked, just playing. When we got back to the house, our parents were sleeping, and we were exhausted. We went into our room, curled up on his bed, and fell immediately asleep. Three more days until we had to go home and see if anything would change.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32