Going Home with Two Men

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Although I had a car I have always preferred to take the bus to work. Mostly because I’m a very bad driver. There is also one other reason why I have always preferred the bus over my car. That reason is there is no other place than the bus to meet strangers. Bus I took was always packed. It’s so packed that we could literally feel each other’s breath on our skin. Most people found that annoying. But I loved that. Being so close to each other like that gave a kinky pleasure and there is always a horny guy that rubs his hard on, on my ass throughout the ride. Most women panic and chase the guy away, when something like that is happening. But I never did that. I let the guy have his fun and use the incident as material to make me wet when I rub myself later.

One day when the bus arrived at my stop it was more packed than usual. People were literally hanging out of the bus door. Somehow I got into the bus and crawled my way to the middle of the bus. I stopped between two tall men. One of them was a bit shorter than the other, but both of them were at least half a foot than me. They didn’t look much older. They could have been in their 20’s. When I stopped between them their facial expressions looked annoyed. Because of the tightly packed bus I can literally feel their sacks pressed against my body from behind and front, but neither of the both didn’t have a hard on. I wanted a reaction from at least one of them. So, with the shaky rhythm of the bus I rubbed my ass on the guy standing behind me and pulled my saree aside just enough to show my cleavage to the guy standing in front of me. Guy in front of me noticed what I did and picked up on my cue and stared directly at my cleavage.

Guy standing behind me had a much faster reaction to what I was doing. His hard on was much bigger and felt great against my ass. I kept the rubbing going to keep him hard. A little later the guy in front of me got hard. He picked up on what I wanted quicker than the guy behind me. He rubbed his mighty hard on against my body and enjoyed the view I provided him while doing that. It didn’t take too long for the guy behind me to realize what I wanted from him. He immediately started to rub his hard on against my ass and his rubbing was almost like a hard thrust against my ass. I never had a threesome rub in a bus before that day. It was so much more arousing than what I get usually.

Thanks to the shaky ride of the bus, nobody on the bus noticed what we were doing. Rubbing kept on going for another stop of two. Two stops before my stop, I noticed a hard breath against my neck from the guy behind me and his hard on slowly faded. Same happened to the guy in front of me. It didn’t take too long for me to realize that both of them orgasmed in their pants. It made me dripping wet. When I got to work, I immediately rushed to the bathroom and fingered myself hard until I blasted out all the juiciness gathered inside me thinking about how I made two men cum at the same time on the bus.

I ankara yabancı escort was delighted to see those two guys, the next day when I got on the bus. They made room for me between them when they saw me. That day I decided to turn my back to the guy that was in front of me the previous day and turn my front to the guy who was behind me the previous day. When I settled between them, both of them pressed on to me. They were already rock hard. To make it more exciting my saree revealed extra cleavage and I wore a thong, so that whoever the guy behind me could feel my ass cheeks more. Guy behind me immediately started to ram his hardon against my ass. It was almost like he was trying to penetrate me through my clothes. Guy in front of me rubbed against me with the same pace as the day before and his gaze was locked on my cleavage. I could literally feel my nipples gardening and my pussy getting wet with each thrust they did on me. Shaky bus ride and a fully packed bus covered our rubbing threesome.Just like the day before they came almost simultaneously. Just like the day before I rushed to the bathroom to release all the juiciness inside my pussy as soon as I got to work.

Our rubbing threesome went on for a couple of more days and after like a week into it, one guy built up the courage to slip his hand into my saree and touch me. He touched my hip area and as he was sliding up his hand to touch my boobs he looked at me and I nodded to give him permission to go for the boobs. He pinched my erect nipples through the clothes and rubbed his hardon against my ass. Other guy saw what he was doing and he followed his lead. What we were doing among the packed crowd made me horny out of my mind and I couldn’t resist the urge to touch one of their dickes. I slipped my hand between us and grabbed the dick of the guy in front of me through the clothes. He looked shocked when he felt my touch, but surrendered immediately to me. His thick pants made it harder for me to grab his dick. So, I opened his zipper and slipped my hand into his pants and grabbed his dick through his underwear. It was already slightly wet and sticky from all the leaked pre-cum. His underwear barely contained his huge hardon. I messaged it through his underwear. From his slight facial expression I could tell that I was giving him a good time. A minute or two into the massage, a sudden sticky wetness of his underwear hinted to me that he orgasmed in his underwear. A minute or two later the guy behind had also orgasmed. Our rubbing threesome continued on for another day or two.

One day when I got to my bus stop I noticed that the two guys from the bus were waiting at my bus stop. I thought about avoiding them, but my heart encouraged me to approach them.

‘Hi.’ I greeted them.

‘Hi. We thought you wouldn’t recognise us.’ Taller guy from the two greeted me.

‘How can I not? Do you always get to the bus from this stop?’ bahçelievler escort I asked them.

‘Oh no. Not at all. Our usual stop is two stops before this one. But we wanted to meet you and have a little chat.’ Taller guy replied.

‘So you waited here specifically to meet me, huh?’ I asked in a joking tone.

‘Pretty much yes. I’m Malan, by the way and this is my friend Rasika and you are?’ He introduced themselves to me.

‘Oh I’m sorry where are my manners. I’m Sandu.’ I extended my hand to them.

‘It’s so nice to meet you like this Sandu.’ We shook hands.

‘Thank you for making our morning bus ride pretty interesting. After the first day we can’t wait to get on the bus. We hated that bus ride because of the crowd. But now we like that there is a big crowd.’ Malan did all the talking and the shorter guy from the two, Rasika just nodded to what he was saying.

‘Ok. Let me come clean to you guys. When I crawled between the two of you on the first day I kinda wanted a reaction from the two of you. To my pleasure you understood what I wanted. But I never thought it would evolve into what we did for the last couple of days.’ I told them.

‘Ok since you came clean. Let us come clean too. We waited here to make a proposition to you.’ Malan said to me in a shaky voice.

‘Oh really. I’m curious.’ Although I kinda got the hint what they wanted, I really wanted to hear them say it.

‘We were wondering if you want to meet us in a more intimate and private place. So, we could proceed to do more things. If you know what I mean?’ Rasika nodded to what Malan said.

‘Oh I know exactly what you boys mean. So where do you boys want to do this?’ Although I was kinda afraid to get naked with people I barely know, they were too good looking to turn the proposition down. Also I knew what they were packing.

‘Oh wow. I did not see that coming. I mean I don’t know, we can go to our place or I don’t know.’ My reply caught Malan by surprise.

‘Ok. How about this? My place is not too far from here. We can go there.’ I pointed to the direction of my home.

‘Of course let go.’ They sounded excited.

They followed me to my home.

‘Boys make yourself at home. I’ll be right back. Oh and get naked.’ I went into my room to take off my saree. I came out of my room fully naked. When I came out both of them were sitting on the couch completely naked with fully erect dickes.

‘Oh my god! You are sexy.’ Rasika finally opened his mouth.

‘Get over here lady.’ Malan pulled me to the couch by my hand.

It was so sudden, my eyes closed as I was falling to the couch. When I opened my eyes Malan was squeezing and sucking my left boob and Rasika was kissing my neck and squeezing my right boob. I grabbed their dicks and massaged them. After a while Rasika knelt on the couch and put his dick into my mouth. Meanwhile Malan explored my pussy with his middle two balgat escort fingers. My pussy craved a dick.

‘Fuck me!’ I forced Rasika’s dick out of my mouth and knelt on the couch, head down and ass up. He was balls deep inside me with a single thrust and fucked me hard and fast. Malan stood by the couch and massaged his dick.

‘Mh…Ah…Yes! Yes! Fuck me!’ I moaned and screamed loudly.

Every single thrust into my pussy, made a loud thump when our bodies collided. A little later I orgasmed with a loud moan. Rasika pulled out his dick.

Malan pulled me from my hair to him and tongued my mouth and fingered my pussy hard and fast. I orgasmed with a huge spray of juiciness and a loud moan.

He lifted me up by the thighs and put me on the couch side arm and lifted my leg to his shoulders and rammed into my pussy with a hard thrust.

‘You fucking whore. Is this what you wanted, huh?’ Malan fucked me and directly stared into my eyes. Lust leaking out of his eyeballs made me extra wet. Every single thrust into my pussy leaked a little bit of that wetness out and dripped down my asshole to the ground.

Rasika who stood beside the couch masturbating, got onto the couch and shoved his dick into my mouth. Malan’s fucking literally shook my whole body. I did my best to suck it while getting fucked hard by Malan. Finally, Rasika grabbed my head and fucked my mouth, deep into my throat. When he pulled his dick out of my mouth Malan lifted me and held me up by my ass. I put my arms around his neck and legs around his body and held on to him tightly. He put his dick back into my pussy and fucked me. For a skinny guy, Malan had great stamina and strength. Raskia got close to me from behind and he rubbed my asshole with the tip of his dick.

‘Do it. Fuck my ass.’ I screamed.

Malan slowed down so that Rasika could enter my asshole. My asshole didn’t need any lubrication. It was already lubricated from all the wetness leaked out of my pussy. After three or four jabs Rasika entered my asshole. Both fucked my holes simultaneously. Moaning sounds of the three of us made a symphony of moanings. Little later into the fucking I orgasmed and lost all the strength I had left. The Hands and legs that were around Malan lossed. But they still held me up and kept fucking me. Finally with a hard balls deep thrust into me Malan and Rasika came deep inside my pussy and asshole simultaneously.

Three of us collapsed onto the ground and layed there for a couple of minutes without saying a word. All three of us were soaking with sweat.

‘Jesus. That was the best sex I have ever had.’ Finally Malan opened his mouth.

‘I know. Me too.’ Rasika seconded.

‘I’m glad you liked it.’ I said, still panting.

‘Oh my god. We loved it. I want to do this again and next time I’m taking the asshole.’ Malan said, looking at me.

‘Save your number into my phone before you go. I’ll call you. Now I’m going to call in sick today. I’m in no mood to work right now.’ I got up to call work.

‘Yes. We are going to do that too.’ Malan and Rasika got up too.

‘My husband won’t be home until 7 pm. So feel free to hangout for the day, if you boys are going to call in sick. Maybe we can do this again before you go.’ I winked and went into my room.

‘Oh hell yeah.’ I heard Malan cheering as I was going into my room.

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