Going Down in New Orleans

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I awoke from a dream in the early morning. My eyes were still closed as I drifted in that dream state between consciousness and unconsciousness. My naked body was pressed against my sexy wife’s bare skin and my cock was at full attention. My head hurt and my mouth was dry. I fought to retrieve the memories of the drunken night before and as I did I realized that we were not alone. That realization brought everything into focus.

My wife Janice and I were in New Orleans for a long weekend and we did what most people do when they visit the big easy. We drank. We drank a lot.

We started drinking beers with dinner. That was around six p.m. and we were doing just fine until we walked into Pat O’Brien’s. At Pat’s we switched to Hurricanes and two hours later after three Hurricanes each we were both really drunk.

We staggered out of Pat O’Brien’s and onto Bourbon Street with throngs of other drunks and as we walked by a strip club I suggested we go inside. To my utter amazement my pretty but usually conservative wife agreed. Once inside Janice and I sat down at the stage as a skinny high mileage woman with no tits to speak of danced in front of us. We stayed through the skinny dancers set hoping that the next dancer would be better looking and while she did have a prettier face and bigger tits she was also 30 pounds overweight in all the wrong places.

We watched the heavyset dancer for part of her set and then wandered back onto Bourbon Street. I was disappointed that my wife’s first experience in a strip club was not especially enjoyable.

We meandered away from Canal Street and into the section of Bourbon Street that had more risqué clubs. We walked by a drag queen show and Janice thought it would be fun to watch. I figured what the heck and we went inside. There were three empty seats up front and Janice made a bee line for them.

“This should be interesting,” she mused as we sat down together.

The show on stage started out distinctly PG rated with playful jokes and over the clothes groping and the audience hooted and howled. Janice and I drank a few beers each and we were both really wasted when a guy sat down in the empty chair beside my wife. They started chatting as I watched the show and continued to drink. The show got more and more risqué but the next thing I knew Janice and I were walking down Bourbon Street with her new friend Todd.

We were both very drunk as the three of us walked back to our hotel arm in arm. Janice was sandwiched between Todd and I and the next thing I knew we were in our room.

Todd took the lead and quickly pealed his clothes off revealing a taunt muscular body. He quickly undressed my sexy wife.

The entire scene was dream like as I followed suit and stripped in front of my wife and a complete stranger. I watched through a drunken haze as Todd bent down to suck my wife’s sensitive nipples. My cock stiffened at the sight and I began to slowly stroke it as I watched.

Janice moaned her approval as she wrapped her tiny hand around his hard throbbing cock. It was at that moment that I noticed how big he was. His dick was easily 3″ longer than my 6″ and it was so thick that Janice’s hand barely circled it.

“Oh god,” she said as she realized how big his dick was.

I continued to stroke and squeeze my cock as I watched Todd lead my drunken wife over to the bed. He laid her down and pointed bursa escort his giant cock at her mouth. Janice seemed unaware that I was in the room. She started licking the underside of Todd’s shaft as he motioned me over to the bed.

I climbed onto the bed and settled between Janice’s splayed thighs. I could see her juices running down her thighs and I ached to taste them. My mouth descended on her pussy and she moaned around Todd’s big cock as I started to lick her swollen lips. I looked up at my wife who was somewhere north of heaven as she licked Todd’s big rod with far more enthusiasm than I had ever seen. My tongue made contact with her hard clit as I sank two fingers inside her and found her gspot. My fingers expertly massaged her gspot as I attacked her clit and her body responded.

Janice’s legs began to quiver. The first waves of pleasure rolled through her body and she sucked hard on Todd’s big cock as she came hard.

She took his dick from her mouth and panted to me, “fuck me now baby.”

I slid up her body and positioned my cock at her pussy. Her hips thrust to meet mine and my dick sank all the way in. I fell into a steady rhythm as my cock slid easily into her sloppy wet pussy while she continued to suck Todd’s big throbbing dick.

I quickened my pace and thrust hard into her with my eyes closed. I felt something wet touch my cheek and I opened my eyes to see my wife pointing Todd’s drooling dick at my face.

Our eyes met in a drunken haze as my wife whispered, “Share it with me baby. Suck his cock.”

In my drunken state I opened my mouth wide and accepted another mans cock into my mouth for the first time.

Janice moaned as she watched his giant dick slip between my lips. My mind was spinning as my head bobbed over his turgid member. I thrust my dick into Janice’s liquid core harder and harder.

“Suck it baby,” she panted. “This is so fucking hot.” She was consumed with lust as she grunted and thrust her hips hard against mine.

Todd grabbed my head and began to fuck my mouth with increasing ferocity as I relentlessly plowed my dick into my beautiful wife.

Todd grunted and forced his giant tool down my throat as he came. His cum splattered against the back of my throat. His cum tasted surprisingly good as it tickled my taste buds. Todd came in buckets and his seed spilled from my mouth and onto Janice’s face. She greedily swallowed the drops and then pushed Todd out of the way and pulled my mouth to hers. We kissed deeply, sharing his cum, as I continued to fuck Janice hard and fast until I blasted my own load of cum into her slick wet pussy.

“Oh my god that was incredible,” she slurred, drunk with alcohol and raw lust.

Todd pushed me out of the way and climbed between my wife’s legs. He lowered his mouth to her pussy and lapped my cum from her pussy like a cat drinking milk from a bowl.

Janice cradled Todd’s head in her hands as he sucked and swallowed all of my cum from her creamy cunt. He continued to lick her until she came again.

Janice cried out loud enough for the entire city to hear her. She held Todd’s face tight against her wet pussy as she came.

I watched Todd’s magnificent cock rise again as he licked my wife to a thunderous climax. I reached down between his legs and touched his hard throbbing meat. It was warm and hard. I began to stroke the long shaft with one bursa escort bayan hand as I cupped his balls with the other.

Todd slid up and positioned his cock between Janice’s legs as I continued to stroke him. I guided his monstrous dick into her waiting hole as she groaned loudly.

Todd began slowly pumping his long tool into my wife while I kissed her neck and ears. His pace quickened as Janice thrust against him, meeting his every stroke. He pounded his dick into her hard and fast but it was clear he was not going to cum anytime soon.

Janice moaned and ground her body against him as she came from the talented gyration of Todd’s giant cock.

Todd pulled his prick from Janice’s pussy and directed me onto my back with her on her hands and knees over me in a 69 position. He slipped behind her and I watched up close as his huge cock split her pussy lips. He withdrew slowly and her pussy seemed to cling to his dick with each tantalizing stroke. I moved into position and started to lick my wife’s delicious pussy as Todd fucked her hard from behind. He alternated between fast furious strokes and slow strokes where he would stop with his giant cock buried deep in Janice’s pussy.

Each time he stopped I licked and sucked his smooth shaved balls. I licked his long shaft as it pistoned into my wife’s pussy.

He fell into a rapid pace as he fucked Janice hard and fast. His balls tightened and I knew he was going to cum. I started massaging his soft balls as he pulled his cock from my wife’s pussy and blasted and enormous load of cum all over her pussy lips and my face. It was thick and warm and the sensation was simultaneously exhilarating and degrading.

I staggered into the bathroom .to clean the copious amount of cum on my face and when I returned Todd and Janice were under the covers ready to sleep.

I climbed into bed and snuggled beside my still drunk wife. We kissed deeply and drifted off to sleep with Todd in our bed beside my wife.

I wrestled with a myriad of emotions as I lay half awake in the early morning. My wife and I had experienced a life changing event and because of it I was conflicted. I had never had a homosexual thought before and I could easily blame it on the alcohol but the truth was that I enjoyed it a lot. Additionally, as I lay there beside my sexy wife I wondered what her thoughts about the previous night were. Through it all, however, I could not escape my urge to feel Todd’s cock again.

My fingers traced small circles on the soft skin of Janice’s thigh as my mind continued to drift in that dream state. I realized that Todd was facing Janice and his dick was just inches from my fingers.

“Was he hard,” I wondered as my hand crept across the cool sheet toward my curiosity. My knuckles grazed across the soft warm skin of his cock. He was hard and his cock jumped when I touched it.

I couldn’t stop myself. I felt my curiosity fade as lust replaced it. I wrapped my fingers around the thick shaft of his impressive cock. It felt different than mine. I was bigger, yes, but there was more to it. Holding it was more primal and erotic. My hand squeezed his throbbing cock and he moaned softly. I started to slowly stroke his long thick cock making him moan louder.

“Suck it baby,” Janice whispered in my ear.

I moved down between his legs as my wife watched. I knelt beside him and looked closely escort bursa at his body as I continued to slowly stroke his giant cock. I had never looked at another man sexually and the experience was both exciting and liberating. He was muscular, cut and completely shaved. My free hand ran over his chest and down his tight rippled abs. I held his big dick in both hands and felt it’s weight. I brought my mouth down to it and flicked my tongue over the drooling head.

“You like it don’t you baby,” Janice said. Her eyes were filled with raw lust and her voice thick with desire. “Tell me you want it.” Her hands caressed her pussy as she gazed lustily at me.

This was the moment of truth. The night before could be explained as a drunken threesome but as I sat beside Todd, with his dick in my hands and my mouth just inches from it’s drooling head, I realized that this was a conscious choice.

“I want it baby,” I said as my mouth descended on his dick and I tasted his precum. It was good, both salty and sweet, as my tongue swirled around it.

“Yes,” Janice hissed as she watched his dick disappear into my mouth. Her fingers plunged into her wet pussy as she massaged her gspot and rubbed her hard clit.

I began to pump his dick with both hands as my head bobbed over the thick bulbous head. I found myself losing control as I slurped his precum like candy.

Janice directed me onto my back as Todd straddled my face. I took his cock back into my lonely mouth as he started to suck mine. I moaned loudly as he sucked my cock into his warm mouth. I had never given a blow job so I tried to mimic his actions as best as I could. I wanted to make him cum. I needed to taste his seed.

My hands pumped his saliva coated shaft as I tenderly sucked his spongy head.

His breathing became labored as his climax approached.

My hands pumped faster and faster as I held his head in my mouth.

“I’m cumming,” he cried out.

“God yes”, I thought. I wanted his cream in my mouth. I craved his thick warm cum. He shot hard into my mouth as he moaned loudly.

I gulped down his first delicious shot of thick creamy cum and then let him fill my mouth with his warm tasty seed. I swallowed his entire load as he started to deep throat my dick.

Todd’s warm mouth slurped my cock as he spread my legs wide. His hands toyed with my sensitive balls and tickled my taint.

I continued to suckle on his flaccid cock. The feeling of it in my mouth gave me an odd comfort and simultaneously an incredible thrill.

Todd pumped my cock faster and faster with his talented mouth. Saliva ran down my balls and slickened my asshole.

I could feel my orgasm building and I groaned as I passed the point of no return. My balls tightened and I groaned as I felt my cock begin to spasm.

Todd thrust a finger up my virgin asshole and expertly massaged my prostate as I came harder than ever before. He swallowed my seed then licked his fingers clean as he got up and walked off to the bathroom.

I sat up and looked at my beautiful wife. Her hair was a mess, her fingers were covered with her pussy juices and her smile was bright and gorgeous.

“I love you,” I said meekly. I was embarrassed and scared. What had happened to me? What had I become.

“I love you too baby. That was so fucking hot.”

“It was wasn’t it? I’m not gay you know,” I said. Inside I was in turmoil. I wasn’t attracted to men and I had no desire to kiss a man but there was no denying that I had thoroughly enjoyed myself.

“I know you aren’t baby, now come over here and kiss me.”

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