Going At It With Liz Ch. 02

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Part 2 of First time with Liz, if you haven’t read part 1, you might want to read it before going to this part.


The next day was very hot: 35 degrees Celsius and so, we decided to work on our tan, laying outside on our towels, side by side, in our new micro-suits. We’d both put some oil on, just to help a little and smeared it on each other, teasing while doing so. We’d brush a nipple, rake our nails down each other’s back, smear the oil a bit too close to the mound.

Liz’s tan was working better than mine, making her skin an even more inviting color. But a tan with a tan line was never much fun so I was hesitating. I knew the neighbours were off to work and like all cute new neighbourhoods around town, those guys wouldn’t be back before the end of the afternoon and it was around lunch…. But I couldn’t know if Liz was going to join the fun or find an excuse to go inside.

“Ok, whatever, fuck that shit” Liz looks at me, surprised, trying to know what had got that comment and with that, I just took my top off. It felt weird and kind of nice to be topless outside in the bright sun since I’d never done it but, having Liz’s eyes on my tits was working me more than I’d thought.

I started rubbing my breasts with oil, making them shiny with it.

“Alli, let me help you out with that” she took the bottle from my hands, rubbing the oil on her hands, then putting those on my breasts. She started by slowly circling around my nipples, never touching them and taking her own sweet time which was pretty much killing me. My nipples were very hard now and my pussy was creaming so much that I thought it’d be leaking any moment.

“Fuck Liz, just do something with my tits, I can’t take your tease anymore” My order startles her, but she does as I ask. Well, better than what I asked since she just starts to suck them in her mouth. Not slowy but fast and strong, making me moan.

She stops, all too soon, sliding our wet bodies together until were kissing eagerly.

“Come on, let’s go take a shower.” Liz gets up, offers me her hand and pulls me to my feet before we head for the bathroom.


Another really nice thing about Liz’s place is her HUGE bathtub. See, not only is it REALLY big, it also happens to have jets in it. She starts the bath and with that, we both strip of the little fabric we have on. And when I say strip, it’s really like a strip show.

I reach at the back of my neck and undo that knot, then slide my hands back on my front to slide on my tits before reaching back and untying the one in the back. I turn so Liz can see my back. I hook my thumbs on the sides of the thong and I bent to slide it off my legs, giving her a very nice view of my Brazilian-shaved pussy and ass.

By the time I’d discard my clothes and get back up, her front is pressed to my back, and her arms are circling my waist. She whispers huskily in my ear.

“Instead for showing yourself off, why don’t you come over so we can play?”

I turned my head to kiss her. Our lips meet in a hungry kiss, our tongues fighting, savouring each other’s taste. One of her hand was now on my right tit, tweaking the nipple while the other one is sliding Escort Çarşı over my mound, down into my very wet slit, coating it with my juices and bringing them back up.

“Suck them clean Alli.” Not only did I suck them, but I also lick them clean of my juices.

“Take that suit off, sugar, and get your ass in that bath or else we’ll just never go” She makes short work of her suit, closes the water, sits in it, closing her eyes, sliding in it with a moan and pushes the button for the jets.

I walk up to the tub, put my feet on each side of her lap and sit on it, getting yet another moan from her. I kiss her again and she arches her back, pushing her tits on me.

” Nah ha, wash before playtime” I chuckle and she groans her disagreement but still complies. We wash each other’s hair, soap EVERY inch of skin and like I’d promised, now that the cleaning is done, let the playtime begin.

“Hey Liz, check it out” I knelt on the side of the tub, lifting my hips and leaning back, my hands grabbing the side.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oooooooooh fuck” the jet was hitting my clit and I was breathing fast in no time. I could see Liz beside me. She was whimpering and both our bodies were tense, fighting to stay still and keep the jets on our clits. The pleasure was so intense, it was almost painful. It was overloading and we were making our best to stay there and build up the pleasure instead of letting go to cool down for a moment.

Both our pussies were creaming like crazy and just hearing Liz besides me was turning me on incredibly. It wasn’t long before the both of us were screaming for release.

“I’m gonna cum. Oh shit. Uh, uh, uuuuuuuuuuuh” hearing her words just got me over the edge and I came right afterwards, both of us sliding back into the tub, our skin sweaty and our breaths harsh. My stomach made an unhappy growl and made both of us laughs.

“Alli, let’s go grab some lunch, we’ve got some fruits, cheese and bread, that good?”

“Sure” With that we stepped out of the tub, dried each other, put some baggy t-shits on and went downstairs to eat.


“Sugar, you want a peach?” I looked away from the fridge, waiting for her answer.

“Sure, take out the cheese and the bread too.”

Which is what I did, I set some grapes, strawberries and a peach on the counter along with the bread and the cheese.

“Ok, I think we’ll be fine with that.” Liz took some plates out, laid them on the counter. I took the grapes and strawberries, cut a piece of cheese and a few slices of baguette. She did the same but took the peach instead. We took our plates, walked to the table to sit to face each other and started eating our fruits eagerly.

“Gee, I never would’ve thought I was THAT hungry” I chuckle

“Well, it’s not like we haven’t been doing nothing either” and with that Liz took a bite in her juicy peach. Of course, it started dripping down her chin, her neck down her collarbone, down the valley of her breasts.

“Let me clean that up for you sugar” I got up, went around the table, crouched beside her and started licking the juices from her between her tits, though I took great care in not Çarşı Escort Bayan touching them. I licked my way up her chest all the way to her mouth and by doing so, I was getting up to finally sit on her lap. I made a loud peck on her lips and drew back with a smile.

“Now Liz, be a good girl and don’t make a mess.” I slid my hands down the front of her shirt to her mound and into her slit, going back and forth with my finger, then retreating.

“I don’t usually play with my toys and food while I eat, so be nice and I’ll play with you after.”

“But momy, I want to play noooooooow.” She said, half laughing, looking straight into my eyes so I could see how turned on she was.

“Nah ha, eat now” and with that I left to go back to my plate. We ate in silence and I glanced now and then to see Liz’s tits through her shirt and smell my own arousal. Eating like that was a real turn on, trying to see who would give up first.

Liz finished her plate first, got up and leaned far too much to get her dishes, giving me a good view of her pretty tits. Just after she’d left I took my own things to bring them in the kitchen to wash and put in the dishwasher.

“Alli, could you sit on the counter for me?” I looked at me curiously but got on the counter, my legs closed tightly together. She put my hands on either side of my knees, opening them and walking in that space. She bit my earlobe and whispered.

“Now I’ m gonna eat your pussy and since I was such a good girl during lunch, you’re going to do the same and be a good girl to and not say a thing while I lap your cunt, suck on your clit and finger fuck your little virgin hole, got it?”

I was so shocked by her dirty words, I could only nod before she smiled and crouched, her face now right in front of my cunt. She kissed the inner tights, and breathed right on my pussy, which made me jerk in surprise. She smiled and went to work.

She lapped at my cunt, going up and down, giving me time to get used to the feeling. After a few of those, she started to put her tongue in my hole, making me gasp at the new sensation, then biting my lip immediately, remembering her previous

orders. She didn’t seem to notice and just continued her work.

I could see one of her shoulders moving which probably meant she was touching herself while working on me. I threw my head back and bit harder on my lip; she’d started sucking on my clit and with one of her hands had started to finger-fuck me.

But she was really working me fast towards climax now and I couldn’t stay silent anymore. I whimpered. She pulled back right after while I was still breathing fast and was still very horny since she hadn’t let me come.

“I told you not to talk. Now what am I going to do about that hun? Oh, I know, you’re gonna watch me come. How’s that Alli?” She smiled devilishly, reached for the bottom of the shirt and pulled it over her head.

Now totally naked, she laid down on the cool floor of the kitchen, opening her legs wide and started to work on her clit, doing furious circles to get her off fast.

I was clutching my legs tight now, trying to get off. But it only made matters Çarşı Escort worse. Liz was moaning loudly on the floor now and I could tell she was really close. Her pussy juice was dripping on the floor and her back was arched, her hard nipples pointing up, her eyes closed.

Her moaning grew louder, her circles around her clit more urgent and she went over the edge. She laid there for a moment, her breathing coming back to normal and opening her eyes again, looking at me.

“Your turn now” She got up, walked straight to me and kissed directly went to my clit, sucking it hard. My hands were tweaking my nipples and it wasn’t long before I got my release.

We both looked at each other and smiled lazily.

“We really made a mess didn’t we?” There was cunt juice on the floor, on the counter, smeared on both of us.

“Yeah, let’s clean it up” Liz took her T-shirt and put it on, then went to get some towels and cleaned everything.

“Liz? Do you have Popsicles?

“Yeah, course I do, why?

“I know a wicked thing we could do with those.

“Alright, let me go get one”. She ran to the basement and came back with a raspberry flavoured one.

“Give me that and go outside, lay down on one of the chairs and wait for me” After she left, I discarded the shirt, folded it and put it on the table, unwrapped the Popsicle and joined her.

“Now open your legs for me sugar” She did so I started to run the Popsicle between her tits, on her nipples, down her stomach, dipped it at her navel and down until her cunt. My tongue followed the path the Popsicle made, cleaning everything very slowly and with great care. I wanted to surprised her so I didn’t ran it in her slit; I just pushed it in her hole, gently.

“OH FUCK, OH MY GOD, OH SHIT” Still I pushed it deeper into her. It was probably the first time she had something that deep and it being so cold, it was probably quite special to have that there.

I started to lap at the juices that were flowing from her hole, her own sweet cream and Popsicle raspberry juice. It tasted so good, I swear I could’ve just stayed there all day just lapping but Liz was getting work up really fast. She was screaming how good it felt in her, screaming it louder and louder as she got closer.

“Come on Sugar; give me all your sweet cream. Come for me baby” And she did just as I asked, she came, really hard. Her juices were pouring and I couldn’t keep up. When she finally set down, I pulled out what was left of the Popsicle and took my own sweet time to finish it.

“Liked that?

“Fuck that was amazing. Now give me the rest of that thing, I want to know what it tastes like with my juices on it.” Which I did and I watched her carefully, appreciating the fact that I was the one who’d put that satisfied grin on my best friend’s face.

“God, I’ll need to try that on you one day. “She said, making it sound like a bet, like a contest to see who would make the other climax first. I chuckled.

“I won’t be the one to stop you from doing that for sure”

“Good, then be ready for some serious action there”

“You can jump me anytime you want sugar” And with that we went back to our lawn chairs, putting some oil on our naked bodies since we still had a few hours to go before her neighbours would be back from work. But really…. with neighbours that awesome, I wouldn’t be the one to care if they saw us.

I mean, come on, with neighbours that awesome, who would actually care?

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