Goddess Morning

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The morning was brisk, and the sun was only just rising.

He looked up from his pillow at the slitted rays coming through the blinds. Then he let his head fall back down on the bed.

Next to him lay a pile of curves and shadowy blankets, a body lost in the sheets and bedspread. He reached out a hand. With care, he pulled down the blankets. Exposed was a shoulder, tanned, golden and sun-kissed. He lost his breath for a moment, staring at the perfection of the skin, the smooth surface.

Then he pulled down more of the blanket. And more of her was laid bare for his eyes. The goddess-like tresses curled dark and silky around her face. Her long lashes swept against her cheeks. And her lips, curved, a paler shade of red than a rose, lay slightly apart, showing the pink of her tongue within.

He sighed and got up on his elbow. She was irresistible, this woman with whom he shared his bed.

On the floor behind him lay the slinky black dress and high stiletto heels she had worn the night before. Somewhere on the nightstand near the head of the bed were the hair clips and pins she had used to put her curls up, leaving her shoulders naked for everyone who had been at the party they had attended together.

But it was like this that he loved her best. Unadorned, natural, and oh so beautiful.

He reached out a hand and rested his fingertips on her shoulder. She was turned facing him, laying on her side, lost deep in her dreams.

As it came to rest on her skin, he studied his hand. His nails were trimmed, but his fingers were rough, calloused from his hard days laboring. Small scars marred the thick, long fingers. And brown body hair curled over the back of his hand, up his arm, covering almost all of his body.

Next to him, she was indeed a goddess, pure and perfect, flawless.

Gently he began to stroke her skin with the flat of his fingers, sighing as her skin immediately pricked up with gooseflesh. Another thing he loved about her; she could never hide something she liked. Always her body betrayed her desires, sometimes before she ever knew about them. He’d relied on that so many times to get him out of the few small problems they’d had.

How could she stay angry at him when all he had to do was kiss her for her to melt and weaken to his will?

She couldn’t. And even now, in her sleep, she was at his whimsy.

He dragged his fingers over the curve of her arm, up her shoulder again, then down her collarbone. Then, he peeled back more of the blanket from her body. And now, he could see her breasts.

Tucked beneath her slender arm, her breasts were rounded and high, youthful breasts; not the breasts of a mother, not yet. He didn’t have to think hard to imagine what she would look like when she was full of his child. That would come soon enough. Though as soon as she gave the word, they would start their family, for now he was blessedly content to just have her as she was. She was perfect, after all. She would be still after mothering his children. But for now, it was times like these that he loved her for what she was, goddess of the morning.

Carefully, he moved his fingertips to her breasts, playing over the roundness and the curve of her cleavage. Then, more boldly, he reached under her arm and gently plucked one out into his palm. He weighed it, feeling the nipple against matadorbet his hand. As he rubbed over it, it stiffened, becoming hard. And he smiled.

So did she. But she did not open her eyes. How he loved her for the games she was willing to play.

He lowered his head to her breast, lifting it up in his hand, up to his mouth. And he delighted in hearing her gasp as he began to suckle her entire areola. She did not put her hands in his hair. She did not move to give him more room.

He looked up into her face. She opened her eyes, her dark blue gaze making him dizzy. And she smiled at him again, her lips apart. He could see the glistening tip of her tongue.

Again he lowered his mouth to her breast. This time, his teeth nipped playfully at her darker breast flesh. She winced but did not stop him.

She knew him, and he knew her. And she could not deny how well he used her desires against her.

He began to lick up her breast, towards her neck. But as he did this, his hand pulled the blankets lower on her body. Her side, her waist, her hip, then her leg, all became exposed in the slowly warming morning sun. He ran his hand up the length of her body, reveling in the smoothness of her skin beneath his rough fingers.

Then he moved closer to her, lining his body with hers. His hand cupped her round face, and he bent to kiss her.

“Good morning,” he said, nuzzling her with his nose. She smiled against his mouth and closed her eyes again.

Then his hand ran down again, this time stopping at her curved hip. He waited only a moment, then he let his hand slide down to her backside. Her bottom was rounded out, one cheek cupped by his hand as his mouth pulled at hers. He scooted her closer to his body, pulling her by the buttock in his hand and slipping her along the small space between them.

Now their bodies were close, and he could feel her stomach flat and soft against his hardened abdomen.

That was how they were, how they were matched and how they fit. Where he was roughened, she was smooth. Where he was scarred, she was flawless. And where he was hard, she was soft.

Now his hand came around to her front. His tongue distracted her as he slipped his fingers over her mons, between her thighs, and against her privacy, her sex. She was hot, wet, and soft, as he knew she would be. Her chubby lips parted easily under his fingers, and he stroked her fires. Her clitoris was a bud now, almost trembling noticeably as he touched and teased at it. Her inner lips, slippery and thin, quivered as he passed them and entered her with two fingers.

She was tight, she never seemed to change. And he loved her for it. As he stretched her around his fingers, and began to drag in and out of her, she moaned into his mouth.

He loved how easy it was to get her ready. She was primed for his attentions, and the way her body awoke to his touch convinced him constantly that she had, indeed, been made just for him.

Now he moved his hand out of her privacy, and up over the outside of her thigh. He stroked her there, gently, then lifted her leg, placing it over his body. She was spread now, and she bucked against him suggestively.

But there was nothing left to suggest. She had to know she would get what she wanted, now.

He reached down and held himself. The matadorbet giriş feel of his own fingers over his thick shaft made him shiver, and he began to jerk himself quickly. He wanted to be hard when he entered her, completely, utterly rigid and hard. And soon, he was. With careful precision he rubbed his taut-skinned cockhead against her swollen folds. Teasing her this way caused her to bite hungrily at his lips. Her hand went around him and played in his hair, curling and uncurling at the back of his neck.

Then he released himself and pushed into her warm slit. She was so wet, he slid within easily. As she enveloped him with her tightness, he pushed deeper and deeper. Soon, he was buried in the warm sweetness of her sex. Even the hilt of him was within her, and she was pressed tightly to his groin.

For several moments, they breathed each other’s breath, their mouths open, blissfully aware of this complete union they were sharing. They did not kiss, they did not writhe. They reveled in the moment that said to them, “we are one”.

The moment extended and became something else, something sweeter, lustier. He pushed against her body, slowly. And she pushed back. Her fingers pulled at his hair. And he reached up and entwined his hand in her dark locks in return.

Then they began to fuck.

Lying on their sides, facing each other, their bodies heated quickly, and soon, they were covered with a veneer of sweat. Their limbs were slippery with it now. He reached a hand down her back, cupping her ass again and pulling her harder against him. As his strong fingers dug into her ass cheek, she squealed out and tilted her head back and away from his kissing lips.

Now his mouth went to her neck, and without hesitation, he began to gnaw on her skin. He pulled at it with his teeth, nipping and biting mercilessly. Her nails raked over his shoulder, then across his back. Her leg, snaked around his waist and ass, clenched and pulled him tighter to her body.

She wanted him deeper. And he knew it.

At last, he pushed at her, rolling her onto her back. Now he was above her, towering over her. He rose up on his hips, pushing himself into her, and pushing her into the bed. With a hand on either side of her hair, he glared lustily down into her face.

And he fucked her deeply, hard.

The bed began to bounce. Now she lifted both legs up around his waist. Supporting himself on one hand, he put his other to his side, stroking along the outside of her thigh. He could feel her tender muscles beneath her skin as she struggled to cling to him. As he looked down, her round breasts were bouncing with the vigor of his movements.

She never looked so more perfect than just now, at this moment. Her sweet round and usually gentle face was twisted now in a wicked and delicious grimace. She winced with his every thrust, feeling him swelling inside her and bouncing against the bottom of her cervix. Her pouty lips were stretched, as much as his cock was stretching her puss. And she groaned and cried out in a song he knew and loved so well. She would cum soon, he knew. He would be hard put to hold himself back. But for her, he would. He always did.

He pulled his knees up beneath himself, and without withdrawing from her cunt, he reached behind his body and grabbed each of her legs. He pulled at them, bringing them forward until her knees were on her chest.

She squealed, almost indignantly. But she settled as he continued to thrust into her. From this position, he could drag the ridged head of his cock along the top of her puss. It would stimulate her more than she was used to.

And soon, she proved him right.

He could feel her struggling now, trying to meet his hips even though he had her pinned almost to the point of immobility. Harder into her he thrust. Faster. Deeper.

At last, she lost control. The perfection that was she was broken, and she screamed in pleasure. He could feel her tightening around his shaft, he felt her milking him uncontrollably. Quickly he lowered her legs, laying himself heavily across her writhing body. She struggled beneath him, her legs wrapping around the backs of his thighs and clinging to him, keeping him as deep inside as she could.

He did not stop fucking her. He pushed and pushed, guiding by her moving hips in speed and depth.

At last, she ceased to move. And he lifted up slightly, to look into her eyes.

She was weeping softly, as she always did. He ran a thumb over her wet cheek, smiling at her. It was a natural reaction for her, a part of how she could not control herself when he took her and fueled her almost constant fire.

“I love you,” he whispered.

He put his lips to hers, kissing at her softly. Now it was his turn.

Slowly he began to move within her again. Her body, spent, did not object. But her tight cunt sucked at him, quivering in the last throes of her orgasm. She closed her eyes, panting.

He lifted himself up again on one hand. With his free hand, he caressed her breasts. It felt so good to squeeze them, to play with their round perfection. The nipples were so dark, and now that she was satiated, they were soft, round and spread out.


He bent his body and pulled one breast up with his hand until the nipple barely touched his mouth. His tongue flicked out over it, licking it quickly. The feel of her against his tongue caused his cock to throb back to life.

He was fully erect again, and this time, it was his turn.

He let go of the breast and looked at her. Then he lay over her again, his chest over hers, his chin tucked into the crook of her neck. She lifted her legs back around him, locking her ankles together over his ass. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders.

She knew what was coming, and she intended to hold on tight.

Now, at last, he let himself go. Primal and instinctive, he began to fuck her harder than before. The bed rocked and creaked as he bounced over her body, grunting in her ear.

She moaned lightly beneath his larger weight, but did nothing to push him off or object. And into the mattress he rode her. Up and down went his hips, with nothing of the finesse he had given her before. In and out slid his thickened cock, thrusting and grinding animalistic within her.

And then, he was cumming. Shooting his seed up inside her walls, coating the innards of her womb with his sperm. He pushed deep into her, knowing it likely hurt her to take him so deeply, but knowing he couldn’t stop, not after all of this. For several more moments, he fucked her, spewing out until he was dry.

Then, he lay on her, limp and exhausted.

She nudged him gently and he didn’t object, rolling onto his side. But he took her with him, keeping their bodies tightly locked together.

And they slept away the rest of the morning.

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