God of Whores Ch. 04

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Back with another installment! I once again would like to remind fans who came to my defense when I made the unfortunate decision to release the previous chapter as a “loving wives” story for its cuckoldry elements, to please not bring rudeness or scorn to people who choose to voice their annoyance at my presence in that category. It is entirely my fault for forgetting this lesson from the last time, and I’ve just got to remember that I shouldn’t publish in categories unless they are truly devoid of the fetish elements that make up the kinds of characters many of you seem to love. Those of you who don’t love them, I bear you no ill will… just please don’t feel like you *have* to read stories you hate. If you’re not into over-the-top cartoonish size-queen stuff, these probably aren’t going to be enjoyable for you. Still, as always, all feedback welcome, in the comments here and especially via the e-mail you can find on my profile page. Much love to you all!


Pericles and Phonita held hands as they walked through the enormous streets of Thebes. While one day, Athens would become the dominant empire of the Peloponnesian region, at this time Crete was an even greater metropolis, and while step-brother and step-sister had gotten to see little pieces of the big city before, and even that sprawling hub was nothing like this. Merchants shouted out their wares and prices on every corner, smiths banged out tools and weapons from a variety of buildings, and carts like the one they’d ridden in on roamed the streets.

In the center of the city, however, was a sight that truly boggled their minds! The Temple of Aphrodite was the most massive building either of them had ever seen, a sprawling circular building with multiple walls built in concentric rings.

“Commoners are only allowed inside the outermost ring,” Phonita explained as they drew near, “Only those of the priesthood have ever seen what lies further in.”

Pericles gave her hand a warm squeeze and drew it up to clasp within his other as well, “We will see it step-sister. I can feel it.”

She smiled and caressed his cheek, “Well, let’s go present ourselves. Remember to bring your giant cock?” She asked teasingly.

“Yup, present and accounted for. Tell me you didn’t leave your tits back in the wagon!”

She answered him by briefly flashing a single fat nipple from her toga before re-arranging the garment.

A pair of strapping young men stood out front, each armed with a spear that they kept upon their backs.

“State your business,” the older-looking of the two said.

Phonita stepped forward, arching her back perhaps a bit deliberately, “Well met! We are Phonita and Pericles of Athens,” she lied a little, for their village town had no name, “We seek to offer our services to the Goddess, however she would use us.”

The two men gave a lingering look, eyes traveling up and down her body a long moment. They spared a much quicker glance towards Pericles and then nodded to one another.

“Very well, enter and follow me, I will take you to the Matriarch of The First Circle, she is responsible for all pledges to the order.” His partner opened the door and he began to lead them inside.

Phonita gave a slight bow and Pericles nodded in appreciation, the siblings striding inside behind the guard.

“I’m an initiate like you seek to be,” he explained as they walked, “to prove our worth we handle a range of good works in devotion to the temple. You’ve got good muscles on you, so don’t be surprised if you end up on guard duty like me from time-to-time,” he clapped Pericles’s shoulder gruffly. Pericles hadn’t ever had a brother, but some part of him warmed at the idea that he might have many now.

The young man stopped just inside a beautiful temple, lights hung to match the pattern of the Aphrodesian constellation in the sky, vibrant colors all around. A woman in a gorgeous tunic stood facing the statue of Aphrodite at the altar, turning to face them as soon as he’d stepped back out, leaving the two alone with her.

She was, in short, stunning on the eyes. A little taller than short Phonita, but still considerably shorter than Pericles she moved with a demure grace that was unusual for one who looked so young. Her heart-shaped face was adorned with a pair of thick pink lips, high cheek-bones that held her sultry smile well, and a pair of large hazel eyes that had definite mischief behind them. The whole of it was framed by a tangle of lustrous red hair; while it was complex it became clear that she’d carefully arranged every lock for an amazing effect that would have taken hours.

Beneath the knockout face was a captivating body, breasts that rivaled Phonita’s (probably slightly bigger in Pericles’s estimation) which made her slim waist even more startling, it tapered in drastically only to explode out again into the most voluptuous hips and round ass that he’d ever seen. Her nipples were clearly stiff as well, poking a bit through her toga and escort ankara they too were just a bit bigger than Phonita’s. He hoped for his step-sister’s sake that she was considered good enough for the order if this was the minimum bar!

“Welcome to the temple, children of Olympus! I am Matriarch of the Outer Circle, Zoe. What have you to offer the order of Aphrodite?”

To Pericles’s surprise, Phonita reached into her toga and produced a coin-purse from between her breasts,

“It is not much, but this is all that mother could spare for me to offer. We are but the children of a poor farmer’s widow.” He had no idea the sacrifice his adoptive mother had made for her daughter!

Zoe weighed the purse in a palm, “It *is* light, but may suffice.”

Pericles then surprised Phonita, reaching into his own bundle to offer another coin purse, slight fatter with coin, “Then surely this much will. I made it on the road over.”

He had not told his step-sister that the merchant had given him money for taking good care of his wife, and the wife good money for pleasuring her so well.

Phonita then cut back in a bit quickly, “But the money of course, is not what we came to offer. My step-brother and I seek to join the Priesthood, to spread pleasure and lust and love to all in the name and glory of Aphrodite. I believe that if you give us the chance, I will prove myself more than worthy of the Straphion of a priestess, and he the Perizoma of Priesthood.”

Zoe smiled warmly, looking them up and down, her eyebrows betraying perhaps the slightest lift of a woman impressed.

“I am impressed with your knowledge of our ways for one outside them,” she praised Phonita, “and you *do* seem like you might be of interest to the temple. But we do not take new initiates lightly, we accept only the finest and most devoted; you will have to prove yourselves worthy if you are to join the order”

Pericles strode forward, his chest stuck out a bit with confidence, “And how shall we prove ourselves worthy, Matriarch Zoe?” he asked with a grin.

She returned his grin and strode forward, abruptly pressing her full lips to Pericles’s, then turning to melt into Phonita’s lips as well. Finally, her right hand instantly going to his cock where it lay coiled in his loin-cloth, her left cupping up between Phonita’s legs eliciting a gasp. As his massiveness filled her palm, there was that slight eyebrow raise again, but she only smirked wickedly and stepped back,

“Wait here, Supplicants. I shall return with further instruction.

The second she was out of the room Phonita grabbed Pericles’s hands in giddy excitement.

“Ooo this is it! I’m a little nervous, are you?” she asked.

He pulled her into a big warm hug, “How could I be? I’ve got you here, don’t I? Tell you what; show me some of the rites and rituals while we wait, that should put your mind at ease.”

She eagerly nodded and began to walk him through some of the basic prayers and lore of Aphrodite, briefly explaining the significance of the figures on the altar: The scallop shell to symbolize what she rose from the sea on at her birth, the rose symbolizing love, the swan of beauty, the mirror that symbolized her flaw of vanity, and of course, the dolphins, the animal symbol of sex-for-pleasure. Pericles was amazed at just how much she knew of the church yet never told him.

A while later Zoe returned, now joined by a man. He was a handsome thing, with a square jaw and bright blue eyes beneath his short-cropped black hair. He was even slightly taller than Pericles with sculpted musculature and an impressive bulge in his tunic.

“Phonita, this is Timon. Just a few days ago, he was an acolyte, but after years of hard work and dedication he has been welcomed into the order as a full brother in the faith of Aphrodite. After we get you two sized, he is going to put you to the test.”

Phonita was clearly quite taken, playing with a lock of her hair coyly as she grinned, “Hi, Timon. Nice to meet you.”

Then Zoe and Timon walked Pericles and Phonita through the special system of measurement the temple used to “size” the tits and members of the membership. Pericles found his cock examined from every angle and then held to a special stock with notches at every inch mark.

More curiously there were a series of labeled cups they held over Phonita’s breasts. They ranged in size from one that said “A” up to one that said “G”, each bigger in dimensions in a steady proportion. He didn’t fully understand the system, but he quickly mentally applied it to every woman he’d ever known.

His step-sister was boasting a pair of E cups which made her bigger than the DD’s he’d been having in his bed before coming to the temple. His adoptive mother, he realized, might be as large as an F but he couldn’t be sure. The Merchant’s wife might have filled a large C-cup or a small D. Zoe was easily rocking the small side of G cups, which were the largest esenyurt escort he’d seen to this point.

Zoe continued, “You will go with Timon and do your best to satisfy him well. If you are deemed worthy, we will allow you to begin on your path as an Acolyte of Aphrodite. Do you have any questions?”

Phonita shook her head, bouncing eagerly on the balls of her feet, “Lead on, Timon, I’m ready to follow that hot ass wherever it leads!”

“No,” Timon grinned, shooting her down. She looked disappointed until he abruptly scooped her right up into his arms, kissing his way from her cheek down to her cleavage as he effortlessly turned and footed open the door to walk away with his prize. Clearly it was only the “follow” part he was objecting to.

Pericles and Zoe watched them go, each grinning a little, she with amusement at the antics of a newcomer, and he with a sort of brotherly pride. He was confident Phonita would do well. Then Zoe took his hand an tugged him along, still smiling,

“Right this way, Pericles. We perform tests inside the second ring, that you might get a glimpse of what lies ahead of you if you persevere.”

The moment she’d led him through one of the interior doors to the next level’s ring, he was taken aback by the abrupt shift. While the outer circle looked more a proper temple, this place was like an amazing hybrid of endless bedroom and garden. There were beds and sofas placed haphazardly around the grounds, some resting on well-cultivated grass, others in stone alcoves and gazebos while a modest flow of water zipped around an interior aqueduct system.

But the truly eye-catching thing was the people! There were stunning women in the robes of acolytes and priestesses all around, and a large number of men as well, though the order did seem to be more predominantly female, which made sense in the temple of Goddess. Pericles had a hard time keeping his tongue in his mouth for the walk, each woman he saw was of incredible beauty, and none showed even the barest signs of modesty.

It threw him off a bit when he walked past one couple where a young woman, topless, was kneeling before a man whose spit-covered endowment seemed to rival even his own! She paused in the blowjob just long enough to give Pericles the eye, then went back to an incredible act of sucking, seeming to take as much of the humongous rod down her throat as she wanted, achieving depths Pericles himself had never seen managed.

The ache in his nuts only grew more intense as they walked, throbbing to new heights as they passed a couple copulating on a table, a bull-ish bald man just utterly ramming into a pleasantly round woman with huge jiggling breasts that could put even Zoe’s to shame. She was watering the grass with squirt after squirt of her copious juices, and balls that might have been even bigger than Pericles’s thumped her rotund ass-cheeks like a drum.

And coupling it would seem, was not the only form of devotion practiced in the temple! Around another corner there were two studs utterly railing both the ass and cunt of another voluptuous beauty, their timing an impressive act of syncopation, each fully driven inside as the other had withdrawn to just the tip. The woman looked at once overwhelmed and overjoyed. Pericles was a little relieved to notice that while both these men were also well endowed, they were each at least a few inches shorter than he. He’d have been frightened to make a guess about the first two.

As she led him down another corridor with less company, Zoe spoke to Pericles, “I hope you’re enjoying your first view of the Second Ring. I’ll be honest that *most* would-be acolytes do not prove themselves here, but I sense a great potential in you that I wanted to court by enticing you with views of what may be to come. Based on what you’ve seen so far do you still think you wish to be part of the temple?”

He nodded so hard it almost hurt his neck, “Goddess, yes! Even more so now, this place is incredible!”

“I’m glad to hear it. I want to tell you that it’s also unusual for the tester we’ve selected for you to take on a new Pledge, but you seem a very special case to me and I think her expertise will be needed to see exactly how deep—AHEM—that is to say, *where* you fit within our order.” She smirked a little, and while Pericles couldn’t quite tell if her slip of the tongue had been deliberate or if she really meant to just tell a joke, he was certain there was truth to her eagerness to see him trialed with whoever this mysterious tester was. A part of him hoped he was to be tried by the Goddess herself.

Finally she stopped inside of a large antechamber, inside of which was a bed so large Pericles thought it could sleep perhaps fifty at once easily, next to a long table piled high with platters of food and decanters of wine. A sign at the far end above a door indicated that to go further would be to enter the Third ring; this room it seemed eskişehir escort was essentially shared between the two layers of the temple. At the far end of the room was an ornate marble statue of the Goddess herself in great detail. Pericles marveled at it a moment, feeling that it was the closest depiction to Aphrodite that he had ever seen, yet knowing from experience that it fell far short of truly capturing her beauty.

Zoe made a sweeping gesture towards the food with such enthusiasm that her huge breasts swayed with the momentum, “Dig in, Pledge Pericles, you’re going to need fuel for what’s to come!”

As those speaking hunger into him, he realized how famished he felt and he quickly made himself comfortable on one of the benches at the table-side, grabbing great handfuls of meat and cheese and fruit. As he loudly tore into the meal, Zoe walked around to the other side of the table and carefully poured him a tall glass of the wine that was there, a kind he’d never seen before from the strangely vibrant purple of it. He gave it a small sip at first, cautiously, and then loving the taste gulped the rest down in one long hearty swig. Zoe only giggled and poured him another, seeming to find enjoyment in watching him eat, though she did nibble a little on a kebab as well.

“The order of Aphrodite was started perhaps a thousand years ago, when Crete was young, no bigger than the village you actually come from.” Pericles froze when Zoe spoke these words; his step-sister had said they came from Athens, how had the Matriarch known it was a small village. Seeing his apprehension, she addressed it, “Don’t fret, Pledge, the Goddess reveals much to her servants of what is and what may be to come. There is no shame from a humble beginning; I myself once lived parentless on the streets of Athens.” He nodded, taking this in, and then contributed to the conversation by wolfishly biting into a loaf of bread as she continued her history lesson.

“Anyway, legend has it that Aphrodite’s beauty was so great, the other Gods and Goddesses of Olympus were terrified of her. They feared for what violence might come from trying to claim her, what marriages she might destroy with her wanton ways, and what would befall any who were too enchanted by her beauty. To address their concerns, the Great Father, Zeus, bound her marriage to the Smith, Hephaestus, her opposite in nearly all ways, but especially beauty. While his ugliness repelled her, Aphrodite found a place in her heart for the strange little God and they great to love on another in time. She bore him children, and He made for her the magical Straphion you see that she wears.”

She paused, pointing at the statue’s primitive bra, “While most such bands are used to restrain or minimize the breasts, the one Hephaestus designed was intended to emphasize it, and even enhanced hers magically. We sisters of the Order wear a garment of similar make and magic, though none are so potent as the original. She arched her back a little, those insane breasts rivaling every morsel of food on the table for sheer succulence.

But I digress. In time, Aphrodite wanted for other lovers despite her care for Hephaestus, and he granted her his permission to lay with whomever she wishes so long as she returns to him from time to time. The other Gods however, would not believe that she was not simply being unfaithful to him, and banished the Goddess from Olympus for a time. During her exile, she found the help of kind strangers in Crete, and with her help, they built her temple and this city into a marvel of the world. While Aphrodite has since reconciled with the other deities of Olympus, she still spends a great deal of time here amongst mortals, loving the inventive new ways that humans approach love-making.

We designed this place to be a perfect reflection of the Goddesses” love and beauty, each ring symbolizing a different depth of relationship, from the mild flirtations we offer the world at the front gates to the deep, intimate lovemaking that can only be found in the heart of the temple.”

Pericles dropped his fork in astonishment, something was happening between his legs and he could somehow feel the weight of his balls in a more pronounced fashion, his cock seeming somehow hotter than usual. What started in his groin spread throughout the rest of his body, a light tingling sensation a little as though he’d had too much wine, but much sharper somehow, and wonderful. He wanted badly to touch and to be touched, and could feel his still-soft cock engorging somewhat as a horniness overtook him.

“Don’t worry dear, the food and drink you’ve been enjoying are intended to stimulate you. Some of the ingredients are special elixirs and unguents designed to maximize your stamina and sexual prowess. Prolonged enough exposure to these over time will make their effects permanent, one boon we give to all who join the order.”

Pericles felt like an enraged bull, though with lust rather than anger driving him. He stood, trembling a bit, his huge muscles tensing slightly, “When is the tester going to get here?” he said a bit impatiently, “I don’t know if I can go much longer without release!”

Zoe simply smirked that lovely, mischievous smirk of hers and took him by the hand, “Silly Pericles, your tester is already here.”

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