Glynydrydd R.F.C

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Hitchhiking is not my preferred form of transport but my best friend Becca says we can save money on train fare and have even more money to have fun at the festival. We have both got dressed in hippie chic clothing for fun which is definitely a mistake for hitching a lift. My long Gypsy skirt is flowing in the wind and I’m trying to hold onto my floppy hat as the traffic rushes past us. The orangey summer sun is beating down, dust is blown about us as the motorway traffic seems in no mood to stop for two helpless chicky chicks.

As I start to tire of waiting for someone to pull over to offer us a lift, I feel like giving up and going back home, I curse Becca under my breath for her silly free ride plan. I look up the motorway and I notice a big red old fashioned bus with the words Glynydrydd R.F.C. written in big gold letters on the front indicating to pull over onto the hard shoulder. Slowing down, it comes to a dusty diesel smelling halt. The lights on the bus are flashing at us eagerly to hurry us on. We both run with our tent and rucksacks and we are so relieved that someone has finally stopped for us. The airbrakes of the bus scream loudly as the door opens automatically.

As we climb the stairs, the driver welcomes us with a big grin, the smell of alcohol overtakes my flowery perfume as we jump on to a loud cheer. I look up the aisle and see that the bus is full of fit rugby players who are all obviously drinking and having a good time. My heart misses a beat for all the right reasons as I imagine them all to be naked. I raise an awkward smile as the bus door closes firmly behind us. The bus pulls off the hard shoulder slowly starts to re-join the busy motorway struggling to pull its occupants in the hazy summer’s heat. I glance up the bus to see the men on board looking at us and undressing us with their eyes. As the bus re-joins the slow lane, we say our thanks to the bus driver. The older grey haired men are wearing suits and rugby ties are respectfully smiling back at us. As we attempt to walk up the aisle to the empty seats at the back of the bus, the bus jerks and we both fall forward.

“Whoops!” I say, as I’m caught by two strong arms, my tiny body feeling weakened by his sheer strength. My body is stretched across his lap and I feel slightly embarrassed as I feel myself start to melt in the arms of my new found saviour. As I drop my baggage I feel a hand going onto my ankle making its way up my leg, I try to help myself up but the strength of the man holding me tightens his grasp around my waist. I look at him with my big blue eyes wide open in panic and I recognise the horny look in eyes and I know this is going to end up messy for us all.

I manage to look over my shoulder and all I’m shocked see is Becca’s tiny yellow t-shirt being lifted over her head by many hands as head, her long dark hair partially covers her pretty face as she tries desperately to get her captures to release their grip. Cheers go up around bahçeşehir escort us as her firm small breasts are exposed to the touring rugby players. I can see her futile attempts of protest being ignored by the ravenous brutes who are preparing to devour us both.

Hands are now exploring my body as my floppy hat falls to the floor and I feel my long skirt being pulled down over my thighs, stretching the waistband to breaking point. I try to shout out in protest but I lose my breath in the struggle. I try to lift my head up to see what’s going on as I feel a hard slap on my almost bare bum.

“Ouch you fucker!” I scream as I hear the rugby team laugh loudly at my annoyance. I try to struggle but this only helps my skirt to get pulled to my knees revealing my soft round bum as another loud cheer erupts in the bus. My little sexy pink knickers are all that is saving my embarrassment as I try kicking in protest to get my captives to release me. I look back again to call to becca for help and i’m shocked to see a large muscular man is already preparing to fuck her doggy style, getting his cock hard and pushing his self into her. He then starts pumping her pussy to the cheers of thirty or so fit studs. I can hear her groans as a big man fills her easily with each stroke. She opens her eyes and looks at me with a cheeky smile on her face. “Oh My God, I can’t believe she’s actually enjoying it!”

I turn my head back to look for an escape as I feel my bra released and my full breasts swing under me. Hands are now tearing impatiently at what’s left of my clothes as I feel a forceful finger exploring outside my pussy. My pussy is dripping wet from being so excited, I soon feel my panties being peeled off my bum, then over my long slender legs then over my ankles as a finger slips slowly inside my tight pussy. I feel a shudder run through my body as someone starts finger fucking me really hard. My knees start to tremble as rough hands grab and squeeze my breasts. My legs are now forced open and my bum in the air as a cock is dangled expectantly in front of my mouth, I try to turn my head away and my captor turns me head back to the waiting hard cock and holds my mouth open. I feel the end of his hard cock force its way through my mouth as my tongue welcomes his man meat into my awaiting mouth. All I can do now is suck and hope this ends quickly. The smell of their alcohol breath is strong and my mind is in overdrive as I think of my best friend being fucked behind me. I can hear her panting as another stud takes his turn at fucking her hard.

“Marky, get that big dick out and give her the biggest cock she’ll ever have!” I hear the man whose cock I’m sucking shout down the bus. Cheers of “Marky!” sound over and over down the bus. I’m sucking really hard now as I’m getting excited by the cheers and the humiliation as the team watch me and my weekend hippy chick friend prepare to get fucked from one end bakırköy escort of the bus to the other by thirty strong men.

I’m moaning with pleasure as I feel the grip around my body loosen as the strong man who is holding me, softly runs his hands over my bum and pulls my cheeks apart, opening me up for everyone to see my dripping hole. I feel someone position themselves behind me as something lands on my bare bum. I feel it slapping against me, it feels really heavy. I raise my soaking cunt up in preparation as the cock in my mouth explodes his warm man soup squirting into my soft mouth. I can feel the pulses of pleasure run through his body as I swallow each drop sucking hard to make sure he is empty. I feel his cock slide out of my mouth and I’m gasping for air as I feel a large blunt instrument is being thumped against both my bum cheeks.

“Do it Marky!” I hear the boys shout as I feel the tip of his cock start to part my tiny pussy lips. I can feel him starting to push but my hole won’t give way easily to his huge cock. My pussy is aching to feel what it’s like to have a massive cock as I push against him to help him into me. As we both push together, my breath is taken away by a mixture of pain and pleasure as the large fat tip forces through my labia and opens me up, it slowly slips in, sinking its head painfully into my most private part. The pain briefly reminds of when I lost my virginity a few years ago to my ex-boyfriend and I feel like I’m being impaled. He keeps pushing his cock as a few more thick veiny inches slowly slip into my soft wet hole. My mind goes mental as my pussy feels like I’m already full. My love juice is running down my leg as the long shaft slowly and precisely makes its way down my tight pink cavern inch by inch.

“Fuuuck me!” I gasp as cheers and laughter from the team reverberate around the coach, I can hear Becca moaning again as she is fucked hard by another younger man behind me. Slowly Marky starts to pump my dripping love hole, I can feel waves of pleasure building as my erect nipples are twisted then squeezed by some of the rugby boys. Marky starts to pump hard and I’m coming all over his hard huge cock. My screams of pleasure are making the men’s cocks hard, I can see their faces, and they are loving watching both of us get fucked. Another cock is presented to my mouth as Marky works his magic on my love hole. My clit is being rubbed by someone’s hand as my hair is pulled hard. Two more cocks fill both my hands as I wank and suck cocks in every direction. I’m wanking and sucking dick as fast as I can as another ejaculates its sticky cream into my willing mouth. Marky takes my breath away with every long pump until he finally withdraws his massive cock to save it for my best friends now well fucked pussy, I can feel my cunt hole gaping for the first time in my life as Massive Marky leans over to my ear and says “I’ll finish you off later sexy girl!” in his deep başakşehir escort Welsh accent.

I try to turn around to look at him, but my head is firmly turned back to receive more cock in my mouth. Another cock replaces Marky’s in my gaping pussy then another pumps me hard squirting its hot glue inside me, I slowly I start to loose count of cocks that have entered my now cum filled hole. I hear chants for Marky again and I know Becca is about to get the cock of her life just like I did. I can hear her panting hard in pain as Marky starts to push his massive hard member into her small wet cunt. I hear her baying for mercy as she screams out in ecstasy and his big cock rams his way home. She whimpers with delight when he finally gets his magic wand go balls deep into her devoured sex slit. He is fucking her really hard now as I hear their bodies banging together hard.

“Please stop, it’s too big!” shouts Becca in pain, but this makes the boys cheer loudly and Marky fucks her even harder. I hear her scream as she reaches another orgasm. I can’t believe what is happening to us. An hour ago we were hoping for a lift to Glastonbury and practically virgins apart from a few boring fucks with ex-boyfriends. I’ve had more cock in an hour than most girls get in a lifetime. What an adventure this is turning out to be. Hard cocks of all shapes and sizes fill our tight holes, each feel a little different and all of them feel really good as they punish our cunts over and over. I secretly wish this would last forever. After what seems like hours we ask for a rest.

When we both stop receiving cock and everyone has been satisfied we are helped to a seat. I feel ok apart from my pussy feels sore. My legs shake a bit and my tits feel a bit bruised. I’ve never been fucked like this before. I’m handed a drink which I share with Becca and given time to recover. I check she’s ok and she tells me she’s having great fun. As the bus slowly trundles down the motorway with its curtains firmly closed, someone shouts “Are you ready for the second half girls?”

“Second half?” Becca says half stunned, we both start giggling at the thought of being fucked again.

“Yeah let’s do it!” we say together, as we are pulled out of our seats and made to go into doggy position facing each other,

“OK Boys, nice clean first half well done!” says the tallest of the boy’s. Who’s obviously the captain and the most handsome “Marky, you played a blinder in the first half!” He says, rubbing his cock in preparation “Time to turn up the heat and finish the opposition boy’s.” Cheers go up in the bus as the rugby boys of Glynydrydd R.F.C raise their cans of cider in early victory. This makes us both a little nervous. We both look at each other and wonder what’s coming in the second half.

“Right then boys, when you’re ready!” says the captain, as some of the players’ hands restrain for us more punishment. My cunt is already eager to please more cock, I’m excited beyond anything I’ve ever felt been before.

“This time boys, fuck them both in the arsehole!” the shocking words ringing in my ears as I’m stricken with panic as I remember Marky said he will be back to finish me off! More cheers go up as I feel wet finger running over my tight virgin asshole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32