Glory Hole Haven Ch. 2

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Trent returned to his room still thinking about the bind boggling sexual experience he had just enjoyed. He couldn’t get it off his mind. The high level of excitement from watching the young, thin, white boy having sex with the muscular black man. How his heart throbbed when he looked through the hole in the wall and watched the firm, shaved body in the booth next to him squeezing its huge cock and sticking a finger up his own ass. And then, the incredible feeling of his cock being masterfully sucked by his anonymous lover. To top it all off, was his own earth-shattering climax, filling the belly of the cock lover on the other side of the wall.

The scene kept playing over and over in his mind. Before he knew it, he had jacked off two more times before falling into a restless sleep.

The next day he took care of business as best he could. Sitting there in the board room with the CEO and Vice President of the company he was so desperately trying get a contract out of. This had the potential of a multi-million dollar contract, yet, even with all that was on the line, he couldn’t get his mind off the fantastic sex he had the night before and his own desire to fill his mouth with a throbbing, hard cock.

As the meeting progressed, he had to continually fight to keep his mind on the business at hand. Most of the time he didn’t dare stand or everyone in the room would have seen what a tremendous hard-on he was sporting. Trent vented a sigh of relief when the CEO said, “Gentlemen, I think this enough for today. Let’s finish this meeting up tomorrow.”

Trent eagerly left the building, got into his rental car and headed back to his hotel. He had a quick bite to eat and then showered before heading off for the adult bookstore.

This time he didn’t take any chances. Instead of the tight fitting dress clothes he had worn the night before, he decided on a loose fitting pair of shorts and a T-shirt. He walked in and there was the same clerk.

“Back again I see,” said the clerk.

“Yeah, well, I’m here on business and this place gives me something to do in the evening. Otherwise it’s just sit around the hotel,” Trent stated.

“So, do you need some quarters?” questioned the clerk.

“Sure, give me five dollars worth,” he said.

The clerk gave him the quarters and Trent headed back to the arcade. He found the same booth open, stepped inside and locked the door. He searched for the coin slot and dropped all five dollars worth of quarters in and began flipping through the channel selector. He found one movie of two guys steadily deep-throating each other in a 69 position. Even though it still made him feel a bit uncomfortable, the sight of those huge cocks disappearing down their throats was already starting to give Trent a raging erection.

Trent leaned forward to look through the glory hole but was disappointed to see no one in the booth next to him. He turned his attention Sefaköy Escort back to the screen and watched a young, blonde, surfer type inhaling a massive cock. Taking it fully into his throat and then sticking his tongue out and licking the ever-tightening balls of his lover.

It was too much for Trent to keep his cock in his shorts. He lowered his shorts and set his dick free. In his mind he was imagining what it must feel like to have a throbbing hunk of manmeat buried in his mouth. Then his mind would drift back to the night before when his anonymous lover gave him the greatest blowjob he had ever experienced. He looked back at the screen just in time to see the surfer pull his head back and take a face full of hot, thick cum. It amazed Trent to see the boy lick up all the cum and then stick his tongue into the pee hole looking for more cum to savor.

By now Trent was steadily stroking his cock when he heard the door to the booth next to him open up. He bent over and looked through the hole in the wall to see who it was. He couldn’t see anything for a minute or two and then the movie in the next booth started and Trent could make out the shape of the man in the next booth. Soon, the man was slowly stripping and it took Trent’s breath away when he noticed it was the same clean-shaven body he had seen the night before. There again was that magnificent 8-inch cock standing out firmly from the smooth, muscular abdomen. Hands slowly rubbing all over his body, and then gently pulling on his precious ball sack. Hands sliding up and squeezing a throbbing head.

He remembered the night before and didn’t want to miss a chance to return the favor. So, he slipped his finger through the hole and started wiggling his finger. Suddenly he felt something touch his finger so he pulled it back through the hole and watched breathlessly as the hole was filled with a perfectly formed, throbbing erection.

Trent looked at the massive member with amazement. He couldn’t believe it, right there in front of his flushing face was the biggest cock he had ever witnessed in real life. He slowly moved his hand towards the cock and finally his fingers felt the shaft. He wrapped his hand around the cock as best he could and discovered how good a man’s cock can feel in his hand. The texture was soft, yet the underlying texture was very hard. The skin moved easily back and forth with the lightest touch. It was very warm and filled the little room he was in with a manly scent.

He marveled at the texture of the head and almost chuckled at the way the cock would jump around with light touches on the underside of the head. He could see the blood pouring into the cock through a large number of veins surrounding it. Trent could have spent hours just looking and touching the cock, but then he noticed a small drop of precum oozing from the tip. He stuck out his tongue and eased up to taste the nectar. When the flavor Sefaköy Escort touched his sensitive taste buds, he discovered that the tart, tangy flavor was enjoyable. He wanted more.

Trent opened his mouth and slowly sucked in the head. It seemed to fill his mouth and all of his other senses. He could taste the sex, feel the throbbing, smell the manliness, he could hear the breathing on the other side of the wall quicken and could see the cock get thicker with excitement. He pushed his head forward to attempt to take more of this cock in his hungry mouth.

To his amazement, he was on his knees in an adult bookstore, sucking the dick of a total stranger. Two days prior, if you had asked him if he would ever suck a dick, he would have said you were crazy and that he wasn’t gay. Yet, here he was, sucking this dick as if his very life depended on it. And he was relishing in the excitement of it all. It almost as if he was breaking some long-time taboo.

As he enjoyed the sensations of having a cock in his mouth, he relaxed more and more. Soon he was getting nearly three fourths of the cock into his throat and was wanting even more. He kept slowly trying to get more of this cock in his mouth. Occasionally he would have to fight back his gag reflex, but he slowly learned to relax his throat and swallow more the throbbing shaft. The feeling of the growing cockhead pressing the back of his mouth was making Trent more excited than he could have every dreamed. He was stroking his own cock faster and faster. He wanted, no, he needed to have his mouth filled with hot cum.

He felt the throbbing manmeat grow inside his hot mouth and knew his anonymous lover was getting ready to cum. He couldn’t wait to have this lucious cock spewing into his throat. He picked up the pace and sucked deeper and harder. He felt the lover thrust his hip against the other side of the wall and then the first spasm hit and a gush of thick, steamy cum hit the back of Trent’s throat. Trent swallowed quickly but fast enough, the second shot of sperm filled his mouth and oozed out from the sides of his mouth.

Trent was enjoying the feeling of the warm seed in his mouth, languishing in the salty flavor and found himself thinking of how good it would feel to have this love fluid filling his mouth and covering his body. With each spasm of the throbbing cock, Trent found himself enjoying the taste more and more.

Finally, the cock in his mouth stopped the flow of cum and just twitched in Trent’s mouth every time he ran his tongue along the sensitive underside. He didn’t want to let go. Trent was thrilling in the feeling of having a cock in his mouth. He was amazed, here he was, a man with a wife, two kids, had never cheated on his wife and had never thought about having sex with another man and he was in heaven, filling his mouth with another man’s cum.

His own erection was throbbing and he knew he Escort Sefaköy needed a release. He stroked his cock even faster while still sucking on the now softening cock that was sticking though the hole in the wall. Then, suddenly, the lover pulled his cock back through the hole, much to Trent’s chagrin. Trent looked at the now empty hole just to see that inviting finger replace the throbbing cock. Trent stood up and placed his dick on the finger and watched it disappear. He knew what was coming next. He pushed his dick further through the hole and soon felt the hot, wet, mouth of his anonymous lover.

Trent looked briefly at the screen to see three men lying in a triangle sucking each other off. One guy was just finishing blowing his massive load all over the face of masculine looking guy with a beard. The vision on the screen, combined with the deep-throating he was getting on the other side of the wall and the wonderfully salty taste on his tongue pushed Trent over the edge and his balls began to boil.

He could feel the warm saliva from his lover running down his shaft and dripping along his ever-tightening balls. He could hear the slurping sounds. Then, his mind began to spin and once again he had to grab the top of the monitor to maintain his balance and his cock began shooting hot cum into the hungry mouth on the other side of the wall. His body jerked with spasm after spasm. His lover kept up with him, swallowing his cum and continuing to bounce up and down on his cock, taking him all the to his pubic hairs and then sliding off until his cock almost slipped from his mouth, only to swallow him up the hilt again.

Trent’s mysterious lover swallowed the length of his cock and held it in his throat for quite a while, gently sucking on it and draining of all the fluid.

Then, the hungry mouth slipped off Trent’s spent dick and Trent had to sit down on the dirty little chair in the booth. He looked up and saw the other booth brighten and then he heard a door slam. Once again, his anonymous lover was gone, but this time Trent was savoring the lingering flavor of his cum.

After a few minutes of recovering, Trent stood up shakily and proceeded to pull his short back up and then exit the tiny booth filled with the smell of sex. He came by the counter where the clerk said goodnight.

“Huh, oh yeah, good night,” Trent said after coming back to reality.

“Are you coming back again soon?” the clerk questioned.

“Well, yes,” said Trent. “I’m only in town for a few days and I get bored in the evening, so I might as well come here. It’s something to do and it’s close to my hotel.”

“Well, tomorrow night you should try going into the theater,” said the clerk. “There are two movies showing all the time and it’s very relaxing and more comfortable than the arcade booths.”

“Really,” Trent responded.

“Oh yes, I promise you’ll enjoy yourself a lot more in there,” said the clerk. “I’m not working tomorrow so I know you’re going to have a good time.”

“Well, thanks,” said Trent and then he left the building. As he went back to his hotel he began wondering what the clerk meant by, “I’m not working so I know you’ll have a good time.”

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