Glory Hole – Chris’s Perfect Job Ch. 03

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When she pushed me, it was with a force that I didn’t know she possessed, and I ended up on the floor.

As I got up, with my arms in the air as if I was surrendering, I said, “Let me explain.”

I wasn’t sure that I could, but she didn’t give me the opportunity to even try to. I saw it coming, but I couldn’t get out of the way. Then my lights went out.

This time, when I came round, I didn’t need to ask what had happened. Mother had hit me, and she hadn’t held back. For a small woman she’d given me one hell of a punch. It was an indication of how angry she was. I wasn’t complaining, because it was what I deserved.

When I looked up, I saw that Batman, AKA Simon, was standing over me.

I asked, “Where’s Rita?”

After shaking his head, and then giving me a disapproving look, he said, “Don’t you mean your Mother?”

I winced. So he knew. I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me. He then helped me up.

“That’s the second time. If you’re ever thinking of becoming a boxer, then forget it. You can’t take a punch.”

I wasn’t going to. First was Kate’s jealous partner, he’d sucker punched me in the Glory Hole. And now my Mother.

She’d hit me on the chin, so I wasn’t going to have another black eye, but it was painful, and she might even have loosened a tooth. And after she’d hit me, I’d fallen backwards and banged my head on the floor. But my physical suffering was of no concern. What was troubling me was that Mother now knew who I really was.

“We’ve all finished, so it’s time to go.”

“Before we do, I need to speak to Rita.”

I thought he was going to correct me again, but he let it pass.

“I’ll go and ask her, but don’t be surprised if it’s a no.”

It wasn’t long before he was back. When he shook his head I knew that it was indeed a no.

Ten minutes later, we were in the limousine, on our way back to the club. Before leaving the room I’d put my mask on. But now it wasn’t to hide my identity, it was to hide my lumps and bruises. We’d arrived at the front door, and Alice had been there to greet us. But we departed through the servant’s entrance at the rear, and there was nobody to wave us off. Were they all with Mother, trying to console her?

Thankfully, Simon and Roger didn’t mention what had happened. But I knew that the next day, when they were working again, it would be all around the club, and there would be a lot of motherfucker jokes. That would be embarrassing, but that was a problem for another day. Today I had to go home and face the music, and it was an understatement to say that I wasn’t looking forward to it!

I was dropped off at the club, and then I drove home. There wasn’t much traffic so it didn’t take me long. When I opened the front door my heart was pounding in my chest, but this time it was from fear rather than from excitement. I then took a deep breath to steady my nerves.

“I’m home.”

I then waited for her to respond, with words, or perhaps even another punch. But all I got was silence. I’d shouted it out, so she was either not in or she was ignoring me.

When I woke up, I felt good, but then I remembered Mother discovering who I was. I groaned. Why had I been so stupid? The mask had been on for a reason, but I had foolishly taken it off.

Last night, when I’d got home, she wasn’t in. I knew that I should have stayed up and waited for her, but I’d gone to bed. That hadn’t helped, it had just delayed the inevitable.

After taking a quick shower, I went downstairs. When I entered the kitchen, she was at the stove, with her back towards me. I sat down at the table. When she turned round, I braced myself. I was now going to get a tongue-lashing.

In a monotone voice, and without her usual smile, she said, “Your breakfast.”

She then handed the plate to me. As I ate it she was doing things in the kitchen. And she was ignoring me. This was worse than being shouted at. There was an elephant in the room, and it needed to be introduced.

After coughing, to clear my throat, I said, “I can explain.”

If looks could kill, then I’d be a dead man.

“Really? Tell me more.”

Her tone was full of sarcasm, but at least she was giving me the opportunity to speak. Last night, before I’d gone to sleep, I’d spent some time thinking about what I was going to say. Then it had sounded plausible, but now it seemed feeble. However, now wasn’t the time to wing it. I would go with what I had prepared, and hope for the best.

“I didn’t know that it was you.”

That got a snort from her, and then she said, “Is that the best that you can come up with? I know about the CCTV. Alice told me. I bet you and your mates have been laughing about me. The dumb woman that doesn’t know that her Son has been fucking her.”

“It wasn’t working. And until you told Simon, nobody knew about us.”

“I don’t believe you. Alice says that she takes security seriously. It would be fixed. And it was never us, it was just you taking advantage of me.”

“It was fixed, and quickly, but the first time that you were with me it was broken. So I really didn’t know that Kıbrıs Escort it was you.”

She was now thinking about what I’d said, trying to decide if she should believe me. It was in the balance, so I needed to say something that would tip it in my favour.

“Hand on heart, that’s the truth.”

And while I was saying it, that’s where my hand was. And to help, the expression on my face was that of a man wrongly accused.

“OK, but what about the second time when you could see me? And don’t tell me it wasn’t working again. That’s when you should have stopped it.”

Truth my ass, it was a blatant lie, but she had fallen for it. I had an answer for this question as well, but I wasn’t convinced that it would work. However, I didn’t have anything better, so I would have to go with it.

“I really didn’t want to, and I was going to say no, and then I remembered how much pleasure you’d got from the first time. I now know that I shouldn’t have done it, but I did it for you. I just wanted to make you happy.”

That was another lie. I’d done it for myself. The first time with her in the Glory Hole had been so good, that when she’d come back, I was never going to say no.

When I saw the tear in her eye, I nearly punched the air. She had swallowed it hook line and sinker. Then to confirm that she believed me, I got a hug. I couldn’t believe that it had worked. Andy would be proud of me.

When she released me, she said, “You do realize that we must never do it again?”


I wanted to continue, and if she was being honest with herself, she’d admit that she did as well. But I had to agree with her. Ending it now was the sensible thing to do.

“Are you going to continue working at the club?”

I couldn’t see why not. But would she continue to be a member?

“Yes. What about you?”

She wasn’t as quick to answer as I’d been, and before speaking she bowed her head, so that I couldn’t see her face. Then in a low voice, she said, “Yes, I’ll be going back.”

I understood why it was embarrassing for her to tell me that. She’d just admitted to her Son that she needed sex, and to get it, she would be going to a Glory Hole.

When I was back at the club, I was expecting to be the centre of attention. However, when I entered the common room, I didn’t get any strange looks. And there wasn’t any ribbing. I was surprised. It should have been common knowledge by now. Half an hour later, when Simon arrived, I got an explanation.

I asked him, “Why don’t they know?”

“That’s because I didn’t tell anybody. Not even Roger. And why would I? You’re my friend.”

That made me feel bad, and I said sorry. I should have known that he wouldn’t have talked about it. He then told me what had happened after Mother had knocked me out.

Purely by chance, he’d been walking past when it had happened. The sound of me crashing to the floor had been so loud, he’d immediately gone into the room to see what had happened. Finding me unconscious on the floor, he’d looked to Rita for an explanation.

Apparently, in a calm voice, she’d said, “I hit him. And you’re probably wondering why I did that,” then she’d pointed at me before adding, “Because he’s my Son, and he’s been fucking me without me knowing it.”

And while he was reviving me, she’d quickly dressed. Then, without a backward glance, to check that I was OK, she’d left the room. And she was so calm that she hadn’t even slammed the door.

I’d naturally assumed that everybody at the party had become aware of my guilty secret. But I was wrong. After the event, Mother had acted as if nothing had happened, so nobody had suspected anything. I was proud of her. Most Mothers would have burst into tears, or become hysterical. But not mine. She had responded by giving me what I deserved, and then she had retained her dignity by not telling anybody, other than Simon, about it. It was a private matter, to be dealt with at home. As they say, ‘You should never wash your dirty linen in public’.

When I’d entered the common room I’d been anxious, but now, after talking to Simon, I was relaxed. My life was back to normal. By some miracle, Mother finding out, hadn’t been the disaster that I thought that it would be. But her knowing had put a stop to it. It was going to take me a long time to get over the disappointment of that.

When I was called for my first client, Simon couldn’t resist having a dig at me.

With a straight face, he said, “Do you think it’s Rita?”

Then he laughed. If it was, it would only be because it was a different Rita. And of course, it wasn’t.

“Hi Chris, it’s Kate.”

“Have you locked the door?”

“Yes, but I can unlock it if you want?”

She then laughed, and I joined in. This was the third time that I’d seen her since her partner had punched me. And now, we always greeted each other this way.

She had nice tits, and I was now enjoying them, and she was also enjoying my mouth and fingers on them. But I knew that it wouldn’t be long before her pussy would want some attention. Her tits gave her pleasure, Lefkoşa Escort but being fucked was her passion. After only a few minutes, she was ready for that.

“Fuck me with your big cock, and don’t hold back.”

As soon as she was in position, I was pushing into her, and despite her being very wet, it was difficult. When I hit the top, with at least three inches to spare, she grunted. This woman had a small pussy. She’d be better off with a smaller cock. However, she always came to see me, so even though she couldn’t take it all, a big cock must be what she wanted.

She was always a good fuck, and this time was no exception. However, I just wish that she would last longer. After only five minutes she reached it.

“Fuck, my teeny-weeny pussy is in it.”

That made me smile.

When I got back to the common room, Simon came over to me. Before he could speak, I said, “It wasn’t Rita.”

He looked offended, but I knew that he had intended to ask me that.

The next day, while we had breakfast together, Mother surprised me.

“So how was last night, did you have a good time?”

I’d assumed that the club was something that we wouldn’t talk about. I’d still work there, and she would continue to be a member, but it wouldn’t be mentioned. However, if she was happy to discuss it, then I was as well.

“Yes I did.”

I then told her about Kate. Not what we had done last night in the Glory Hole, but about the time when I had been knocked out. She found it very funny, and it was a while before she stopped laughing.

That evening, I was fifteen minutes late getting to the club, but Simon told me that my name hadn’t been called. So fortunately for me, there wasn’t a client waiting in the Glory Hole. I then made myself a coffee, but I only got two sips of it before I had a client. I needed a drink, so I took it with me.

When I got there she was already in the room. Working in a Glory Hole is exciting, but like now, it can sometimes be amusing. However, as I continued watching her, it stopped being funny and it became highly erotic. I wanted this woman, and I wanted her now.

When I’d first seen her, she was bent over with her bottom facing the camera. And she was naked. Perfect for parking my bike! That had made me smile. But then she had parted her legs. And when she’d started wiggling her bottom, she’d got my complete attention.

In a seductive voice, she said, “Would you like me to play with myself?”

When a woman asks that, does she ever get no for an answer? My response was a quick yes, but before I’d even said it, her pussy was already being fingered.

Her fingers were in her pussy, but it was her bottom that was doing all the work. She was grinding herself against them. Very soon she would come, and then it would be my cock that was pleasuring her. But what if one climax was enough for her? I almost laughed, this woman, whoever she was, wouldn’t be satisfied until she’d been fucked. And because she’d come to see me, it had to be by somebody that had a big cock.

When she reached it, she slumped forward, giving me an even better view of her pussy. Just looking at it was making my cock twitch. Would she now want to be fucked straight away? I hoped not. I hadn’t seen her tits, but if they were as impressive as her peachy bottom, then I wanted to spend some time playing with them.

It didn’t take her long to recover. Then she stood up. But agonizingly, she still had her back towards me. As she turned around, my eyes went to her tits. I wasn’t disappointed. They were a nice size, with prominent nipples. But was she a beauty?

When I looked up and I saw her face, my jaw dropped.

“Hi, I’m Rita.”

I mumbled a quick hello, and it made her laugh.

“You sound as if you’re nervous. Don’t be. I promise that I’ll be gentle with you.”

Then she giggled. She was enjoying my discomfort. But what was going on, was this a test? Was I now supposed to tell her to leave? And If I failed it, then I would be in trouble. But all my instincts told me that it was genuine. My Mother had come to see me in the Glory Hole for one reason, and for one reason only, so that I could fuck her. She knew that it was wrong, but she couldn’t resist. Our previous times at the club had been so good, that she just had to come back for more.

Then suddenly, I had an epiphany. And it was a revelation to me. I understood what she was doing. She’d introduced herself as Rita, and not as my Mother. That was to tell me that she was just a client, and that I should treat her the same as I would do for any other client. And she would be thinking of me as a different person. It wasn’t her Son that was going to fuck her, it was a young stud that coincidentally had the same name as her Son. It was her way of allowing us to continue, without her feeling guilty. I was impressed, with her for coming up with such a cunning plan, and with myself for realizing what she was doing. Aunty Olivia, a psychologist, would be proud of me. Perhaps I wasn’t as stupid as others thought I was. Then I remembered Magosa Escort all the classes that I’d failed. Yes I was!

“David, I’m ready now.”

I had to smile. This was confirmation that I was right. It was Mother’s masterstroke. She wasn’t just thinking of me as a different person, she had somebody specific in mind. David, one of the other studs that worked at the club.

I said, “And I am as well.”

When I opened the top holes I made sure that she couldn’t see me. She knew who I was, but I wanted to keep up the pretence that I wasn’t her Son.

My first suck on her nipple was long and hard, and it made her gasp. Then my fingers were on her other nipple.

“Pull on it.”

I did, and she asked me to do it again.

“You’re as good as my Son.”

Then she laughed. There was only one way to respond to that.

“And you’re as good as my Mother.”

That good a squeal of delight from her, because she now knew that ‘David’ was happy to roleplay.

“Do you like playing with Mummy’s big tits?”

“Yes, but I want to finger Mummy’s juicy pussy.”

“And you can, but only if you do a good job on my tits.”

For the next five minutes, I did. But she still kept me waiting. So I tried even harder. I was now not just sucking on her nipple, I was taking into my mouth a decent portion of her breast. And while I was doing that, my fingers were doing everything that I could think of to her other nipple.

“Finger my cunt.”

Good, it had worked. I could now enjoy her pussy.

In my eagerness to get my fingers inside her, I was careless. She saw me as I closed the top holes. But it wasn’t a problem. We’d just pretend that it hadn’t happened. When I put my hand through the bottom hole I was expecting to find her pussy, but it wasn’t there. I looked up at the monitor. She was still standing up, and she was staring into the camera.

“Chris, is that you?”

She knew it was. So why was she asking?

“It is,” then after shaking her fist at me, she said, “How could you do this to me?”

Then suddenly, all her anger disappeared, and she started to cry. If this was more roleplay then it was too subtle for me. I had no idea what was going on.

Between sobs, she said, “It took all of my willpower to stop myself from coming to see you, and now you’ve played a cruel trick on me by switching with David.”

Now I understood. All my fancy logic about her coming to see her Son, but pretending I was somebody else, was just hogwash. The reason that she was with me now was a lot simpler. She had booked David, but there had been a mix-up. She had got me instead. It was nothing to do with me. It was a genuine mistake. But would she believe that?

“I didn’t do anything. Somebody screwed-up. They sent you to me rather than David.”

From the look on her face I could tell that she wasn’t convinced, but she had stopped crying.

“And you’re now going to tell me that the CCTV system isn’t working. So you didn’t know that it was me. I hope it’s under warranty, because you keep having problems with it.”

I gave a deep sigh. I was innocent, but it was going to be difficult to convince her of that.

“It’s working OK. And when you turned around to face me, I could clearly see who you were.”

“So why didn’t you tell me to leave?”

It took me a while to explain, but I must have done a good job, because when I’d finished she was smiling.

“What you thought, was completely wrong, but it was definitely plausible.”

“So what happens now?”

“I came to see David, and that’s who I’m going to get. It would be wrong for you to even just touch me, but he can do anything he wants to me.”

He was a lucky man. I’d got her worked up, but he was going to finish her off. However, she might have to wait.

“I’ll see if he’s available.”

“He is,” and then, after giggling, she added, “And he’s here with me now.”

Before I could say anything, she spoke again.

“David, would you like to finger Mummy’s cunt?”

I didn’t give her the opportunity to change her mind. As soon as her pussy was near the hole, I was pushing two fingers deep into it. Then I started fucking her with them. Yes, David was a lucky man. I now knew that Mother would keep coming back to see me, but when we were in the Glory Hole together, I wouldn’t be her Son, I would always be David. Isn’t life complicated!

I was enjoying fingering her, and I wanted to continue doing it until I’d made her come. But she was eager to fuck.

“Put your big cock into Mummy’s cunt.”

I then did, and slowly, so that I could savour it. As it went in, she purred, but it turned into a gasp when my balls were flat against her. I was about to start fucking her, when she spoke.

“Don’t move, let me fuck you.”

That would be nice. I could just stand there, and she would do all the hard work.

I’d said nice, but it was a lot better than that. She’d got the speed just right. It was fast, but not frantic. And she was using my full ten inches. She was expertly taking both of us towards a satisfying climax. Then, when both of us were nearly there, she upped the pace. It was what was needed to make both of us come. I got there first. As my balls started to empty, I grunted. She then reached it as well. I’d been loud, but her noise was off the scale. It was a cross between a squeal and a scream. Let’s call it a sqeam!

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