Glory, Glory Hallelujah

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Kristen walked down the corridor, her bare feet sinking into the plush, deep blue carpet. The two large men on either side of her made her more aware of her nakedness but she knew that it was too late to go back now. Only a few short months ago she was living at home in Oklahoma. Keeping two jobs going and with the pleasure of the internet waiting for her when she finished for the day. The internet. That’s how it had all started. A quick surf into one of her favourite story sites and she came across “The Chess Game”. A short, strange story of two men controlling women on a chess board. But to her it was like a blow to the stomach.

For a long time the hidden feelings she had kept deep within herself had led to frustration and anger. Frustration because her desires were so extreme that she daren’t tell anyone about them and anger that she didn’t know how to satisfy them. She had tried explaining once to an ex boyfriend but he just suggested that she should get help. After that, confused and with her desires threatening to run out of control, she didn’t mention how she really felt to anyone else. Until she read “The Chess Game”.

On a whim she had contacted the author and within days found she was telling him things on the internet she couldn’t tell anyone else face to face.

They had struck up an on-line friendship based on heavy sexual needs and desires and before she knew it she was on a plane to London and here she was. She half smiled. Well not quite as fast as that but fast enough. The man on her left reached down and took her left breast in his huge hand and began squeezing and pulling at the ardahan escort flesh gently. The man on her right did the same with the other one, She gave an involuntary shiver at this intimate touch by two strangers, and a pang of desire, shot suddenly through her loins. They had nearly come to the last door in the corridor and with both men tweaking her nipples making them jut outwards like two hard little bullets, her juices began to flow.

They stopped and one of the men turned the door handle. It swung open and, still holding her by her breasts, they led her inside. She saw a single, normal looking, hard-backed chair in the centre of the room and this where the men made her sit, finally letting go of her aching, tingling flesh. Her breathing was coming in short, sharp pants as her mind, anticipating what was to come, jumped ahead of her body. The familiar knot in her guts was beginning to tighten as her sexual awareness grew stronger. Her nerve endings became increasingly sensitive.

One of the men put his hand into her mouth and pulled her jaws apart. She complied. She wasn’t going to fight this. It was what she had always wanted. The second man bent down until his face was opposite her gaping mouth, then with a grunt of satisfaction, he placed two parts of a dental restraint into her mouth, behind her teeth. The first man took the threads that were hanging down on either side of her face and swiftly drew them behind her head, clipping them together with the tiny hook and eye embedded in the cloth. Then they stood back and looked at her.

She couldn’t adıyaman escort close her mouth and already saliva was beginning to flow, forcing her to swallow as best she could. Hands reached forward and adjusted the restraint. She felt her jaws widen even further until her mouth was like a large, dark cavern. One more adjustment and her jaws were finally held gaping apart as far as they could go. She tried to ease them slightly but found they were too firmly gripped for that. Then she really knew this was for real. She relaxed. At last, she thought, at long, long last. It begins.

The men led her to one of the walls of the room and made her kneel on the carpet facing it. She was surprised at just how soft the carpet was. She sank until it folded over the backs of her calves. Her arms were pulled behind her back and her wrists shackled together with velvet covered cuffs. She felt no pain. Just an ever growing feeling of restraint. And excitement. One of them went to the wall and uncovered three holes placed in triangular formation. They then made her shuffle forward until her naked, trembling body was almost touching the obstacle. Both men took a breast each and fed the two, plump, throbbing mounds through the holes at the bottom of the triangle. It was a tight fit, but with a jump, she felt other hands on the other side of the wall take hold of them and pull them through. As they did she was forced to shuffle forward continuously until the whole of her naked, slightly sweating body, was flat against the warm surface. Her gaping mouth hovered opposite the third hole. karabük escort Her breasts, gripped tightly at the base, were now exposed in the other room in all their distended glory.

It slowly dawned on her what it was they were going to do and, with the realisation, her vagina flooded a stream of lubrication that seeped down over her thighs. The sexual knot in her gut gave an extra twist and she groaned as her excitement suddenly intensified.

Her anticipation was justified as her head was pushed forward until her lips were giving the remaining opening a bizarre open mouthed kiss. Tentatively she tested her tongue and stretched it out until it reached its limit. She ran it around the rim of the hole and discovered the wall was only a few centimetres thick. She felt a slight cooling movement of air caress the wriggling, saliva covered organ. Withdrawing it she licked her upper lip, tasting the salty sheen that had formed. A large leather sling was placed at the back of her head and the four cords with ring eyelets, two on either side, were in turn securely fastened to four hooks fastened in the wall. A few quick adjustments and she was ready.

Carefully she tried to move her head but found the men had done their job well. She was completely immobile. Helpless to do anything to stop what was about to happen. She had never felt so…so vulnerable. She could do nothing now but wait until it was all over. She was a passive, open-mouthed fuck machine.

The men left, turning out the light and closing the door behind them. She was in complete darkness. A few moments later she heard, on the other side of the wall, the sounds of men, many, many men entering the room next door. As the first long, thick cock slid into her mouth and lodged at the back of her throat before beginning its thrusting movements, she managed one sigh of pleasure before she gave herself up completely.

Her journey had begun.


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