Glass Elevator

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We are just leaving a party, a wedding reception, so we are both dressed very formally.

The reception is in the restaurant of a fancy, multi-storey hotel.

The elevator is located by reception, and it is a transparent glass elevator, looking out over the lobby, reception, and the entrance of the restaurant.

The doors of the restaurant are open, so the party can still be seen going on inside.

You walk in front of me, into the elevator. Your hand is trailing behind you, holding my hand, and your head is looking seductively over your shoulder at me.

The dress you are wearing is long and loose, though your shoulders are uncovered.

The tops of your breasts lie temptingly at the top, and you know how it makes me want you.

The elevator is empty when we enter, and I fumble for the top button, trying to do so without taking my eyes off of you.

You move to the outer glass surface, looking out over the scene outside.

As the doors close, I move directly behind you, pressing my body against yours.

You push back against me and lean your head back, exposing your neck to me purposefully.

Both your hands grip the railing in front of you strongly as my arms circle your waist and my lips begin to gently kiss your shoulder.

A small gasp escapes your lips at the attention I’m giving your neck, one of your most sensitive spots.

One of your hands reaches behind you, pressing itself against the front of my suit trousers. You couldn’t help but notice the hard surface under the fabric, standing as straight as a flagpole against my body.

You hand shapes the material, outlining my rock hard man-ness. Your fingers move from the bottom to the top and back down again, outside the material

My mouth now kisses, licks and nibbles the ear near it, and my hot breath is loud to your hearing.

The elevator has stopped now on the top floor, and the doors open, but nobody is there to enter. After half a minute, the doors close by themselves again.

Down in the lobby below, a few people have left the restaurant, but they seem to be moving to retrieve their coats to leave the hotel.

You notice these things because of what you are about to do next.

Without turning around, you begin to pull up the back of your skirt. The amount of the material is such that, while the back of the dress rises to reveal your sexy, high-heeled legs, the front is still Yozgat Escort on the floor.

At this point, I guess what you’re up to, so I dip down a little to grab the bottom of the back of your dress.

As I move the material up, I stretch out my finger, to touch the inside of your thigh as my hand moves higher and higher.

Together, your one hand and my other, raise the skirt high enough that our fingers brush up against the bottom of your sexy, firm ass.

You’re wearing one of your favorite half-thongs, so the bottom part is exposed, soft and warm there.

My one hand immediately moves to cup the nearest part of it, squeezing it appreciatively.

With the front of the skirt still down to the floor and the back now being held up by my wrist, while my hand moves over the surface of your smooth, tight ass, your hand now moves back to my cock, bulging in the front of my trousers.

Your fingers fumble excitedly for the zipper, and you glance down again out the front of the elevator to the lobby below.

It seems that more people are leaving the party now, possibly 15 or 20 moving around down there between reception and the restaurant doors.

With my zipper now down to its lowest point, you reach inside. The material of my underpants is still between you and my hot, throbbing cock here, but when you move your hand higher, you shortly find that the small garment wasn’t nearly big enough to contain the monster within, at it’s full size.

Now it’s just your fingertips, moving lightly across the soft skin of the upper half of my man-ness.

Meanwhile, my hand has been busy between your thighs and up and down the line of your ass.

I’ve circled a finger under the string there, and moving downward, the top of my finger soon brushes up against your full, pink lips.

From there, my fingertips move forward more, just beyond your lips, to the firm little button that I know gives you so much pleasure.

You lean forward slightly, to help me touch it better.

My other hand, which had been around your waist until now, also moves to the back, and holds the material there so that it doesn’t get in the way of our mutual fondling.

But after a very short time of this, and with my hand beginning to feel wet down where it presses against your lips, you want more.

You pull my cock forward, toward the front of my trousers.

The zipper openning Yozgat Escort Bayan is too low there, so I do my best to help you with my free hand, just to lift the front of the trousers up high enough to get my cock out.

I start to withdraw my hand, moving not over but between your moist lips, parting them playfully as my hand moves back.

You are still pulling on my cock, moving it to you, and I need to bend my knees to get it down low enough to get between your legs.

Neither of us notices when the elevator starts to move again.

Between the two of us, we guide the tip of my cock to your wet lips. I bend my knees a little lower so that I may push upwards and not forward in this position. Slowly I enter into you.

The bell of the elevator rings, warning us that the doors are about to open.

Almost in a panic, we look out the elevator in front of us, but no one is directly there. I quickly wrap one arm around your waist and spin us both around, so that you are facing the opening doors, with me behind you.

The elderly couple that enters the elevator are unknown to us, but considering the formal attire, they must have been at the reception too. The woman nods and smiles at us, not really looking at our faces, which I imagine must be red as traffic lights by now.

The man with her looks at us briefly, then seems to look meaningfully into my eyes, but his expression communicates nothing to me. They both turn back to the doors of the elevator, away from us.

I think I may be able to feel your heart beating rapidly in your body on the arm I still have firmly wrapped around your waist. I know mine is pounding like a bass drum at our near discovery.

Nevertheless, I am still inside you, and almost as hard as before the doors opened.

Neither of us has made a move to disengage. Both of us glance amusedly at the front of your skirt, which still reaches the floor in front. Our eyes meet and merry stars twinkle in yours and mine both.

The elevator seems to be moving like a turtle between the floors now, and I decide to tease you cruelly. I push myself a little deeper into you.

I can see you holding back a gasp of surprise at my audacity, and you give me a look of mixed fury and laughter.

Now it’s your turn. You put your hands behind both of us, until you find the railing on the side of the elevator. With that to hold on to, you Escort Yozgat pull yourself back, sandwiching me between you and the glass front, squeezing my cock inside you as you do it.

The blood of danger and lust rushing through me makes my eyes go blind for a second, and I hug you to me sweetly.

Finally, the elevator bell rings again and the door starts to open. The elderly couple never turn toward us as they leave, and if they have said anything at all in this time, I could never have heard it.

We wait, almost patiently for the doors to finish closing, then our lips join like animals, hotly and wildly seeking to increase the passion between us.

Almost at the same time, I begin to move inside you again, but you are trying to turn. You want to have your hands on that railing for support.

We do turn, in spite of my continued small thrusting, and you can see that we are again at the top of the hotel, with the lobby far below, still with at least 15 people milling about. This you barely notice as the blood and excitement now blind you.

My small thrusts have gotten longer now, and one of my hands is now cupped under the breast nearest it. My other hand is around the side of your leg, reaching, as much as possible for that little button I know will help you achieve your own climax soon.

No doubt we wouldn’t be able to conceal our activities from anyone should they discover us now, but we’re both beyond caring, feeling only our bodies moving against each other.

The pleasure builds quickly as I push into you deeper and faster, and my fingers push and rub your hard clit. Your hands have an iron grip on the railing in front of you, and your voice cries out softly with each thrust.

The climax comes as a strong ocean wave, affecting us as strongly as if we’d been swept off our feet. My head drops involuntarily, though the rest of my body is as tense as a guitar string. Your back arches like a cat stretching after its afternoon nap, your toes curl and your fingers could almost put scratches in the metal of the railing you’re holding.

As the wave passes a bit, we stand weakly, catching our breath. Realizing together that you had cried out loudly at the moment of orgasm, we look below to the hotel’s lobby. If anyone heard you, they don’t seem to be looking now. Maybe the walls of the elevator are thicker than they look.

Again, our eyes meet, with my head over your shoulder, and mischief is deep in our eyes. We begin to giggle, then laugh at our risky adventure. I’m still inside you, standing there, but before I pull out, I put both arms strongly around your waist and hug you tenderly. You put your arms on top of mine and hug me too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32