Girls Wanna Have Fun

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Let me introduce you to my two friends, Titi and Rose, two college girls who love to have fun and use their God given features to get what they want. Titi has stands 5′ 9″ with a long torso and long, tanned legs. As a former high school volleyball and track participant, she has a nice toned body and remnants of a six pack. She was recently offered a modeling contract, but turned it down because of the low pay. She has a beautiful Spanish face and wavy brown hair that makes men melt at the sight of her.

Rose is a little thicker and has nice broad form to her hips and waist. She is 5′ 5″ with long, straight blond hair and an ass that makes men drool. As a former soccer player, she has thick thighs, a beautiful round face and cheeks that stick out when she smiles. She is the side kick and Titi’s best friend for the past six years.

Titi arrives home from class around 3:30 and takes a long bath while she waits for her roommate and best friend to finish class. Diane, their other roommate, has class late into the evenings so she does not see much of her other roommates. Diane is a large built woman with huge breasts and a ghetto booty. She is proud of her full figure and weave. She has a cute face and is loud and sometimes obnoxious, but she fits in well with the other two girls.

Rose rushes through the front door of the apartment and collapses on the couch. The effects of drinking all night last night are wearing her down. Three hours of sleep made it torture to stay awake in class today. She cursed her professor for making a required class at 9 am.

“Hey girl.” Titi said as she straddles Rose’s body. “You going with me to have some fun tonight?”

“I don’t know. I am dead after last night.” Rose replies, speaking with her eyes closed.

“Go upstairs and take a nap for a few hours. I will wake you when it is time to get ready.”

Titi climbs off the couch and let’s Rose get up and head upstairs. She sits on the couch and watches tv for a few hours until it is time to get ready. Wanting to look great, she has given herself two hours to prepare. Her usual routine of makeup, hair spray and picking an outfit take over an hour, helping Titi get ready will take the rest of the second hour.

It is around 10:30 pm when the girls finish getting ready to go out. Titi is wearing a black tee shirt that she tied into a knot on her back so that it hugs her body and short shorts that barely cover her butt cheeks and have the pockets hanging out in the front. The jean shorts hug her hips and crotch, leaving little to the imagination. Rose is wearing a pair of black spandex running pants, a black sports bra and a yellow tank top that she wears when she goes running.

They head to the sports bar down the road and formulate a game plan for the evening. As they are stepping out of the black Camaro, Titi says, “Okay, you have to give a blowjob to the biggest guy in the bar.”

“Oh, you are so evil.” Rose responds.

They both laugh. “You have hit on a jock and get him to agree to go home with you, then leave him standing at the alter. Make sure he is hot and bothered and ready to go before you leave.” Rose says just before they open the door to the bar.

“Girl, you sure do know how to make a good challenge.” Titi replies.

When the girls step into the bar, heads turn and they can feel they eyes around the bar staring them down. Rose sees this big, overweight guy eating wings in the corner. She glances around the bar, hoping to find someone larger, perhaps a football player, but she is out of luck. The seat next to him at the corner of the bar is empty so she breaks away from Titi and takes a seat in the high-top seat next to the big man.

“Hi!” she says with her best seductive voice while smiling at the man. “My name is Sarah, what is yours?”

The girls use different names each time they do a dare so that it is harder to trace them down afterwards. The man, who looks to be in his young twenties, licks his fingers and turns toward Rose. His eyes look her up and down before he answers.

“Um, hi! My name is um, John.”

“Big John eh?” Rose answers. “Mmm. I would like to see how big.”

Rose winks seductively at John and cuddles up against his arm. She is cursing Titi in her head for making her have to give a blowjob to this unattractive man. The waitress comes over to Rose and takes her order. Rose sips from her glass of “Sprite”, running her tongue around the straw as John watches her.

Titi heads over to the other side of the room and finds two jocks playing pool. She takes an empty seat next the pool table and crosses her legs, waiting for the men to give her attention. After finishing his turn at the pool table, the man with bulging muscles turns to her and smiles.

“Well hello.” Titi says to him, acting as if she is mildly interested. To be honest, she would take him home in a heart beat if she had a say in the matter, perhaps another night.

The man sits down next to her and slowly looks her up and down, making it obvious that he is doing adana escort so. Titi moves her arm, rubbing it up against his arm, but making it look incidental. She arches her back, allowing her full breasts to stand in the guy’s direct line of sight.

“So, what sport do you play?” Titi asks with a warm smile.

“I am the javelin thrower for track and field.” he replies.

“Nice.” she replies, allowing her hand to slide onto his upper thigh. “I bet you could throw me around. Do you want to show me a good time later?”

“Are you sure you can handle this? It will take all night.” he replies.

Titi giggles. “Uh huh. I bet. What is your name, by the way?”

“Peter, and you?”

“I am Destiny. Perhaps your destiny?” Titi says, running her hand slowly up his thigh.

“Your shot.” the other guy at the pool table announces, looking at Peter.

“Don’t be long.” Titi says as he stands up and grabs his pool table. She can see that he has some junk stuffed in his jeans and wishes she could see how well he is stacked.

Rose has been sipping on her glass of soda, waiting for John to finish his wings, flirting with him. She can tell that John is nervous and not used to the attention of a beautiful woman. She looks across the bar at Titi and winks at her. Titi sticks out her tongue and looks away.

As John washes his hand with wet naps, Rose leans in again, pressing her breasts up against the side of his arm. She runs her hair up against the side of his face and listens to him take a long, heavy breath. She is sure he is excited, but doesn’t see any bulge in his basketball shorts that appear to be a size too small.

“I meant what I said earlier.” she says to John. “Do you want to go outside with me and let me see how big you are, Big John.”

“Umm.” John stutters. “I don’t know. What do you mean?”

“Follow me.” Rose says, wrapping her arms around his large arm. “We will be right back.” she says to the waitress as they make their way around the bar into the parking lot.

Around the side of the bar is a large dumpster. The dumpster is in a cubby hole between the two buildings. Rose sees that there is a little bit of space behind the dumpster so she leads John behind the dumpster. John is looking at her with fear in her eyes, as if her were scared of being touched.

Rose falls down to her knees in front of John and tugs at his shorts, as if to tell him to pull them down. She can see sweat starting to run down John’s face and prays that his sweat does not drip onto her. John’s hands reach forward and grab the back of the dumpster. Rose pulls his shorts and underwear down to his ankles.

“Oh my. What a cute little winky you have.” she says, surprised by how small his penis it.

His penis is not more than a few inches hard and standing out straight. She leans in and takes hold of his penis with her middle and index finger on top and her thumb underneath. She strokes him a few times with small, short strokes. John gasps for air and groans, “Oh my God.”

Rose rolls her eyes. This guy has probably never been touched by another person, she thinks to herself. She leans in with her face and blows warm air on his tiny penis. She sees it jump in reaction to feeling the warm air. She knows this will be a quick job and leans in further, taking the few inches of his hard dick in her mouth. She swirls her tongue around his penis and feels it throbbing already. Her head bobs a few times before she sees his body tense up. John groans louder then shoots a few spurts of semen into her mouth.

Caught off guard by how quickly he came and the bitter, salty taste of his come, she pulls her mouth away and spits onto the ground. She looks up at John who is leaning forward against the dumpster and sees his face filled with sweat. She wonders how a man could get so hot and sweaty with just a few seconds of action. Sliding out from underneath him, Rose leans in and gives him an open mouth kiss, passing the remnants of his semen into his own mouth before quickly walking away. “That was fun.” she comments as she rounds the corner and heads back into the bar.

Titi is making out with Peter and resting her hand on his crotch, slowly inching it back and forth up and down the length of his large, hard manhood. She sees Rose walk into the bar, take a long gulp of her soda and stand near the entrance. When one of them is done with their challenge, they stand near the exit to let the other person know it is time to go.

Titi leans in and whispers, “Would you like to take me home and throw me around like a rag doll?”

Peter starts kissing her neck before answering, “You know it.”

Titi can feel herself starting to melt from his lips. She curses Rose for making her get all excited, but not finish. “I have to go to the restroom really quick. Why don’t you meet me on the back patio and then we can leave?”

When she finishes speaking, she stands up and leans in for one more kiss, pressing her chest against Peter’s ankara escort stacked pectorals. She breaks the kiss then heads to the ladies room. Titi enters the restroom and freshens up, then peaks out the door and sees Peter standing on the other side of the door separating the sports bar from the outside patio. Peter is looking in her direction. She knows she is going to have to make a quick break for the entrance.

Quickly making her way around the bar, Titi looks back laughing and sees Peter opening the door and re-entering the bar. She takes Rose by the hand and quickly exits through the front entrance, both of them laughing out loud. They hurry across the parking lot and see Peter open the front entrance as they are opening their car doors.

“Hey, where you going you fucking tease?” Peter yells at them as he stands outside the bar, watching them climb into the Camaro.

Rose quickly puts the key into the ignition and starts the car, putting the clutch into drive and squealing the tires as she pulls out of the parking lot. The girls are laughing as they drive down the street. When they get a few blocks away and wait at a red light, Titi says, “I think he was pissed.”

They both laugh again. “I would say so.” Rose replies.

“Well you clearly know how my dare went. How was yours?”

“Are you kidding me? That guy had the smallest dick I have ever seen. For such a big man, you would think he would have a big package as well. His dick was literally less than 3 inches hard and he was almost coming before I even put my mouth around it. I guess the good part was that I didn’t have to do it very long.”

“Are you serious? Damn, I am going to have to give you a better dare this next time then. I can’t believe you made me tease a hunk and not let me take him home though. I am so flustered. I literally could have taken Peter home and let him screw me all night long.” Titi said as the light turned green.

“My guy’s come tasted nasty. I had to spit it out and you know I don’t spit very often. He was sweating like a pig too. I was probably the first person to ever touch him, other than himself. After he came in my mouth, I gave him a quick kiss and let him taste how nasty his shit was then turned and walked away. He never returned inside the bar. I am sure he was embarrassed.” Rose said, continuing her story.

“Where to next?” Rose asked.

“Let’s go to a dive bar. I have a good dare for you.”

“Outterback Shack it is then.” Rose commented, taking a left and heading to the outskirts of town.

The Outterback Shack is an old hole in the wall bar where many of the local drunks hang out. The bar allows smoking inside so it always smells like an ashtray. Rose pulls into the stone driveway and parks close to the road. She shuts off the car and looks at Titi.”

“This time you are doing the blowing. You have to find an old man and give him a blowjob.”

“Are you fucking serious, ew” Titi replies.

“Can’t be any worse than me blowing that fat slob.”

Titi smiles and looks at Rose with a bright idea. “Fine. You have to let the old man suck and fondle your tits while I am blowing him then.”

Rose groans. “You know how sensitive my tits are you bitch.”

They both laugh as they head inside the bar. A whistle comes from the far corner of the rustic looking bar. The bar is lined with old men staring at the two women as they flaunt their assets and look for a sitting destination in the bar. It is so silent that you can hear a pin drop.

“Hello Ladies.” the attractive looking female bartender says, greeting them. “What can I get ya?”

The bartender looks to be about twenty years the senior of the Rose and Titi. Her hair is pulled back in a pony tail. She is wearing a tight pair of blue jeans that hug her hips and a low cut t-shirt that shows the top of her breasts.

“We will have two shots of whiskey and two draft beers.” Rose replies, ordering for both of them. “I am going to need this”, Rose says as she turns toward Titi.

“I would think you are trying to get us intoxicated if I didn’t know any better” Titi says, giggling afterwards.

“How are you fine young ladies doing tonight?” the man next to them says with a little slur to his words.

“We are doing great grandpa, how are you? Titi replies, wrapping a hand around his shoulder while leaning in so and intentionally pressing her breasts against the back of his shoulder.

Rose looks at the man and adjusts her bra by pulling it out and then up, giving the oogling men a brief shot of the top of her breasts. Titi makes sure to stick her butt out a little farther than normal as she is leaning forward against the old man on the bar stool.

“I am doing great.” replies the old man.

“Good.” Rose replies.

The bartender set the two shots of whiskey and draft beers in front of the girls. They both grab a shot, make a toast to each other and quickly do the shot, chasing it with a drink of beer. Rose shakes her head antalya escort back and forth, feeling the warmth of the whiskey run through her body.

“Wow!” Titi says, then takes a deep breath and slowly exhales.

“Let’s go sit over there.” Rose says pointing to a table at the back of the bar. The old man who whistled when they entered the bar is sitting at a round table by himself with an empty chair across the table from him.

Titi follows Rose to the back of the bar and sits pulls up an empty chair next to the man. Rose sits in the empty chair across the table from the man. The old man looks up with wide eyes, surprised to see the beauties sitting with him. His mouth opens and looks like he is about to say something, but no words come out of his mouth.

“Do you mind if we join you?” Titi asks as she places her hand on the man’s upper thigh.

“No. No, not at all.” the man replies with a smile on his face.

The girls chat and flirt heavily with the man while drinking their beers for the next ten minutes. Titi’s hands move inch by inch closer to the man’s crotch as they chat. Rose looks back and sees a few of the other men keeping a close watch on them. Most of the patrons have returned to their conversations, realizing they are not getting any attention.

Titi finishes her beer then leans in close to the old man, pressing her body against his. “We are getting ready to leave. Would you like to come with us? If your wife won’t mind, I mean.”

“Oh, my wife died a few years ago.” he answers. “I am sure she wouldn’t mind.”

“Sorry to hear that.” Rose answers, showing fake concern.

“Listen, Ron. I am sure it has been a few years since you have had any action. Let me take you out to my car and see if I can fix that.”

“You young girls are so promiscuous these days.” the old man answers. “I am not sure if it all still works down there.”

Titi looks down at his crotch. “I am sure we will get the ole’ crank working again.” she says with a wink and a seductive smile, then licks her lips.

“Perhaps if you play with my breasts, that will help you.” Rose adds to the conversation.

Ron’s eyes grow wide and focus on her chest region. Rose wiggles them back and forth for him then presses them together with her hands. The two girls stand up, leaving payment and a nice tip on the table then lead the man out to Rose’s Camaro.

“Lean against the trunk.” Titi says to Ron while unbuckling his old, worn leather belt. Rose starts pulling her shirt and bra over her head, exposing her bare chest for the man while Titi drops the the old man’s trousers and brief”s to the ground.

Titi takes a deep breath and collects herself before falling down to her knees and taking the man’s low hanging member in her hand. She is surprised at how low the man’s ball sack is hanging. Ron’s dick is semi-hard in her hand as she begins stroking it and fondling his balls.

“Are you ready, old man?” Titi asks looking up at Ron and smiling.

“Oh Lord, yes.” Ron answers.

“Go ahead, touch ’em.” Rose tells Ron as she leans forward, putting her bare breasts in his direct line of sight.

Ron’s old, wrinkly hands reach out and softly cup her breasts. He holds them with his bony fingers like they are expensive pieces of glass. Titi leans in and takes the tip of the man’s slowly growing dick in her mouth, softly stroking the base of it. Ron groans softly, pressing his hips against the Camaro bumper.

Inch by inch, Titi swallows Ron’s thick dick. She estimates it must be at least 8 inches long as it grows to length. Ron’s hands are softly massaging Rose’s breasts as he enjoys the oral attention. He cannot believe his luck, after all, what are the chances that two gorgeous, young girls are going to show up at an old people’s bar and offer sexual favors? He stares at Rose’s chest, doing his best to burn the image into his brain and savor the feeling of the firm breasts in his hands. It has been over fifty years since he has last held breasts like this in his hands.

Rose pulls his face forward and presses it in between her breasts. She wiggles the breasts back and forth across his face. The cool, night air has made her nipples hard. She laughs as the man smiles, enjoying all the attention.

“Go ahead and lick them. Take the boobies in your mouth, Ron.” Rose says as she pushes them together, presenting them to him as a gift.

Ron groans in response to the warm, wet lips moving over his hardening dick. He has not felt such pleasure in over three decades. His wife was not keen on doing such an act, stating it was not womanlike. She would instead, stroke him until he got off. Only once a year, on his birthday, would she suck him off for the first twenties years, then on his fortieth birthday she stopped, never to do so again.

“You two are angels sent from above.” Ron exclaims as he leans in to begin sucking on one of Rose’s hard nipples.

When his pale, narrow lips surround Rose’s breast, she lets out a long, faint moan. Ron responds with a moan of his own. Titi’s head begins bobbing up and down the length of his shaft, her left hand still massaging his balls, coaxing them to get the come making factory back in order once again. Ron’s dick tasted different than the younger men’s dicks she was used to blowing, it had a stronger taste to it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32