Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 76

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Jenny’s parents had noticed immediately that their daughter was different after her first semester in college. All her life Jenny had been shy, even mousy; now she carried herself with a new air of confidence, speaking her opinions and desires with self-assurance.

At first Jenny’s mom and dad were a bit taken aback by this new version of the girl they had raised, but they soon realized that the change was for the better. In their discussions they attributed this transformation to Jenny’s college experience, to living on her own and being in charge of her own life. And this was a factor, to be sure; but her sexual awakening also had a lot to do with it.

After a couple of days Jenny missed Alpha Beta Delta terribly, and Kristin especially. The tranquil domesticity of her parents’ house was relaxing at first, but soon she began to grow restless. She was constantly tempted to call or text Kristin, but resisted; she felt it was important that she be strong and independent, show Kristin that she was a grownup who could take care of herself.

Jenny’s parents always went to bed early, and she soon developed a routine. She would pour herself a glass of wine or whiskey — her father had many fine vintages and single malts that he rarely drank — then lock herself in her room, strip naked, and slip into bed with a candle burning at her bedside. Then she would let her mind wander….

Often casino siteleri she thought of her experiences at ABD. She remembered her nervousness and excitement as she was chosen and collared; the first time she and Kristin had made love; her first punishment from Kristin, and when she had been publicly whipped, then fucked by Miss White. She thought of her first foursome, with Kristin, Emma, and April; of her and Kristin’s strange adventure with Janet Lee; of their encounter with Dean Wilkins.

Jenny looked back on her time at Kristin’s house over Thanksgiving break with a special fondness. She liked having a mental picture of where Kristin was now, and frequently wondered what she was doing at that very moment. She pictured Kristin and Nicola together, and the idea made her both aroused and jealous. She couldn’t fault Kristin for playing the field, especially given her own secret tryst with Nicola’s mother. Thinking of the beautiful Lina Santini always made her especially hot, and remembering their stolen minutes together always gave Jenny immense pleasure.

As she lay in bed reminiscing and fantasizing, Jenny would sip her drink with one hand as the other gradually trailed down to her breasts… across her belly and pubis… and finally down between her legs. She would touch herself gently at first, then with increasing passion… the drink would be set aside… and finally after slot oyna she’d brought herself to orgasm once or twice, or three times or four or five, she’d roll over, blow out the candle, and drift off to sleep.

* * *

It was getting late and Alexis White was starting to think about calling it a night — she’d been enjoying sitting and people-watching, but the evening’s activities had been quite satisfying, and nothing much seemed to be happening at this hour — when a figure appeared at the far end of the corridor leading from the entrance, past the hotel bar, to the elevators. It was a tall woman with dark hair wearing a huge, full-length fur coat.

Miss White had always had a thing for fur. It wasn’t something she thought about terribly often, but the sight of a coat like that always stirred something in her. When she was a young teenager she had once come across a picture of a beautiful blonde wearing nothing but a fur coat that hung open to reveal her perfectly formed breasts and pubis; in that moment young Alexis White had known for sure that she loved women and always would.

This particular woman passing by now was wearing Jackie O sunglasses and carried herself with an air of stately grace. It was hard to tell her age, and at no point in her path did she pass closer than 20 feet to where Miss White and Jodie were sitting. Miss White fancied her some kind of debauched European royalty, canlı casino siteleri returning from a night of God-knows-what sort of hedonism. She seemed to glide across the floor, and in a matter of seconds she reached the elevator and was gone.

Miss White very nearly stood up and followed her. But something made her hesitate — some sense that this was a moment not to be interfered with — and then it was too late.

But in her mind’s eye Miss White saw herself tailing the mystery woman to her room. After unlocking the door the woman in the fur coat turned and saw Miss White standing there; one side of her mouth curled into a smile, and she pointedly left the door open as she stepped inside. Miss White followed, closing the door behind her. Slowly and deliberately, the mystery woman unbuttoned her coat; of course she was naked underneath, and her luxurious nest of brown pubic hair was the same color as the coat. Miss White dropped to her knees and buried her face in the soft curls, nuzzling her nose into the tender cleft between the mystery woman’s legs, breathing deeply of the musky aroma emanating from there. Then the coat closed around her and she was in the dark….

Miss White was startled out of her reverie by the waitress asking if they wanted another round. Shaking her head, Miss White hastily threw a hundred down on the table to cover the bill, then took Jodie by the hand and led her to the elevator. They walked at a brisk pace, and it was not long before Jodie found herself kneeling on the floor of their suite with her head happily gripped between her mistress’s powerful thighs.

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