Giovanni Ch. 02

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I awoke with Giovanni’s arms around my torso, his face nuzzled into the back of my neck. He was still dead asleep, but the sun filtering in through the thin curtains of his studio apartment woke me up. I can never sleep when it’s light out.

The next thing I noticed was his thick log pressed against my naked ass. He was rock hard and sound asleep. We hadn’t gone all the way last night. We had just fooled around and then drifted off to sleep when we each came.

I rolled over as gently as I could to not wake the sleeping beauty curled up behind me. He rolled onto his back still asleep, and I laid my head in the fur on his chest. Glancing up to see if he had awaken yet, I slowly took his cock in my hand.

I stood it up to its full length. Holy fuck, what a monster. Thick, with veins traveling all the way up to the tip of the crinkled foreskin. The pink tip of the head peaked out from beneath the brown skin lazily draped over it. I gently pulled it back, revealing a massive head, pink and glistening with precum. A clear bead dribbled down the shaft onto my finger.

Checking to see if he was still asleep, I slid down the bed to get nearer his massive prick. His head was back, mouth open, snoring loudly. Looking at him from this angle, I really saw the sharp squareness of his jaw, somewhat obstructed by the few days’ stubble turning into a beard across his cheeks.

Carefully crawling between his legs, I gently licked one of his plum sized balls. Still gently stroking him, I took it into my mouth, lightly sucking on it. Still nothing, but he had stopped snoring.

I licked up his shaft until I got to the head. I took the head into my mouth, and slipped my tongue under the foreskin, swirling it around. With this he took in a sharp breath and jolted up.

“What a good alarm clock you are,” he said, smiling and rubbing the sleep from his eyes, before letting his head fall back with a deep sigh. He tousled my hair.

I took more of him in my mouth, slowly inching his thick shaft into my mouth, pushing the head of his penis against the roof of my mouth with my tongue against the underside.

He let out another deep sigh. I pulled up a bit before sinking back down on his cock.

“The best alarm clock,” he sighed again. “You’re so good at that baby.” There were dried, translucent white blotches across his abs that testified to how much he enjoyed my sucking his dick before we went to sleep last night.

I picked up the pace, swirling my tongue around the head each time I came up his cock. He had propped a pillow behind his head, so he could more comfortably watch me service him. Our eyes locked and his mouth hung gently open with the pleasure I was giving him.

I maintained that speed for a while, gazing up into his chocolatey eyes. I pulled off and stroked him for a bit, “Do you like that?”

“Yes, baby. You’re so full of surprises.” He stroked my cheek with his forefinger. I turned my face to take his finger into my mouth, licking it and squeezing it with my lips. “Oh fuck you turn me on so much.”

“You do too. I’m obsessed with your cock.” I licked the head to punctuate the sentence.

“I’m glad. Come here.” He pulled me up his firm torso until I was straddling his hips and he pulled me into a deep kiss. One hand held the back of my head and the other danced the pads of his fingers softly against the skin of my back.

“I want you so badly,” he groaned into my ear.

“You have me already,” I whispered back.

“No, I want you now.” And with that he squeezed my ass. “Now,” he insisted with another squeeze, his cock throbbing underneath me.

“It’s all your yours,” I said. He pulled his cock from underneath me and laid it between by ass cheeks. It was so big, it nearly reached all the way up. In the position I was in, straddling him, my ass was spread and I could feel my hole exposed to the air. His hand slipped down and one thick finger began circling my entrance.

He kissed me again, then lubricated his middle finger with spit, and went back to circling my hole, pressing progressively harder. His finger slipped inside me and I gasped into his neck. My head was awash with the erotic heat emanating from him. His palpable desire mixed with my own need for him to take me.

His finger slid deeper. He turned his wrist and began curling his finger back and forth in a ‘come here’ movement that sent electric shocks up my spine and deep into the core of my body.

“You’re so tight, baby,” he whispered into my ear, playing my ass like a seasoned musician tuning an instrument.

“I guess you’ll need to open me up then.” I kissed his forehead and closed my eyes in ecstasy.

“Your wish is my command. Turn around.” He retracted his finger, gently slapping my ass. “Fuck that’s a nice ass.”

I clambered around so that my ass was in his face and his cock was in mine. He spread my cheeks and lunged for my hole with a deep hunger. His lips and tongue were a blur against my ass, sucking, nibbling, kissing, licking and lapping at my hole. Bahçelievler Escort Soaked in his spit, he slid his forefinger into me, fucking me gently with his digit.

I was trying to suck his cock, but the euphoria he’d sent me into meant I couldn’t manage more than just holding it in my mouth and groaning into his shaft, as if I were trying and failing to play a meaty clarinet. “Fuck Giovanni, that feels so good,” I whimpered into his crotch.

“Holy fuck your ass is perfect,” he gasped out coming up for air. His stubble scratching against the insides of my ass cheeks was sending me. He picked up on my reaction and rubbed his hairy chin directly against my tight hole, pressing against it. “You like that, baby?”

“Yes, don’t stop,” I gasped. He obeyed and went back to his diligent work on my asshole.

He slapped my ass and I let out a moan. “Turn around,” he commanded.

I flipped back around to my original position, straddling his hips.

“There are condoms and lube in that drawer,” he said pointing to the nightstand, not able to reach with me on top of him. I leaned over and pulled out a tube of gel and an unopened box of Magnums. The box was in Italian and not French.

“When did you last get laid?” I asked, surprised at the pristine package untouched since before he came to France.

“It was with my ex back in Turin, so maybe 8 or 9 months. You?”

“Probably 6 months ago. I’ve been tested since, though. All negative.”

“Same,” he said, fingering the outline of one of the condoms through the package.

“Do you want to…?” I suddenly felt awkward, but not sure why.

“I guess we could, but if it’s just a one off or if you think you’ll keep seeing other people, then I think we should use one,” he seemed nervous. “Which is fine. That’s your right, ya know? Just want to be safe.”

“What other people?” I stroked his stubble and kissed his lips, letting myself be wrapped in his arms. I felt his dick twitch against my ass. Who knew the suggestion of monogamy would turn him on so much.

“I’m happy, but I really need to be inside you like twenty minutes ago,” he smiled, pushing his hips up from under me.

“Right, to the matter at hand.” I reached behind me to stroke his cock some more. I took the tube of gel and coated his length generously. I sat up and held his dick at the base. He held onto my hips as I lined the tip up with my ass.

I gently sat back down, easing it inside me. With a little pressure, the head slid inside. We both gasped together. It was so thick and so hard, I was really being stretched to my limits, but it felt so nice. I felt its gentle warmth, skin against the inside of my body. I lowered myself further down his massive cock until I was sitting, my ass flush with his pelvis, and his cock buried to the hilt inside me.

“Fuck, Charles, come here.” He pulled my face to his and kissed me deeply. We sat like that for a moment, just appreciating the vibrating intensity of this moment we’d both been craving.

He kissed me again, and pulled out some before pushing back in, glacially slow. My mind was on fire with the sensory overload of his cock deep in me and the immense, overpowering need for more, to be fully his.

I moaned into his mouth as he pushed inside me again, this time with slightly more force.

“Do you like it, baby?” he nibbled on my earlobe.

“Fuck yes I do.” I groaned with another thrust inside me. “Fuck me, Giovanni. Please.”

I felt his cock twitch inside me, causing a sharp jolt to rocket up through me. I squeezed his cock as if in response, watching his lids droop in the moment of pleasure.

“You want me to fuck you, huh?”

“Yes, please.”

“Tell me again,” he was gripping the back of my neck with one hand and pulling my ass open for him with the other.

“I want you to fuck me, Giovanni,” I moaned to the ceiling.

With that he held my hips and started to pound upward into me. His balls were slapping my ass with each thrust. He had total control of me as I drifted into another state of semi consciousness, overwhelmed with pleasure. Both hands gripping my waist, he pulled me up and down onto his cock.

He pulled my face down to his again to kiss me while he railed me from underneath.

In a swift movement, he wrapped his arms around me, got his knees underneath himself, still impaled deep inside, and flipped me onto my back. His body pressed down on top of me, and he continued his powerful pistoning into me, and I wrapped my legs behind his back.

He bit and kissed my neck as he panted into my ear. “This ass is mine now, right?” he growled.

“Yes, it’s all yours.” With that his pace grew more feverish and frantic.

“I can take it whenever I want?” Our torsos were slick with sweat, pressed against each other.

“Yes, any time. It’s yours. I’m yours.” I bleated out, each word pushed out of me as if by the force of his powerful thrusts deep inside me.

“You’re mine,” he grunted. He sat up on Bahçelievler Escort Bayan his knees, looking down at my face twisted in sensual pleasure. He gripped my waist tight in his large hands, pulling my body up to meet his thrusts. I felt as though I had entered another dimension of being.

He was fucking me even harder, something I didn’t think possible, and the world was just a blur. His thick cock was slamming against my prostate with each thrust and strangled animal noises came out of my mouth, as if produced by someone else.

A white hot blade of sudden realization cut through me. A balloon of pleasure inside my belly burst and I started to cum.

My body was spasming and jolting. I shot several angry jets of cum all over my torso, one landing on my face. I hadn’t even touched my dick and this was the most intense orgasm I’d ever felt.

He kept pounding into me, and as I came back into the realm of mortals, I feebly reached out for him.

He leaned down, taking me back into his arms. Wafting in the blissful haze where I was, I pulled him close to me. He squeezed me tight in his arms, and was not relenting in his powerful assault on my ass.

“I’m gonna cum! Fuck, I’m close,” he bellowed.

“Cum inside me,” I said and kissed him hard. With that he slammed into me with all his might, throwing his head back and roaring furiously. I felt his cock expand and explode inside my ass. Two, three, four, five, six powerful throbs and his hot juices lurched deep inside me.

He collapsed on top of me, panting and drenched in sweat.

“Fuck.” I said, his head nuzzled into my neck, as I gently stroked his hair, and rubbed his back with the other hand.

“You’re a beast in bed. I’ve never cum just from getting fucked before.”

“Seriously?” he turned his head, his eyes drooping shut. He kissed my jaw and buried his face back into the hollow he’d created in my neck. “That was amazing. You’re amazing.” He kissed my neck and burrowed deeper, kissing his way down my neck. He ended his journey with a demonstrative peck on my shoulder. He slipped his now soft cock out of me, but even soft it was quite pendulous, causing me to wince and arch my back as it popped out of me.

“It’s going to take some work learning to take you.”

“What are you talking about? You’re a champion. Most guys can’t handle what you did on the first go.” He stroked my cheek and leaned down to kiss me again. “Are you hungry?”

He got up, his dick flopping with each step. He went to the half of his apartment that was the kitchen and took a stovetop espresso maker out of a cabinet. He filled the base at the sink, then carefully spooned in the coffee from a metal Izzy container that opened with a gasp of sealed air being released. He put it on the stove and lit the gas with a long lighter propped up in a small jar of utensils.

I remained in bed, propping myself up on pillows, watching him buzz about the kitchen. While the coffee heated up, he sliced up a cantaloupe and put the slices in a bowl. He took out a bread knife and cut up a baguette, placing the slices on a small plate. He added butter and slices of prosciutto to the tray he was preparing. When the coffee maker startled to gurgle, he turned off the flame and set it on a towel on the tray. He went over to the window and pulled back the curtain, letting a rush of blinding light into the small space. He opened the window onto a tiny balcony with one metal table, a chair and a hodgepodge of planters. He put the tray on the table and went to get two espresso cups from the kitchen.

“Come along now,” he swatted at my foot. I had picked up his passport off the nightstand.

“Repubblica Italiana,” I read out loud. I opened to his photo page. “How old are you in this photo?”

“I had just turned 18, I think.”

“Damn, you were hot.” I admired his chiseled, slightly younger face. The stubble that made him look 25 already at that age. The thick, pouty lips, the large straight nose. The thick brows, and that same rebellious curl of brown hair that dangled on his forehead, just as it did now.

“Were? Ouch.”

“You still are, obviously. Much more manly now, but damn, I wish I knew you then.”

I put his passport back on the table and followed him onto the balcony. He sat in the chair, his dick drooping languidly between his muscular thighs, resting on his impressive balls. He poured the coffee into the two little cups, and patted his thigh. “Time to eat.”

I sat in his lap and we ate our breakfast. He buttered slices of bread, resting his chin on my shoulder, occasionally grinding his stubble into the back of my neck, having quickly located the spot that drove me the wildest.

As we finished up, he made another coffee and we sat, smoking in the sunshine. He used by back to shield the flame of his bic, and exhaled the plume over my shoulder.

“What are your plans tonight?” I asked, chewing a slice of melon, juice dripping onto my bare chest.

“Nothing. Do you Escort Bahçelievler want to do something?”

“Yeah, my friend Lucas, his birthday is tonight and he’s having a party at his parent’s country house in Seine et Marne. It’s like a 45 minute train ride, and we can sleep there. Would you like to come?”

“Could I?”

“Yeah, there will be a lot of people. There’s lots of beds, and I have a standing reservation in the blue room upstairs. I’ve known Lucas since we were kids and that’s basically my second bedroom. People bring people all the time to his parties.”

“Sure, I’d love to meet your friends.” He’d identified what I was really asking.

“Great. The last train on Saturdays is at 7:45, but it’s kind of a hike to his house, so we want to get there while Lucas is still sober enough to pick us up in the car. Let’s take the train at 4:15. Sound good?”

“Sure, do you wanna leave your bike here? Or should we take it to your place before we go to the station?”

Shit, I’d forgotten about my bike. “Are you asking to meet my parents already?”

“I’d love to meet your parents,” he squeezed me and nuzzled into my back. “Let’s shower and head over there.”

We cleared the table and got into the shower together. We took a long time, kissing and snuggling under the water. He wrapped his arms around me and I soaped up his chest, while he absent mindedly pushed suds around my back.

“It’s starting to get cold,” he proclaimed and removed the shower handle to rinse us both off. He wrapped us both in a towel and nuzzled my nose with his. “Let me pack up some things and we’ll go.”

“We have some time, I think. We’re not in a rush,” I said, reaching down between us to hold his stiffening cock.

“You’re a bad influence, Charlie,” he kissed my forehead as I sank to my knees in front of him.

His dick was now raging and I took him in my mouth, sliding all the way down. The head reached the back of my throat and I maneuvered to swallow it down until my nose was pressed into his bush. He took a sharp breath in through his teeth.

“Mmmm, I could get used to having you around,” he sighed, tangling his fingers in my wet hair.

I wasn’t going to go about this the way I had this morning. I wanted to show him the diversity of my talents and went to town on his cock. This was a sloppy, lip bruising blowjob, where I fucked my own face on his cock.

His grip on my hair tightened. “Holy fuck, I didn’t know you could do that,” he moaned as I took his fat cock down my throat again.

“I’m getting kind of close, baby.” He groaned. He moved to take his cock out of my mouth, but I pushed his hand away.

“You want me to cum in your mouth, baby?” His legs were shaking and he had an iron grip on my hair now.

“Mmmhmm,” I managed, my mouth full of his cock. Hearing that his dick stiffened, swelled and released in my mouth. It was less forceful than his pre-breakfast orgasm, but just as productive. The first volleys went straight down my throat. I choked a bit but slid him into my mouth, where he finished, filling my mouth with a heavy load.

“Oh fuck, baby, you’re so good to me,” he sighed, coming back to reality and loosening his grip on my hair. I looked up at him to make sure he saw me swallow the mouthful he’d just given me.

I stood back up and he took me in his arms again. “You taste amazing,” I said, kissing him.

“All yours whenever you like,” he said. “We really should go though.” And he gently patted my ass before getting dressed.

My clothes from yesterday had dried and I put on my shorts and t-shirt, slipping my underwear into my bag. He packed a backpack with a change of underwear, a toothbrush, a book, his charger, and a puffy coat in case it got cold at night. I saw him slip the lube in as well, and he caught my eye and smirked.

“You never know when you might meet a cute boy at a party, ya know. Best to be prepared.”

It was nice out so we walked my bike across the city to my parents’, and thus my, apartment in the 9th. We talked about our plans for the two weeks of holidays we’d have after the thesis proposals were in. His sister’s birthday was during the second week, so he planned to go back to Italy to surprise her. I told him how my sister had married an English guy and they lived in London. They’d just moved to a new apartment and wanted me to come stay with them for part of the break. My sister had gotten a promotion at the publisher where she worked and was suddenly loaded. Her husband’s name was Roman, and our dad always teased him by calling him romarin like the herb. It wasn’t funny, but it was if you were a dad, and Roman never seemed to get it. I wondered out loud why Mathilde never taught him what that meant.

We got to my building and I locked my bike up in the communal cellar. When we opened the door to my family’s second floor apartment, I heard my mother in the kitchen. She was listening to a German podcast — it sounded like a panel discussion, possibly about Nietzsche. She was stirring a pot, and absently dragging on a Gaulloise.

She turned when she saw us. “Hallo Schatzi, what did you get up to last night?” she said in German before realizing I wasn’t alone.

“Not a lot. We got drinks after seminar and I stayed at Giovanni’s to hide from the rain. This is Giovanni,” I responded in French.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32