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Big Tits

I met Ginger at my first Job. She was just an all-around delight. Petite figure perfect B cup boobs tight little ass and a perfect personality to top it off. We were the perfect couple, I had the wife most husbands wanted, and she was all mine.

She was the perfect hostess, we had numerous events at our house while I was climbing the corporate ladder. When she was dressed for an evening, she could make you drool. I thought our sex life was pretty good, now down to just twice a week, but very satisfying. Our only Child Cathy was off to school. Ginger had started working out to keep from getting that matronly spread. The house was quieter, I plunged deeper into work.

I am not a very athletic guy and I have a little paunch, I should be going to the gym. I’m never quite sure why ginger settled for me.

It was just after lunch on a Saturday, Ginger was still in her robe, which is unusual for her. There was a knock at the door, Ginger quickly went and answered. This hulk of a guy walked into our living room. She introduced him as her trainer and went to make us drinks. Scott wore an unbearable smirk and just looked smarmy. Ginger came back in with the drinks. I was stunned, she lost the robe and was wearing just garter belt stockings and heels. To stunned to speak, she stood next to Scott, he immediately ran his hand up into her pussy. She looked me in the eye defiantly.

“Scott is going to fuck me now, he will be spending the weekend, you can watch if you’re willing to do cleanup.”

I jumped up as did Scott, he punched me in the chest and knocked me on my ass. I was gasping for breath.

“You can’t interfere, Russel.”

As I lay there gasping, she was on her knees, his cock in her mouth. I staggered to my feet and headed for the door.

“Please don’t go, Russel. I was sure you would watch. Please stay, I love you.”

I was in my car and gone. I stopped and got sheaving and grooming supplies, and then on to buy a few sets of clothes. I was sure I was never going back to that house. I went and had a few drinks with an old Army buddy, we had served together, and he was still active as a hand-to-hand combat trainer.

He looked at me, “do you know what a cuckold is, Russel?”

“Not Escort sure Jim, I have a general Idea.”

“Well, research it, Russel, and we will get back together.”

I did, and I was horrified, when I read what clean up meant, eating his cum out of her pussy and sucking him clean between fucks. I couldn’t believe that’s what she had in store for me. She was now his property. I just couldn’t believe it.

I got a ping on my phone notifying me two of my charge cards were maxed, I quickly cancelled them and all others. I smiled to myself, time to start clean up.

I closed bank accounts as soon as the bank opened Monday morning. I made my car payment, but not hers.

I got a call from Ginger

“Russel don’t be mad, I still love you dear, I miss you. A little lifestyle change, surely you can get over that after all these years, do it for me.”

“Ginger, who the hell have you been talking to?”

“Russel, millions of men every year learn to love the lifestyle, we thought you would be the perfect candidate. Linda said you were a submissive.”

I hung up, my fucking sister-in-law Linda was involved, I was determined to find out why. I stopped by Linda’s house her husband answered, he looked worn down and beaten I pushed past him Linda was kneeling on their couch having her ass plowed by a guy that looked like a carbon copy of Scott. They didn’t even notice I was there, I looked at her husband, he couldn’t look me In the eye. The thought of him sucking cum out of his wife’s ass crossed my mind, so wrong.

I dried up as much of the money as I could, the first couple of moths were not too bad, but when Ginger got repossession and eviction notices. The frenzied calls started. She sent me a letter telling me she would keep the sex outside the home, it would be just me and her at home again. I ignored all of it. Her sister called,

“Russel! Why are you doing this?”

“Linda, why did you do this to us?”

“Because I love you both Russel, She needed it, go along, you will learn to enjoy it.”

“You jokers will pay.”

“Don’t be childish, Russel, there is nothing you can do about it.”

I hung up and went back to work out. I’m not talking Escort Bayan weight, I’m talking running swimming obstacle course along with strength training. 6-9 every night Wednesday night in the ring, no patty cake, I got slapped around hard. Sat was reserved for cage fighting just me and Jim at first, then after Jim thought I could survive others.

I had gained about 20 lbs while losing close to 30 pounds of body weight. I was close to 220 lbs of romping, stomping steel.

I continued to work, and the women began to notice the differences, I was getting offers. Finally, Jim asked me

“Are you ready to graduate?”

“Yes, Jim, more than ready.”

Russel, we are going to a free for all street brawl, last man standing. So, you understand, short of keeping you from getting killed, you are on your own once you step forward.”

That morning preparing, I looked in the mirror, I guess I still had the bookish accountant look to me.

We entered the warehouse just before the finale. Ten man last man standing no rules full contact.

Jim nodded I stepped forward, realizing I could get hurt seriously I kept my shirt on as per Jim’s instruction and the first guy to face me was a hulking gym rat. It was easy, I dropped him like a sack and then the next one. I was being approached a little more cautiously now there were only 5 of us left. Then the hours of training took over I fought the way I was trained, knees elbows headbutts, no mercy. My body was screaming for air, I was exhausted as the last guy lifted me off my feet with an uppercut. Laying on my back thinking it was all over, I saw him approaching and knew it was do-or-die time, he was going to stomp me. I don’t know where it came from, but I leapt to my feet and as he rushed in, I met him with a solid left, and it was over.

It took almost two weeks to recover, I couldn’t go to work, my face looked like hamburger. Until now, I still carry some hard-earned battle scars.

I found Ginger had managed to land a job that paid enough to keep her in the house. I then found out she subsidized by charging for slut swapping night. Apparently all the studs and wives got together, and the wives were shared, passed around, Bayan Escort gang banged. And whatever else they were asked to do. I watched them arrive slowly, it looked about 10 guys and 8 women. I got it on good authority Ginger was the main attraction, that’s why the extra men she was very popular. At last, Linda and her hunk arrived.

Time to move, I looked in the window to get the lay of the land. Scott watched as Ginger was made airtight, one in her ass, her mouth and her cunt and she was jerking off two guys, Impressive. I stepped in the house, Scott saw me right away, I guess he just assumed I had come to submit he was naked, his large cock swinging as he approached. He pointed to the floor in front of him, indicating he wanted me on my knees to suck his cock. I kicked him in the balls so hard I lifted him off his feet, He screamed. Suddenly, Ginger screamed as she untangled and ran over to Scott. Linda’s Boy toy was next, he had a huge set of low-hanging nuts. I grabbed them and squeezed with all the force I had. He hadn’t even had a chance to throw a punch. He passed out, I wouldn’t let him fall as I propped up against the wall and worked him over. There was one or two more challengers, the rest made it clear they wanted no part of me. Ginger made a run for the phone to call the cops, but one of the studs backhanded her across the room and screamed at her, no cops. I told them it was over, send all the wives home and if I heard they were back at it again I would return.

A week later, still no cops, I got a call from Linda’s husband thanking me.

“For what?”

“I heard what you did, I finally had the courage to leave her, right now, she is a mess, by the way, neither him nor Scott are going to have much to offer women again, you ruined them both.

About a year later, Jim and I were on our way to a cage match. It wasn’t in the best part of town. There were hookers lined up outside, some worn out sleazebag asked me if I wanted a blowjob I was shocked it was Ginger, it took a few seconds for her to recognize me.

“No skank, not from you, I told her.”

I’m still unattached playing the field, I hire out to potential cuckolds to clean house for them. I really enjoy the work. I heard that after the last time I saw Ginger, she had cleaned herself up and found a decent job. She apparently looks to have aged about twenty years. As far as I know, we are still married, but I never heard from her again. Life goes on

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32