Ginger , Her Daddy Become Friends Ch. 03

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Ginger my eighteen-year-old daughter inevitably got PMS a few days before every period. I was both pleased for her and sad in some ways for myself when she became irritable this month right on cue.

It seemed I hadn’t made her pregnant after all; perhaps my sperm didn’t have potency anymore. However It wouldn’t be fair to have my only girl child get pregnant by me without her knowing and consenting would it?

I was confused, twice now I’d used my daughters body for my own lustful purposes. Both times I’d believed her to be asleep, but she’d opened her eyes and looked strait into mine. Then Ginger had smiled as if in recognition before slowly closing her eyelids and resuming her sleep patterns.

What was happening? Was she actually awake and pretending to sleep so she could let her own old father share sex acts with her? If that was the case this was consensual and she was just faining sleep to save both of us any embarrassment!

Or was she really asleep and seeing me as if in a dream as a young guy she was in love with taking liberties with her body? If that was the case was I indecently assaulting Ginger my own daughter?

Twice now I’d lost my cool and instead of looking after her like a parent my steel hard cock had dragged me into looking after Ginger as my lover. I knew in the quiet light of day I was the one entrusted with ensuring my girl was safe from male predators. Yet I’d become one myself, at sixty-eight I should know better.

I’d heard men just a few years younger talking, saying once you were over sixty it was impossible to get a hard on. Perhaps for them it was true and I felt sorry for them. But this had not proved so for me, however they hadn’t got a stimulant far stronger than any drug like viagra.

They’d obviously not got a sexy red headed daughter who pranced around virtually naked and turned her old dad’s cock permanently rigid with lust.

Now Ginger was irritable again heralding her PMT. Not that she was upset or jumpy with me. No, it was small things like loud music or the kettle taking too long to boil that upset her.

On the contrary at this time of the month she became more sexually predatory towards her old dad! Perhaps her female hormones were regretting the fact she’d not conceived this month! That unconsciously her hormones were seeking a male to do just that and I was the only man within range?

I knew I should encourage her to get a steady boyfriend; there were so many admirers that offered to take her on dates. She’d go out with lots of handsome guys, but always came back in a temper and refused to see them a second time. No matter how many boxes of chocolates or bunches of flowers they sent her she wasn’t interested.

They phoned to try to talk her round but in all cases she rejected their pleas for another meeting. She’d get into a temper as only a fiery red head could and shout down the phone to them. Her voice being so loud, I couldn’t help hearing her side of the conversation.

It was always the same theme; she’d rant at them for being all hands accusing them of trying it on all the time. That they’d virtually raped her and would have done so if she hadn’t fought them off! That she didn’t need them or their sports cars and huge ego’s.

Also each time she added something about her old dad being all the male company she wanted and they could get lost.

I felt sorry for these slips of boys, after all Ginger my daughter dressed extremely provocatively. Either wearing low cut bras on none at all, barely covered by semi see-through blouses. With her huge E cup breasts this made strong signals of availability to inexperienced suitors.

But it was those five-inch stilettos she habitually wore in common with my now dead wife her mother had done before her that indicated tart to these unsophisticated lads. Black fishnet stockings enveloping her long legs, held up with suspenders under her micro mini skirts that strengthened their impression of her as an ‘easy woman!’

With Gingers legs already almost up to her armpits emphasized by the over high heels, no wonder the ataşehir escort guys thought they were onto a sure thing. Furthermore the ease they enticed her back to their flats gave a ‘sexually willing female’ message to there unsophisticated drink emboldened young male brains.

The fact that she went to their lairs so easily after dirty dancing with them. That this was also after making out with them so outrageously in public that confirmed their opinion that fucking her was definitely on!

When they were rebuffed they were confused perhaps thinking it was the wrong time of the month for her. Was it this conviction that in a week’s time they’d be plunging their cocks inside her vagina that spurred them on?

They pleaded with her on the phone and showered her with gifts, text messages and explicit pleading E-mails but to no avail.

What made my girl such an enigma? She was a flirt, dressed like an easy lay but didn’t want to have sex with the shallow youths she’d driven to sexual distraction! Yet she seemed unaware that by teasing me, wearing practically nothing around the house she was in as much danger of impregnation as with the boys she’d spurned.

Did she trust her old father? Or was it she believed at my age my sperm would be impotent so safe for her. Did she really like old men like me and want me to break her in like I’d overheard her confess to her mate?

Ginger was irritable again her PNT kicking in hard now. The rest of the month she’d wear robes around the house but now she abandoned them altogether. This morning she only had on a tiny wispy thin string thong and a boob tube that emphasized her huge tits. Her long hard nipples showing provocatively through the spandex material as her tits bounced with every movement.

She chided the toaster for being reluctant to give her toast, bending over with her freckled bum only inches from my face. Wispy strands of red hair were escaping from the little strip of material that had no chance of containing it. As I tried to look away my eyes were drawn back as her labia escaped from their containment and enveloped the tiny string of her thong.

As near as dam it her pussy was naked before my eyes. Immediately my cock was rock hard again and the head pushed out of my night shorts waist. Quickly I held my hands over my embarrassing member and shuffled awkwardly to the toilet.

I heard her shower going, her cursing the water for first being too hot then too cold. Within minutes she’d left for collage and I was able to cool my ardour and go to the shops to buy the ingredients to prepare a meal for us tonight.

I heard Ginger return, cursing at the bus service the front door and life in general. But she kissed me throwing her arms round me as if I was her rock that she relied on. After few hours of TV I was ready for bed but Ginger had other ideas.

“Daddy,” she said coyly, “I’ve got a date at the weekend and can’t decide what undies to wear, will you help me?” “Of course, Ginger.” I replied expecting her to hold up underclothes for me to give an opinion on. However this wasn’t what she had in mind at all.

She pirouetted in front of me her old father in a minimal sized thong and half cup bra. Wearing her five-inch stiletto heeled shoes her long bare legs reminded me of Ginny her mother. I’d never got over my love and lust for my wife despite her leaving me for that rich old man and taking my baby Ginger with her. Ginger wasn’t just like my only love; with the passage of time she’d metamorphosed into her own mother in my old brain!

My daughter as if realizing my mind was wandering shocked me back to full attention. Standing only inches in front of me she whipped of the undies set she’d been showing me and stood naked before me in just her five-inch heels. Putting one foot onto the arm of the couch I was sitting on her slit was right before my eyes. Her mons was again covered with a layer of thin red hairs but her pussy was still smooth.

She lifted one leg to pull on another tiny thong and in doing so her pussy split open displaying to me her vagina ataşehir escort and clitoris. Her huge freckled breasts swung around as she bent to pull on the red thong and bounced as she supported their E cup’s weight as she fastened a minimal front fixing platform bra.

The bra wasn’t one that covered her tits, her long red nipples stuck out above the platform that the garment was in reality. If possible they made Ginger’s boobs look even bigger and more alluring. She twirled again; the thong had disappeared into her cracks completely, only the waist string confirmed she wasn’t nude.

My cock was so stiff I felt if there was anymore visual stimulation I’d cum in my pants just from my lust for my daughter, come wife look-alike. Ginger stripped naked again this time kneeling nude on the couch I was sitting on. Bending down to the floor to get yet another undies set her naked bum was right in my face.

In front of my incredulous bulging eyes I glimpsed her puckered anus and her long freckled slit! My god she was so beautiful so sexy! Then as she moved back she slipped and sat her naked bum directly onto my hard cock. She wiggled a bit not acknowledging my discomfort, innocently asking me what I thought of her new undies.

A small amount of cum issued from my cockhead, but by bracing my muscle’s I managed to stop myself fully ejaculating. I told Ginger that the least revelling of her undies set was the best and watched as she removed the last ones and wiggled naked apart from her high stiletto’s up to her bedroom!

With images of my naked daughter imprinted in my mind I tried to get off to sleep but I tossed and turned unable to stop lusting for my sexy Ginger. My cock was painfully hard thinking of my girl, I should have taken my relief by jacking myself off but to my shame that wasn’t what I did.

My longing for my child completely overcame me and I walked naked and rampant into my daughter Ginger’s room. I couldn’t believe it my lovely girl was laying on her front without covers, her bum and slim back naked to my lustful gaze!

Not only that but she’d left the lights on full, it seemed she’d being reading a magazine and just fallen asleep while doing it.

I picked the magazine off of the floor near her hanging hand. My god, this was a porn mag called old versus young! The first section showed girls of about eighteen to twenty having full sex with men in there Fifties, Sixties and even Seventies!

The second half of the mag showed boys in their early twenties fucking much older women. The women were captioned as being in their late forties, fifties or sixties. But the ages may have been hyped up as the women looked far too sexy to be the maturity they were depicted as being.

I scanned the stories that the pictures were supposed to illustrate and the one that the mag had been creased open at gave me a start. This was about an eighteen-year-old girl seducing her seventy-year-old father! Was Ginger imagining she was the girl being fucked by me, of shagging her old father’s cock?

Quietly I walked back to the foot of the bed my cock excited by her fantastic bum. Her flesh was lightly tanned except for a tiny strip of white where her string bikini had entered her cracks and surrounded her waist! The light covering of freckles complimenting her waist length auburn hair reminding me even more of her mother!

Ginger groaned and shifted her position parting her legs slightly and giving me a glimpse of heaven between her plump thighs. Carefully I leaned forward until my lips were only inches from her pussy. She was damp down there, her juices seeping from her vagina.

I knew I mustn’t but I couldn’t help myself leaning forward and licking her female juices from her cunt. She didn’t move so I licked her labia again, dipping my tongue between the slit until it entered her hole. She moaned softly and opened her legs wider.

Now I could see her puckered anus, wanting every part of her body I licked her bum hole. She’d obviously showered, as her second hole tasted of shampoo. She groaned as if she was enjoying anadolu yakası escort these administrations so I kept it u for several minutes. Actually managing to force my tongue slightly inside her anus.

Ginger was it seems having a wet dream and started to turn over. I leapt back so as not to be detected but her sleeping eyes opened and held mine before smiling enigmatically then closed them again breathing hard as if in the deepest of sleeps!

Now she was on her back, legs flayed out showing all she’d got to my eager gaze. I was about to kiss her pussy again when her hand moved between her legs. Slowly but surely her fingers reached her clit and she stated to play with it. Diddling the tiny nub until it exited its sheath and grew to about an inch long and as fat as a cherry!

I watched spell bound as she played with this tiny penis like clit, her legs were moving in rhythm to her girls cock. It was wonderfully erotic but I could wait no longer and dived forward to eat her out. My tongue unable to keep still moved relentlessly on her pussy, slithering along her outer labia devouring her inner pink lips trying my utmost to swallow her vulva.

I felt her cum and heard a little yelp of pleasure from my little girl. I was eating her slimy cunt trying to devour her genitals. Licking her clit and her mons with its sparse covering of red hairs.

Now she was cumming over and over, continuously spasming on my lips and tongue. I loved my girl not only as my daughter but also as my young lover. Gingers eyes flicked open and met mine once more but closed again just as fast without showing recognition.

My cock was seeping pre cum now and needed attention. I knew my hard cock wanted to fuck his own daughter’s cunt and give her his baby. But I controlled his urges this time at least. He must get relief though or he’d make me penetrate her vagina before shooting his load of sperm.

I had an idea and changed positions until I could get my cockhead into her slightly open mouth. Laying above her and supporting myself with my arms we were in the sixty-nine position but with only our mouths touching the other’s genitals.

Ginger was still cumming as I ate her pussy and licked her swollen clitoris over and over again. Gingers cunt was so wet my mouth was getting full of her woman’s cum and had to swallow it. It tasted like the sweetest nectar on earth and I used my tongue to excavate more from her vaginal orifice.

Ginger was shaking uncontrollably now, as my tongue was bringing her off over and over again. Without warning Ginger rolled me over and was now on top of me. Was she still asleep and reacting automatically to the naked stimulus of man on her woman’s body? Or was she wide-awake and sucking my cock knowingly?

I didn’t care, my lips and mouth were pressed down by Gingers smooth sticky cunt and she was using them to masturbate to an even higher series of orgasmic explosions!

At the same time she’d taken the whole length of my cock into her mouth so deep it entered her throat. She was gagging on my stiff penis and mewing softly at the same time.

It was so erotic I couldn’t hold on any longer and spurted my spunk right down her throat. She gagged again and spat my cock out until she held it on her tongue. But she didn’t let up; she sucked and licked my cockhead until I came again in her mouth. Simultaneously her vulva contracted and spat her female cum into my open imprisoned mouth!

She was squealing in the throws of one gigantic orgasm after another forcing her two sets of labia down onto me in a fucking motion. Her arms and legs were thrashing around in her explosive passion she was unstoppable.

Now she rolled over again, biting my cock still imprisoned within her mouth, it hurt but in a sexual way. Her hands forcing my head down onto her still twitching cunt and her eyes met mine in real love then closed.

Eventually after she’d come over and over she relaxed and was gently snoring so I was able to raise myself and leave this princesses bedroom.

At breakfast the next morning Ginger said, “Dad you’ll never guess what a lovely dream I had last night. You were in it but I daren’t tell you what we did to each other or you’d be too shocked!”

She gave me a conspiratorial wink and a big smile. So I still don’t know if she was awake or having sex with me in her dreams!

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