Ginger Cougar Delight

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I love my mom, but sometimes there are better times to talk on the phone. Taking a call from her at 4:00 pm on a Friday afternoon, after a hellish week at work, would have to wait until I had the relaxing affect of a cocktail in my system. I pushed her call to voice mail and headed home to my plush bachelor pad to relax and survey my social options for the weekend.

At 25 years old, I had done well for myself; signing a baseball contract at 18, with a 7-figure signing bonus, had set me up. I was able to buy a nice house on a golf course outside Phoenix; complete with a hot tub and pool in the backyard.

Blowing out my ACL at 21, wasn’t part of the long term plan, but after going back to college for my business degree, I was able to score a job in sales that maintained my fun-loving lifestyle.

Changed out of my stuffy suit and enjoying a drink poolside in the warm, early fall weather, was a perfect way to think about what I wanted to do this weekend. Although I had a few standing invitations to hangout over the weekend, the alternative of just sitting by the pool, playing a round of golf, and being a very chill loner for the weekend seemed like the most attractive alternative.

The calming silence was interrupted by the buzzing of my phone. Damn. An unrecognized number forced me into the “should I answer it or not” game. A little curious as to who was calling from “San Jose, CA.” I answered.

“John Philip?”, the 60-grit (sandpaper), raspy, chain smoker voice was addressing me by the dreaded first name / middle name combination.

“Yes, who is this?”, I cautiously replied.

“Your great aunt Tess. How are you honey?”

“My life sucks. I was totally relaxed, headed into a blissful weekend and then my mom’s lunatic aunt called me out of the blue,” having properly stuffed my real response deep inside, I replied, “I’m good. What’s up?”

“Did your mother call you and tell you I was in town and would be coming by to stay? I have to move out of the god-damned, overcrowded Bay Area and I am looking at places in Phoenix.”

Damn. Well, that answered my earlier question. And serves me right for not answering my mom’s call and being able to craft a plan that would place me nowhere near home for my great aunt’s arrival.

“No, I didn’t get a chance to talk to her. You’re coming by my house?”, asking in a sheepish voice that hoped this was all a nightmare.

“Yes. I am in town with a friend looking at retirement homes and her and I are going to come spend the weekend at your place. Your mother said you’d love the company and it sure saves us a lot of money on a hotel room.”

“Wow. That’s…wonderful,” I hoped to god that sounded somewhat sincere. “When will you arrive?”

“Your mom gave me your address and we’re waiting for the rent-a-car now at the airport. We should be there in 30 minutes or so.”

Stunned by the crashing sound of my weekend imploding on me, I could barely verbalize a weak, “okay, see you soon.”

Every family has a crazy aunt and my mom’s Aunt Tess was ours. I would guess she was about 80 now and had managed to outlive 3 husbands (my guess is most of them couldn’t wait to die) all while smoking about 2 packs of cigarettes a day. And now, she was headed to my house for the weekend; and not alone. The thought of not only spending time with her, but also with someone who could stand travelling with her, made me shutter.

“Hi mom. Sorry I couldn’t take your call earlier. Aunt Tess already called and she is headed here from the airport with her friend.”

The long silence was deafening. “I know what a pain this will be for you John, but it means a lot to me for you to have her stay and show her some love,” my izmir escort mom said with a guilt-showering voice.

“Yeah. Okay mom. I’m pretty stocked up on alcohol, so that will help,” I laughed.

“I doubt you can drink enough to help,” my mom laughed.

After chatting for a while longer, our conversation was interrupted by the doorbell, “I’ll talk to you later this weekend mom. I think she’s here. Love you.”

“Love you too John.”

Perhaps on my way to the front door, I would trip and fall, striking myself on the head and not waking up until Sunday evening. Could I be that lucky? I was not. Opening the door, I was overwhelmed by the mixed scent of cheap, old-lady perfume and stale cigarettes.

“John Philip! You are so handsome. Give me a big hug,” and I was swallowed up in the arms of Aunt Tess, or Aunt Jabba the Hut as my siblings had named her.

“Hi Aunt Tess! Welcome to Phoenix. It is so good to see you (and smell you). Come in. Come in. Where is your stuff and your friend?”

“She is out at the car getting our things.”

“Okay. Make yourself comfortable. I’ll go help her.”

Rounding the corner of my front walkway onto the driveway, my aunt’s friend was bent over digging something out of the back of their rent-a-car. I stopped dead in my tracks. The short sundress rode up pretty high on a beautiful set of milky-white legs and, from what I could tell, that was not the ass of another 80 year old chain smoker.

“Hello. Can I help you?” I asked, “I’m John.”

A gorgeous, lightly red-headed, woman stood up. “Hi. I’m Tracey. I’m your aunt’s caregiver. That would be great if you could grab her bag. I think she packed for 2 weeks, not 2 days,” she said laughing.

Grabbing the suitcase, I headed back into the house smiling ear to ear. Wow! I would take in the full experience of her beauty later, but so far I was in heaven. The horrible weekend I had imagined had the glimmer of a silver lining.

“Aunt Tess? Can I show you to your room?” I yelled as I walked in bearing her load of a suitcase.

“I’m out here. For god’s sake I went long enough without a damn smoke, so I poured myself some cheap vodka I found in your kitchen and I am out back smoking off the stress of travel.”

Yep. Let there be no mistake. That is her good side. “Okay Aunt Tess, the last room down the hall on the right is the guest room all set for you to enjoy.”

Dropping her “trunk” in the guest room, I nearly ran into Tracey as I headed back down the hall. “Sorry about that. Can I show you to your room?” I asked, trying not to be totally overwhelmed by her looks.

“Just tell me it is nowhere near that woman,” she laughed and caught herself.

“You don’t have to laugh it off. I can only imagine what it is like working for her. Here, come down the hall the other way. You can stay in my office down by my room. There’s a comfortable day bed in there you can use.”

“Thank you. Any chance you can show me to the bathroom? I’d love to get a shower before dinner,” Tracey said.

My mind raced to a picture of her without the sun dress and the soapy shower stream running through her incredible ginger hair, over her white breasts and pink nipples. She was about 5′ 4″, the strawberry hair I already mentioned, and was very trim with a nicely rounded ass and about 34C breasts. She had a smile, highlighted by some slight “fangs”, and blue eyes that made me mesmerized. I was guessing she was early to mid 30’s and hopefully the lack of a ring really meant she wasn’t taken.

“Well, do you have a shower?” she asked as I was caught red-handed staring at her.

“Oh, of course. I’m sorry. Why don’t you just alsancak escort use my master bath while you’re here? It is right here in my room.”

Getting her a towel and showing her around, I headed for the patio where my aunt was once again bellowing for something more to drink while she sucked down her second cancer stick.

“Would you like to go to dinner soon Aunt Tess?”

“Well I didn’t come here to starve my ass off,” she retorted.

Once we were all gathered again, and Aunt Tess was well-lubricated with vodka, we headed for a local sports bar to enjoy some dinner, drinks, and more belittling by the lovely Aunt Tess. I was shocked at how well Tracey handled the abuse that was spewed her way. The only saving grace for me was that I got to sit and stare at her throughout dinner.

As Aunt Tess headed outside while we waited for the bill that, in her words, “the damn idiot waiter would probably screw up”, I told Tracey I was sorry, on behalf of our family, for the way Tess treated her.

“Oh don’t be silly,” she said. “I don’t let it bother me. Fortunately when we get back, she’ll pass out and we can both relax.”

Sure enough, one more cigarette on the patio, some rude comments about life in general, and Aunt Tess was guided to her room by Tracey and tucked in; not to be heard from the rest of the evening.

I was relaxing in front of the TV, catching up on how my former teammates had done that day in baseball, when Tracey came by and excused herself to her room, “I’m really tired. I’ll see you in the morning. Thank you for dinner.” And she was gone.

Dammit. You have to be kidding. A gorgeous woman like that in my home and the only time I spent around her was with my bitch aunt in the background. I poured myself a glass of wine and headed for my room.

Lounging on my bed, sipping my wine in some shorts and no shirt, there was a light knock at my door. “Come in?”

“I’m sorry,” Tracey said, “May I use the restroom?”

“Of course. Just come in while you’re here. I’ll stay decent,” I laughed.

As she headed across the room in nothing but a long t-shirt, it was pretty obvious she didn’t have a bra on. I felt my dick stir in my shorts and knew I had to take one last chance at spending some time with her.

“Thank you,” she said as she headed out of my room.

“No. No problem at all. Hey listen, why don’t I pour you some wine and we go out back by the pool? We can at least chat about the mutual disdain we both have for my aunt,” I offered.

“You know, that wine looks really good right now. Okay.”

Half thinking she’d stop and change into something else, I was a little shocked when she headed straight out to the patio with nothing else on. I grabbed a bottle of cold rose wine and headed for the patio. Sitting with her feet dangling in the hot tub, I handed her the wine and joined her.

The conversation took off and didn’t miss a beat. She loved my stories of yesteryear in baseball and I learned she was recently divorced, no kids, and trying to make ends meet as a caretaker for my aunt. I know you are not supposed to ask, but I finally had to ask how old she was.

“You’re 45??!! You seriously don’t look a day over 30,” I fudged a little.

“It helps never having kids,” she laughed.

“I’d say so,” I added.

“Well, by the looks of your home, I wouldn’t guess you were 25 and right out of college,” she replied.

“This is ALL thanks to my ability to hit a small white ball a long way.”

“I’m pretty good with balls, too,” she joked as the wine-fueled conversation continued with innuendo and flirting. I called her a “cougar” and she wondered out buca escort loud whether it was time in her life to have a boy toy…after all, her husband had run off with his own boy toy.

“You made your husband join the other team?” I laughed.

She scooped up some water, splashed me, and stood up abruptly. Thinking she was leaving for a brief moment, my heart sank. “Where are you going,” I pleaded.

Tracey pulled off her t-shirt, exposing her pink, slightly hardened nipples I had been dying to see, walked into the hot tub, sauntered over to me and offered, “Do you really think this sent him to the other team?”

Standing in front of me she leaned in, put her hand on my already growing cock, and kissed me passionately.

My natural instincts took over. I pulled her in, kissed her back, and cupped her breast lightly in my hand; eliciting a slight moan as I teased her nipple.

The kissing and early foreplay continued. As she was pressed against my bare chest, I eased her back and slid my hand down towards her pink panties. Arresting my hand, surprising me for a minute, she whispered a question about my desire for a shaved or bushy pussy. Partially out of breath, I tried to mumble my lack of concern with how she kept her pussy trimmed. Moments later, finding a completely shaved set of wet lips, I easy my fingers onto her clit and started to tickle it. She pulled my hard cock out of the side of my shorts and was working it back and forth while I fingered her slit. Deep inside I pushed my finger.

“I want to feel something else in my pussy,” she requested.

I removed my shorts, slid down into the water, and pulled her on top of me. She eased right onto my cock, taking in the full length of it with a soft moan. Using my strength, the light weight she offered, and the water, I bounced her up and down on my shaft. Sucking her beautiful white tits and drawing each hard nipple, one after the other, into my mouth, I kept fucking her.

As our motion increased in speed, I could tell she was close to exploding. Suddenly, she tensed up, arched her back, and let out a loud sigh and collapsed into me with a huge orgasm. As I kept fucking her up and down, she squeezed her pussy tight onto my cock to increase the pleasure for both of us. Feeling the heat in my balls burning, I asked if it was okay to cum inside her.

“Probably not, but I’m not stopping,” she said.

And with that, my cock jumped to life started pumping hot cum deep inside her womb. She burst with orgasm again, louder than last time, and took in all of the hot, sticky cum I had to offer. Pumping over and over I filled her.

Finally, after easing off of me, I took her hand and headed to my room. Drawing her into my arms, taking in her full beauty in the dim light of my room, I danced her into the shower. The visions of soapy water running over her tits was a reality. As we showered, my stiffness quickly came back; much to her delight. With the water drenching us, she lowered herself to her knees in the shower and took my dick into her mouth. Sucking and licking ever so gently, and anticipating my cum, she looked up, smiled, and nodded her head. My second load of the night almost choked her and, what she didn’t swallow, she let drip out of her mouth and over her tits.

As our shower ended, and being the gentleman that I am, I carried her to my bed, spread her legs, and teased her clit out with my tongue and began sucking it gently in and out of my mouth. The taste of her pussy was as sweet as the smile that had won me over the minute I first saw it. It didn’t take long for her to begin shaking with orgasm; an intense orgasm that relaxed her right to sleep in my arms.

We awoke the next morning, spent the day with Aunt Tess, looking at old folk’s homes (thankfully she hated them all), and couldn’t wait until the old bitch hit the sack so we could make love again. The weekend went by quick, but I’m comforted in knowing that it won’t be long before Tracey is a regular fixture in Phoenix.

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