Ginger Ch. 03

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The morning after my threesome with my love Kelly and our friend Mandy, we all lay there entangled in eachothers arms.

*Bang Bang Bang* “Girlllssss!”

The sound of Pop knocking on the door with his heavy hand and his yelling for us woke me up, quickly. Neither Kelly nor Mandy even budged. I shook the both of them and they sort of just groaned and rolled over.

*Bang Bang Bang* “Girls get up, breakfast is on it’s way!” pop yelled again.

“Uhhh we’re getting up now Pop!” I yelled.

My yelling right near their ears startled them and they jumped awake. I looked at Kelly and she had that “after sex” sly grin on her face and rubbed my thigh. Then I looked to my other side at Mandy. While she jumped awake she gasped,

“What happened!?” she was out of it for a few seconds.

I laughed as she came back down to earth with her sly grin as well.

We were all still naked, and for all they knew Pop was still downstairs minding his business. I snapped out of their cuteness and said,

“Guys we gotta get up, Pop keeps banging on the door saying breakfast is on the way, c’mon!”

Kelly hopped out of the bed first and fast grabbing at anything she could to get dressed and clean up. Her nipples were erect and boobs perky and swaying as she hurried. God I wanted them, but I knew we had to go downstairs. Mandy and I followed, throwing on some of Kelly’s random sweatpants and tshirts. Her room was hot and smelled like sex, but as much as I loved it I still had to open her windows and let it air out. Us being in Kelly’s clothes from her closet, our clothes from the night before were thrown across the room, along with the strap on, it’s box, and a pack of opened condoms. There were no guys there, but Kelly’s kinky mind thought of buying Trojans deep ribbed condoms to put on the strap on to give me more pleasure. The box was open and thrown on the floor, but for some reason we didn’t use one the night before. ‘Next time’ I thought.

We cleaned up (stuffing things under the bed) then ran down to the kitchen.

“Hey pop” Kelly said and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Goodmorning Mr. Goldenburg” Mandy said with her sweet voice.

“Morning!” I said last and kinda patted his shoulder with a smile.

“Hey girls, I ordered us some breakfast from the diner a couple blocks away” Pop stood up motioning through the bags of food. “This one has pancakes, this one is full of sausage and bacon, there’s two big bowls of scrambled eggs, one with cheese one without, there’s 5 bagels here, and butter, cream cheese, orange juice and apple juice are in the fridge. I’m having coffee!”

“Well gosh, we can’t eat all this!” Kelly said.

“Speak for yourself!!” I exclaimed, and me and Mandy grabbed a plate and made our way down the ‘buffet’.

We all laughed, got what we wanted, then went to the dining room. The table was small, 4 chairs, considering only Kelly and her father lived there. The three of us sat down while pop told us that he was just going to have a bagel and his coffee to go. He had to go to an early Saturday meeting for his job. We said our goodbyes and were left alone.

There was an awkward silence at first, but then I burst out laughing. I’ve always laughed in dead silence.

“Hahaha what are you laughin at babe?” asked Kelly.

“I don’t know, it was just so quiet!!” I said between giggles. I heard Mandy chuckling too. My laughing died down enough for me to start talking.

“So…” looking at Mandy.

“So what?” she said.

I looked at Kelly then back and Mandy.

“Soooo how was it… Last night”

“Duhh!” Kelly added.

Mandy blushed and grinned and looked down shyly. She shrugged

“I don’t know..” and played with her food.

We both laughed at her being so shy about it.

“Stopp!” she giggled and threw part of her unspread bagel at us.

“Did you like it? C’mon we need to know!” Kelly urged.

“I mean like… yeah.. I guess” Mandy answered then stuffed her mouth with some food trying to brush away what she just said.

“Yay! That was our first threesome right Kells!?”

“Yup! And we’re glad it was with our best friend”

Mandy swallowed her food.

“This isn’t gonna be weird from now on is it?”

Kelly shook her head no. I said,

“Not unless one of us makes it weird, I know I’m not gonna.”

We all agreed to being just best friends again that just had one big bang one night.

Mandy left a little later that day and I stayed the rest of the weekend.


Monday morning I rolled out of my own bed… literally. It took awhile being that my bed was so big and I was so small. I was half sleep and didn’t bother to stop myself from rolling off. As my body made a thump to the floor I couldn’t help but laugh at myself.

“Ughh stupid floor!” I laughed some more. Well that woke me up, then I went to take a shower. After the shower I opened the window to feel the temperature. It was already about 70 degrees outside and the sun was shining, so I dressed appropriately.

I bursa evi olan escort put on a white cami and a white see through button up. I buttoned the bottom few buttons then slid my high waisted denim shorts over it, then of course… Sperrys! This pair were mainly white and lacey, but had dark blue tracing the bottom. I pulled my hair to the side and put in a fishtail braid, slid a dark blue beanie on, duh… ready to go!

Homeroom time! I walked in only to see three guys sitting around Kelly and Mandy. Josh, Blake, and a kid I knew since elementary, Shawn. I walked over slowly.

“Hey.. what’s up?” I said wondering what was going on.

“Oh hey babe!” Kelly went on. “Move.” she said to Blake who was right next to her. “Sit” I did. “We were talking about prom. Well our stupid ass school won’t let you go as dates if you’re the same sex, and we just found that out. Blake and Shawn didn’t have dates and you know Josh is going with Mandy, so we figured that since we were all going on our little trip together afterwards, maybe Blake could be my pretend date and Shawn can be yours?”

That wasn’t really my cup of tea, but I agreed anyway. They were nice guys that I loved hanging out with, so why not? We were gonna be together all weekend anyway. A couple of months ago we all chipped in our final amount to pay for a party bus to take us to and pick us up from prom and take us to New York. We would stay there for the night, explore for a bit, then have the bus take us to LBI on Saturday afternoon and leave there Sunday night.

Just us young, crazy, probably drunk teens on a prom weekend away from home. What could go wrong right? At LBI we would be staying at my beach house that my parents bought a few years back. It was a big house, I’ve always wanted to live there and never leave. Prom was only a week away, so we had a lot of rearranging to do with our dresses and tuxedos in little time.

Both mine and Kelly’s dresses were the same exact design. My dress was white with a baby blue band going around my waist to tie in the back. Kelly’s dress was baby blue with a white band tying in the back. Her 4 inch heels white, my 4 inch heels baby blue. Trust me, it wasn’t as tacky as it sounds. We took charge of Blake and Shawn’s tuxes.

“Shawn if you’re taking me to prom, you gotta look the best.” I said.

“What do you mean? I always look good girl!” he’s so cocky.

Shawn is also a ginger. But his hair never looked tame. He would have a Justin Bieber swoosh, but he never kept up with it, so it was wild. He’d be totally cute if he just cut his hair.

“Shawnie.. hun, can you do me a huge favor? For prom?” I tried being as sweet as possible.

“Ummmmmmm depends…” he said suspecting.

“Can you please please please just cut your hair just for prom!!?”

“Uh uh, no!!” he exclaimed.

“Aww c’mon please… for me..” I gave him the puppy dog face and he caved. I knew he would since he liked me since freshman year.

“Uhhh whatever Bridge, fine.”

“Yay!” I exclaimed and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I jumped out of my seat, grabbed his hand, told Kelly and Blake we’ll be back, and scurried out the door. He was hard to pull because he was about 6’4 and really muscular. He was the schools star quarterback. You think he’d have a date.

I took Shawn to the best salon in town. That hair had to come off. About an hour and a half later the chair he was in spun around and I saw the cutest boy ever. If I wasn’t happily in a relationship, I’d be all over Shawn. But shh, don’t tell Kelly!

By the end of all the rearranging of outfits and everything, Blake and Kelly looked like a match made in heaven, and Shawn and I weren’t so bad ourselves. But fuck the match made in heaven thing, Kelly’s sexy ass was mine.


Prom rolled around, and we were all so excited. Everybody came to my house to take pictures before we’d leave. Mandy and Josh showed up with both of their parents, Blakes parents came with him Kelly and her dad, and Shawn drove here with his parents. It was like a mad house. There were so many people at my house taking pictures of us. My mom cried, she’s such a cry baby. And my little sister was loving being around a bunch of people.

The party bus pulled up which signaled it was time to go. We took one last group picture then loaded our bags for the weekend onto the bus, got in, and pulled off.

Pulling up, people couldn’t help but stare.

After we ate dinner, it was time to party our asses off! The teachers that were there got drunk and were acting like part of the crowd.

I made my way to Kelly in the middle of the dance floor. I pulled her close and grabbed her ass. We swayed with the music, our foreheads resting on eachother. Her mouth right infront of mine, I couldn’t resist. I gave her a peck then broke away from it. She smiled. Then I stuck my tongue out and licked her lips. I moved my arms up around her neck and she grabbed my ass. Her mouth grabbed my tongue, sucked on it a bit and we started altıparmak escort making out. She lifted my dress in the front a little, then grinded her thigh into my pussy. I gasped at the feeling and kissed her harder.

Since we were already swaying with the music, I changed a little to thrust into her thigh. It felt so good and I needed her. I broke the kiss moving my head toward her neck.

“You’re so wet baby” Kelly whispered in my ear.

I smiled and opened my eyes. I saw we had an audience.

“WOOO take her dress off!” I heard some random kid yell.

Kelly and I both laughed then separated.

“Not here!” Kelly yelled back.

I gave her a light slap on her arm and chuckled.

The teachers were so out of it. The rest of the night we danced together, and shifted to Blake and Shawn, then back to eachother, then to other people.

The last few minutes winded down and we were ready to head to New York. Our group stood at the entrance waiting for the bus to pull up. It was windy outside and I didn’t have a jacket. I pulled Kelly in to cuddle with while we waited. Shawn saw that and offered me his jacket.

“Aw thanks Shawn, you’re such a gentleman.” I said as he put the jacket over my shoulders. He smiled at me and walked over to Blake Josh and Mandy sitting on the wall.

We sat on the wall on the other side of the entrance. Everybody gave us our space because they knew we were a couple. Kelly started talking and I cut her off with a kiss. It wasn’t anything important anyway. Shawn’s jacket was huge compared to us, so we both could fit in it. We were making out in the jacket of the kid that had a crush on me for years. We got so into it, I basically deep throated her with my tongue. She grabbed my tit furthest from her and I grabbed the side of her face pulling her in more. I wanted her badly.

“Oh my god, GUYS!” I heard Mandy’s voice.

Our kiss broke.

“I’ve been calling you for like 3 minutes straight, save it for the hotel! The bus is here.” Mandy understood though.

By the time we got to the city it was around 3AM. We checked in our beautiful hotel. We got one room, but it was two floors. Yeah almost all our money went to this. There were three rooms. One for Mandy and Josh since they were becoming an item, one for Kelly and I, and the other for Blake and Shawn. They were best friends, they shouldn’t feel weird sharing a bed for a night.

“Wait Shawn!” I yelled as he went upstairs. “Maybe you and Blake should take our room, there’s two beds and yours only has one.”

“Oh yeah thanks you’re a life saver!” he yelled down. “Dude get your ass outta the bed, we’re switching rooms” I heard a thump like he threw something at Blake. “Wake up whorebag, we’re going to Kelly and Bridget’s room.”

“Ohhh shit, hell yeah” Blake said.

“Not like that, we’re switching rooms, they have two beds and I’m not sharing with your ugly ass” Shawn laughed. Blake came out of the room and they jocked around like only guys could.

We each grabbed our things and switched.

“Hey loser faces, parties not over!” Josh screamed.

Mandy bombarded our room only finding Kelly straddled on me. We had clothes on this time… well our bras and panties.

“I know how much you two wanna fuck right now, but this is prom night and we haven’t even drank yet, let’s go!” Mandy exclaimed.

We groaned but got up and walked toward the door.

“Gonna put some clothes on?”

“Nope!” we exclaimed in harmony.

“Strip yours down like us” I said.

Mandy shrugged and did it. The boys were down at the mini bar all in either just shorts or their boxers. No shirts. Shawn looked even hotter, now I can actually see his muscles bare. Three girls no clothes, three guys no clothes. Even more of a risk of a fuck fest.

They whistled and jocked around some more as we came down the stairs. Blake ran over and turned up the stereo as loud as it could go while Shawn and Josh poured 6 shot glasses.

Us girls stopped after 3 shots and the guys decided to keep going. We’re light weights and were drunk already.

Mine and Kelly’s kissing led to Mandy joining. She just stared at us at first then said,

“I want some” and waltzed over. I felt Kelly’s hand move from my hip and she grabbed the back of Mandy’s head and pulled her in. I reached my arm around her. We had our 3-way make out sesh. I felt Mandy’s tongue come out and force it’s way into my mouth. I stuck mine out and our tongues danced around. Kelly felt left out so she darted her tongue out and joined. We weren’t even kissing at that point. All three tongues playing with eachother. Licking and playing around.

“Hey that’s my girl!” Josh drunkenly yelled and walked toward us.

Mandy left the kiss and met Josh halfway. I heard Shawn and Blake play fighting, then something shatter. We were all drunk and found it funny. I saw Josh and Mandy feeling up one another and starting to make out. The boys continued and so did we. They were the only lonely ones gemlik escort so they pretended to have a bromance.

“Hey you wanna come to my room Blake!?”

“No. You gotta buy me a drink first then you can feel me up.”

They’re hilarious.

“Take her bra off Kells!” Shawn yelled.

“Ughh you’re such a douche.” said Blake still in character.

Kelly did as he said and unhooked my bra. I moved my arms to let it fall. Then she tugged my panties off, and I did the same to her. We started to do the same thing as we did on the dance floor at prom. I drove my pussy into her thigh. I was riding it hard. I felt my juices on her leg, I was sliding around her thigh. We were giving the boys the best show of their lives.

“You’re so ready baby.” Kelly whispered.

“You do this to me” I groaned.

She made her way kissing down my neck to my chest. Wasting no time, she sucked on my nipple. Her hand played with my other. My nips were so hard, finally getting the attention I wanted all day.

She started walking forward causing me to go backward. I fell onto the couch and she switched tits.

“Ohhhh yeah, unh” I moaned and ran my finger through her hair.

Finally I felt her leave my tits, trailing kisses and licks down my torso, sticking her tongue in my belly button as usual, then she spread my legs. She was on her knees on the floor infront of me. She skipped my vagina and went to my thighs. Kisses went up and down each leg. She’s too much of a tease. I wanted her all day.

She gave her last kiss on my upper thigh, then a kiss on my pussy lips. They were parted due to my swollen aching clit.

She slid two fingers in to my cunt and I moaned in pleasure. I tried pushing her face closer to my pussy but she just resisted and finger fucked me harder. She kept fucking faster and harder then slid in another finger. I started meeting each thrust, forcing my hips up, cringing in ecstasy. I could hear my wetness being swished around. Pretty soon she felt I was stretched enough and added her last two fingers and clutched them.

Kelly started fisting me. That was my first time and I was scared at first.

“Uhh no…” I tried to say, but that faded off rather quickly. It felt really good.

She bent her head down and sucked on my clit, not letting up on her fisting. It felt way better than some guys cock. She licked and sucked circles around it. She bit my clit and pounded into my cunt and I came, no warning.

“OHHHHH FUCKKKKKK!” I moaned. “Oh my fucking God, shit… damn!!”

Kelly pulled out with a sorta popping noise. I came all over her hand and face. I pulled her up to my face and I could instantly smell my musky and fruity aroma. I licked what I could off of her face and kissed her passionately. She broke the kiss filled with my creamy cum, and brought her hand up to my mouth. I took it into my mouth willingly licking and sucking cum off that too.

I peered through my almost closed eyes over at Josh and Mandy. They were both naked an Mandy was on her hands and knees. Josh was on one knee behind her and his other leg was supporting him. They were fucking doggy style. It was so hot.

He was giving her the hardest bangs of her life while he twirled her hair in one hand and yanked it back. She screamed out so loud, her eyes closed, biting her bottom lip.

Josh slowed down, then stopped.

“Train?” he asked.

“Mmmhm” was all Mandy could get out.

Josh pulled out and stood up. Mandy grabbed for his arm, and he helped her up.

“Bro, come here, she wants a train” Josh said to Blake.

Blake happily stripped his boxers off and put on a condom and went over to them. Josh gave Mandy a kiss on the lips and turned her to face him.

“You got the back son” he said to Blake.

They waited no time and dove in Mandy. Blake threw his head back. He probably hasn’t been laid in forever.

Mandy was such a lucky girl. She had two hot guys fucking her at the same time. Both of their cocks were at least 7 inches.

By then, the room wreaked of sex. And just as I was about to go down on Kelly I whispered to her,

“Do you think Shawn should join us? He’s the only lonely one now”

“Well I don’t know, he likes you”

“Yeah but I mean like, look at him, we’re all drunk anyway”

“I guess it couldn’t hurt” she said.

I turned to Shawn and smiled. He smiled back really big.

“You wanna help out?” he was so cute. “C’mon, take off your shorts” I urged.

I flipped Kelly on her stomach to get her asshole.

I gave her few licks then darted my tongue in her hole. I used my hand to finger her pussy, and got as far as 3. Her body shook and her ass pressed up against my face.

“OHHHH baby, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna fucking cum!!” she moaned.

With that I pinched her clit and she came for me. I didn’t stop though.

Finally Shawn made his way over and I told him to do whatever he wants. He started doing the same exact thing to me as I was doing to Kells. I ate and finger fucked her to 3 more orgasms. Shawn, being that he was a guy and I was used to a females touch, his hands & mouth were bigger and stronger. It felt amazing, because I just wanted a hard fucking that night. My orgasm came very quick. He gave me one more orgasm and I tried to do the same to Kelly, but she groaned out,

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32