Gigi and Friends

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After a day at Fort Lauderdale Beach with Larry, Cheryl and the kids, we headed home. Everybody was teasing me about getting old and overly protective.

“All right!” I responded to my wife’s kidding and all the laughter, “Let’s get this show on the road and quit picking on me. After all; it’s not pick on me day….”

I drove home and let Larry and Cheryl out at the end of our driveway so they could take their car and go home and change.

“See you guys at Chuck’s at seven.” Cheryl yelled from the window of their car as she blew us a kiss. “Don’t be late….”

I showered as Gigi fixed her hair. While Gigi showered and dressed, I fixed a couple of sandwiches for Gigi and myself.

“I don’t understand why it takes so long to get dressed when you’re putting on so little.” I kidded my wife as she came down to the kitchen wearing a very provocative red mini-dress. With a choker collar, bare back and an exceptionally short, flared shirt, it was accented by a daring key-hole cut-out which left the cleavage below her breasts conveniently visable and accessible.

“Well, it takes a long time to select the proper accessories, ya know? The right CFM shoes, rings, ear-rings, chains and g-string.” she giggled. “You’ll just have to learn to practice patience if you want me to be the sexiest slut at the party.”

“I hope you’ve included panties in your wardrobe.” I jokingly remarked as I slid my fingers through the daring cut-out and caressed the underside of her breast. “I mean; we gotta take the girls to your mother’s place and what if she, or the girls for that matter, saw that you weren’t wearing any?”

“Oh, you old stuff-shirt….” Gigi pouted. “You take all the fun outta life. Of course, I’m wearing panties. For now, anyway….”

“I’ve seen longer short-shorts.” Gigi’s mom remarked when she observed Gigi opening the sliding door of the van to let the girls out. “Where are you going dressed like that?”

“Oh, Mom. It’s just a mini-dress; it’s the latest craze… and it comes with panties, too. See?” Gigi replied as she lifted the little skirt and twirled around. “I’m wearing the panties under it. Okay?”

“You should be ashamed….” Gigi’s mother started to say.

“Relax, Mom. Everything’s okay.” Gigi said cutting her mother off in mid-sentence. “It’s not the forties anymore. Things are different these days.”

Kissing the girls, she instructed them to behave and to listen to their grandmother. She also promised them that she would pick them up in the morning to go shopping for the last of their camp clothes. We were not a block from Mom’s house when Gigi started wiggling in her seat. Sliding her panties down her legs, she took them off and stuffed them into my pocket.

“Now that the cats are outta sight, us mice are gonna get into the cheese.” Gigi snickered with a devilish grin. “When we get home, you can give me my panties back. Until then, I’m gonna be comfortable and we’re gonna have some fun.”

I hung Gigi’s panties from the rear view mirror as I turned the van onto Sunrise and headed to the party at Chuck and Marlene’s.

“Hi, Lovers!” Sally squealed as we pulled up beside her and Bob’s car. “It’s good to see you.”

“And it’s good to see you, too.” I replied as I pressed my lips to hers.

“Um-m-m, I can tell you’re glad to see me.” Sally cooed as she lightly brushed her hand across my rapidly swelling erection.

“Let’s not put on a show for the neighbors.” I cautioned Sally. “They might get the right idea; then we’ll all be in trouble.”

“Yeah….” Bob agreed as he helped Gigi out of her side of the van. “We better move the action inside before Chuck’s silly neighbors call the cops.”

Bob and I followed behind as Gigi and Sally walked down the path that leads around the house to Chuck and Marlene’s deck.

“God! Gigi looks really hot, tonight.” Bob remarked as he watched her and his wife walk together. “I like her sexy dress.”

“You ain’t seen nothing, yet.” I replied. “Hang back and wait ’til she starts up the steps, then you’ll see how hot she really is.”

“Hey, Tony. Latch the gate behind you.” Sally announced as they turned the corner around the back of the house. “Larry and Cheryl are already here.”

I latched the gate and caught up with Bob just as Gigi and Sally started up the steps. Bob’s mouth dropped open when he saw that Gigi was not wearing panties under her short skirt.

“No shit! I can go for that.” he remarked as he watched my wife’s short skirt swish softly from side to side across her bare ass cheeks as she slowly ascended the steps to the deck.

“That’s what I had in mind when I bought this dress.” Gigi said as she stopped on the top step and turned toward us.

“If I was trying to hide my charms, I certainly wouldn’t have worn this dress, tonight. Now, would I?” she continued as she unbuttoned her jacket and peeled it off. “So, what do you think?”

“I think I’m glad you didn’t decide to become a nun, Gigi.” Chuck chuckled from his deck chair. “I think they crack your şişli escort bayan dick with a metal edged ruler if you fuck a nun; or something like that.”

After the laughter subsided, Marlene declared, “Careful guys, don’t stand too close to Chuck if you see any dark clouds forming. God doesn’t like those kinda jokes….”

Bringing drinks for Gigi and me, Larry announced “We’re gonna see a dress rehearsal, or should I say an undress rehearsal of Cheryl’s dance routine for the amateur strip-off once everybody’s gotten a drink.”

“Well, get Bob and Sally a drink while I go in and get ready, Honey.” Cheryl said getting up from her chair. “Maybe Gigi will come and help me.”

“Break a leg, Sweetie….” Marlene wished the hopeful dancer as Gigi accompanied the nervous youngster into the house to get ready for her debut.

“If she dances half as well as she fucks,” Bob observed, “she’ll walk away with the money.”

“In a heartbeat….” Larry added.

“Hey. Did you guys get a load of Gigi’s dress?” Bob said to the others, “She’s so hot tonight, we’ll need a fire hose to get her off.”

“Yeah? Well, what about me?” Marlene pouted as she stood up to show off her denim short-shorts which barely covered her supple ass cheeks.

“Baby! You’re the greatest!” I said in my best Jackie Gleason imitation as I admired how her cut-off T-shirt displayed the lower half of her breasts.

“Now, here’s a man who really appreciates quality.” Marlene declared as she came and sat on my lap. “You and I are gonna go around the world tonight, Honey.”

I slid my hand up under her T-shirt and squeezed her breast as she pressed her lips to mine. Her hot tongue pushed its way into my waiting mouth and caressed my tongue.

“Oh, yeah….” Marlene huskily moaned, “Tonight’s the night.”

“All right, guys!” Gigi announced, “It’s show-time.”

We rushed down to Chuck and Marlene’s game room as Gigi held the door open for us.

“Take a seat over by the pool table, everybody.” Marlene instructed, “Cheryl’s gonna dance over by the television where Chuck put up one of Tony’s load locks for her to use as a dance-pole.”

“This is gonna be fun.” Marlene said as she sat on my lap again. “Poor kid’s scared shitless but she’s gonna be okay.”

“Direct from the volleyball Olympics at Fort Lauderdale Beach,” Gigi mimicked the disc-jockey from The Purple Pussy Cat, “That sexy little vamp that’s taking the beach by storm, the one and only; Cher-r-r-ry!”

We all applauded as Chuck queued Cheryl’s music on the stereo. To the wailing strains of a jazz tune, Cheryl, dressed in a sheer little babydoll pajama outfit with high heel slippers, emerged from the laundry room.

Taking long, slow steps, she slinked gracefully across the room to the make-shift dance-pole where she twirled around the pole before finally embracing it as though it was a giant phallus. Wrapping her hands around the pole and caressing it with her tongue, Cheryl slowly slithered to the floor. Once on the floor, she locked her legs around the pole and gently laid back. Beginning with her face, she started moving her hands down to her neck and across her chest where she lingered as her fingers lightly massaged her breasts. After pinching and squeezing her nipples through the sheer fabric of her negligee, she worked her hands down across her belly and into her little panties, where she at least appeared to be playing with her own clitoris.

When the tempo of her music picked up, Cheryl quickly rolled over and using the dance-pole for support pulled herself back up. When she got back to her feet, she climbed the pole and swung upside down, holding herself with one leg locked around the pole. As she slowly let herself down, she ran her fingers along the insides of her muscular thighs and traced the outline of her pussy lips on the damp crotch of her panties.

Everybody applauded and cheered.

Encouraged by our enthusiasm, Cheryl swung down from the dance-pole and while grinding her hips to the music, untied the two lace ribbons that held her pajama top in place. Deliberately, she slowly pushed the nightie off her left shoulder first baring her left breast. After softly caressing the bared nipple with her tongue, she pushed the nightie off her other shoulder and allowed it to drop to the floor.

“Yes! Yes!” Marlene murmured softly under her breath as she watched Cheryl’s dance.

“Yeah, Cheryl! Go for it!” Larry encouraged his nervous, young wife.

Cheryl leaned back against the pole and placing her hands on her chest above her breasts, trailed her fingers sexily down between her breasts, lightly touching her nipples again, and across her belly. When she reached her panties, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband and quickly pushed them down past her knees. Stepping out of her panties, she covered her mound with her hand while kicking out with her foot, sending her panties flying across the room to Bob.

As Bob caught Cheryl’s panties and I caught my escort istanbul breath, Cheryl demurely crossed her legs and lowered herself back to the floor. Once down again, she slowly raised her knees and with her ankles crossed, swung her legs back and forth to the beat of her music, almost showing us her dark hole and tunnel of love.

When the music built to a crescendo, Cheryl raised her legs straight out and uncrossing her ankles, spread her legs apart while continuing to hide her charming sexual attributes with her hand. Then as the music stopped and everybody applauded, Cheryl relaxed her hand, allowing it to drop to her side. To our surprise, covering her vulva had been a little beige g-string so close in color to her own skin tone that it was practically invisible.

“Ha! Fooled ya, didn’t I?” Cheryl laughed as she got back up to her feet. “But isn’t that what a Strip-Tease is supposed to be?”

“Yup, you’re right.” Chuck agreed, “Back in the early days of Burlesque, the strippers never went all the way; for fear of going to jail.”

“Well? What da ya think?” Cheryl quizzed us. “Will it work?”

“It worked for me….” Marlene sighed as she pulled my hand up under her shirt to her tit.

“Yeah. It worked for me, too.” Gigi said as she lightly stroked Cheryl’s arm from behind and slid her hand around Cheryl’s waist. “It reminded me of the night Chuck took my blouse and g-string off at the party when we played Spin the Bottle. I was scared shitless; but it was a turning point.”

As Gigi dreamily reminisced, she drew her body up against Cheryl’s bare back side.

“You did good, Sweetie. I’m proud of you.” Gigi softly whispered as she kissed the back of Cheryl’s shoulder. “And you’ll do good tomorrow, too. I promise.”

“I owe it all to you and Tony.” Cheryl said as she turned to face Gigi, “Without your encouragement, I’d have never had the balls to pull it off”.

Before Gigi could respond, Cheryl pressed her lips to Gigi’s. Holding her naked body tightly to Gigi’s, Cheryl raked her nails down Gigi’s bare back and pushed her tongue into my wife’s mouth.

Then, as Gigi licked and kissed Cheryl’s nipple, Cheryl unhooked the choker collar from around my wife’s neck and pushed the skimpy dress down over her hips. When Gigi’s dress hit the floor, she stepped out of it and fell to her knees. Kneeling at Cheryl’s feet, Gigi pulled Cheryl’s g-string down and buried her face in the youngster’s unshaven pussy.

“Oh, my God!” Cheryl gasped, “I can’t believe I’m doing it….”

Cheryl spread her legs and reaching down to hold Gigi’s head, thrust her pelvis up, pushing her pussy even harder to my wife’s mouth.

“Oh, God! Don’t stop, Gigi! Don’t stop….” she kept repeating.

While my wife licked Cheryl’s clitoris, Chuck put his arms around Cheryl and kissing the nape of her neck, fondled her breasts.

“Come on, Tony.” Marlene said taking my hand as she got off my lap, “Let’s go where it’s more comfortable.”

As I followed Marlene up to the bedroom, I glanced back in time to see Bob helping Gigi out of her g-string.

“Oh, God! You don’t know long I’ve been waiting to get you up here, Tony.” Marlene sighed as she led me into their master bedroom.

The ornate room contained statuettes and nude paintings of both men and woman in a variety of sexual postures. One painting, depicting three women in an erotic dance, hung over the bed.

“That’s my favorite.” Marlene whispered as she pressed her body to my back and wrapped her arms around my chest. “I painted it myself; It’s Sally, Gigi and me. I call it The Love Dance.”

“Yeah, I see the resemblance….” I responded as I languished in the attention that she was giving my body.

She ran her fingers up under my shirt and rubbed my chest as her teeth bit into my shoulder.

“I’ve always loved dancing at The Purple Pussy with Sally, but now that Gigi’s dancing there, I love it even more. She’s fun to work with ’cause she’s so honest and pure; almost naiveté….” she continued as her hips began gyrating to the music drifting up from the game room. “The way she dances; it’s like… like the way she fucks, with her whole heart and soul. Whether she’s dancing on the stage or table dancing for a customer, there’s no halfway for Gigi. Hell, I’ve seen her orgasm at least three times in one evening of dancing. That’s why everybody at the Pussy loves her so.”

Marlene turned me around to face her and after a long kiss, in which our tongues darted in and out of one another’s mouth, she pushed me down of the bed.

“Sit here, Honey. I’ll dance for you.” she said as she stepped back away from the bed.

She turned around and spreading her legs, bent over at the waist to grab her left ankle. Looking back at me from between her legs, she pursed her lips and blew me a kiss. Then she ran her nimble fingers sensuously up the inside of her thigh before pulling the crotch of her skimpy shorts aside and giving me a lingering view of her dripping wet honey-pot.

Straightening escort taksim up and turning back to me again, she crossed her arms and pulled her T-shirt over her head. Then raising her breasts to her lips, she kissed each of her nipples, sucking them into her mouth and showing me just how much she liked to have her breasts sucked off. When she unbuttoned her shorts and pulled the zipper down, Marlene stepped between my legs and pulled me to her bosom.

“Suck my titties, Tony. Milk ’em dry.” she growled softly as her body continued to sway to the rock music from below. “Suck ’em off, Honey. They’re all yours….”

As I sucked on her delicious melons, I pushed her shorts down and found my way into her tunnel of love. Her pussy was soaked with love juices and I had no trouble getting a couple of fingers past her pussy lips and into her cunt. Probing the depths of her cavern, I found her g-spot.

“Oh, yes! Oh God, yes!” she yelled, “That’s it, Tony! That’s it! Oh… yes!”

If her cunt had opened any further, I would have been able to stick my whole hand in her snatch.

“Oh yes, Tony. That’s it! Do it to me, Tony! Keep doing it to me!” she continued gasping as her breathing became shallow and irregular and her body shook from convulsions as her cunt muscles tightened around my fingers. “Oh, my God, Tony! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!

I continued jamming my fingers up her twat and sucking on her nipples until finally, her convulsions subsided.

“Oh, Tony…. You did it, Baby…. You really did it….” she panted as she reached down over my shoulders and pulled my shirt up and over my head.

Then pushing me back down on the bed, she unbuckled my jeans and pulled them and my jockey shorts off in one swift motion. In an instant, Marlene was kneeling beside me on the bed with her mouth over the head of my erect penis.

“I’ve been wanting to do this all day.” she said as her lips surrounded my helmeted warrior, “Um-m-m…. Um-m-m….”

Quickly, she had my cock all the way into her throat with her lips to the root of my man-meat.

“Um-m-m…. Um-m-m….” she moaned as she continued deep-throating my love-tool, “Um-m-m….”

As she persevered with her pleasurable task, I felt the cum begin to rise in my balls. I reached between her legs and plunged my fingers back into her juicy hole.

“Oh, Honey.” she said releasing her suction on my penile instrument, “I wasn’t even thinking of you.”

Without hesitation, she flung her leg over my head and straddling my face, lowered her pussy to my mouth. The musky aroma of her pussy juices delighted my senses and my tongue went right to work; dipping into her honey pot to lap up her savory nectar.

I ate her pussy and eased a wet finger in past the sphincter muscle of her rectum while she alternated between sucking my love-tool and licking my family jewels. After deep-throating me for several minutes, she broke away to keep me from shooting my load and sucked one of my cum laden testicles into her sweet lips while gently squeezing my swollen love muscle. Every time a drop of jism would ooze up through my urethra, Marlene would lick it up with her tongue and then tell me how much she liked the taste.

“Oh, Tony. I don’t know how much more of this I can take.” she said as she licked another drop of pre-cum secretion from the head of my love spear, “I want your cock in my cunt.”

We got off the bed and I led Marlene out to the balcony where the sun was setting over the inter-coastal. As we watched the sunset together, I pressed my erection into the cheeks of her ass and reached out to fondle her breasts.

“Lean over the railing…” I whispered as she wiggled her butt against my swollen manhood, “and spread you legs.”

Complying with my request and spreading her legs, she reached down and guided my cock to her love-tunnel.

“Oh, God! That feels so good….” she moaned as I thrust my love muscle into the depths of her wanton passion. “I love having hard cock in my hot cunt. Fuck me, Tony! Fuck me!”

I continued driving my manhood to the depths of her passion as she rocked back against my thrusts, grinding her cunt to the root of my cock.

“Oh, yes! Oh, yes!” she panted, “That feels so good, Tony!”

I held onto her hips as she continued gyrating her pelvis and squeezing my thrusting organ with her undulating love muscles. As my genital glands slapped her clitoris, I reached for a dangling breast and squeezed its firmness while maintaining my copulas rhythm in her beautifully tight cunt.

“Squeeze ’em both, Tony….” she gasped as her cunt muscles tightened around my phallus, “I love having my boobs milked when I fuck.”

As I reached around to squeeze her other full melon, my cock slipped out of her pussy.

“Come on, let’s go back to the bed.” she said taking my hand and leading me back to the bedroom, “Then I can fuck you and you can suck both my boobs at the same time.”

I lay down on the bed and waited for Marlene to lower herself onto my raging hard-on. Instead, she knelt at the foot of the bed, between my legs, and licked the love juices from my cock and testicles.

“Sometimes I lubricate too much when I cum.” she said with a devilish grin as she held my erection in her fingers and licked my balls, “Then I have to clean up the mess.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32