Gifts from My Boyfriend

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It seemed like I was never going to ever date anyone but bad boys, jerks, users and losers until I met Lyle. He is a really nice guy, pretty good looking and has the hots for me. We’d been going out a couple of months and gone through the usual fantasy talk. I guess I had realized one of my main fantasies, a decent guy who cared about me but the threesome with another guy was on the list too, you always want what you don’t have I guess.

Lyle has a couple of buddies, Mark and Brian, they’re roommates and I never actually saw them with a date so I wondered if they were gay. Not that I mind it’s just that they’re really cute little guys. Brian and Mark are both 5-7 tall and weigh about 155 pounds while Lyle is 5-10 and 175. Now I say that since I’m a full figured blonde, 5-6 tall and 225 pounds with an hourglass figure with the sand in the right places 38D, soft rounded stomach and a big firm butt.

One Friday I came home from work and Lyle, the dear, had come over and had run a warm bubble bath for me. He told me to soak and relax that he had some things to take care of. I did as instructed and after about a half hour Lyle came in with a big towel and dried me off. And damn that felt good.

He then blindfolded me and led me to the bedroom. I knew I was next to the bed with Lyle behind me massaging my shoulders when I felt 2 then 4 hands rubbing my hips, ass and belly through the towel then two kisses on my chest.

I sighed then smiled and Lyle whispered in my ear, “If you’re free for the weekend you’ve got three horny guys to make your dreams come true. Gonna be up for that?”

I reached out to hug as much of whoever was in front of me as I could and said, “If the three of you are up there’s plenty to go around boys so unwrap your present and have at it.”

The blindfold went over my head, the towel fell to my feet and I saw Mark and Brian naked with big smiles and boners to match. Lyle got out of his boxers and we got started.

I sat down on the bed in front of Mark so I could suck his 7 inch cock. I reached around and grabbed Mark’s ass pulling him towards me and got right to it as Brian and Lyle waited patiently. Mark gently stroked my hair as his cock slid between my lips, my head bobbed up and down as I took more into my mouth until I was swallowing all of it.

I was doing my usual fine job of giving head but Mark showed an incredible amount of restraint because I must have been sucking on his dick, kissing his balls, stroking his thighs and squeezing his butt for 20 minutes before it felt like he was ready to go. So I jiggled his balls and finally he buca escort gave me the pleasure of getting him off. And I could tell Mark enjoyed himself. I tilted my head and licked Mark’s balls just to do it, slapped his little butt and turned him away from me.

So I pulled Brian in front of me and kissed the head of his stiff 7.5 inch dick before taking it in my warm mouth. Brian was being such a dear, gently stroking my hair, lightly rubbing my shoulders and arms. He was also another endurance king because my jaw was getting a workout as he held back for what must have been twenty minutes just like Mark.

Finally I pulled back so just the head of his cock was in my mouth then I jerked the shaft with one hand and jiggled his balls with the other. That was all Brian could stand and he filled my cheeks.

I was feeling pretty good at that point and holding Brian’s balls in one hand looked up and said to him, “Refill these quick because I’m going to need them.”

Mark leaned in and kissed me on the cheek and said, “We’ll be reloaded and ready as soon as you need us.”

Oh if that wasn’t music to my ears and a tingling sensation in my pussy. Well Lyle and his familiar 8 inches was next and I quickly got every bit of him. I gave Lyle my full attention, despite knowing what was going to be coming my way next. I sword swallowed my boyfriend’s 8 inches and flicked my tongue at his balls which makes Lyle tremble. Then I held the head of his dick in my mouth and jerked the shaft until he came, smiling of course.

I downed Lyle’s warm load and looked up at the three studs at my disposal. Lyle and Mark helped me to the middle of the bed and I layed down on my back. Brian crawled up between my legs, kissing my thighs along the way until he found what he was looking for and went down on me.

Brian knows what he’s doing down there but I was experiencing a feeling I had never realized before so I raised Brian’s head up and said, “Show me your tongue.”

He smiled and opened his mouth the point the longest damn tongue I’ve ever seen at me and wiggled it. Well I was shocked and amazed but didn’t want to waste Brian’s talent so I just said, “Thanks, now put that puppy back to work.”

He kissed my thigh and replied, “My pleasure.”

Then went right back to munching and getting me off.

A few minutes later I saw Mark standing at the side of the bed. He put his hand on my knee and when I noticed he was hard and wearing a condom I said, “That’s what I’m looking for, Brian got me all warmed up with that snake so climb on and give me all of alsancak escort that.”

Mark got in position between my sweet thick thighs and slipped the head of his cock into my wet pussy. He started slow and gentle but when I started humping my big butt off the bed Mark took the cue and picked up his pace. It wasn’t long before Mark was pumping the full length of his manhood into me on every stroke much to my pleasure. And boy once again Mark exhibited some staying power I don’t know how long he kept pounding my ass into the sheets.

When he tensed up I figured he was ready to cum so I wrapped my legs around his hot little body, Mark pitched forward and I hugged him with my arms and legs as he shot his load. What a sweet feeling, well fucked and a warm man to hug.

Mark and I kissed then I let him roll out of my clutches. I was sweating but happy, horny and ready for the next in line. Lyle stoked my thighs then dove between them and went down on me, Lyle knows what he’s doing down there and I came more than once. I had my eyes closed and was just about to lock Lyle’s head between my thighs when he tickled the backs of my thighs making me shudder as he pulled back.

He was quickly replaced by a hard and condom clad Brian who quickly put his boner where it counted. This time I was prepared to get it good knowing the staying power Brian had. I was plenty wet and Brian eased his dick in me and got to it.

Brian really was inspired, he slipped my legs up onto his shoulders and it took some effort but he was able to pump his cock into me with attitude while holding my fat butt off the sheets. I guess it’s true, pussy makes you strong. I was impressed with Brian’s effort and pleased to be well fucked. Of course Brian showed he had the staying power, banging my pussy good for what seemed like forever. I don’t know how the boys developed their talent but damn it’s incredible to have them use it on me. Finally I think holding my legs up wore Brian down more than normal but hey, he made it special before he came with a sweaty smile.

Brian pulled out and I was barely able to take a breath before Mark was hugging my thighs and licking my clit. I could feel Mark was licking with something extra so I tapped him on the head and he showed me his extra large tongue. Not quite as long as Brian’s has but close and Mark’s monster is a little fatter. I just eased his head back down to where he was putting that pussy pleaser to work.

I was so happy getting everything I could hope for from three attentive guys, I didn’t know how I would ever be able to thank bornova escort Lyle for bringing me Mark and Brian. Of course they were more than happy with what they were getting.

With the job Mark was doing, flicking my clit and really finding the depths of pleasure with that snake I was in a state of euphoria but I knew Lyle was next in line to fuck me. After I came a couple of times I could see Lyle was rolling on a condom so I signaled Mark that he could take a break and prepared to fuck my boyfriend.

Lyle slid between my thighs with a big grin on his face. Sure he was happy to fuck me but he was also so pleased to see how much I was enjoying the incredibly satisfying time he had provided me. As he poked the head of his dick in my pussy I said, “You scored a big one with this night.”

He leaned forward over me as he pushed his big cock in farther and replied, “I love you so much I wanted to give you something special.”

I was so wet from everybody’s efforts Lyle easily slipped the head of his big dick in and almost instantly was putting every bit of his eight inches in on every stroke. I reached up to rub Lyle’s sides and just savor in another good old fashioned fucking.

When I felt Lyle tense up I pulled his head down between my tits and roughly rubbed his hair. He pushed his cock into me all the way and came with a sigh before easing down on top of me. We kissed and just enjoyed a peaceful moment in the midst of an awesome threesome. I didn’t mind that I spent most of my time on my back it saved some energy and I was getting it good in that position. Like when we did a round of tit fucks. Mark as always was first he was stiff and sat down lightly on my stomach. With a little lubricant I squeezed my fat jugs around his cock as he worked it in my cleavage. With my tits it would take a real monster cock for me to be able suck the head while someone tit fucked me but I was perfectly happy to just wait until my boys were ready and shift so I could get my lips around the head of some sweet meat when they were ready to shoot their wads.

Despite the pleasure I was sweating like it was a workout and I needed a little break from being the center of attention so I decided a second quick warm bath would refresh me and I took Lyle with me while Brian and Mark changed the sheets on the bed.

I glanced at the clock and realized I’d been sucking cock, getting fucked and sucked for nearly three hours and the boys were game to go the rest of the weekend. I put my hand over my pussy and thought, ‘This snatch is going to get pushed to the limit.’ But I also knew I was reaching heights of pleasure I had never even imagined.

Lyle and I sank into the warm bubbly water and gave each other a gentle cleansing and sensual massage. And then it was back to clean sheets, Mark, Brian and all the hot sweaty sex we could manage until we ran out of gas.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32