Gift of Fantasy

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Back to the fun stuff. Many thanks to Todger65 for taking the time to edit my ramblings.

Gift of Fantasy

A loving husband rewards his wife with an erotic gift



We had just pulled out of the garage and were barely started on our twenty-minute journey. My mind was nearly overwhelmed, and I was nervous as hell. I was having a hard time controlling my shaking and was glad that I had the steering wheel to grip as hard as I could. My thoughts were filled with what I hoped might happen and how we got to this point.

Not to put a fine point on it, but my wife Emma is the most wonderful and amazing creature on this earth. Yeh, I know opinions can vary on stuff like that, but I guarantee that if you met her, you would understand how I feel. First of all, her soul shines like a beacon of wonderful light. She makes the people around her feel lighter and more joyful just by her presence. I kid you not. I have seen her walk up to a group of people at a party and watched as every face lit up when she joined them, and she hadn’t said a word yet.

If she does that to relative strangers, can you even imagine how it feels when she gives you her unconditional love? Sometimes I am overwhelmed with the joy of it. Her love has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. I have become a much more empathic and caring person. I look to make friends now, unlike before when my suspicion of people’s motives lost me many opportunities. I am truly blessed.

There is not a duplicitous bone in her body. And speaking of bodies, wow! Her body exudes sexuality, a promise of sexual heights never dreamed of. The most wonderful thing about that is she keeps that promise. She loves sex and takes to it with joyfulness and an open mind. We don’t do BDSM or extreme fetish, but outside of that she has never once hesitated to try something. She as often as not, is the one wanting to try something that she has fantasized about, or seen in a porno, or just imagined out of the blue. She could have anybody she wants but she chose me, and I will be forever grateful. Did I tell you I was blessed?

We’ve never done the swinger thing. I’m a long way away from discovering everything I want to do with Emma. Why would I want another woman? Emma would do it if I asked, but only to make me happy. It isn’t something she wants at this point in our lives. She is open minded and is willing to discuss it in the future if I want to.

I know these things because we talk about everything. Our darkest secrets, our most shameful moments, our wildest fantasies, and our dreams have all been discussed in detail. I hide absolutely nothing from her. Well, except for this one thing. The thing I’m driving us to right now.

We met at a housewarming party for my neighbor. I was a twenty-five-year-old owner of a house I had inherited from my parents. I was walking through my new neighbor’s crowded living room, when through a gap between people I saw her face. She had just turned in my direction and our eyes locked. I was drawn to her like a moth to a flame. It was difficult to get close enough to talk to her. She was surrounded by people utterly focused on every word she said.

She stopped talking and kept her eyes on mine as I wended my way through the crowd. When I got close, she began to move toward me and the crowd sort of parted in front of her. ‘No chance in hell this goddess is going to be interested in you’ ran through my brain and I pushed the thought away. Nothing was going to keep me from meeting her.

We stood inches apart and just looked at each other for the longest time. I stuttered out, “Hi… I uhm, I’m David.”

She smiled and it lit my heart. She moved her hand across the six inches that separated her hand from mine and held my hand, “I’m Emma. Can we go somewhere private? Just you and me?”

She held onto my hand and followed behind me as I weaved my way back through the crowd and out the front door. A few hundred feet later we walked into my house. I turned toward her and her lips met mine for the first time. I cannot describe how utterly intense that first kiss was. We kissed with such need and passion that I was nearly overwhelmed. In that moment we both knew that we were destined to be together. We talked about that after we were married and we both agreed that it was true, we had both felt it.

We let the kiss live its own life. After that we sat on my couch and talked as we touched. We couldn’t stop touching each other because we needed to reassure ourselves that the other person was real. Several hours later I cooked dinner for her. We talked and ate like we had been together forever. Then, without a word, I took her hand and we went to my bedroom. We made love that first magical time and that sealed the deal for both of us. She stayed the night and the following day we began moving her in. We had a nice little wedding six months later.

Over five amazing and wonderful years she has been my wife. I wanted to do something just batıkent escort for her to thank her in some small way for the life she had given me. I work in manufacturing as a supervisor which means I go to work before Emma wakes and get home before she does. Emma is a therapist, specializing in PTSD. She hears true horror stories and tries to repair the damage that they have caused. She has done that every weekday, week after week, for years and has never once let it change her as a person. Every day that she walks into the house after work and sees me waiting, her face breaks out in a wonderful smile.

Today was no different, until it was different. As soon as she smiled, I did what I normally do and pulled her into my arms for a big kiss. I let her go and smiled, “It’s Friday and we are going to do something different. Tonight is for you, and I have something very special planned. Before we begin, I have some instructions that you must follow. First, you cannot ask any questions. It will all become clear to you as it happens. The rest is easy. Please go upstairs and get ready for a romantic night out. I have picked out what you are to wear. No deviations are allowed. Wear the clothes I picked for you, nothing more, and nothing less. We will be leaving at 6:30, so please be on time.

I had never picked out her clothes for her. Not only was she perfectly capable of doing that herself, but she was also damn good at it. She always looked great, and I never had a complaint. This night I wanted to ensure that she wore clothing more appropriate for what I had planned. I wasn’t leaving anything to chance.

When she got ready to dress, she found The Little Red Dress waiting for her. It had a plunging neckline that made wearing a bra on her beautiful c-cup tits look ridiculous. The hem was well above the knee and strategic slits in the fabric revealed a ton of leg when she walked. Matching thigh high stockings and a little red thong rounded out the clothing. Three-inch red heels brought her height up to five-foot eight. The dress was just barely opaque enough to hide her breasts and just thin enough display her erect nipples. The erect nipples assured me that she was excited and looking forward to whatever came next.

My meanderings into memory had taken the edge off and the remainder of the drive passed quickly. I pulled into the hotel parking lot and found a spot near the entrance. I kept my expression as neutral as possible as I walked around the car and opened the door for my confused wife. I popped the trunk and pulled out the suitcase I had packed for her. Her eyebrows raised when she saw it. I took her hand, and pulling the suitcase behind me, walked her to the hotel entrance. I’m sure at that point she thought we were going to spend the weekend at a nice hotel. It was a high-end hotel and it offered a lot of amenities.

Much to Emma’s surprise we walked right by the front desk and got onto the elevator. We got off on the fifth floor and walked down the hall to room 515. I knocked on the door. Emma was again surprised when a very handsome man who looked to be about forty opened the door. He took Emma’s hand and spoke in a deep bedroom voice, “Hello Emma. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

He took the suitcase from me and set it inside. Emma looked over her shoulder at me as he pulled her into the room. Once Emma was fully into the room, he reached over and closed the door, leaving me standing outside. I walked down the hall and exited the hotel. I pulled the car up to the main entrance and looked at my watch. The fifteen-minute countdown had begun.



My wonderful husband surprised me when I came home from work today. He had something special planned for me. It was all so mysterious, and I was almost giddy with excitement. I followed his instructions and prepared myself for a romantic evening. David would surprise me with a romantic evening on a regular basis. This evening seemed different, and I couldn’t wait to see what he had in store for me. I dressed in the clothes he provided and we left the house.

When we walked into the hotel, I thought I had it figured out. He had arranged a romantic weekend for us at this swank hotel. It reminded me of how thoughtful he was. When he passed the front desk, I thought he must have checked us in earlier in the day. What surprised we was when he knocked on the door and a man out of one of my fantasies answered it. I will admit that when the stranger took my hand and spoke to me in his deep voice I was mesmerized for a moment. When he shut the door in David’s face, I was ready to panic.

The stranger held a hand up as if to say, “Hold on a minute.” He then handed me a letter.

Dearest Emma,

Words are not enough to say how wonderful it is to be your husband. I want you to have something that shows you in some small way how much I love you. The room you just entered is the gateway to an adventure with one beşevler escort goal, your pleasure. I have selected a few of your favorite fantasies for you to experience. I want you to have fun, be joyful, and most of all, have great sex. Your hosts will provide you with direction and information as needed. I will be waiting for your call when you are done.

If you decide that you cannot accept my gift, it will change nothing between us. This was all planned for you and you are ultimately in control. After I left you in the room I went to the car and started a fifteen-minute timer. If you decide to stay, and I hope you will, you don’t need to do anything. I will leave after fifteen minutes. If you decide to leave, please do so before the timer is up. By now, you are probably down to ten minutes.

You are my one true love, forever and always,


I read the letter twice, then read it again. I looked up and the stranger had a gentle smile on his face, “Are you ready to begin Emma?”

One thing I cannot do is think too much about the bad side of things. I am not a worrier. My focus is nearly always on the positive. It was glaringly obvious that David was planning for me to have sex, and not with him. I stood there for the longest time worrying about my husband. I read the letter again and confirmed that he wanted me to do this, whatever this is. He not only wanted me to, but he had also spent who knows how long setting it up. So, I did the only thing that made sense. I looked at the stranger’s handsome face, “Yes.”

His gentle smile turned into a feral grin and his voice had a growl to it, “Take your dress off now or I’ll rip it off. Do it!”

Even knowing that this was the start of one of my fantasies, I began to shake with fear. He lunged at me, and I quickly unzipped my dress. It dropped to the floor, and he grabbed my arms. He threw me onto the bed and my legs ended up hanging off the side. He grabbed my legs and pulled me completely onto the bed. There were chains secured to the top of the bed. He climbed onto the bed and straddled me before securing my hands in the cuffs attached to the chain. He climbed off the bed and began to undress.

Soon he stood naked, watching me for what seemed like forever. I was fearfully watching his lust filled face when I noticed movement further south. I looked down and watched as his long, thick, cock became erect. Without saying a word, he climbed onto the bed and moved between my legs. He began to squeeze my breasts and pinch my nipples. Then he pulled my thong aside and his hand roughly ran up and down my crotch. He grinned as showed me his wet hand. I was looking at his raging erection as he wiped my wetness on it. I couldn’t believe how aroused I was.

He didn’t kiss me or attempt any foreplay. What he did do was grab his big cock and position it at my opening. I felt the head enter me, then he plunged in deep. He began hammering his cock into me and I found myself thrusting my hips up to meet him. The first orgasm swept over me within seconds of him plunging into me. I never bothered to count after that. The handsome stranger owned me. He fucked me like what I wanted had never mattered to him. He fucked me like I was his fuck toy.

He hammered his cock into me for minute after minute until I felt him stutter in his motion. He pulled his cock from my spasming pussy and knee walked up, straddling my tits. He pushed the head against my lips, “Open your mouth cunt or I’ll make you open it.”

I opened my mouth and he shoved his cock into it. He stopped just short of choking me with it, stroked his cock a few times, and shot his load into my mouth. I almost had an orgasm from that alone. After he emptied himself in my mouth his hand gripped my jaw, “Show it to me cunt.”

I opened my mouth and showed him the massive load he had left in my mouth. He grinned evilly, “Now swallow it.”

I closed my mouth and swallowed. He took a short break and drank some water. He never offered me any or spoke a single word during his break. A few minutes later he fucked me again in the same way. This time he had more staying power. I don’t remember him cumming, but by that point I was nearly delirious from the orgasms and barely aware of time passing. He must have though, because I do remember the cum shooting in my mouth again and him making me swallow. Having satisfied himself, he got off the bed, and put on his clothes. On his way out the door he dropped a business card on the entry table, “Here’s my card. I will be back in town in two weeks. Call me then and maybe I’ll fuck you.” He walked out the door without another word. I was a sweaty mess, and my hands were still locked in the cuffs.

One evening David and I were basking in the afterglow and talking about fantasies. A common one we had read about on Literotica was the devilishly handsome older man picking up the hot married woman in the hotel bar. He would then give her the romantic fucking of büyükesat escort her life while her husband waited at the bar. She would be forever changed and would remember her experience with great fondness.

I had thought about that for a while and decided a twist to the scenario would make it much more exciting. What if he turned out to be a domineering asshole that used the wife like a fuck toy? The idea turned me on a lot for some reason. I don’t usually like rough sex because I bask in the closeness lovemaking gives me. I guess the thrill was in being forced to orgasm while being ravaged. She would be his fuck toy and he would make her orgasm over and over, in spite of her resistance. She would never be able to tell her husband the truth about what happened because he would never understand it. I should hate it, but in fact loved the lack of control. Obviously, David had noticed how much the fantasy had aroused me.

I looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table. I had been in the room for two hours. I was still very much aroused and I wondered if anyone was going to free me from the bed. I kept glancing at the clock, but the hands refused to move at the speed they should. A half hour that felt like a day passed before I heard the room door unlock.

I saw movement out of the corner of my eye but couldn’t get a clear view. Suddenly a face appeared above me. A devastatingly handsome man, roughly in his mid-twenties, smiled down at me, “Hi, I’m Steve. Let me get you loose.”

He released the cuffs binding my wrists and gently pulled me up, “Let’s get you cleaned up and fresh for your massage.”

He picked me up and carried me to the bathroom. He set me on my feet next to the shower and began to strip. I watched as he pulled his shirt up over his head, revealing an extremely well developed body. His washboard abs looked hard as granite and his pectoral muscles moved hypnotically. He wore spandex shorts that left nothing to the imagination, and I could easily see the outline of his flaccid cock. He shoved the shorts down, picked them up, and laid them on the counter. He stood before me like a naked Adonis.

I didn’t object in any way when he knelt down and pulled my thong off. That little chore finished, he turned on the shower and made sure that the temperature was correct. He gently guided me into the shower and began to wash me. He didn’t miss a single inch of my body. He didn’t do much that was overtly sexual, yet he had me so aroused it was unbelievable.

He ran his hands over me as he rinsed me off, making me tremble. He dried me off with a large Turkish towel before drying himself off. He put his pants back on and we walked out of the bathroom to find that the suite had been re-arranged, along with a new addition.

Another Adonis was waiting for us by a massage table. Steve picked me up and sat me down on the table, “Emma, I would like you to meet Lee. He will be helping with your massage.”

I couldn’t help but notice that he was wearing the same spandex pants that his partner wore, and that was all he was wearing. Steve had me roll onto my stomach and the two men started in on me. How do I describe my arousal, the need that built in me, as their four hands manipulated my body? They combined massage with foreplay and by the time they had me roll onto my back I was reaching out for both their cocks.

Steve was the first to lose his pants, followed shortly thereafter by Lee. Their cocks were long and fat, and I couldn’t decide which one I wanted in my mouth first, Steve’s angry red cock or Lee’s dark black cock. I tried to grab both, but they wouldn’t let me. They constantly let their cocks get within inches of my hand, and sometimes my mouth, teasing me until I wanted to scream.

Their hands continued a journey of discovery and I don’t think they missed a single part of my body, with a couple of exceptions. They carefully avoided my tits and my pussy as they continued to tease, massage, and arouse me. By this point I was trembling with need and decided that if they weren’t going to help me, I would help myself. When my hand wandered to my crotch, Lee grabbed it and shook his finger at me. Seconds later they began massaging my tits. I swear I almost orgasmed from them playing with my tits!

After an eon of torture, they finally touched my pussy. Their hands coordinated well as they played my clit and my pussy like dueling violins. They brought me to the very peak and stopped. I have never been so close to an orgasm in my life, just to have it taken away. I remember shouting, “You assholes! Stop screwing around and fuck me!”

Steve picked me up and carried me to the bed. He got on with me and laid down on his back. He had me straddle his face and his tongue re-started the torture. He brought me right to the peak again. This time was different. As I approached orgasm Lee slid his cock into my aching pussy. I don’t remember much of the details after that except constant ecstasy.

Over the next hours one would fuck me while the other either played with my body or sank his cock in my mouth, sometimes at once. It was the most amazing experience of my life. I can’t say whether I had multiple orgasms or just one continuous one. All I know is that it was a mind blowing and life altering experience. At some point exhaustion overcame me and I remember nothing after that.

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