ghbourhood Watch Ch. 02

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She had told him to come back tomorrow. Told him, “come by tomorrow and we’ll talk”. They certainly had a lot to talk about.

Graham Sawyer had caught Karen Shaw having an affair. Watched her get fucked six ways from Sunday by a man other than her husband. And now he supposed, she wanted to talk her way out of it.

As he knocked on the door of the very same house that, not 24 hours earlier, he had silently crept into to watch his parents’ neighbour’s adulterous act, he swallowed hard and wondered just exactly how the subsequent conversation would unfold. She opened the door and hurriedly ushered him in, taking a quick glance around to see if anyone saw him come in.

Karen looked as desirable as ever to Graham. He had been infatuated with her for as long as he could remember, but he had never wanted her as much as he did at that moment. Despite the fact that she was over 20 years his senior, his mother’s age, her body was still in fantastic shape for a mother of two.

She was wearing a pair of grey terry tapered pants and a dark blue, drapey off the shoulder t-shirt that flowed off her well toned and curvy frame. Her hair was nicely shaped and very full, the loosely curled blonde coif just reaching her shoulders.

“So, it looks like we have a problem.” She stated abruptly, her tone firm and stare reticent.

“I… umm, I guess.” He stammered as he walked into the living room, not really sure what to say.

“Well?” She pressed as she followed him. “What are we going to do about it?”

“Well, I…” He shrugged, still as a loss for words.

“Have you told anyone?” She cut him off. “About what you saw last night?”

“No.” He answered and took a deep breath.

“Good, good.” Karen sighed in relief. “Maybe we can work out some kind of… arrangement.”

Graham swallowed hard and forced a slight smile, her attitude both intriguing and arousing. She could sense his contrasting reactions and decided to step things up, making her way closer and slowly walking around and then stopping behind him, her body inches away from his.

“Tell me something,” She whispered, her mouth so close that the heat of her breath washed over the back of his neck as she spoke. “Did you like what you saw?”

“What?” He asked, shifting his weight uncomfortably, not quite sure what to say next. “I, umm…”

“Did you like watching me get fucked?” She cut in, sending a rush of blood flooding to his dick with her words.

“Yes.” He answered quietly and honestly, his mind blown by the direction their conversation had taken.

“And did you jerk off while you watched?” She followed up.

“Wh… what?” He stuttered, each sentence out of her mouth sending him into more of a state of shock.

“Did you jerk off?” She repeated.

In his wildest dreams he had never imagined this. He had no idea how this encounter was going to turn out and was at an almost complete loss in finding the words to reply.

“Yes.” He finally managed Bycasino to utter, his cock stiffening rapidly at the memory of stroking his cock to the sight of his fantasy woman getting fucked.

“Did you come?” She whispered.

“Yes.” He sighed, feeling Karen’s body softly press against his, the unmistakeable feeling of her firm breasts connecting with his back making him feel a bit light headed.

“Did you wish it was you?” She asked, her lips practically touching the back of his neck as she spoke. “Did you wish you were the one fucking me?”

“Yes.” He answered immediately, his pulse continuing to quicken as he took in her words.

“And do you want to fuck me now Graham?” She continued as she moved around to face him.

“God yes.” He replied, never having wanting anything more.

“Then I don’t think we should have any problem sorting out that arrangement.” She announced, a devilish grin across her face and wild look in her eye. “Take off your shirt.” She instructed.

She took in his attractive profile – his square jaw, sandy hair, ruggedly handsome features and tall, athletic build. He pulled his t-shirt off over his head, unveiling his chiselled, muscular frame. With a clinical eye, she surveyed the evidence of his physical regimen – the washboard stomach, the pectorals like twin shields, the swelling biceps. Her eyes widened with desire.

“Very nice,” She complimented, sitting on the sofa in front of him. “Now show me that cock.”

His head was spinning. He still had not completely wrapped his mind around what was occurring. Everything had happened so fast. Regardless, he complied with her order immediately, undoing his belt and unzipping his jeans.

“Mmmm…” Karen breathed in approval, her eyes widening as he slid his pants and boxers down to his knees, unleashing his thick manhood. “Stroke it for me.” She ordered as she positioned herself on the sofa in front of him.

He obliged without hesitation, his right hand quickly wrapping around his dick and beginning to move up and down his stiff shaft.

“Tell me Graham,” Her hands slowly making their way to the tie at the waist of her pants as she spoke. “How long have you wanted to fuck me?”

“Since I was a teenager.” He replied as he watched her undo the drawstring of her pants and lower the material, exposing a pair of pink, floral-patterned, wide lace-trimmed, hip hugger panties.

“You’re a bad boy.” She continued as she kicked off her pants. “You wanted to fuck your hot older neighbour, your mommy’s friend.”

All he could do was nod his head yes as she pulled her shirt up and over her head, revealing her push-up bra. The pace of his stroking continued to increase as she slowly slipped one of her hands under the waist of her panties and gently begin stroking her clit. Her eyes locked onto his as she slid her finger up and down her slit while her other hand began softly caressing and squeezing one of her breasts.

“Tell me what you want.” She Bycasino giriş demanded as she pulled her bra down beneath her boobs and continued to massage them. Her other hand remained in between her legs, her fingers gliding across her pussy lips and clit.

“I wanna fuck you.” He answered, his mouth watering involuntarily as he watched her fingers pinch one of her already stiffening nipples.

“Oooh, I like hearing you say that word,” Karen moaned, clearly enjoying herself.

Graham could not believe the words coming out of his mouth. A shudder of adrenaline ran through his body as he watched her pull her hand out of her panties and insert three fingers into her mouth, then return them swiftly in between her legs.

“Do you want me to take care of that for you?” She asked as her eyes locked on his rigid hard-on, her pussy getting wetter by the minute. “”Do you want me to suck your cock?” She asked, staring deep into his eyes as she did.

“Uh huh,” He sighed, and without a wasted movement, swiftly moved into position beside her, his crotch at a perfect level to her head. Much to his delight, she immediately pulled her hand away from her tit and took hold of his manhood. He let out a low groan as she slid the tip in between her soft lips.

“Oh God yes.” He growled in appreciation.

Her mouth enveloped his cock hungrily as her other hand remained busy in between her legs. She bobbed her head back and forth, gliding her lips and tongue up and down his entire shaft as she continued to masturbate.

His eyes rolled back in his head in ecstasy. One of his hands instinctively moved to the back of her head and his fingers intertwined with her blonde curls. In perfect harmony, he began to pull her head towards him as his hips rocked back and forth – fucking her mouth slowly and steadily.

“Fuck me…” He sighed.

He was not sure how long he would be able to last if she kept it up. Not wanting to derail his once in a lifetime opportunity to fuck her with any premature endings, he gave a gentle tug on her hair and pulled his dick out of her mouth.

Neither one said a word as he guided her up onto her feet and positioned her leaning over the arm of the sofa. She felt his warm hands slide her sopping wet panties down her legs and onto the floor. A quiver shook through her entire body as she felt the tip of his cock gently brush against her pussy lips.

“Tell me what you want.” She whispered. “Tell me what you’re gonna do.”

“Fuck you.” He replied quickly. “I’m gonna fuck you.”

As he finished the sentence he drove his cock deep into her pussy, his words turning into a deep, guttural moan as he began pumping into her hard and fast. In turn, groans of pleasure were her only audible response as her blonde curls swung back and forth in front of him in rhythm with his thrusts.

“Fuck yes!” Karen finally managed to utter as his heavy balls smacked against her engorged pussy lips with each slam. “Fuck me! Fuck Bycasino güncel giriş me! Fuck me!” She chanted as she rocked her hips back in time with each thrust of his groin.

Graham reached around her body and groped for her breasts. She was breathing heavily now, and let out a low moan as he found her nipple and began to squeeze and pinch it between his fingertips.

“Yes baby, yes!” She wailed in response, turning her head back to make eye contact with him as the sound of their flesh slapping together echoed almost as loud as her voice.

The couple quickly repositioned themselves, with him sitting on the sofa. She whipped off her bra and straddled him, her dripping cunt hovering overtop of his hard dick. Their eyes locked onto each others as she lowered herself down onto him, her cunt lips hungrily sucking in his manhood. As soon as he was fully inside of her, she rose back up and then slid back down on his shaft, slowly at first, but rapidly increasing with each turn.

“Oh baby,” she moaned as she glided up and down. “Tell me how long you’ve wanted to fuck me.”

“Oh fuck, ever since I could remember!” He answered truthfully. “You’re so fucking sexy!”

“You’re such a bad boy!” She giggled as she rocked back and forth on top of him, impaled on his rock hard cock. “You like fucking an older, married woman?”

“Fuck yes!” He growled as he tried to match her motion with upward thrusts of his hips.

“That’s so naughty baby.” She replied with another chuckle as he leaned forward and took one of her nipples into his mouth. “Show me how much you like it.”

She squeezed her eyes shut and ran her hands through her tangled, golden curls as her new lover removed his lips from her tit and replaced them with his hands. He fervently squeezed and massaged her breasts as she tossed her hair from side to side as she bounced on his dick.

“Fuck yeah!” She cried out, the tempo of their fucking increasing with each plunge down onto his shaft. “Tell me how much you like baby! Tell me how bad you wanted it!”

“I fuckin’ love it! I love fuckin’ you!” Graham yelled in response overtop of the sound of their flesh slapping against one another. “I wanted this so bad!”

“I know you did baby,” Karen cooed at his admission.

He had no idea how much longer he would be able to last fucking his fantasy woman, but he was determined to finish on a high note. Reaching up, he grabbed a handful of her messy curls.

“Tell me how much you like it!” He demanded. “Tell me how bad you wanted it!”

“Oh yes baby!” She cried out, clearly impressed by his newfound bravado. “I love it baby! I love fuckin’ you! I wanted it so much baby!”

“Show me!” He demanded as she continued thrusting harder and faster on his dick.

“Fuck me!” She screamed, her hand shooting down in between her legs and attacking her clit as she bounced up and down. “Fuck my slutty pussy baby.”

He could not take it anymore. With a final grunt he took hold of her hips and pulled her down onto his pulsating cock as he exploded. Slowly she tilted her head down and locked lips with him in a deep, passionate kiss.

“Aren’t you glad you came by to talk?” She whispered. “I told you we could work something out.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32