Getting Turned On By Daddy

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Tony sat on his porch, thinking about his life. His wife died when their daughter was 10, now at 20 years old she is a very beautiful young lady. He had dated a little after his wife had died, but he never brought any of them home. He watch his daughter, Eve growing from a little girl unsure of her self, to a bright funny adult. Her current boyfriend, was from an old family. Tony didn’t like him, but he didn’t ever tell her. He heard the church bells ringing, Eve would be home soon. Across the street he saw Mr. Franks, an 50 year old man with a 20 year old lover. Tony just didn’t know what she saw in him.

“Hey Dad, What are you doing out here?” Eve ask.

“Just sitting here thinking about life and how happy I have you with me.” he said.

“I love you to Daddy.” she said giving him a kiss on his lips. He watch her walk away. She had a sexy little wiggly when she walk. Tony didn’t know what he was going to do, he’s been having feelings and thoughts about her for a little over three years now. And lately it’s getting harder and harder to keep them at bay. Getting up, he went into the house to eat lunch. Walking into the kitchen he saw that she had change into short, shorts, and a tight fitting halter top.

Eve was getting dress for her date with Randy when the phone rang.

“Eve, it’s Randy, he’s in Boston and he wont make it for your date tonight.” Tony yell up.

“Thanks Dad.” she said. She was mad this was the fourth time in as many weeks he call off at the last minute. Dialing the number she ask the person on the other end something, and hung up. She need to tell her dad about Randy. Walking down the hall to his study, she open the door and stop in her tracks. He was sitting there watching a porn on the TV and was stroking his monstrous cock. She’s never saw one that large, compared to Randy, Randy’s cock was a little boys. She saw he had his eyes close, and saw his body stiffen then she saw his cum shot up into the air. Stepping back out in the hallway, quietly closing the door. She went back upstairs.

Tony was coming back from his nightly walk when he heard someone out by the pool. He went around the house to the side gate, there he saw Eve wearing the tiniest bikini he’s seen in a long time. He saw her go under the water, and come up wearing no top. Feeling guilty about watching her, but he couldn’t turn away. He watch as she cupped her tits, pushing and squeezing them. His cock was getting hard. He quietly open the gate and hide in the brushes. He continue to watch her. She threw her bottoms on the grass next to the pool. When he saw he hand go down under the water, he pull out his cock and jerk off, while her fingers play with her pussy.

He laid in bed that night thinking about her in the pool, his cock got hard again. He slip off his pj’s bottoms, and slowly he stroke his cock. {the phone rings}

“I got it dad.” she called out. Closing his eyes he fantasize, that his daughter was doing a strip tease right there in his room. As her clothes came off he got harder. He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t know Eve had just walk in the room. In his mind he watch his daughter lean over and lick his cockhead.

“Suck me baby, suck daddy’s cock.” he said.

Eve was taking back for a minute, but the more she thought about it the more she wanted to know what it would be like to have that in her mouth, and inside her body. Walking over to his bed she lean over and kiss his forehead. He stop what he was doing, looking up at her he saw her smiling.

“Would you really want me to suck your cock for you Daddy?” she ask him. Looking at her, and seeing her for the first time as woman who could give him a pleasure that no other woman could.

“Yes Eve I would love for you to suck my cock.” he told her.

“What were you thinking about while you were stroking your cock.?” she ask.

“I was fantasizing that you were doing a strip tease for me, then you came over and lick, and kiss my cockhead.” he said.

She got all tingles and excited.

“Have you lock up the house Daddy, If not go do it now and I’ll change into something more sexy and I’ll met you back here in a few.” she told him. As he was walking pass her , she stop him, putting her arms around him she gave him a sex hungry, mind blowing kiss. Kissing her back he gave her his tongue, with their tongues dancing he pull her closer to his body and she could feel his hard cock against her tummy. Letting each other go, she went to change and he went to lock the house up. A knock came at her door.

“Honey are you sure you want to do this?” he ask.

“Very sure Daddy, go put on some music and pull down your shades, I’ll be right in.” she told him thru the door. Finding what she was looking for she put it on.

Opening his door she heard the music playing low. Walking into the room and closing the door. He look up and saw her, she look a woman who knew how to please a man and he was going to be that man tonight. Closing her eyes she got into the music. Swaying she slowly peel her top down to reveal a sheer black bra, dropping the top to the floor. She ran her hands over her tummy up to her tit’s, working her way down to her hips. She unzip her shorts, revealing her matching undies. Moving close to the bed she use the bed post for her dancing and lifting her legs up, she caress her long legs, then she walk over to him undoing her bra. She drop it on his lap, landing on his hard cock. Her eyes look at him as she slide her undies down her hips.

“Oh Baby I’m so fucking hard right now I don’t think I’ll last as long as I’d like to. Oh please kiss my cock.” he said huskily. Eve lean over and lick his cockhead, then she place a big wet kiss on his tip.

“Oh sweet Baby girl, feels so good. Mmmmmm yes.” he moaned. He watch as she crawled between his legs, taking his cock in her hands she caress his cock lightly, and slowly her strokes turned to rubbing and then to pumping. She leaned over and lick the length of his cock. The soft velvet feeling of her tongue running over his cock sent him into outer space, and he loss no time in moving his cock down her throat. Her was bob up and down faster and faster. When she heard him .


Pulling her on top of him, he kisses her mouth as he squeezes her ass cheeks. Taking a breath she looks at her dad.

“I came in to tell you that Randy wont be coming around anymore, he was caught in bed with a girl he’s been seeing in Boston.” she said.

“I’m not sorry if your not Honey, and not after having you suck my cock.” he said. Tony roll her over to lay next to him. His hand caress her face, tracing her lips he slip his finger in her mouth.

“I love being in your mouth, but I like more if you want it too.” he said. He cock was getting hard again. She told him she wanted that to. Moving on top of her, he ease his cock in her pussy. Deeply buried in her, he cupped her tit’s and suck the nipple in his mouth. Taking his time he left kisses and love bits everywhere. She could feel his cock getting harder and bigger.

“Oh God, Please Fuck me, Fuck me Daddy.’ she yelled. Tony took her hands and pin them above her head and pull his cock out, leaving just his cockhead in, he slammed his cock, and slowly pulling back out he would slam back in. Over and over again he would do this. She was out of her mind now, never before had she had this much pleasure from having a man’s cock inside her. Daddy knew just where and how to please a woman. She look down where they were join together.

He knew he wasn’t going to last much longer, his cum was at the boiling point now ready to blow. He reach down and slip his finger up her ass. He fuck her pussy with his cock and he fuck her ass with is finger.


“I’M RIGHT THERE WITH BABY, HERE I CUM!!!” he yelled. After their body’s shuddering subsided, he roll to his side taking her with him. He kiss her telling her she had the tightest fucking pussy he’s ever been in. She told him she never had a cock as large as he.

“There’s more of me to love you with.” he said.

“So you mean that we can keep doing this forever?” she ask.

“Yes we can.” he said. They spent the rest of they’re lives making love every night.

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