Getting Rid of the Blues Ch. 04

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Back at the bar, Sue moved around the counter. Normally, she stays out on the other side at the waitress area. However, she wanted to be close to someone she could touch. She slipped next to John.

“Brandy please.”

Her hand slid across the front of his pants. John jumped for a moment and turned his back to his wife. He knew she had an incredible sex drive. He knew that he could never deny her an orgasm. But, they were at work. Work and play were two different things.

John whispered, “You know better than this. Jake might see us.”

Sue smiled, “I know. He hasn’t been out to play with us or the group in a while. Maybe it would do him some good to see me sucking you off behind the bar.”

John shook his head, “You know that we don’t do this in front of the customers.” He gently moved his wife out of the way so he could reach the brandy snifter. Sue pulled a dollar out of her pocket.

“I’ll give you a dollar if you let me kneel down and taste you for a second.”

John looked around the room. With the exception of the lady at the booth, there was only one other patron. He had his head down on the table at the opposite end of the room. John knew the guy was sleeping because he could hear him snoring over the jukebox. He looked back to the lady in the corner.

“What about her?”

“With the outfit she got on tonight and how she liked me looking at her breasts, I don’t think she’ll mind.”

John looked back at his wife and smiled. His cock still hadn’t gone down and Sue touching a few moments ago hadn’t helped it much. He would let her suck him and then he would go into the bathroom and finish it off. He couldn’t walk around with this kinda hard on all Zonguldak Escort night. He grabbed the dollar from her hand.

“Okay. But hurry up.”

Sue looked over and checked to see that Alex wasn’t looking. She dropped down quickly behind the bar and knelt in front of her husband. She unzipped his pants.

God, I love a man who goes commando!

John’s cock emerged from his jeans. The head was swollen and red. Though he was only half-hard, he knew it would still be a chore for Sue to get her mouth around him. Fate knows his wife would give a good go of it.

Sue’s mouth popped around the head. Her tongue automatically swirled around it. Her right hand settled at the base and began squeezing. After a few strokes and passes with her tongue, she got him lubricated enough to fit into her mouth. Sue could feel his cock pulsing and growing within her mouth. She absolutely loved that feeling. It reminded her of the stretching her pussy would take when he fucked her.

John closed his eyes for a moment. The feeling of his wife’s tongue around his cock was enough to drive him mad. He loved the pressure she used to stroke him. She knew every spot of his cock that caused him pleasure. His eyes opened again. The woman in the booth was watching him. The more interesting part was she was playing with her nipples though her shirt. John’s cock surged, and Sue had to back away for a moment to keep from choking on the head.

“She’s watching me.”

Sue let out a soft moan and began to stroke him faster. Her tongue was working circles around the head of his cock. She paid close attention to the ridge of it. John gritted his teeth. Sue knew the exact pace Zonguldak Escort Bayan to it took to get him off quickly.

“Slow down. I can’t cum like this,” he hissed.

Sue increased her stroking pace. Her saliva coated his entire cock and in one swoop, she pushed as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. Though she would never be able to deep-throat him, Sue knew she could get him to blow his load from other sensations. One of John’s knees started to buckle. Afraid her husband would fall on her, Sue let go of his cock. Pre-cum was oozing from the head of it.

“I better get her that drink,” Sue smiled as she stood up. She automatically glanced Alex.

Alex was not completely oblivious. She had seen Sue duck down behind the bar. She could tell that the bartender was having an incredible time by the look on his face. Alex was fascinated by the idea that these two people were so free with their affections with one another. She couldn’t stop watching even as Sue brought her brandy to her.

“Here ya go. Do you want to settle up now or later?”

Alex felt bold. Her clit was pulsing and her nipples were oddly sensitive. Playing with them while she watched the bartender had only heightened the sensation.

“Enjoying yourselves?”

Sue knew. She knew Alex was a straight-laced woman who was finally just beginning to explore her sexuality. It was evident in the change from one week to the next. Newcomers are often either too shy or too bold. She took a moment to look over Alex again. Sue could imagine laying back on her bed with Alex’s head between her legs. The feeling of the rich bitch’s tongue on her pussy lips and manicured Escort Zonguldak nails on her clit would make for a good orgasm. Sue could also imagine John sliding up between the bitch and entering her from behind. Her own pussy would dull the scream as John stretched another woman open. Sue knew this could be a woman to let all of those things happen and possibly more.

“Very much so.”

“Did he orgasm?”

“No, he can be a bit shy about it in public.”

“He doesn’t seem shy about you kneeling in front of him?”

“You mean me blowing him? Sucking on his head and stroking his cock?”

Alex blushed. She realized she was being a bit naïve about the situation. Here she was asking this stranger about her public sex act, and she was using very tame language.

“Yes. That’s what I meant.”

Sue placed her hand on the table and leaned forward. Alex was given a very good view of Sue’s cleavage. She could tell the waitress was wearing a red bra under her black shirt. Alex began to think of what it might be like to take the woman’s nipple in her mouth. Would this woman like the same amount of pinching that she did?

“Would you mind if I borrowed my husband for a few free moments? I think I like to take him in back and finish what I started.”

Alex swallowed hard. Sue was actually telling her that she was going to go fuck. Alex could feel the lips of her pussy thickening. The pulsing in her clit intensified. Sue started away from the table. She hesitated for a moment. Sue pointed towards the curtain in the corner.

“The store room is over there. You are more than welcome to watch if you want to.”

The air in Alex’s lungs stopped. She coughed. There was a definitely blush moving across her chest and up her neck. Soon, her face would be red too. Sue smiled back at her and then continued across the floor to the bar. She leaned across the bar and whispered something to the bartender. She then grabbed his hand and led him away from the bar to the storeroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32