Getting Fucked by Three Hot Men

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I sat on the bed, feeling nervous but also incredibly turned on. I was waiting.

Then I heard a key turn in the lock and felt shivers all over my skin. Who would it be?

A tall slim man entered the room. He had dark blonde hair and a wicked smile. It was my friend Christopher, a long-distance runner that I had been lusting after for several months. He was wearing jeans and a form-fitting t shirt that showed off his arms. His long, muscular limbs had been what first attracted me to him, and then I discovered a quick wit and an intense sexual chemistry between us, taking the form of lots of banter and flirting. When I found out that he was bisexual, I found myself oddly turned on by that fact. He smiled when he saw me sat on the bed, dressed in a little black dress and heels. I have long blonde hair, blue eyes, huge tits and a perfectly rounded ass.

“Hello you.” He said, “Who else are we waiting for?”

I smiled back at him.

“A couple of other friends.” I said teasingly.

He dropped the key, tied with a black ribbon that I had given him onto the bed and sat down next to me.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this…” He said seductively, running his hand along my thigh, leaning in close to me and letting his lips brush my neck. I let him start to kiss and caress me, and although I didn’t reciprocate, I did start to let out sighs and little moans of pleasure. Then I heard another key turn in the lock.

I sat up straighter, and looked eagerly towards the door – who would it be…?

A man of medium height entered the room, short dark hair and a muscular chest meant one thing to me – Rob.

Rob was a friend that I had met a long time ago… however we had also had a very intense flirtation. The thing with Rob was that he also had an intense flirtation with just about every girl on the planet – so I knew he wouldn’t be a good boyfriend, but for a night like this, he was just what I needed. It would be interesting to see if he could bear to share me the way so many have had to share him over the years.

“Ohhhhhh…. you look wonderful,” He said with a smoldering gaze. He came and sat down on my other side, never once taking his eyes off me.

“So konak escort are we waiting for anyone else?” Asked Christopher, who I noticed was looking at Rob with almost as much lust as I was.

“Just one more.” I answered, looking between both of them. “Why don’t we make a start?”

Chris pushed back a strand of my hair and kissed my neck, while Rob ran his hands down my legs all the way to my ankles and back up again… slowly, slowly. Chris had his tongue in my mouth by this point and was running his hands delicately across my chest, playing with the straps of my bra under my dress. I reached over to Chris’s jeans, which were beginning to strain over his clearly rock-hard dick. I touched his crotch through the material and felt him shiver. I undid his jeans quickly and delved into his boxers, feeling his raging hard-on and squeezing it gently in my hand. This made him shudder quite violently and wrench his trousers and boxers the rest of the way down, moaning out “suck me baby, please! I need my cock in your mouth!”

Rob was still stroking my legs, getting closer and closer to my ever-wetter pussy, and then he ripped off my panties and licked from back to front. I let out an involuntary moan, and my hips bucked towards him.

“You like that baby?” He murmured “You like me licking your wet pussy?”

“Yeesssssss…” I groaned as he pushed my dress further up my body so that he could get closer. I got up on my knees and he lay down underneath me and started licking and sucking on my clit almost immediately. The effect was electric – I could feel my whole body tingling.

Chris was watching with lust in his eyes, rubbing his hard cock. I turned back to him and took his cock in my mouth, running my tongue up and down the shaft and enjoying the little thrusting motions that he made into my mouth.

“Oh god!” he cried as he thrusted, “You give really fucking good head!” I took one of his balls in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it, totally coating it in spit and making him shudder in delight.

Rob was licking away at my clit, his tongue hard and pointy, causing me to grind down into his face, while his arms reached up my body, towards my breasts. He pulled down manisa escort the top of my strapless dress and squeezed my breasts, still in my bra, causing both me and Chris to let out an involuntary moan.

Suddenly, I heard the door close, and realized what it would mean. Should I turn around? Chris was already distracted, looking at the door; however Rob was still burying his face in my warm wet pussy. It felt so good that I shivered a little as I turned round to see the fourth and final member of our little party.

Joss and I had already made love on many occasions, and I was closer to him in a way that I wasn’t with the other two. He was only a little taller than me, has shaggy, dark hair, wide, muscular shoulders, and deep brown eyes that I could get lost in. He pulled off his shirt and came over to me, kissing me and slipping one hand inside my lacy black bra. I let out a sigh of delighted ecstasy and lay down on the bed, grabbing Chris’s cock in one hand. As I began to jerk Chris off, Rob, who had moved out from underneath me, undid his trousers and let them fall to the floor, exposing all of his gorgeously huge cock. I could see why he was a confident ladies man now, and he started teasing my pussy with his huge cock, pushing against it and nuzzling against my clit. I gasped in pleasure as he pushed it into my tight wet cunt and started, ever so slowly, to thrust in, out, in, out, in, out…

I took Joss’s cock in my other hand and jerked him and Chris off at the same time. Chris reached over and took Joss’s head in his hands, kissing him roughly, his tongue down his throat. Joss kissed back just as fiercely, their faces working together as I wanked both of their large, hard dicks. Rob started squeezing my breasts, flicking the nipples occasionally as he pushed into me, a little faster now, in, out, in, out, and Joss reached down to suck on my nipple. Chris did the same on the other side, and I felt my whole body rippling, I could feel an orgasm in there and I wanted these three gorgeous men to bring it out.

I took Joss’s cock in my mouth and began pumping up and down on it, as he gasped in appreciation. Chris played with my nipples roughly now, sucking on them hard, flicking menderes escort at them with his fingers “FUCK yes Chris! Don’t stop baby, don’t stop! Ohhhhhhh…”

Rob was fucking me hard now, his big throbbing balls slapping hard against my thighs spread wide. I was jerking up and down, making it hard to keep Joss’s dick in my mouth. I went back to having him and Chris in one hand each and them sucking and licking at my nipples.

“Fuck that feels so good! Fuck me harder! HARDER! YES YES YES!”

Rob started growling low and deep in his throat, getting louder and louder, “I Love your tight wet cunt! That’s it baby, grind into me. MMmmmmmmm, you like that? Yeah? OOoohh yess! Ohh baby I’m gonna cum!” He pulled his cock out of me and came all over my legs and my pussy, groaning with pleasure while he rubbed his head on my inner thigh.

Chris grabbed me by the hips and turned me over, pulling me up so that I was on all fours. I took Joss’s dick in my mouth again, feeling Chris enter me from behind. I pushed back against his crotch, sucking hard on Joss’s big cock and reaching up for his balls. I ran my fingertips all over his balls, knowing that he was getting close, as was I.

“Yes yes yes Chris, make me cum!!” I moaned at him as he thrusted into me, grabbing hold of my hips and pushing me back onto his cock.


I came in one long shudder, soaking his cock and dripping all over the bed.

Chris came seconds after, spraying his cum all over my ass and back. He sank to the floor with a moan.

Joss looked at me. “You got another one in there?” He asked with a smile. I nodded, and he lay down on the bed with his legs spread wide. I climbed on top of him, straddled his cock and lowered myself onto it. He gasped with pleasure as I began to ride his cock, grinding into him, slowly at first, but quickly picking up the pace so that I was riding him faster and faster.

He threw his arms out and gripped the bedclothes, pushing his hips up and his cock deeper into me. I could feel myself reaching climax for a second time, when he grabbed hold of my tits and I couldn’t hold out a second longer, shuddering and cumming hard.

He held out his cock and I sucked it, licking all of my juices from it, when he moaned out “Ohh baby, I’m cumming… I’M CUMMING!” And shot a load of cum all over my face, in my mouth, dripping down onto my tits.

We all lay there together, slightly wiped out, until Rob sat up.

“Same time next week?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32