Getting A Little Personal

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So I realize that most of you know from reading the intro at the top of my blog, that I am only turned on by the idea of incest…that it is only a fantasy for me. I have never had an attraction toward anyone in my family and have never, nor will I ever have sexual relations with any of them.

But…I wanted to let you all in on a little something that has been going on in my life recently. Something that has been developing over the past year. I haven’t spoken very much about my personal life, but I figure it is about time.

So about a year ago I met an amazing young woman named Kayden. She is much younger than I am…she being 22 and I being 40. We have maintained a healthy, free and open relationship in which we share all of our innermost thoughts and fantasies with one another. Quite a difference from my previous marriage to an untrusting control freak! It has been liberating to say the least. Kayden even knows about this blog. You may have seen me use her name in a few of my captions.

Well one night after a considerable number of drinks, we were both getting very nasty with the pillow talk and I told her how much I would love to have a threesome with her and her younger sister Kira (you’ve probably seen her name in my captions as well). She went along with it and gave me mind blowing oral sex while teasing me and asking me if I thought her 18-year-old sister would be able to suck my cock as well as she did. Well, to say that I came harder than ever that night would be an understatement.

The next morning when we were sober, we laid in bed and discussed the previous night’s adventures. Kayden asked me how much truth there was to what I had said about her sister Kira. I let her know that it was only a fantasy and that I didn’t expect any of it to become reality. But…I added that I would be lying if I said the idea of her and her sister passing my cock back and forth between them didn’t make me incredibly hard. Kayden took notice of the rapidly expanding bulge in my underwear and began toying with it through the material.

“Soooo…you would love it if Kira was here right now,” she began as she slid down between my legs and kissed the head of my cock gently through my boxer briefs.

“Oh god yes,” I moaned. Kayden pulled my underwear down slowly over my hips and my cock sprang free, slapping against my belly.

“I can tell.” She slowly and seductively licked its full length from under my balls, up the shaft, görükle escort all the way to the head where she paused. “Kira would love this big cock of yours, Joel. She is a slut just like her big sister.”

My cock twitched against her parted lips and a fair amount of precum leaked from the tip and began to run over the bulbous head. Her tongue darted out and swept all over its surface to catch it before it dripped down my shaft.

“You know that sisters tell each other everything, don’t you?” she asked as she teasingly parted her lips and gave the head of my dick a French kiss, taking it into her mouth and swirling her tongue around it before pulling her lips free with an audible pop. “I’ve told her everything about you…how big your cock is, how good your cum tastes, how good you fuck me…”

I watched with eyes wide as saucers, as Kayden took about a third of my cock into her mouth. A million things were running through my mind…a million questions that I had to know the answers to. Was this all true or was she just playing to my fantasy? Did she tell Kira about my fantasy involving the two of them? How did Kira react? And above all, how did Kayden feel about my fantasy? Looking up at me, Kayden smirked knowingly as her mouth plunged down another few inches until it felt the head of my cock hit the entrance to her throat. I decided to table my questions for the time being and let her do her thing.

She pulled her mouth up my cock’s length releasing it from her mouth with another loud popping sound. Then she bent her head sideways and wrapped her lips around the side of my shaft gently biting it like a dog with a bone in its mouth. She ran her lips up and down the surface and raking her teeth across the flesh every so often. I didn’t know how much truth there was to what she was telling me, but one thing was sure…something had her fucking turned on. I had never seen her quite like this before. I reached behind her and slid my cupped hand over her panty covered mound. My suspicions were confirmed. The material was hot to the touch and absolutely soaked through with her juices. This whole fantasy had her hotter than I had ever seen her.

Her head dipped between my legs as her tongue found its way under my scrotum and lifted one of my heavy testicles into her wide open mouth. She sucked it hard between her lips, bathing it with her tongue inside her mouth. She let it fall from her lips and looked up bursa escort bayan at me. “Imagine looking down here and seeing me sucking your balls like this, while Kira sucks on your big cock.” Kayden wrapped her tiny fingers around my shaft, pulling my hard prick against her cheek and rubbing it all over her face. I was dumbfounded as I watched her actually worshiping my cock.

I had pulled her panties aside as Kayden’s free hand worked two of its fingers into her dripping wet pussy. I pushed my index finger into her mouth and watched her suck on it and get it wet. She knew what was coming. I pulled my finger from her mouth as it dripped with her saliva and reached behind her. She moaned deeply and took my cock back into her mouth when she felt my finger slide between her cheeks, smearing her spit across her puckered anus. I teased her tight little hole, pushing the tip of my finger inside. Kayden shouted around my cock in her mouth with a garbled barely translatable voice, “OH FUCK!” She thrust her ass back against my hand trying to impale her butthole with more of my finger. I sank the entire length of my finger into her as she gasped. Then as she matched the rhythm of her own fingers in her pussy to that of mine pumping into her ass, Kayden responded by forcing her face down further on my cock until her lips touched its root. She gagged slightly as my dick throbbed in her throat. She then wormed her tongue out of her mouth to lick my balls.

Kayden pulled up and off my cock gasping for air and looked at me with tears streaming from her eyes. She pumped her fist up and down my well lubricated shaft and said ” Kira can deepthroat a cock like me too. I’ve seen her do it.” She plunged her face back down into my lap again and bounced her head up and down, fucking my cock in and out of her throat.

My brain was awash with new questions and I wished I had something to write with so that I would remember them all. Had she and her sister shared a man’s cock before? Visions flooded my mind of Kira looking up at me, with my dick deep in her throat and her tongue out lapping at my scrotum. Then Kayden’s face entered the picture, sucking my balls and licking around the base of my cock…along her sister’s lips…touching her sister’s tongue…

The vision was almost too much for me. I was very close. I pulled my finger from Kayden’s ass and lifted her up and onto my face so that we were now in a 69 position. She moaned bursa escort around my dick and pulled her fingers from her pussy which were promptly replaced by my tongue. I wet my finger in her cunt and again pushed it into her ass. Kayden gyrated her hips and ground her saturated mound onto my face. I knew she wasn’t far from orgasm either.

“Baby imagine I’m sitting on your face and making out with Kira who is bouncing on your big fat cock. Cum inside my sister’s pussy Joel, so I can lick your cum out of her!” And with that she buried my dick down her gullet all the way to the hilt holding it there.

“Ohhhhh FUCK!” I shouted into her pussy as I clasped my lips around her sensitive little bud and sucked it hard into my mouth. I knew we were both seconds away from blasting off and I wanted it to happen at the same time. I alternated between swirling my tongue around her clit and flicking the tip of my tongue across it inside my mouth. All the while my finger continued to fuck her tight asshole.

I could feel copious amounts of drool streaming from her mouth, over my balls and down between my legs as Kayden thrashed her head from side to side. My cock twisted back and forth in her throat as she did it. The feeling was unbelievable and I could hold back no longer. My hips began to involuntarily spasm and I let out one final moan which was quickly muffled by Kayden’s pussy. She bared down, violently fucking my face with her gushing cunt as I shot stream after stream of hot cum directly into her throat. Kayden and I both bucked our hips into each other’s’ faces for close to a full minute before she collapsed on top of me, allowing my spent cock to slide from her throat and mouth.

We both laid there groaning and gently kissing each other’s’ privates while our breathing and heart rates returned to normal. Finally after about five minutes or so, Kayden rose to her knees and crawled up up next to me. We held each other close looking into one another’s eyes. She smiled and gave me a deep, soul stirring kiss.

“That was…”

“Unreal.” Kayden finished my statement. That was the exact word I was going to use.

I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her close as she nuzzled my neck and threw a bent leg across my midsection. We just laid there basking in the afterglow of the most intense orgasms either of us had ever had. And we didn’t even have sex.

The questions that previously occupied my thoughts all began to trickle back into my mind. And there were a few new ones. Was my orgasm so strong because Kayden was playing into my fantasy with Kira? And was Kayden’s orgasm so intense for the same reason?

We certainly had a lot to talk about…

To be continued at a later date…

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