Geri’s Night Out Ch. 2

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Big Tits

Tommy and Pam led Geri into their large estate, and they sat her on the sofa. Tommy sat down beside Geri, and Pam left to make them some drinks. Tommy placed his hand upon Geri’s knee. Geri felt his cock stir beneath his short skirt. Tommy lightly rubbed up the fishnet stockings, caressing Geri’s thighs so tenderly. Geri softly moaned as Tommy’s hand slid beneath his skirt. Geri began wondering how Tommy would react when he found the surprise beneath his skirt. Geri started to say something, when Tommy’s hand rested upon his swollen cock. Tommy had a strange look on his face, but his hand remained upon Geri’s hard cock. As Tommy’s hand began lightly squeezing Geri’s throbbing erection through his panties, Geri reached between Tommy’s legs. Tommy was already rock hard, and Geri could feel his cock as it pulsated through his jeans.

Geri fumbled with Tommy’s zipper, and quickly removed his throbbing erection. Geri slid his hand up and down the thick swollen shaft, caressing the head between his fingers. Tommy tugged on Geri’s panties, and they slid over Geri’s rigid cock. Tommy’s hand lightly stroked Geri’s pulsating cockhead. Geri raised his ass from the sofa and slid his panties all the way off. As he stood next to Tommy, his cock only inches from Tommy’s mouth. Tommy leaned forward, and gently licked the oozing precum from Geri’s cock. Geri softly moaned as Tommy began to devour his 7 and 1/2 inch cock. Tommy’s tongue slid up and down the throbbing shaft. Geri jerked Tommy’s monstrous cock with furious rapid strokes. Tommy moved his mouth up and down Geri’s stiff cock quickly. Pam walked into the room with the drinks, and watched with glee as her husband sucked the pretty transvestite’s hard cock.

Her pussy immediately moistened, Şerifali Escort and she slid her hands between her legs. Pam sat the drinks on the coffee table, and began peeling her latex dress from her incredible body. Pam stood before the 2 totally naked now. Her pretty shaved pussy was glistening with moisture from her obvious excitement. Pam slid her finger up and down her wet pussy slit, and gently slid a finger inside of herself. She moaned and moved closer to Tommy and Geri. She knelt between Geri’s widely spread legs, and began licking his hairless balls as Tommy devoured Geri’s pulsating cock. “Oh yes, suck it baby” Pam moaned to her husband. Tommy moved his mouth up and down Geri’s hard cock even faster now. Pam’s encouragement excited him greatly. Pam gripped her husband’s thick erect cock, and began stroking him. She rubbed his slick precum all over his pretty cockhead, making it very wet. Her hand slid easily up and down Tommy’s large stiff cock. Tommy grunted, and began cupping Geri’s hairless balls with his hand.

Tommy lightly squeezed Geri’s balls as he took the mushroomed cockhead into his throat. Geri grunted, and his cum erupted into Tommy’s mouth. “Oh God” Geri moaned. Tommy eagerly swallowed his first load of cum, savoring it’s sweet taste. Pam was now deepthroating Tommy’s cock, letting him fuck her hot throat. Tommy moaned as he slammed his cock roughly into his wife’s mouth. Geri’s cum still splattered against the roof of Tommy’s mouth as it shot from the pulsating cock head. Tommy moaned, and his own cum shot into Pam’s hot mouth. Pam hungrily devoured each tasty drop as it spurted into her mouth. Tommy continued to suck Geri’s cock until it began to soften in his mouth. Tommy allowed Geri’s İstanbul Escort soft cock to fall from his mouth, and Pam slid her mouth from Tommy’s cock. Both men collapsed onto the couch. Pam slid her shaved pussy against Geri’s mouth, and his tongue slid against her swollen clit.

Geri eagerly licked at her luscious sweet pussy, inhaling her sweet musky fragrance. Tommy watched as the transvestite’s tongue flicked across his wife’s swollen clit. Pam groaned and rubbed her pussy against Geri’s mouth. Her body quivered and shook as she climaxed. Pam grunted loudly, her sweet pussy juices gushed into Geri’s mouth. Geri slid his tongue deep into the soft pink folds of her wet pussy, and he began to slowly fuck her with his tongue. Pam moaned and came again. As her climax subdued, she slid onto the couch. The 3 began to drink their now watered down drinks, and made small talk. Pam was feeling pretty horny now, and she took both guys cocks into her hands, and began stroking them. Both cocks began to harden as she slid her hands up and down their shafts.

Pam’s pussy was so wet and hot, she was dying to be fucked. She got on her hands and knees and begged Geri to fuck her from behind. Geri quickly obliged her, and his large cock slid easily into her wet pussy. Pam moaned loudly as Geri’s cock slammed deeply inside of her. Tommy was very horny, and he began smearing ky jelly on the head of his large throbbing cock. He squirted a generous amount on Geri’s ass, and began working his fingers in Geri’s asshole. Geri grunted and continued slamming his cock deeply inside of Pam. Tommy knelt behind Geri, and began pressing the monstrous head of his cock against Geri’s tight ass. Geri moaned as Tommy’s cock slowly slid inside Ümraniye Escort of his virgin hole. He thrust wildly into Pam’s pussy, as Tommy entered him deeper and deeper. Finally Tommy had his entire cock buried inside of Geri’s ass. Tommy fucked him hard and fast, without mercy. Geri howled as Tommy’s large cock slammed into his ass.

It hurt but also felt very good, and Geri groaned and shot his cum into Pam’s tight pussy. Pam climaxed as she felt the thick hot liquid shoot into her cunt. Tommy moaned and Geri could feel his large cock as it throbbed and pulsated in his ass. Suddenly he felt Tommy’s hot cum as it sprayed inside of him. It felt so good, Geri moaned, and continued to pump away inside of Pam, his cum still oozing from his cockhead. Tommy pumped wildly until the last of his cum oozed into Geri’s ass. Tommy removed his cock from Geri’s ass, and Geri withdrew from Pam’s pussy. The 3 collapsed onto the floor. All were quite tired and wore out. Pam watched as Tommy’s thick cum oozed from Geri’s gaping ass. She buried her face between Geri’s ass cheeks, and hungrily licked her husbands cum. Geri moaned as he felt Pam’s tongue slid into his ass. Tommy watched with glee. Pam cleaned all of Tommy’s cum from Geri, and they all got dressed. “Will you call me a taxi?” Geri asked. “Why not just spend the night” Tommy suggested.

Geri agreed, and they told him he could go shower if he wanted. Geri, showered, and cleaned himself up. Pam came into the bathroom as Geri was drying off. “Will you let me reapply your make-up for you?” she asked. “Sure, that would be great” Geri replied. Pam treated Geri like he was her best girlfriend as she fixed him up. Geri looked very hot and sexy as Pam finished applying the make-up. “Mmm, I have something nice for you to wear, too!” Pam said, leading Geri to her bedroom. She opened the closet, and took out a black leather teddy. She helped Geri put it on, and as she watched his cock harden she began to suck him.

To Be Continued…

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