Gay Pride Fuck Toy

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The pandemic is keeping me from going out and having sex with groups of strangers in public, and from having 20 or more strange men shoot their cum all over my face, which obviously isn’t the best way to keep from catching something infectious, and it is even taking away my opportunities to serve my black master. So I’ll write about something that happened this past fall. I’ve been dying to write about this incident, but have kept putting it off.

If you have already read my story about how a large hot black man blackmailed me with video of me sucking and getting fucked by dozens of men in a porn booth emporium, and made me suck him in a bar bathroom at lunch, you know who I’m talking about when I say that he continued to use me multiple times a week for months after that. He would text me on random days, often during lunch, and make me meet him some place where he would have me get on my knees and suck his cock until he covered my face in cum, often in semi-public places like bar and coffee shop bathrooms, and even once behind a dumpster downtown. Then he would make me leave and walk in public with his cum all over my face. He never let me go to his place, and I’m still not sure why other than he didn’t want me knowing where he lived, but he did make me go to a few parties full of mostly black gay men at his friends’ places, and he would show me off, make me suck his cock in front of everyone, and fuck me for them too. At all of those parties he made me suck and get fucked by many of the hot black guys at the party, and I would end up bukkaked and with cum dripping out of my ass.

That went on for months, and he filmed every one of those times on his phone, building up more and more blackmail material every time. He has always sent me the videos he took so I can watch myself from his perspective, on my knees sucking his cock until he jizzes all over my face, or of his friends taking me from both ends at once. It’s more and more blackmail material at the same time as it’s porn I masturbate to constantly.

The fall rolled around, and gay pride was scheduled for a whole weekend in the big city where I live. It just happened that my girlfriend went out of town for that entire weekend, leaving me at home, and my black master told me he would be taking me to pride on Saturday. I drove to a friend of his’ apartment early in the day, where my black master and three of his friends were there drinking. He gave me a powerful weed edible to eat and a big hit of ecstasy, along with two cialis, then made me strip completely naked and oiled up my entire body while his friends watched. Once I was naked and shiny, he pulled out a short chain (maybe a foot long) with alligator clips on each end. My nipples are extremely sensitive, so sensitive that I don’t find nipple play arousing, but he didn’t care and clipped those sharp little things on each nipple, attached by the chain. It hurt SO BAD, tearing into my nipples. He then put a collar on my neck that said CUM SLUT, with a leash attached, and finally handed me what I was allowed to wear, which was a tiny g-string. Finally, as I stood there naked and oiled up, nipples in pain while I wore a Cum Slut collar and leash, in nothing but a g-string that barely contained my cock (and probably wouldn’t contain it if I got hard, which I wasn’t at the time because of the insane nipple pain), he pulled out a red ball gag, pushed it into my mouth, and attached it around my head. I had never been dressed like that ever, and never been so vulnerable, but I had to go along because of all the life-ruining blackmail material he had.

In that predicament, with his friends laughing while also commenting on how hot it was to have a white slave, I saw my master pull out a black shiny butt plug, with a handle attached to it. It looked like a police billy club that had a butt plug on one end. He bent me over and lubed the plug and fingered some into my asshole, then started working it into my ass. It didn’t take that long to pop fully inside me, and he gripped the handle sticking like 5 or 6 inches out of my ass, to really work it and pump me with it. He made me go around the room so his friends could feel what it was like to have a nearly naked white slave controlled on a handle, my moans muffled by the ball gag. Then they all grabbed the coolers, chairs, blanket, and other things for pride in the park, and led me by the leash out to the car. I wasn’t wearing anything on my feet, not even sandles. The only clothing I had on was the tiny g-string, and the other slave decorations.

I sat between two of his friends in the backseat for the drive to the park. I had to slide way down and lift up my legs and spread them into their laps, more like I was lying back than actually sitting, since I couldn’t sit down because there was a handle sticking out of my asshole. We drove a few miles like that, with them fucking my ass with the plug and pulling on the chain the whole way. We were able to park less than a half mile from the epicenter of pride, the city’s biggest downtown park, and after we got out of the car they led me there Eskort Kız on a leash along the crowded sidewalks, surrounded by strangers, as close to naked as possible, my g-string pulled aside enough for the big black handle to stick out like a tail wagging as I walked. My master of course filmed the whole thing, my total humiliation from all angles, including seeing the shocked faces of people seeing me for the first time in my slave outfit.

We finally got to the park and it was thousands and thousands of gay and lesbian and trans people (and plenty of straight people) everywhere. Once in the large park we walked around all the paths, packed with people everywhere, with my master and his friends showing off their slave. People would make comments about the sex slave and the black guys would show off how they had me controlled with a handle, and even let other people take control of the handle and pump or grind it inside me. There were plenty of other guys barely dressed there, in tiny shorts, underwear, and I even saw another guy in a g-string. But I felt the most outrageous, with the ball gag, nipple clips, and obvious black handle sticking out of my asshole. Since they had given me so much Cialis along with the weed and ecstasy, my cock was rock hard and sticking right out of my g-string, on display for people to see.

After walking around the park and checking everything out for a half hour they found a spot under a big tree, just off the busy sidewalk right through the center of the park, and laid out blankets and chairs and cooler, and pulled out drinks. My master and his 3 friends had been on the phone with others, and two more big hot black guys met us there almost immediately. Then all five of them took turns making me crawl to them and suck their cocks out in public with people watching. The sight of a fit naked white guy with collar and nipple clamps, handle sticking out of my asshole, sucking big black cocks in public drew small crowds at first. People gathered around to watch the public sex show, and it scared me that I would get arrested, but since it was Pride nobody complained and people loved seeing it. I was on my knees deep throating black cock while 5, 10, 20 total strangers were filming me on their phones. I wasn’t just being sexually used in public in front of total strangers, and not just the types of sleazy strangers you find in porn theaters or porn booths, but LGBTQ and straight people from all over the city and state, watching and filming a live sex show with me as the star.

My master’s friends didn’t let me make them cum, they stayed on edge and just made me go from one to the other. After I had sucked them all for a while, for the entertainment of a growing crowd of strangers, my master pulled the plug out of my ass and got behind me and shoved his cock in my ass and started fucking me. I was being fucked and sucking cocks at the same time, while total strangers stood around in amazement and filmed it on their phones. My master and his friends also filmed it, as they took turns double penetrating me. They just kept taking turns and making me switch who I was sucking and getting fucked by, to keep themselves edging and staying hard and ready for me. The crowd around us kept growing, with some people eventually leaving but even more pushing to get close up to the live gay porn scene in public. I tried to ignore the audience but sometimes I couldn’t help but look at the faces of all the people watching and filming. I wasn’t just the recipient of an interracial gay DP gangbang, but was doing it in the city’s central park while being filmed by 20 or more strangers.

After like 40 minutes to an hour of them taking turns fucking my mouth and ass, and a pretty big gathered crowd, the five black guys were all rock hard and on edge at the same time. They all stood up around me with throbbing hard black cocks while I was on my knees, with cocks in each of my hands helping stroke them, and they all pushed in closer and one after another, and two at once, they started all cumming huge amounts on my face. Just as the first one was shooting cum on my face, I looked at the crowd and right in front of me were two people from my office, staring in shock and both filming on their phones. I couldn’t react to them being right there because just then was when the firehose of cum started soaking my face from every angle. After all five of them had drowned my face in such amazing amounts of hot sperm, I couldn’t see out of my eyes but I heard my work colleagues say “oh my God, [my name], I had no idea!” I tried to wipe the cum out of my eyes but it was already burning my eyes and I couldn’t see much, but I could tell my colleagues and so many others were still watching and filming and making comments.

It wasn’t over yet, though, because my master and his friends announced to the people standing around us that they could all use their slave’s mouth or ass. I had never been to pride before, but I was shocked that I could get double penetrated in public for nearly an hour and not be arrested, and now they were going to let strangers use me in public too. But it happened, and no cops came, while another half dozen guys had me suck their cocks and then fucked me when they were hard, while the next one took over my mouth. My master made them all cum on my face, until I had huge loads from eleven guys on my face. I couldn’t see for sure after that, but I still heard the voices of my colleagues right in front of me, and assumed they were still filming.

Finally, after I had been used by a bunch of guys, someone said something about police and my master grabbed me and stuffed my cock back into my g-string as much as possible, and they gathered all their stuff and started walking as a group out of the park. Along the way my master shoved the butt plug back in my ass, and before we even reached the street had me suck off two other strangers right on the sidewalk. They just added to the cum on my face and body. When we got to the main street, we walked with hundreds of other people along the sidewalk for about a quarter mile until we got to the main intersection of the gay community. Other than the park it was the epicenter of Pride, and the sidewalks and street were packed with people. Right there at the intersection, my master and his friends stopped on the sidewalk in front of a very popular gay patio bar, and pulled out their cocks and had me start sucking them again for a whole different audience.

On that sidewalk, which was way more public than in the park, I was surrounded by men as I stroked and sucked them for another audience, most of whom also seemed to be filming me on their phones. I gave a blowbang for like 20 minutes before my master pulled out the butt plug and shoved his cock into my ass again. I got fucked in the heart of pride, on what is one of the most public and busy sidewalks in the city on a normal day, with hundreds and thousands of horny gay men and many others surrounding us and watching. Of all the wild things happening, I in nothing but g-string and nipple clips was getting fucked from both ends by big handsome black men with big cocks. We were such popular entertainment right in the heart of the party. I can’t imagine how many people have videos of me getting gangbanged in public by black men on their phones, but it must be over 100 after everything. That little scene also turned into a bukkake, though my master did cum deep in my ass. I just kept getting more and more drowned in cum, I was a sticky mess from my hair and forehead all the way down my naked body.

We stuck around that intersection for a couple hours, switching between going into the outdoor party areas the bars and restaurants had set up in the parking lots and me getting fucked from both ends by total strangers. Once everyone was drunk and had used me multiple times, and over a dozen strangers had used me in public too, my master and his friends called an Uber so we could go to the next place they had planned. Only a few miles away was a “private club” that was really just a gay bar where open gay sex was allowed because it wasn’t really “public” but instead a “private club.” The cover charge was the “membership fee.” That place was absolutely packed with half-naked gay men, dancing, drinking, making out, fucking, sucking, it was total debauchery. Even among all of that, people stopped to stare at me, since I was so obviously drenched head to toe in thick wet dripping sperm, and was in such a barely-there slave outfit. My master brought me to another room, which was more lounge like, with big couches along the walls, alcoves for fucking, and a stage with a stripper pole in the middle. My Master put me up on the stage and told me to stay there and do everything everybody wants, no questions asked, or he would send his videos of everything I did that day to every contact in my phone. He then found the DJ in the corner and used the PA to announce that the sex slave on the stage was there for everybody to use in any way they want, with no limits and no safe words.

A couple guys who weren’t shy at all came right up and started making out with me, one noticing that I was soaked in cum and it just turned him on more as he said “oh my god, what have you been up to you skank?” The other guy didn’t want the cum on him so he had me suck his cock as the other guy got behind me and started eating my ass. As guys saw that it was legit, and started coming up to play with me, my master said that he wanted to film his slave being used, so anybody who doesn’t want to be on film could just say so and he would stop, or not film them but film only me. Within like 10 minutes the stage was being surrounded, people were grabbing the handle and abusing my ass, making me stroke them while taking turns sucking them. Guys were pulling on the chain, making me squeal and moan. Finally, someone pulled out the butt plug and got on the stage and started fucking my ass. There were hands everywhere on me, overwhelming my drugged senses, while my throat and asshole got fucked hard and deep by stranger after stranger.

Unlike guys in a porn theater or porn booths, who are kind of nervous and don’t want to get caught, or at gangbang parties with only 5 to 10 guys, this was a public gay party place with probably 400 guys in it and nobody had any hesitancy about wildly using me in every way. Some of them were kind of gentle and wanted to receive and give pleasure, some were studs who really knew how to use a guy, and some were sadistic and loved being able to do things to a guy who doesn’t have a safe word. A lot of the guys were using condoms when they fucked me, but some still pulled out to cum on my face and body, which everyone could tell was kind of my thing that day. I didn’t just get more and more soaked from head to toe in cum, but it was flowing out of my asshole and I had swallowed a lot too.

My master’s friends were given a great sitting area right by the stage, and everyone was buying them drinks, while I was fucked in every possible way for over two hours in front of them. My master loved filming it, so he was often circling around filming my total gangbang abuse. There were a couple times where one of the more compassionate guys who was fucking my throat had to tell the other guy to calm down because he had taken his belt off and was whipping me with it while he fucked my ass brutally hard with his fist wrapped tightly around my throat. He stopped whipping me and didn’t choke me quite as hard while he kept fucking me, and the nice guy pulled out and shot his cum in my eyes.

One of the more humiliating things my master got on video was when this one guy, who was a gigantic tattoo covered white guy who looked like he competed in world’s strongest men competitions, claimed me. He was all tattoos, muscles, and testosterone. Like 6’5″ and 250lbs of muscle. He grabbed me and just used the fuck out of me like I was a rag doll. Face fucking me so hard his balls were nearly slapping my neck, ass fucking me so strong and deep. At one point he sat on the edge of the stage, then mounted my asshole on his rock hard cock, facing away from him toward the crowd and my master’s camera, and just grabbed me under my knees, spread my legs, so the undersides of my knees were in the crux of his elbows, grabbed my sides and just fucked his cock with my body. I was just a little fuck toy he was slamming up and down on his cock, my hard cock flopping and bouncing in front of me as he slam-fucked me on his cock. Guys were cheering, watching this huge man just fuck me while I drooled and moaned, sweaty, cum soaked, used by at least 40 men by that point. I’ve seen the video of it since then, from my master’s angle standing right in front of me. It’s the most humiliating things I’ve ever seen. I’m not even a man in that video, just a sex slave fuck toy being brutally fucked by a giant man. And it’s not just that that was happening, but that I was so covered in sperm that it was unmistakable that I’d been taking on men for hours and hours.

At least 50 or more men used me in that club, for at least three hours. I don’t know if it was the biggest gangbang of my life at that point, it probably was. But it was definitely the most openly pornographic. I’d always done things on the down-low before, in sleazy places with sleazy people. This was the most popular gay hookup club in the entire city, with hot guys in their 20s to 40s. And this was pride night, and I was a very fuckable slave and they all seemed to love being in on such an over-the-top event, a no-limits bangbang of a white slave guy. They just went way more over the top in terms of wild and fun sex, than the pervs in sleazy places do. It was brutal, humiliating, and painful, but I also stayed rock hard the whole time and came 5 times that day.

As the huge guy was really slamming and grinding my asshole deep down on his rock hard cock while everybody watched, he started really groaning and I could feel his cock getting bigger inside me, and right as he slammed me down and started pumping me full of hot cum, I reached down to grab my cock just as I was starting to cum, and I aimed it up at my face and shot so hard it went right in my mouth, then on my face, neck, and chest and stomach. I came all over myself as he filled my asshole and my master filmed.

When the mountain of a man was done with me, I could see my master’s friends were standing up getting ready to go. I was collapsed on the stage, couldn’t hardly move, cum pouring out of my wide open asshole. My master shoved the butt plug back in my ass, then shoved the ball gag in my mouth and attached it, and grabbed the chain the huge guy had pulled off my nipples while he came inside me (causing me screaming pain!!), and reattached the clips to my nipples. Then after he pulled me off the stage and walked me by my leash into the other room, he stopped and yelled really loud “I’m gonna leave my slave here for your pleasure. Do anything you want to him for the rest of the night, no limits, no safeword. Just don’t damage him.” He showed me his phone, that had the video of me being bounced on the strong man’s cock, then said loudly “that’s what you want, isn’t it?” I nodded Yes and everybody saw it. I was there for 4 more hours. I’ll leave what happened next for another story, even though you can probably imagine some of it.

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